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Ghost Buster

Is your house haunted? Do spirits wake you up at night? Would you like it to stop?

Call on Gordon.  He has had many experiences with ghosts, poltergeists, and just plain old spirits that haunt your domain.

In New Jersey while he had a TV show, Gordon was asked to go to the Spy House Museum.  They have had several ghosts there for many years.  The museum is actually the oldest house in New Jersey.  Gordon was led there by a New Jersey State Police Officer, and cameras were waiting for his arrival.  While he was following one police car (with another behind him) a little girl about ten years old ran right out in front of him.  Gordon could not stop in time and ran over the child.  When the police man asked why he stopped so abruptly, Gordon said, "Don't you see the little girl I just ran over?"  The police man looked and said there was nothing there.  Gordon was visibly shaken. When he went inside and told the curator what just happened, she proclaimed, "Oh, you ran over the little girl too. We can't figure it out, many people have made the same claim."

When Gordon "tuned in" to the little girl, he told the curator that the little girl was first hit by a horse and wagon about three hundred years ago. The curator said said that was true and it was noted in the records.  Gordon said that she was repeating the incident for over three hundred years. He walked off to a back room and asked to have privacy. When he came back he told the curator that he sent the little girl into the light.

Then while walking around the place, he noticed a pile of dirt around the pantry floor. He noticed a staircase going into the cellar where someone was throwing the dirt up toward the pantry floor. He asked the man what was he doing, and the man said he was an archeologist and was looking for a hidden room.  Gordon then said there is not a hidden room there.  The soil is virgin. The man immediately came upstairs and asked him, how did he know that the soil was virgin? Gordon said he did not know.  He didn't even know what virgin soil meant.

The archeologist said that virgin soil means that no one has ever touched it. Gordon said that the room he was looking for was two hundred feet towards the shoreline and the house had been moved over two hundred years ago.  He told them where to find the room they were looking for but there was also an important room at the other end of the house. The archaeologist said that there was no record of any such room. Gordon said that is because the people living in the house would capture red-coats and keep them held prisoner there. They would hang them by their fingers and torture them.

Then Gordon went upstairs and immediately felt the spirit of a pirate.  He described him to the Curator. She said that sounds just like Morgan the Pirate who lived just up the road. Gordon said his spirit was there along with some other spirits. He said a woman and another older person was hanging out there.

He went into another room for privacy again. She wanted to know what he was doing and he told her that the spirits have been earthbound too long. He was going to send them into the light.

She begged him not to. She said the spirits were a very strong part of this museum and that many people have seen them. What would she do if he was to clean the house of spirits. She did not want that. But Gordon did it anyway, because he felt sorry for the spirits who seemed very lost. One lady hung out in a closet for a long time.  It was not fair for her and he released her.

Gordon has had many experiences with ghosts, and has always won over them.

One time in Florida he was asked to come to a ladies house. She said that a spirit was harassing her Dad at night.  Sometimes he would harass her as well. He would wake them up at night and move personal belongings and try to scare them.

When Gordon arrived he sat on a sofa and talked to the lady and "tuned in" to the house to find the spirit. He opened his eyes, and looked down the hallway toward the kitchen. He asked her if her father was home.  She said "No."  Then he told her he saw someone's reflection in a mirror in the hall.  She said no one else was home. So Gordon closed his eyes and called on the spirit to come forth. The spirit did and with a force of energy, he pushed Gordon's head backward. Gordon became angry and asked his spirit guide to usher the man out of the house. He did and that was that.

Gordon has cleaned many houses of spirits, some good and some bad. He only had one spirit that frightened him at a seminar at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado in 1984.

It was a Halloween seminar. When he was through the manager asked him what he "felt" at the Stanley.  Gordon told the manager someone had hung himself there and was still hanging around.  The manager said that was correct.  The first owner hung himself. He also said that they had an annex building that was empty.  Every time the building gets re-built it burns down, or something else happens to it. It had never been opened.

Gordon agreed to go inside.  It was approximately eleven o'clock at night. He went in with a flashlight and walked all through the building.  He heard something at the end of the building. Then he heard something up in the rafters and turned on the flashlight to have a look up there. All of a sudden Gordon saw two red eyes and heard a blood curdling growl. In shear terror he turned and ran for the door. He ran though the big doors and slipped and fell on the snowy ground and mowed down about five or six people standing on the slight hill just outside. The group of people all saw the terror in his eyes as he hit them like a bowling ball and they all went down like tin pins. When it was all over they had a good laugh.

That night Gordon stayed in the room where the writer, Stephen King, had his psychic experience, and subsequently wrote the his book, The Shining.  Since Gordon had cleaned the Stanley of the negative spirits the annex is now built and doing well.

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