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Dreams have always been a mystery, a fascinating subject since the beginning of time. They are creative images or pictures flowing up out of your spirit mind, while the body mind is at complete rest. Actually, your spirit mind never rests, functions every second of the time. It never needs rests, and is always going. We are not aware of this except when we are in that state called sleep or unless we are in deep meditation or hypnosis.  

These images are of our own personality, feelings and idea's, as well as symbols of the images in our minds. These symbols are the most important part of our dreams. When we go to sleep tonight we work out the problems of the day, and create the solutions of the problems in our sleep. Sometimes we have to dream in symbols because we are only asleep a few hours, we may have to work out a problem that may take several days.


So our spirit minds will flash us a picture (you have heard of the expression "one picture is worth a thousand words"). This picture may affect us for the next twenty years. Every thing in the picture is representative of something in our lives. For instance, if you could turn into an animal right now, what animal would you turn into? Then think of all the aspects of that animal, and you will have the solution to your life, you choose that particular animal because that animal is reflective of you. It is your personality that is like the description of the animal.


Say for instance you choose a dog, think of all the things you know about dogs, right them down, and you will have your personality down pat. A dog is loyal, domesticated, a best friend, will protect you. Do you see what I mean?

Think of a bird. A bird is flighty, it likes to soar to high places, and it likes to look down upon the situation. It never worries about food. It just knows that whenever it needs to eat, it just goes down and gets a worm and flies back to its nest. Which means that it is positive.

(Not like a squirrel, which saves the acorns or nuts and hides them, because it believes that it may have a long winter). It doesn't take two worms, it knows in its consciousness that it has all it needs. It doesn't have a bank account of worms; it has an infinite supply.


We have many different kinds of dreams, each one fitting a certain situation, and they are on many different simultaneous levels. On the physical level, which is the most superficial level, it usually has everyday experiences or situations that the dreamer is dealing with. When we are asleep for awhile, we go down into a deeper level of sleep. There our dreams become a little more significant because we will dream in images and symbols. The dream represents some psychological aspect of the dreamer.

When you go to sleep at night, you first go down into the alpha state. This state on a meter is from twelve down to eight. Then you go down into Theta which is from eight down to four on the meter.

Then you go into Delta from four down to zero. When you hit zero, you leave the body for approximately one hour to one and a half hours. Then you go back into the body and this is when you start to dream important dreams. When you are out of your body, you are dreaming, this is why I say that dreams are real. When you wake up, this is not real, it is just an illusion. Realty begins when you are dreaming. You actually can create tomorrow tonight. You can create a better life through your dreams.

You can dream in a creative way to unravel or unfold the rhythms of your mind. These rhythms of your mind are always significant to our everyday lives.

Dreams are like looking into the meadows of your mind.

We dream in images, and the images are different for each individual. So dream book interpretations are not necessarily the way for you to go.

I do have symbol interpretations in this book, but only for you to use as a guide. You must learn to analyze your own dreams. I will show you how to do it, of course you could call me to analyze a dream for you, but I prefer to teach you how to read your own dreams.

Of course I would like to explore some of the dreams and images that are the most common today. Each dream is the unique personal experience and possession of the dreamer. Sometimes an image may mean the same thing to many people, however it is too easy to get caught up in someone else's images or symbols.


Tarot is a method for you to analyze your dreams. If you could cast a tarot card after shuffling the deck, and keeping the thought so you can have the answer for your dream symbols.

This is not advisable in the beginning stages of analyzing your dreams because you will get confused.

Take your time and read this carefully and slowly.

Do not try to read this fast.

You will miss the whole point that I am trying to get across to you.

We have access to the most intuitive or psychic resources for understanding our dreams. If you could learn to dream creatively, you could change your life for the better.

Many people work out business deals in their sleep.

Many others will create their artwork while sleeping. Such as: Painters, sculptors and musicians etc.

Many others go to bed with their problems, and after awakening, they realize that the problems where solved while sleeping.


You can learn to do this by learning how to analyze your dream symbols. You can learn who you are, what you are, why you are here, and where you are going, through your dream symbols. It is a positive way of growing, a way to self-discovery, and a path to higher learning, and self-growth.


If you dream of an event in your life that is negative, you can learn how to change this event while sleeping. You can stop the dream, and change it on the spot. It is not difficult.

It just takes a little practice, if you know before hand that you have a problem to be resolved. Just write down the problem and ask your inner self, or Higher Self to give you the answers to end this problem. It may sometimes take you a few nights to completely work it out, but you can gain great skills this way.


Sometimes during the middle of the night, I will awaken and go to the bathroom, then go back to bed and resume a dream, usually right where I left off. If I thing the dream is negative, then I will change it to be more positive. Always tell your self that your ego is your body mind. The body mind is the doer; the spirit mind is the creator. Both are needed. Just balance them, and you will be powerful in any endeavor.

When you are meditating, you relax your senses, your body mind disappears, and you become aware of your spirit mind.

If you go to a hypnotist, he also relaxes your senses, and you become aware of your spirit mind. In other words, you are allowing your body mind to disappear, so that you can tap into your spirit mind. This is the part of your mind that is creative. Your Creative mind is your spirit mind. This is why you went to a hypnotist in the first place, so that you could tap into your creative mind.


The main reason you would tap into your dreams is to become aware. To open your consciousness to new horizons to go beyond Genius, to ultimately reach the level of perfection, which is-Christ Consciousness. It seems so very far away, yet it is closer than you can imagine. It must be if you are reading this. Because it is your soul's one and only desire. But first we must explore Cosmic Consciousness.


Whenever Cosmic Consciousness is mentioned you can feel your soul awaken, it stirs with a deep resonance. It is an insight long forgotten by most. Yet many great Seer's have attained it. The mere mention of it stirs deep memories of a deep feeling of the Creative Source, The Supreme Consciousness. For we all have experienced this at some time in our evolution. This is why we seek it so badly.


In our innermost or deepest dreams that we have forgotten, we have attained this level of Consciousness, and we desire to bring forth this memory, this remembrance.

As we have become more involved in the physical world, we have forgotten our origins, at least temporarily anyway. This is man's downfall. We fell from Grace into the world of matter through our desires. But just because we have fallen, does not mean we cannot get up again.

For we are but mini-gods, and if we awaken from our long sleep, we can return to our rightful thrones. Our inheritance is Cosmic Consciousness. The minds of such great men such as Jesus, Walter Russell, Pythagorus, William Blake, Socrates, Emerson, etc. Have left their imprint upon our lives and will inspire men throughout eternity. This inspiration is simply God’s way of talking to us.


Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Pythagorus, Zoroaster, Melchizadec and more have attained that level of perfection through Christ Consciousness, and all have said that we will attain it as well.

We just have to believe it and hold our focus upon this higher ideal. And I know that we have men and women alike walking amongst us today who have realized this higher level of consciousness.


Our biggest conflict is within ourselves, between our higher selves, our spiritual selves and our conditioned mind, which is our body mind, or our conscious mind. When we are tied to the outer world, the physical world, we have lost sight of our true identities. When you are caught up in your physical mind, your body mind, you create limitations. You start to worry about what others outside of you think, rather than become aware of what is real and what isn't.

Beware of intellectual speculation. Cosmic Consciousness does not have anything to do with speculation. It has to do with attaining that blissful experience of God.


That higher awareness, is that higher level of being. This level is the place where you become aware that you can know anything that you desire to know. But knowing something does not constitute analogy. If you know how to walk, you do not analyze walking. You just know how to walk; you stop thinking about it because you know it. When you have attained this level of consciousness you now have the ability to see the whole picture, you never get lost in details. Details are of the conscious mind.


Cosmic Consciousness means total freedom, total awareness, and Spiritual freedom. People, who have this level of awareness, never want to own anything, never want to rule others.

It is the intellectuals of the world who want to rule the world. They deal with logic, analogies, and all outside things, the outer world.

The inner world cannot be owned, or analyzed, for it is too vast, too intangible. When you attain this state of consciousness you become like the wind. You experience things rather than analyze them.

The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness means total happiness.


No more sadness, misery, or depressions. God is happiness. Rely solely upon the Creator, and you will attain pure happiness. Do not rely upon earthly things, for all earthly things will wither away. The largest stone will one day become a pebble, and then nothing. The spiritual aspect of the stone will be forever. It will always be. All of your grief is because you look outward for answers, rather than turn inward.


Start tonight. As you are preparing for sleep. Kneel down and tell yourself that you are ready for an awakening. That you want your Higher Self, your Father with-in to lead you to awakening.

And once upon awakening you want to become enlightened, and then led to Cosmic Consciousness. Remember, this may take along time, but the way there is beautiful, and well worth the time. If you have been here over and over, isn't it about time that you became awakened?

And isn't it about time you were happy. Had all of the love you need, all of the friends that you could handle.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. To be full and adventurous; if I placed here all of the experiences that I had that were completely unusual, I would need ten volumes. I did not have these experiences because I am on a better level than anyone else, I simply had them because I went with the flow and was opened to them. If I die tomorrow I would be happy, because I have fulfilled my life.


Did you ever ask yourself, what is my purpose? Who am I? Or what can I do that is useful, and fulfilling? You can find your purpose and identity through your dreams. I met a doctor in New Jersey. He said that he was recognized as one of the best heart specialists in New Jersey. He said that he really did not know more than the next doctor, but he did follow his intuition, and hunches. And that sometimes he would dream about a patient before he met them, he would know exactly what was wrong with that person. He wouldn’t know how he knew, he would just know.


I met another doctor from New York. He said that he was the head surgeon at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York. This was back in the seventies. He said that whenever he had to do brain surgery on someone, he would have a dream.

He would then wake up about four in the morning and go into his garage. He had a workshop there and he would make a device that he would make. And sure enough, the next day during the operation, he would use the device and it would always be a success. And the device was different each time, so the dreams in his life were life saving for some.


Around the same time in New York, I met a doctor from Japan. He said that one night he had a dream. He woke up from the dream about two in the morning, it took him four hours to write it down.

He had a dream about a device or instrument that he could insert into your mouth. It would go on down into your stomach and into the intestines. It had a small camera on it and could see polyps, and another instrument to cut them off with. He said that it use to be major surgery, and now it is a simple operation.

So you see, dreams are the most important thing that you do. The dreams precede seeing with your psychic or mind's eye and intuition. What I mean is that when you are completely open, you will not have to dream.

You will not need sleep anymore either, you will be in the dream state while you are awake. You will be able to invent, create, paint, sculpture, or anything else that requires the right hemisphere of the brain. When you are in this side of the brain, you are happy, and can work long hours without tiring.


Walter Russell says that if you could create something new every two hours, then you would never need to sleep again. When he was among us (he died in 1963, and his lovely wife died in 1989), he said that he would paint for two hours. Play music on his organ for two hours. Compose for two hours, sculpture, then he would do architecture, he never went to sleep until he died. I have had many conversations with his wife, we were good friends, and she would tell me that no one could keep up with him. He is a light unto the world, that cannot be extinguished.

I have heard that someone holds the record for having a lucid dream of 45 minutes. I know that I have been in this state many times for many hours. I have been able to do this since I was very young. I am not trying to brag it is merely a simple fact. And if you are trying to do this for a record, you will fail. Because this is something that is natural and you should be able to do this in the waking state for many hours.

I think that Walter Russell holds this record, along with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla. They required very little sleep. When they were working they were in this lucid state. Lucid means that you are aware of your dreams while dreaming. This statement was made by beginners. All of the great ones have had this type of dreaming while in the waking state. It is the only way to reach a high blissful state of mind.

When you are in this type of dreaming you can visit loved ones that have deceased. Whenever you dream of a loved one that has passed over, this means that they are visiting you in your dreams, or in reality, you are visiting them.


Levels of Consciousness

First of all, let me start by explaining to you that our minds function on seven different levels simultaneously. If you dream about events that happened yesterday, work out the solution for those events tonight.

You must realize you are only asleep for a short period of time, while you are awake for a much longer period of time. Your spirit mind needs to do this in a matter of a few minutes, actually you are in this level about one to one & half-hours.

The only way it can do this in such a short span of time is to give you the solution in symbols. Remember, I just said your mind functions on at least seven levels and seven planes simultaneously, so you must dream most of your dreams in symbols.

Seven planes of consciousness are as follows:

Physical Plane

Vibrates to the color of red. Actually, it vibrates to all colors, but red is the dominant color. Followed by the color green, then blue, and ending with yellow.

Astral Plane

Mental Plane

Intuitive or psychic plane

Awareness Plane

Cosmic Consciousness Plane

Christ Consciousness Plane

Levels of the Planes are as follows:

The first level vibrates to two different colors. Black and white. People that dream in black and white with no color are unenlightened souls.

They tend to see things in their daily life in black and white. They are very logical, or left brained. They spend most of their lives in the left hemisphere of the brain, or in their conscious minds. They probably would not be reading a book like this one in the first place. They are the people who are asleep, like robots. They mimic others, and do everything they can in a routine way. They get up at the same time everyday, and do exactly the same things in the order they did them yesterday. They fear any type of change, especially death.

This level vibrates to the color green and. Human emotions are very active. In fact they spend most of their time being emotional. They become very sympathetic, and have many sensuous and fearful dreams.

This level vibrates to the color orange. Orange is actually made up of two colors, yellow and red. Red has to do with energy, and yellow the mind. This is when the mind becomes more active. This person thinks all day long, and becomes agitated, and hyper through their dreams, and begins to remember their dreams while awake. They tend to have "deja vu".

4. The spiritual level of dreams begins to occur here. It vibrates to the color of blue. The person may start to become religious, or even spiritual.


He may start to dream of nature, animals, trees, mountains and flowers. He will dream about lakes, streams and even the ocean.

 Some people dream of water in the second level, but this symbolizes emotions. When dreaming of water in this level it symbolizes spirit. Because of the higher level, the dreamer will start to become religious.

This level vibrates to the color yellow. This is the level of continuing nightmares. You will have nightmares in the lesser levels as well, but in this level you will begin to work them out. You will see them as they are. You will begin to see colors in this level, but the colors will be murky and negative.

If you are a positive person to begin with

you may dream in bright colors, but of course

you will not have become enlightened, but only dreaming about becoming enlightened.

Yet this must occur always first, before becoming enlightened.

When you are dreaming of something, you are in fact creating that something in your sleep, and later on it will appear in your daily life. The one thing for sure is that it will most certainly occur.

This level vibrates to the white light. The light of all knowing. True enlightenment. In this level of dreaming you will have visions. It will give you a sign of things to come. A sign of balance, a sign of peace and harmony and well being. In this level you are truly in the spirit world on a higher plane. Soon after dreaming on this level you will become God like. Or you will attain Cosmic Consciousness. Your mind will expand into ecstasy.

When this happens, you will remain in the dream world. You will become perfect. Your life here on earth will end. The spirit world is the dream world. You will be in the 7th Heaven.

Dream Levels

If you dream of being in the cellar of your house, then you are dreaming in one of the lower levels. In a dream your house usually means your physical body. It means that your dream is on a lower level. You are dreaming of being in an earthly setting but at a very low level. Usually this dream may lead to a nightmare. It represents the lowest, sex, violence.


In this level you are on the first floor of the house. This will represent your daily affairs. Your home life as well as work station. This level will have to do with your family, friends, and loved ones. It sometimes affects your friends at work.


In this level you are on the second floor. It could be the third or fifteenth floor; it all means the same. When you are on a higher floor, you are in the spirit world. In this particular dream it can represent the higher planes. You may dream of a loved one talking to you that has passed away, someone who has died. Of course we never die we just change. All things change.


In this dream you are flying. This represents freedom. It means that you now can soar to new heights. You can move about in the spirit world freely. You can become an instructor in flying you have graduated. You now can become your own person. You can become the master of your destiny.

You must interpret the dreamer, never interpret the dream.

All dreams are mirrored images.

We live in a dualistic world, and we can never understand the meaning of life until we understand the meaning of death.

We can never understand our dreams until we divide them, just as we divide the meaning of life and death, morning and night, the Creative force and the Destructive force.

They are all one in the same, just separate halves. We live in a dualistic world, one day we are born and soon we die. Life and death are one complete cycle. Spring comes and brings the flowers, while fall comes and takes them away. Fire destroys the forest, and rain brings the forest back to life. Every thing gets balanced. So dreams need to be understood. Dreams are as real as the sun.

If you think about the merge of night and day, one just blends into the other. Yet there is a distinct difference just sit and wait and watch the sunrise and you will know the difference. One follows the other so quickly that you hardly notice the difference. When you fall asleep you hardly can pinpoint the time when it occurs.

We live in the Universal Mirror, the qualities of the body are reflected in the mirror of the soul. The soul is the aura that surrounds the physical body. The soul or aura, and the body appear to merge one into the other, yet are very distinct. This is because the soul, or aura, is energy, and they hold the body, which is matter together.

The body is the reflection of the soul. The soul is never the reflection of the body. Yet the body influences the soul. This is how they interact with each other.

This Morning, January 21, 2001, I had a dream. It went like this.

I was at a friend's house, it was a mansion. Big and beautiful, yet an old house. Well kept, he was young and wealthy. I was there because he was having a party.

I walked in on a conversation he was having with another friend of ours. They were young and only in their early twenties. They was joking about another friend of theirs that was there at the house only a few days ago singing a song to his little baby boy while swinging him in his arms ever so gently.

The song he was singing was just a little song he was making up in his head. He was divorced and singing to the baby that his ugly old mom was coming to take him away. Now he was only singing in jest, just sort of fooling around with the baby. 

The very next day, someone came and stole the baby away during the night. The baby was kidnapped and they began to laugh, because he was singing the song.

And I told them, don't you see? He created his own baby's kidnapping with that song. They looked at me and said how could he do that?

I said, he sang it, which means he said it, then he saw it as a picture in his mind. Right? They replied yes, but what does that mean? I said that it means he said it, then he saw it, then it became a reality right away. Why? Because if you say you want something, then see it in your mind, and then LET go of it. You have created something in your mind, and surely it happened right away. Because this is how we create things. Everything we have, we have it because we see it, we say it, and then let go of it. So you create it in your mind and as soon as you let go of it, it is yours. 

The things you desire most in life are already yours but you haven't let go of them. You still desire them. So in your desiring, you are still holding on to them, thus you cannot have them yet. Nothing will come to you until you let go of them. This is true with all things you desire. Especially the things you desire the most. You just hang on to them, and then you grow up and forget them, then they will come to you, but you may no longer want them, you just outgrew them. Simple isn't it?

I woke up with this sudden realization, that this is how to create something you desire. 

  1. Desire it.
  2. See it as though you already have it. 
  3.  LET GO OF IT.

This was a Creative Dream, this dream was something I actually learned something as well.

Dreams are Real, dreams are as much a part of your life as anything else. Maybe more than you can imagine, because dreams are your imagination (your creation)



Gordon Banta

72 Humphrey Street

Swampscott, Ma. 01907



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