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Clouds tell all

Learn how to read the images or symbols in the clouds, clouds will reveal the mysteries of life.

bird_shaman_ccsm.jpg (6114 bytes)

There is a bird in this cloud, you can see it on the left side. A bird has many meanings. It usually means that the person you are reading for can be flighty, yet is a person that would like to sour to higher places. Likes to observe from above. A bird can see far away as well, so that person could have clear, or far vision.

There is also a man with outstretched hands beneath the birds beak. And it also looks like the man could be wearing the birds head, just as a shaman would. So you see there are lots of meaning in this cloud. I could give a person an easy two hour reading just on the symbols alone.

A horse by the fence has many implications. It could mean that the person you are reading for is in a tight race for something. Notice it is a white horse. A symbol of power, strength, speed and purity.

A woman with long flowing hair looking away. She appears to have goggles on. This picture has many symbols. If you are reading for a person this is an excellent picture to see. It is a woman intent on seeing or searching for something. Use your intuition and imagination.

The pictures shown are taken by David Hargrave,

he spent fifteen years collecting them.

I have spent twenty five years reading them, (the clouds that is)

Go to

see his excellent vision of the clouds when you are done here.

He is very intuitive and creative.

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