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This is where it all begins. Without learning to meditate, you cannot do anything else properly.

Meditation is the art of listening

Meditation is going within, so that something can be reflected back out, like the Universal Mirror.

 Meditation is losing all awareness of the physical self, so that the real self comes forward. (Higher-Self).

Meditation therefore is a tool towards reaching the Higher-Self.

Meditation is a tool in finding the Universal Mind.

Meditation is a tool in developing your skills, whatever that may be.

Meditation is an education, and education of the mind.

The Quest for the Spirit

We have to start somewhere in our search for vision, vision that has been sought after for eons of time. It is the search for knowledge, the search for understanding. We demand enlightenment - and the answer to the eternal question: to know....What? To know about life and happiness.

For what is is it we are all seeking? Is it to understand oneself? To know who we are, or what we are? Where are we going, and where have we been. Why are we here?

Did you ever ask yourself...Why is it everyone appears to be unhappy?

Why can't we get along? Why is there always dissension.

Why is it that today we can be absolutely happy, nothing can bother us---everything goes right and nothing is wrong--and then tomorrow everything is the opposite.

Did you ever sit down and ponder these questions?

If you did come up with an answer, you probably would have changed it again and again, or you probably reasoned or rationalized through some answers until you came up with a solution that felt logical to you. Then a few days later you threw these beliefs because you had outgrown them.

Everything in the universe has a rhythm to it. If you know how to find this rhythm, you can begin to become happy, and have an abundant and successful life.

People equate success to many things. But to me, success is becoming happy with what and who you are. Not necessarily with what you have.

One way to find the rhythm of the Universe, is to first realize that all things are alive, and all things have a soul.  Everything pulsates with life, even if you cannot see it.

In fact, everything you see with your eyes is an illusion. But what you cannot see is always real. Ponder on that for awhile.

The word "life" is called many things, such as energy, electricity, chi, prana, or Electro-magnetic energy, soul, or aura.

Everything has a soul, or aura. In fact, when scientists talk about the ozone of the earth, they are merely talking about the ozone. Aura's are visible, and contain life. I will talk about this later in the Aura section.

Meditation is asking yourself to listen to God. Praying is asking God to listen to you.

When beginning to meditate, you must first learn to believe.  For surely things will come to you, but if you do not believe, then they will have absolutely no meaning. All ideas are creative thoughts, and all ideas come to you. If you have no use for these ideas, then they will leave, and probably not return.

Thought is nothing more than being conscious of an object. For this to happen, your mind must be calm and still.  This calmness leads to thought.

We must try to define the mind, for we cannot know thoughts simply because we are trying to understand them with the mind. Without thought, there is no mind.

The mind is the flow of thoughts, as the river is the flow of water.  Your whole purpose in life is to reach as high as you possibly can with your creative mind - to be in tune with your higher self, as you can be.

To reach the highest unfoldment you can possibly reach, then you will know who you are, and then you will know the Universal Mind.

Look for the Light always. It may come to you as a spark at first. When that spark of life is awakened within, you will become known as a genius.

You will posses extraordinary knowledge and exceptional powers.

The genius thinks inwardly, and then manifest his creations outwardly through his senses. This is the way of the inventor, artist, composer.

A genius can hear sounds in all of nature, such as listening to trees, or nature.

He can see with his inner-eyes the forms and patterns of light that are already existing all around us.

Light is the answer to all things. We always think in two-fold light waves. If you can hear the inner sounds, it is the most beautiful music and if you see the light patterns, shapes, it is a rhythm that will make your heart sing. If you can raise your level of consciousness to genius, you will become a co-creator with the Universal Consciousness. That Universal heartbeat that lies within all of us, and in all things.

If you look on the outside, you will see a world gone mad, but look within, and you will find peace.

Man must look within, then you will see the beauty of it all. Man must think outwardly in order to exist in this physical Universe. But if he becomes aware of his true nature, then his inward thinking will influence his outward thinking, and he will be able to create a beautiful life for himself.


Meditation is an exercise of the mind; the quieting, calming and taming of the mind.  Meditation is not a physical act. It has nothing to do with the environment nor the posture in which one sits.  The postures are only to allow one to relax.

Always have the proper attitude. The best way to do this is to think of one whom has inspired you, or uplifted you in the past. Allow your mind to drift of to a place where you can meet your spirit guides.

Then begin a breathing exercise. I like to breathe in very deeply through the nostrils, filling up my lungs and stomach.  At least seven but not more than ten times. (It can be very detrimental to your meditative state if you overdo the breathing exercise.) At least in the beginning anyway.

Then I focus my mind upon a place, such as a beach. I focus all of my attention upon the waves rolling in gently before me. I take notice of the deep blue sky and the pure white clouds. I become in tune with the gentle breezes blowing upon face.

I may even notice a beautiful hawk in my mind, with you it could be any other bird, or animal. The hawk could be soaring high in the wind, I even allow this magnificent bird to draw my spirit up into his body and feel the energy of the wind carry me upward and onward into the meadows of my mind. Try practicing this method daily and soon you will be adding new scenes and you will be traveling into rainbows of color. You may even be joined by a spirit friend in these exercises.

You simply can't imagine how beautiful your meditations will become. The most important part of meditation is in the breath. I will go more into this later.

When meditating, you will notice all the pressures and stress of the day leaving you. You will find yourself becoming more happy and you will be able to handle life's tremors with great ease. The secret to life is to become calm and relaxed. Then life will be a treasure.

                                                              Milky Way

This form of meditation was given to me by Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief. While I was channeling him at a group session. He told the group to use this particular form of meditation for

Creating your desires---

Visualize the picture of what ever it is that you want to appear very clearly in your mind. Now fill this image with all of the desire that you can manifest. Create a maximum desire, this is very important.

When you breathe in air, imagine light outside of you that is very sticky, strong, very milky, very heavy like fog. Think of yourself sitting in a fog (white milky substance which is clear and at the same time not so clear).

There is a very strong spirit that lies in back of all things. This same spirit is the substance that we will be calling upon in this milky-way meditation.

Visualize this substance going into your lungs and there it attaches itself firmly to you. It flows into your heart and changes your heart from red to white, just like a marshmallow. Then see it flowing upward into the brain. It will take at least three breaths to get it into the brain, but eventually one breath as you become more skilled.

Listed below are seven steps guiding you through the milky-way meditation.

1. Breathe deeply into your lungs.

2. Breathe deeply into your heart and blood stream.

3. Now three deep breaths bringing substance up into the brain.

4. Now see the picture you desire for yourself or others. And draw the milky white substance into the picture. This gives your creation substance, and form.

5. Now put color in the picture. Do this also with your breath. Imagine that your breath is causing color to fill up your picture. This is energizing your picture. Now it has color and substance, the two ingredients needed in all of creation.

6. See the picture becoming solidified. As though it is now cast in stone.

7. Breathe a blue flame into your creation. Now the picture is "Spiritualized". When you visualize this blue flame flowing into the picture, you are giving life to this picture. This is a great way to create through meditation.

Circle of Fire---

This meditation Quanah (Quanah Parker was a Comanche) gave Ring of Fire meditation to the class, was given to cleanse the system and to spiritualize the system (physical body).

Begin by breathing in seven deep breaths, in through the nostrils, and out through the mouth. Be sure to breathe deeply into the third section of your lungs. (Imagine you are filling up your stomach with air.)

1. Now breathe the blue flame into your forehead, or third eye area. And with a continuous flow see the blue flame flowing down into your throat. (Thyroid and para-thyroid glands)

2. Visualize this blue-flame flowing with next breath down into the heart, and lungs.

3. Follow this flame as it proceeds down into the solar-plexus.

4. Breathe it into the navel.

5. Breathe it into the groin.

6. Breathe it into the tail-bone.

7. Inhale this blue-flame once again and see it flowing up the spine to the back of the head. (Pineal-gland).

8. Inhale the flame and see it flow from the back of your head, towards the center of the forehead, (third-eye).

9. Breathe the flame from the forehead out through the right temple.

10. Breathe this flame from the right temple, around front of head into the left temple.

11. Finally breathe the blue-flame back out of your forehead.

You may stumble with this at first, and this meditation works best with someone leading you into it. When you have mastered this meditation, the eleven steps become one step. You will be able to do a complete cycle of the flame breathing all in one breath. Before you will be able to do a complete meditation with this method, you must see this clearly in your own mind.

Ring of Fire--    

Breathe in the Ruby Red Flame through the nostrils and into the forehead. Then allow the energy to flow to the back of the head down the spine to the tail bone, into the groin, up into the navel. Continue into the solar-plexus, toward heart, on up into throat, and back out of the forehead.  Do this series of meditations as often as you like, but always do the Circle of Fire first. The Milky-Way is to be used for creative purposes only.  It is given to you so that you can become more creative in all of your affairs. This is an (11-11) meditation to prepare your body for the Nu-Ray, (the ring and circle of fire only)

For prosperity and good health, recite this affirmation daily. (before or after the milky-way meditation)

"I am the rich radiant substance of the Universe.  I am the master of this substance.  I take control of substance in my thoughts, words, and actions now." (This is the sticky white substance of creation).

Since divine substance is involved in all things it is the one and only reality in all of my affairs and creations now.  Now visualize it and it will be yours.

What I am trying to convey to you is, if you have not discovered the genius that you are, then you have not discovered your own self.  That divine spark of Cosmic Man which is a bright flame inside of him, is also in you. Every time you are inspired, you are touched with a small amount of this flame, or light. The greatest thing that can happen to you is for you to discover your spirit and then you discover your higher self, your true nature. Then you will be aware of unlimited power and knowledge which you already have.  We are all looking for enlightenment.  With enlightenment, we can know the secrets of the Universe. Without it, we can know nothing.

If you read books, you do not learn, you only mimic. To know something, is an expression of that knowing.

Anyone can mimic, but not anyone can know. Knowledge is truth. And you can only express what you know.  So everyone contains some truth, but not all truth because we are not yet all-knowing.  If you would like to know more about meditating and Psychometry, go to my shopping cart and purchase the book "Magic of Meditation and Psychometry" for only $5.00. It is so reasonable because you do not actually get a book, but a downloaded version. It is the only way I can give it to you so cheap.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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