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The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is a mystery to those that seek out why and how through science.

The problem of science is that most of the scientists are simply left brained. They only seek out what they feel is logic.

What they cannot see with their eyes is not real. Therefore, only what they see, feel, touch they know.

I say, you cannot know anything that you see with your eyes.

Your eyes only function in the third dimension. The fourth dimension is where all truth lies.

You know that there is energy functioning in all things, but can you see it? Whenever you see an object, a solid object, you are seeing an illusion.

In this third dimensional Universe, all things are held together by energy.

Not gravity. Gravity is a myth. Energy is real. All objects are molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, etc. just flowing in a spiraling affect, so fast, you cannot see the movement.

It is an appearance of solidity. So what is real about an object?

The energy that holds everything together, that's what is real.

Gravity means that it is an energy that is pulling everything toward the middle.

If that was the case, then everything in the universe would crash into each other.

I believe that energy hold everything together from the outside.

That each planet is held togetherby it's own energy. Each person, object, animate or inanimate.

If you can believe this, then you must believe that all physical things are animate. There is no such thing as  inanimate. Everything is alive.

On that premise, think of the pyramids as living energy.

The energy is different than our energy. The energy of the pyramid flows in a different direction.

This is one of the many reasons thatyou can preserve flesh inside of it. Of course the direction that is faces is also important.

Each year the North Star shines into the descending

passageway of the Great Pyramid,deeper and deeper.

The energy of this star, is there for a reason.

The energy is awakening something in that Pyramid.

Not something that you may be able to understand,

but it is there for a reason.

Soon it will illuminate the entrance to the well shaft, referred to as the point of last escape. It is thought as the last chance for the world to change from a barbaric one, to an enlightened one.

It all depends upon society. Right now it does not appear  to be heading in that direction, but never go by appearances, always go by intuition.

The light of the North Star will shine down the floor of the Subterranean Passage in the year of 2004, which is seven years later.

The comet Hale-Bopp is a sign of coming events, as well as heralding the coming event of this Star.

What is means, and I only intuit  some of the meanings of these great events.

The world powers will have to recognize their legacies.

They will have to stop all of their experiments in germ warfare, chemical warfare, and stop their crimes of experimentation.

I could elaborate, but do not need to point fingers at this time.

We all know who the guilty parties are. If they don't stop sending atomic waste into the atmosphere, it will reek great havoc upon us all.

The next seven years are the point of no return. What that means is, that we must change our direction, and do it in the next seven years.

If we do not, we will eventually destroy ourselves, and start over again, next time on the planet Venus.

So the Pyramids are there as reference points, they are there as beacons or sign posts. But they are there as prophecy as well. All prophecy can be changed. Prophecy isonly pointing the way, we can always change course.

Although now, it seems like we are not going to. This is an appearance. Doesn't it sound strange that they have discovered three pyramids on the planet Mars?

They are exactly in alignment with the pyramids on the earth. Below is a picture of Mars surface.



The above picture illustrates the pyramids.

This is why NASA has sent up a craft directly to Mars.

They cannot understand why these pyramids are there, and are not even sure they are pyramids.

Above is the great Sphinx.

It hold many mysteries that each year are slowly being unraveled.

I will give you some of my definitions in a later article.



The picture on the top is a photo taken of the surface of mars.

The picture on the bottom is a  computer enhancement of that same photo to show you that if the picture was taken up close, of what it may possibly look like.

The descending passage of the pyramid is aligned with the center of the universe.

The procession of the equinoxes will soon cause a pole star to shine down that passageway.

This last occurred around 2000 BC. It only happens once every four thousand years.

This new star, is in the constellation Ursa Minor.

The ancients called this star "The Stronghold of the Saved".

The Great Pyramid is thirty times  larger than the empire state building.

The features of this monument can be seen on the moon.

The great wall of china can also be seen there.

It is located on 13.6 acres of land. It was built on a solid stone mountain under the desert sand.

It would have to be, because nothing else could hold it.

It is located at the exact center of the earth's land mass.

It is built facing truth north.

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