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Clouds form pictures

Just look at the dragon in this picture. It appears to be traveling along very serenely.

Dragons are symbolic of power and strength.

The dragon-slayers did not slay real live dragons. They were metaphors.

The dragon is something that lies within all of us. It represents something we all have to conquer. We all have to become dragon-slayers at some point in our lives.

They represent sometimes our deepest fears. When a dragon appears, they sometimes give us strength, and protection. They are not always something to conquer, rather if you can flow into the spirit of the dragon, you will in essence become one.

Every culture has a myth or stories about dragons.

This is not just something that is made up, it is very real. Anything you can conceive in your mind is real. Become the dragonslayer, and you conquer life. This picture could also be Pegasus, the flying Horse. It actually is whatever comes to mind at the time of the reading. You use your imagination, and you will always give a true reading.

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