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Extraterrestrials & Unidentified Flying Objects

The ego causes you to look on the outside,

when you do, you will not find anything.

Your Spirit causes you to seek inward.

You must always look within, there the mystery of life is.

But if you must look outside, then read on.

Gordon will channel ET's for you. He has been channeling ET's for a number of years. You can channel an ET to find out if you were abducted, and why. It is very valuable to you, and the ET's will give you some kind of confirmation. You may have been abducted and do not know why.

About fifteen years ago, I had an unusual experience. I was home with my son, who was about sixteen or seventeen at the time. The first night I had awakened about 2:00am, I thought I heard a prowler. So I did something out of the ordinary.  I opened my bedroom window, and crawled outside, in my underwear I might add.

I felt the prowler was on the other side of the house. I went to the far corner and waited. I could here him coming. As soon as he approached the corner, I jumped out and threw him to the ground.

To my amazement, it was my son, who had the exact same dream, and crawled out his window at the same time.Sounds bizarre, well wait.

The next night, I woke up from a sound sleep (or so I thought anyway). I was out of bed and into my hall. Two ET's were carrying me. Could this be a dream? I was suddenly annoyed, and started to tell them to let go of me and for them to leave at once. They told me that they were sent for me, and it was my time to go. I argued with them telepathically. I told them to let go, that my mind was as strong as theirs, and I was refusing to go.

Finally, after my insistence, they let go of me. They said they were angry, and that they would return.

The next thing I remember is, I was standing in the hall thinking that I was sleep-walking, and that I dreamed it all up. When suddenly, my son opened his door, looked all around, and said to me --did they leave?

I said, Who?"  He said, "The ET's."

He said he heard the conversation. "WOW!" I thought.

Then I told him that they were speaking telepathically, and he said he heard them just as clear as a verbal conversation.

I thought about this for years.  Then another thing happened.  They took my dog.  My dog was a Japanese Spaniel.  I never let him out of the house, yet, that night he disappeared and I know they stole him.

So my first experience with ET's was a negative one.

I think they were working on us the first night when we crawled out the window. And I think this is how they abduct people. They come and get you while asleep. Most people don't wake up, until it is too late. They are already being examined, and prodded by these little ET's.  Plus, if and when they awaken, they are over-come by fear. And fear weakens you, and you feel absolutely helpless. The ET's have complete control of them because of the fear factor. (just my own private theory)

I have channeled many different types of ET's.  Soon I will be playing on this site, actual tapes of my channeling with different ET's, from differently galaxies.

If you are interested in receiving a message from an ET that may have abducted you, or for any other reason. Just email me.

Imagine visiting this place even in your  mind.


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