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The Quiet Mind

The most difficult thing to do is to get out of your own way.  That is because we have two minds, (really only one mind) but actually two aspects of that one mind that acts like two separate minds - the quiet mind and the active mind.  The quiet mind is the power side of the mind and the active mind has no power or abilities. It only thinks it does.  So, to get out of your own way means to reach the quiet mind, and to shut out the active mind.  This is very difficult indeed.  But I know a way you can do it.

When you wake up in the morning, sit down and take in ten deep breaths - in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Then around noontime do it again, and, again, at bedtime.  I guarantee that within a week you will slow down and become more into your quiet mind and less in your active mind.  Try it, my friend, and you will enter into the quiet zone.

The quiet mind is your subconscious mind while the active mind is the conscious mind.  The conscious mind is in the left hemisphere while the subconscious mind is in the right hemisphere.  The left side is what I call the "Body Mind" and the right is the "Spirit Mind".

Before you are born you dwell in the spirit world.  When you incarnate, you become attached to the body.  It has a mind of its own.  It is called the Body Mind.  When you are what we call "born into this body", you are more into your spirit mind than the body mind.  Your mother prods you each day awakening you into your body mind.  She activates your senses; your body mind is connected to your electric senses.  Your nerves carry these electrical impulses throughout your body.  It is housed in the spinal column and the brain.  Think of your spinal column as the switchboard and the brain as the computer.  They work together to activate your conscious mind.  Your senses are electrical, therefore your body mind is stronger than your spirit mind.  Your spirit mind is passive, magnetic and creative.  Your body mind is electrical, active, aggressive and non-creative.  It thinks all day long, yet never ever knows.  Your spirit mind never thinks but knows.  The body mind fools us into believing it is superior, intelligent and in control.  In fact most schools teach us to use our body mind.  They teach you through the use of memorizing.  You can learn to analyze things, but not really understand them without the use of the spirit mind.

When you are thinking with the body mind, your mind is projecting thoughts that you already know - things you have memorized.  The spirit mind never thinks, it just knows.  It can create new thoughts, ideas, solutions, but it never thinks about them. All thinking comes through the body mind.

When Edison had a creative thought it came via the spirit mind.  However, when he tried to think about it he could not bring it forth.  He had to use the spirit mind in conjunction with the body mind.  This is the way all things are created.  The spirit mind is the creative mind.  All ideas, inventions or new thought comes to us through the creative mind.  Then we introduce the body and and through trial and error we create the idea.

Both aspects of the mind are needed.  If, or should I say when Universities begin to think this way and when we will learn new knowledge, not just memorize old ideas or knowledge we will begin to truly think.  This is the creative thinking.  And creative thinking is visualization, or should I say, creative visualization.

All great thinkers would create in this manner.  They all had one thing in common.  They would say, "I don't know where it came from. It just came to me." In other words, what thought came out of them was their conscious thought.  It was of the body mind.  And what thought came to them was a creative thought.  All ideas are creative thoughts.  All geniuses think in this manner.  True thinking comes from the two-fold light waves of energy.  One flows into us.  The other flows out of us.  So when you have an idea and you convert it to the conscious mind and put it into use, now you have the complete creative thought.