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The Search for Truth

Metaphysics is both a Science and Philosophy.

Science seeks the truth, philosophy proclaims it.

To discover the "true nature" of things, their ultimate essence and the reason for being. True Knowledge may not always be something you can prove, yet it has a Certainty, a way, a path to the true nature of all things. True knowledge is something one believes, yet it may only be true to that person, and un-true to others. There is truth in all things, and un-truth in all things. What you extract is true to you, but may not be true to others.

If you are in the eighth grade, then eighth grade truths are for you. But if you are in the third grade, then eighth grade truths are not for you, and you may even laugh at them.

However if you are in the twelfth grade, you will just go hmmm, and know that the eighth grader and the third grader are getting there, they just have not evolved into the truth of the twelfth grader yet.

To me this is pure metaphysics. To seek the truth constantly, even if you think you have the truth, you must always know in your heart, that you only have part of the truth. But it is true for you at the moment, and that is all that counts.

So there is always truth in untruth, and untruth in truth. If you can always be aware of that, you will stop arguing. There is no such thing as a lie. Lies are nothing more than energy flowing in a circle, spiraling back to where they came from. If you say a lie today, tomorrow the lie will come true. So be careful of what you say or do, because you will have to express your every action in it's opposite form. If you wake up in the morning and say to the world I am ill, because you don't feel good. Then the truth is you are ill. But again, this is only a partial truth. There is truth in the statement, yet it is not entirely the truth. Everything in life is like this. This is true metaphysics, yet is it?

Metaphysics to me is a philosophy. And I believe that philosophy usually dies with the philosopher. It is  only their belief at the moment, and if they continually grow intellectually, they will change their philosophy eventually, because they will grow through experience, and then their philosophical theories will become truths. Why? Because they will learn through experience, not by intellectualizing.

. The body is seemingly  real; it is comprised of drives and effects. That is, the body thinks it is the will to power. Will seems to be the dominate force. Yet when the will does battle with the imagination, will always loses. Thus, the drives and affects of the body appear to become the ground for certainty. Seemingly the only thing we can be certain of any longer are our own desires our own drives. We think we are  certain of our will. That is because of our false mind. Our false mind (conscious-mind) never knows the truth, it only thinks it knows the truth. Our true mind uses imagination.

Our True mind (sub-conscious mind) just knows. It never thinks, it never rationalizes, it just knows. And if it doesn't know, it has access to knowledge. This is why I call our sub-conscious mind our Spirit Mind. And our conscious mind, our Body Mind.

Using your imagination is to be a creative thinker, a knower. It is the intuitive part of your mind. When it does not know, then it intuits the answer, and most of the time it comes up with the truth. However, the truth may not always be the answer you are looking for.

I think we will not know the entire truth to life because life is not finished yet. Whenever we think we know the truth to anything, all we have to do, is to step back and observe the whole picture, then we realize that we did not really know the whole truth. The truth is, it just is not a finished picture yet. Life is like making a movie. You cannot know the entire script until the movie is completed.

We cannot know the whole picture because we cannot see the whole picture. If you went to a clairvoyant and asked she or he to see the picture of your whole life. They may be able to see it, but cannot express it, because if you live another forty years, it would take them forty years to tell you all of the details.

However, clairvoyants see in symbols, or ideas. They may have the idea of your entire life, but cannot express the whole idea to you. Even Clairvoyants cannot see the whole picture, they could, but would not know or realize it. There are to many details, and details make distractions. It is best for you not to know the whole picture. You would have a difficult time living it.

It seems that we try to analyze people, to be able to know a person. But this is not probable. It is possible, but not probable. Why? Because we cannot know the person in their entirety. Only the probable cause, and this is not real or true. We can assume that if a person is one way, then they will always act that way, and this is probable. But not true, because anyone may make a different cause of action or direction, and therefore did not take the probable course.

Now I could go on and on about metaphysics, but what is the use? I could do it to further my curiosity, but not change my knowledge. I can only know what I have experienced. If I have not experienced it, then I cannot know it. So whatever you recognize in me, it must be in you also, otherwise, you could not recognize it. And if it is in you, then you must have experienced it also. That is the sum total of all of our knowledge.

I believe that I know these things because somewhere in time  I must have experienced them, in a past life I presume. I think this is why some people seem to have more knowledge readily at their finger tips, while others read and study and never seem to have it. This is because they have book knowledge, not experience.

So I will leave you with that thought, peace of mind to you, Gordon


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