Round Robin

Gordon would go to South Florida to do readings on a semi monthly basis.  There he made many friends including the woman who booked him and her daughter. One day in Orlando just upon completing a class a woman Gordon had read for came to him and asked him to come to her house. She said it was an emergency. When he got there she told him that her husband had contracted a job in Arabia, but had to go to California first for training. While he was there he met a woman and married her. When he ended up in Arabia the woman found out that he was already married in Florida before marrying her. She called the Arabian Government and told them that they employed a bigamist, a law punishable by death in Arabia. They jailed him pending an investigation. The month before this happened, there was a special on TV in the states called "Death of a Princess" it was a true story of a princess that had her head cut off because she committed adultery.

I asked her, what does this have to do with me? And she said that I was the only one that could talk some sense into this woman. Her husband would be killed. I said that if I call this lady, she will think it is a set up and will not believe me. She said I know that , but you are the only person I know that can help me.

So he called her and the conversation went like this.

I know you do not know me, but I am a psychic in Florida and I called to warn you not to do this thing. And she said if you are a psychic, then prove it..

So Gordon tuned into her. He said I see you with long dark hair in braids, and you look like an Indian. She said go on, I am an Indian. Gordon paused and said "My wife gave me a book today to read and I feel a connection of you to the book. It is called "Hanta Yo".

She said she knows all about the book, then he went on to say that in his mind he saw Universal Studios, and saw her as a model and an actress. She said yes to both and was making a version of Hanta Yo at Universal, it would be a TV series. It is a pilot. Gordon went on to tell her of something he felt was a coincidence. He said that next week he was going to Santa Fe, New Mexico to meet a guy named Ron Rakow, and that Ron was going to take him to Nevada to meet a Shaman named Rolling Thunder.

She said wow, what a coincidence, because she used to date a guy named "Cadillac Ron Rakow, who was a producer for the "Grateful Dead years ago" and that Rolling Thunder was her spiritual Grandfather. Coincidence? Then when Gordon got off of the phone with an assurance that she would drop the charges, he remembered that Ron Rakow was the former husband of the lady in South Florida and that he was going to meet him in New Mexico with the daughter of that same woman in South Florida. It was his daughter as well, another coincidence? By the way, Gordon does not believe in coincidences, even though he had the round robin phone call.

George Washington Carver