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Channeling Mediumship

Through my channeling I reach up to the highest of highs

When I channel, I go to the mountain top.

It inspires my breath

I seal the input of Spirit

With the rhythmic tone of the Universe.

I am guided by the power of timelessness.

The Spirits that I invite in, bring music to my speech;

They bring harmony to who ever listens

They can lift us all to a better atonement


Their breath becomes my breath

Even when I am not in a trance, I am inspired by them

I become them when I am inspired

When I write, they write. When I speak, they speak.

Then, on occasion, I am back to my physical self.

Then I am not so happy, or inspired.

Then I become like everyone else that is in the flesh.

This is why I call on them daily                            

They help me to become my Higher-Self.

Then only love steps in, Peace to you all.

Gordon provides channeling on an individual basis. He will channel your loved ones so that you can talk to them personally. He will channel a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel for you personally so that you can discover where you are on your own spiritual path.

Gordon also channels Spirits for Higher learning or spiritual development.

Channel ET's. Travel into the unknown. Learn to communicate with extraterrestrials or ET's.

Channeling is not to be taken lightly. It is sacred. Many times Gordon will channel a spirit, a very high spirit, and the person or persons will ask mundane questions. This sometimes is OK, but most of the time it is not OK.  If you are going through a crisis, then I would say it is a valid reason for asking questions about your everyday life. The spirit will never chastise you, and will always answer any question.  And, always, they are right. But it is always best to meet a spirit in a channeling with reverence. They are Holy, or Saintly. You should treat them as such. If you are going to a channeling, you should always be prepared. Jot down a list of questions before you go. I found that if you do this, your mind won't go blank when it is happening. If not, then you will see that I am right about it. Be prepared. Whenever you go to a channeling, you will come away with a positive and serene feeling. You will come away with your answers. The spirits never lie. Soon there will be tapes  transcribed on this site.

Tapes from the following:




St. Francis

The Nameless One

Quanah Parker

Comanche Chief

Lone Wolf--Kiowa

Coming up is an important anniversary and I just wanted to share the news. The fifteenth anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence will be held on August 17th, 2001.  The fifteenth anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence will be held on August 17th, 2001.

People all over the World will be joining together in consciousness to celebrate this anniversary. This is a critically important phase of the unfolding Divine Plan and YOUR Light and Love are vitally needed. As a student of metaphysics/spirituality, you have volunteered at inner levels to assist in fulfilling this facet of the plan. Listen to your heart and your God Self will guide you. You will know exactly what the best way is for you to participate in order to fulfill your part of this Divine Plan. In addition to your individual guidance, there are some things we can do together as one voice, one breath, one heartbeat, one energy, vibration and consciousness of pure Love to bring this phase of the Divine Plan to fruition.

The harmonic convergence also triggered 11:11, (which is the quickening). It brought the light to the gateway, which is the Pituitary gland the feminine energy location of the 3rd eye. There it is being transported down the 3rd ventricle of the right hemisphere of the brain, opening a passageway to the pineal the masculine. This is a divine marriage of the two energies, so that  we can become one within ourselves. Make sense to you? Let me know, it came to me through channeling.

It makes sense to me, first we have a male dominated society, then we have a revolution of the feminine society creating an even greater separation of the male, female energies within us. Now the two can merge and become one. This is the real marriage, not a marriage of two different people, but of two different energies. In this way, we can become the great beings we truly are, and filled with all inspiring love. 

This new energy or down-pouring of love from the Universal Spirit will lead us into a new vibration. This vibrations is the next level in our evolution. It is a new dimension. As we evolve into this new dimension, we will begin to become aware of a new Ray, a new color. We will dwell in this new dimension (4th) with a new ray or new energy to elevate us in consciousness. Think about this,

Peace to all, Michael


  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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