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Socrates consulted his Demon (demon is a Greek word and means friendly spirit) Seneca his genius, (genie comes from the word genius), which is the power hidden in the mind. Orestes consulted his Oracle, Pythagoras consulted the Light, these attributes are of the intuitive mind, which means that each one of them are psychic. All artists, composers, that are gifted say the same thing, I don't know where it comes from, it just comes to me in my mind and heart. But Gordon claims he knows where it comes from, Within, and we all have this ability.

Gordon will teach you  psychic awareness,  intuition,  learn psychic readings, and to be more spiritual.

He has studied the paranormal with his psychic ability, ancient Chinese medicine and feng shui. These pages are devoted to you, may you find what you seek.

Color therapy, aromatherapy, healing, reading people through sculpture and art is a psychic tool, Reading others  through eyes, voice, psychometry, flower readings, auras, channeling, astrology, clouds, dream interpretation and dream symbols, color therapy, numerology, magic, hypnosis, meditation, sand readings, reincarnation, symbols, spiritualism, shamanism, and metaphysics, all lead you to becoming a psychic master.

Before you enter into my web pages remember one thing. Love is the answer to all things. If you love what you do, you will never get tired. It is the things you don't love to do that make you tired at the end of the day. So put love into everything you do, and everyone you meet.


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