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Reincarnation the Foundation of Life

Why is reincarnation the foundation of life? Because until you understand and believe in reincarnation, you will never understand life. Reincarnation is simply the continuance of life.

The old saying is "What goes around comes around". Or that all life revolves in a circle. Einstein said that all energy follows a curve. If that is true, then all life follows that same curve. Every thought, every action, and every deed will go out from you, and return to you.

So how does that relate to reincarnation? Every thing you do in life, you will comeback and undo in the next. You are living this life based upon your past life, and you are already creating your next life. It is continuous. Everything repeats itself. If you murder someone in this life and seemingly get away with it, you will most certainly pay for it in the next. No one is innocent. No one gets away with anything. It only seems like they do.

I was giving a reading to someone who claimed that they did not believe in God. They said that if there was a God, then he must be evil. I asked him why he thought this way. He said he grew up in the Bronx, in New York. He said that there was an old man who ran a store, a candy store. He knew him all of his life. The old man always helped kids on the block. He would talk to them and school them with the ways of life. He was a very old wise man. He even helped them to get started in life when they grew up. He said that this man was a Saint.

One day, a gang of youths walked into his store, they beat and robbed him. The old man died while tied up and bleeding. He said, how could a good God allow this to happen. He thought this was the most violent act he had ever seen.

I told him that I had a different view of things. I believed that this act was in fact a blessing. Because this old man lived such a good life, yet he had a debt from his past to pay. He paid it, and now he truly could go on to a much better life. He was blessed.

I never thought about reincarnation until I met Gary Rodgers of Denver Colorado.  I met him in Florida back in the mid to late seventies. He was working in construction. He saw my name on a sign at the "Spiritual Research Society" in Orlando, Florida.

He came in for a reading, and in the middle of the reading I saw him as a Russian Doctor. He drank a lot of Vodka and became an Alcoholic and a diabetic. He lost his toes, then his leg at the knee. He died an extremely painful death, because gangrene had set into his leg. It was so excruciating, that he carried it over into this life.

He was absolutely amazed, because he said that ever since he was a boy, every spring around the month of April, his leg would swell up, and turn purple. He would have excruciating pain. He went to many clinics and many doctors. He finally went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota when he was a teenager.

He received the same answers all of the time, they told him that there really was nothing wrong with his leg, it was all psychosomatic. It was all in his head. His mind created the whole thing. Even though he was unaware of this.

Ever since he got that reading, and he was about 35  yrs old at the time, the swelling and the pain stopped. He heard the same thing from each doctor, yet his sub-conscious mind did not release it, until he heard it from me. The mind is a powerful thing. The cause of his pain was from a previous life. His mind brought it over, not his conscious mind, but his subconscious mind. Not his Body Mind, but his Spirit Mind. It is the mind we retain that brought this memory back to him. He quit drinking after that reading as well. The only thing in this life that is real, is your Spirit Mind. The Body Mind is only with us during the life of the body. It is the part of us that dies. Your Spirit Mind never dies. Isn't this a magnificent thing?

A couple of years later, I was doing a lecture, demonstration in Orlando, Fl. A female psychic came up to me and told me that when I was speaking, I put her in a trance. (I have heard this many times before). She said that she had a vision of me with a fur hat, the kind the Cossacks would wear. She said that the name Rasputin was written on it. I did not think to much about this at the time. However, I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to give readings. My oldest son was with me. He resembles his mother. He had long black hair back then, and was wearing moccasins that goes up as high as the knees. He looked like an Indian. He was only about 16 years old at the time. 

While I was doing readings downtown, he walked around looking at the wares of the Native Americans. They had rugs laid out with their art work spread upon them. It was business as usual at the market place.

An old lady looked up at him, and said something to him in her native language. He smiled and said he was part Italian, not Native American, and did not understand what she was saying.

She then told him that she had a vision of him while he was walking around the courtyard. She said that she saw a man walking behind him, the man was his Father, yet she saw him as a monk in a past life. He looked Russian.

Later in the week we went up to Boulder Co. to do some more  readings. The person that asked me to come up, was a friend of mine. He was involved in a band. So when we arrived, he left a note on the door saying he suddenly got a gig up north and had to leave town. He said that he hid the key. He told me I could use his house. But when I was in Santa Fe, I did not get all of the readings I was promised. That is the reason why I went up to Niwot, Colorado in the first place.

Now my friend that offered me to come up there wasn't around. He had promised me a lot of readings. So here we were in Niwot Co. with very little money, and my friend wasn't coming back for a week.

I sent my son down to the corner market to buy some fruit. We were going to have to rough it for awhile. I couldn't tell my wife, because she was waiting for me to send her money from Santa Fe. Things were tough back then. But I always managed to come out smiling.

When Joe was in line at the Super Market, he started to talk to a lady. He told her our plight. She then told him that if I would give her a reading and some of her friends, she would give us a place to stay. She owned a Bed & Breakfast. He ran back to the house to tell me of the good news. He said she was coming in a few minutes to find out my answer. Ever since I became a psychic, I have always managed to be taken care of. Many times I would take a trip somewhere without any money in my pockets, and always come out smelling like a rose.

The next morning while I was reading for her friends,  Joey asked the lady of the house if he could be driven to the library. He wanted to look up Rasputin in the library. He was as curious as I was.

That same morning, he was reading a book called the "Devil's Monk, about Gregory Efemovich Rasputin. He said to me, "Dad, listen to this". He started reading a paragraph. It said that Rasputin was psychic since a little boy and that he had hypnotic blue eyes. It went on to say that when Rasputin walked into a room, everyone knew who he was because of his hypnotic blue eyes and voice. People have also said these things about me. I started to think that I wasn't him, just a carbon copy. I also thought, what a coincidence, yet I did not believe in coincidences.

He read that Rasputin had the ability to heal horses. And he knew that I also had this ability.

He went on to read that Rasputin's first job was to haul goods from one town to the next. Well I used to be an over the road Trucker. Hmm, another coincidence?

I asked him to let me read some of this book myself, but when he handed it to me, I became very emotional. I handed it back to him and said, read the page my finger is on.

It went like this. The Czar's son fell out of a tree. He lapsed into a coma, and the doctor's did not know what to do. They pronounced him dead. A chamber maid whispered into the Czarina's ear (Alexandra). She said "do not give up, there is a monk in St Petersburg that heals through hypnosis." (I also heal through hypnosis, another coincidence? I felt like someone was trying to tell me something with this book.

It went on to say that when Rasputin arrived, he immediately massaged the boy's eyes and began to speak to him. I suddenly remembered that when I was young, I would sometimes tackle a girl or boy that was lying to me, and throw them to the ground. I would rub their eyes and would say to them, tell me the truth, tell me the truth, and they always would.

I went on to read the book myself over a period of a few days. I could never read more than a chapter at a time, and I would dream the next chapter the night before. I would always know when the writer was lying about Rasputin, and that was quite often. For the writer was the same person that assassinated Rasputin.

After I started to read the book myself, the lady of the house, called me downstairs. She said that her best friend who lives in Boston was on the phone. She said that her friend did not believe in psychics. She wanted me to prove it to her.

Well I did not want to read the woman, but the lady of the house was letting me stay there for free, so I did.

I asked her, when is your birthday? She said she was a Gemini, and I quickly told her that I also was a Gemini. I told her a few things about herself, but she kept saying to me, "Oh, Jeanie probably told you that about me." I knew she was going to be a tough person to read.

I quickly asked, what is your husband's birthday, she said that he was a Gemini also. I said that he was the opposite of her though, because he was crazy. (I said this to get her attention).

She said that was not true and how dare me to say such a thing. I said that I was going to prove it to her. I said that she did not live in Boston, but lived on the outskirts of town. In a large house with a wrought iron fence around it. She said Jeanie probably told me that as well. I said yes, you are right, Jeanie told me everything, I confess. She said I knew it. And I said, she even told me about a sex thing he performed. She said what? I never told her about my sex life, you are most certainly lying.

I said that sometimes when her husband would come home from work, he would pull the car inside of the gate. Take off all of his clothing, honk the horn, and run down the driveway naked. He would come into the house and chase her. And when he caught her, he would make love to her on the spot.

She said, "Oh my God", Jeanie knew nothing of that. So now I have her attention and of course, her belief.

I said, you also have a son, correct? She said yes. I said when is his birthday? She said June 14th. Now I was in shock, because that was my birthday. I started to get nervous thinking, now someone is trying to get my attention. I said to her, your son is sick, true? he has a disease of the blood? She said yes,  he is a Hemophiliac.

Wow, now I was really nervous, because I was just involve in reading about the Czar's son, who had hemophilia.

I then said to her, what is his name? She quickly replied "it is Gordon Louis". I almost fainted, because that is my name.

I quickly said good-bye and hung up abruptly on her. I never talked to her again, and now I was really confused about being Rasputin.

I went home, and later that year I took part in a show titled "What's Happening America" with "Shana Alexander" as the host. I just noticed, there is that name "Alexander" which is very similar to Alexandra. Another coincidence?

Right after taping this Emmy Award winning show, the producer came up to me and said. I went to Harvard, and my thesis was about this mad monk called Rasputin, and I believe that he came back again, and that monk is you. What do you say about that. I was shocked again, another coincidence? Or am I really him.

Well I have had many coincidences with him since that time. And now I believe that I was that famous Rogue, only I believe that the only thing Rasputin was guilty of, was making love to women. One day while he was coming out of the forest with nine women, he ran into the Bishop of the church. The bishop was upset and asked him, "what was you doing in the woods with all of these women.

Rasputin replied, they are not women, they are my sisters, and I was in the forest making love with them. The Bishop immediately thought that Rasputin was engaged in an orgy. But the truth was, he belonged to the Klysty sect. A group of people that were like whirling Dervishes. They would go into the forest to dance. They would whirl and whirl until they would fall down into a religious ecstasy. Then they would have visions. They were seeking the love of God, not physical love.

Another coincidence perhaps--- I was driving to New Jersey with Gary Rodgers, who wanted to come along to learn from me. While we   were on route, I noticed that when he wasn't driving, he would be reading a book. I asked him, "What are you reading". He said that he was reading a book about unusual places or events in each of the States in America.

I said fine, tell me about New Jersey since we are headed there. He said that the first time any one saw Big Foot, was by a white man, and it was in New Jersey. He said that Big Foot is seen each and every year, in New Jersey. And he lives in the Pine Barrens. He is called "The Jersey Devil." There are many stories about him. The New Jersey Hockey team is named after him, the "Jersey Devils"

I said that was real interesting, is there another story about New Jersey, and he quickly replied, "yes".

He said that there is a town named "Howell Township" in south Jersey. That the town had many Mongolians living there, with four Tibetan Temples. Gary then said that he has read thirteen books about Tibetan Buddhism, written by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. I said that is a coincidence, so have I. Gary then said, "do we have time to go there"? and I said, yes.

When we arrived there at the first Temple, a little Buddhist Priest came out to greet us. He showed us his Temple, and it was the most colorful thing I have ever seen. When we were outside of the Temple, I suddenly had an inspiration. I asked the Priest, "Where is the Llama? And where does he live?

The Priest quickly replied, "There is no Llama living in this town. And I said that there was, and that he knew where he lived.

The Priest said, who are you? And I said, I am a psychic, and I have a message for the Llama, I must give it to him. The Priest gave us directions, but said the Llama would never talk to me, and I said, yes he will.

When we got to the house, I knocked on the door and rang the bell, but no one came to the door. I went around the back of the house. It was a split level, and the only windows that were not covered by blinds were the kitchen windows. They were up high. I saw two fifty gallon drums there and climbed up on one of them. I peaked into the window and came face to  face with a big guy.  He was angry and told me to get off of there, and I said not until I see the Llama.

He motioned for me to come down and around to the front door. When he let us in, he wanted to know our business. I told him that I had a message for the Llama, and must speak to him.

He told me that the Llama was in New York and wouldn't be home for a few days. I looked at him and said that the Llama was home and even told what room he was in. I told him I was a psychic and he better come out and speak to me.

He said that the Llama did not speak all day, he only spoke at "Satsang" 8am.

I said he will speak to me, I have an important message for him. (Secretly, I didn't have a clue what I was going to tell him) yet, I just wanted to see him.

He finally came out, and through this big guy, who was an Argentinean, and stood about 6'5", asked him  what did I want. I said that he must speak to Gary first.

When he was done with Gary, he asked the big guy, what did I want to say to him. I quickly told him to speak to me directly, and in English. He smiled, and asked me politely, what did I want.

I told him that I was a psychic and that I read Aura's. He said fine, read my aura. I looked at him and quickly said, "in three months, the fourteenth Dali Llama is coming hear to meet you, and you must be prepared to meet him." He said that the fourteenth Dali Llama did not travel, and has never left India. And I said that he is going to, and will appear here in September. (all of this is leading up to reincarnation as you will see).

He then thanked me, and gave me an autographed book "Written in Tibetan of course" and then instructed the disciple of his to show us the temple. When we went into the doors of the Temple, I had another vision. I asked the disciple, are there certain steps to take while worshiping in this Temple? He said yes. And I asked him to allow me to do the steps, and he said OK.

I did the twelve steps of Tibetan Buddhism in the Temple and when I was done I asked him, did I do it right? He then said, No, you missed a step. I argued with him, and said no, there are only twelve steps, and he said no, there are thirteen. I asked him, what is the thirteenth step?

He said that it was the big basket with a crank handle on it. You go up to it and turn it. There are a thousand prayers written down on paper and while turning the basket, you are sending out a thousand prayers into the Universe.

When we went back into the house, he told the Llama what had just taken place. The Llama told him this. When Gordon was a Llama, about 300 yrs ago, there were only twelve steps.

He also asked the disciple to read what he had written in the book for me. It said "from one Llama to another Llama.

So you see, there are many signs pointing the way to me for Reincarnation. I sat down on my computer tonight, 10-30-99 and wrote down this page. I was impressed to start telling people about Reincarnation. It is now time for everyone to talk about this age old belief.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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