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Sand Readings

There are various forms of sand readings. Basically, you get a small box of sand, and place your hand-print, or draw a picture in it. It does not have to be fancy, or artistic. You will be placing your vibrations in the sand and that is all that is needed.

However, the Native Americans did Sand Painting, and everything in the painting is symbolic. The Navajo were prolific in sand painting. It is thought by them to be sacred.This is a sand painting done by the Navajo. It is used in sacred ceremonies.

This painting is symbolic for health, and prosperity. To bring Harmony into your life.

Some of these particular paintings were done on the dirt floor of their Hogan's (homes). The sand is carried into the Hogan and placed from one to three inches on the floor. The colors vary with the artist.

Now this is where I come in. I read the colors in the sand painting, I read the symbols as they are place there. Remember this: The symbols that you see are place there for the ceremony, you must not read them that way. When the artist places them there he is leaving his vibration there. This is what you look for, not the particular piece of art. Sounds tricky, doesn't it? But you are actually reading the vibration put there by the artist, so in effect, you are reading the artist.

Just remember this, you are looking for his or her vibration, not the vibration of the symbols that are placed there on purpose.

Now when you are reading a regular sand painting, you will have an easier time picking up the vibrations of the one that is doing the sand painting. I am just giving you the difference between reading real art versus plain art.

If you gaze upon the Sand, allow your eyes to go soft, as if you were day-dreaming, you will start to see images there. The same as if you were looking into a fire-place at the hot coals. You will see images there as well.

When you see the image, allow yourself to ask this question, but remain in that small trance like state, and you will begin to accept answers inside of your head. Actually this happens all of the time, but most people do not pay attention to it.

When you are gazing at clouds, you will see the same images.

Remember, when you see an image, it was put there just for you. It is yours. And as soon as you learn to interpret what the symbols mean, you will receive the answer to what ever is on your mind, or whatever you desire to know. You can know anything. Just desire it, and gaze into the sand.

You can actually do the same while holding a book. (preferably an inspirational book) but the book does not have to relate to religion. It could be about science, life, or whatever you quest. Ask the question in your mind, and then fan the pages a couple of times, and the answer will leap right out at you whenever you decide to stop on a certain page.

Life is full of answers, for every question, there is an answer for you. All you have to do is seek it out. Great inventors seek this way. Some like Edison, would have a question on his mind, and stop, or pause what he is doing, and reflect back over his work, and all of a sudden, there was the answer.

Practice what I tell you here, and you will find the answer to what you are seeking. Everything in life works this same way. Below is an interesting email I received.

Gordon                        July 8,2000

Do you have any information on the form of sand reading from
Africa.....where sand
is held in different goblets, you choose three and pour them out and
they read the sand once it is poured out?

Thanks, Dianne

Hi Dianne,

It is just another form of Sand Reading, When you pour it out it creates a picture in the sand, and all pictures or images are symbols that are locked inside of your consciousness. It is the same thing I do, just in a different way. Gordon



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