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See the Angel on the left

This is very symbolic, if you should see something like this in the clouds, it means that a gift from the most High is coming your way. The Angel of Light is bringing you a message from the Heavens.

You could also meet someone that becomes an angel in the flesh to you.

Meditate long and daily upon this type of cloud, it is magical. It is divine. You may have what ever you ask at this time in your life. Keep it Spiritual.

balarinawithwandsm.jpg (5404 bytes) 

Look at the beauty in this cloud, and understand why I love to give cloud readings. There is so much symbolism in this picture of a beautiful Lady. If you would see something like this when you are about to receive a reading, you would be very happy.

Whenever a beautiful lady comes into any one's life, they are about to be blessed. You may even take this lady to be an angel. Angels come in the flesh as well as in the spirit. And when they come your life is about to be transformed.

A beautiful woman symbolizes new life, prosperity, and abundance.

This lady is very tall and can reach out to the stars. She symbolizes being able to soar to the highest. She seems to have her arms out-stretched. As though beckoning onto you. She also appears to be a ballarina or dancer. This represents good times are coming to the person receiving the reading.

Don't you see the symbols, can't you see how I could give a beautiful reading because of this cloud. This wonderment of nature.

So instead of waiting for a symbol to appear inside of my head, I merely look for the symbols in the clouds.


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