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Silver Cone meditational Device

A new way of channeling

This Silver-Cone leads to all other colors.

This is a channeling taken

from a class on 4-2-92. 8:00pm

Gordon used the Silver-Cone

to Channel in Walter Russell this evening.

Walter explained what the

Silver-Cone of Light is, then

Gordon used this Silver Cone

to tune into different fields of knowledge.

He has used the Silver Cone

to tap into the Cosmos to unveil

what is hidden. The Silver Cone

is a swirling ray of light that

flows down into your head on a

45 degree angle. It looks like a

cone with the point going into

pineal gland. It is a much higher

form of channeling, most channeling

flows through the pituitary gland.

When using the Silver Cone you are tapping into a higher source connecting both the Pineal and Pituitary glands through the third ventricle of the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the path used to find the Nu-Ray. Or is the gateway to the other world. A world which we all will reside in, perhaps as soon as the year, 2012.

This all sounds a little far fetched, but if you have an open mind, not a gullible mind, you will be led to this new ray. It has nothing to do with dying, or going into the spirit world. Yet death does mean change, so you will definitely go through great changes. And most of you that read this are all ready going through changes.

We are evolving, that is all. This change is part of our evolution. We live in a two-fold light wave Universe. And while in this Two-Fold universe, we function on three planes of consciousness.

Going through this evolution means that we are ready to go into the fourth dimension, or the fourth plane.

Each planes has it's own color. The one that we are on vibrates to Red, Blue, and Yellow.

The one that we are evolving to, has a new color. It is the Nu-Ray. (not yet named)

Before we can evolve to this new ray, we must learn how to bring in the Silver Cone. The Silver Ray is a higher vibrational form of color. Yet is not actually a color. It comes from the Blue ray.

This is not important, what is important is the fact that we can open up another aspect of our brains. Remember we only use a small amount of our brain. Possible as high as fifteen percent, but not less than four percent. The lesser are people that appear to be mentally handicapped.

This is a whole new way of thinking for you. Just go at it with an open mind, yet a guarded and protective mind. Never be to open, or you could get burned. Always be skeptical, not gullible.

As I learn more about this Nu-Ray, I will pass it on.

Light is everything. We are always seeking the Light. Light is not increased brightness, but light is knowing. To Know is to be closer to God.

When you think that you know it all, you know nothing. When you think you know nothing, you are closer to the truth. Be wise, beware.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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