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Reading  Art

Learning to read art such as paintings is simple. You must first learn to look into the painting.  Allow your intuition to give to you the emotional feelings of the artist. What was going on in his or her life at the time of the painting? Look and observe the color of the painting.  Is it dark and murky or is it bright and colorful? This will lead you to know what sort of mood the artist was in.

Be sure to ask your intuitive self this question. what was going on in their life at the time of the painting?

Remember, color is very important in any reading. It is an aid only however, and you need to rely on your psychic senses first.

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Reading photographs

Whenever you read a photograph, there are several ways to do this.

The first way to read a picture is to allow your eyes to go soft. Allow your eyes to go out of focus. This works extremely well if you have a photo of someone and the person has a white background. If so, let your eyes focus upon the forehead of that person. Then, imagine that your eyes are going out of focus.

Imagine now that you are trying to see something between you and the photograph. You are drawing your eyes in.  Now just be aware around the outside of the person's head, and you will soon start to see a glow.  At first it may appear to be white, or even transparent. This is because your eyes have been trained by that "computer" inside of your head for you to see three dimensionally - to see only objects that appear to be solid and still. You can use this same method to see a persons aura. In fact, this is exactly what you are doing in the picture, looking for the aura. I believe that when you are aura gazing, or crystal gazing you are in effect switching your thinking from left to right. The left-side of your head, is the logical side, the side of your conscious mind. When you switch your thinking to the right, you are now thinking with the spirit side, the subconscious side. This is the creative side, the psychic side. When this happens, the aura will tell you what it means, rather than you telling it. The right side is receptive, and intuitive. The left side only thinks it knows.

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