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Meditation is the art of listening

Meditation is going within, so that something can be reflected back out.

Meditation is going within.

 Meditation is losing all awareness of the physical self, so that the real self comes forward. (Higher-Self).

Meditation therefore is a tool in developing psychometry

Meditation is an education - an education of the mind.


Psychometry  is a tool toward self knowledge.

Psychometry is a reflection of the Universal Mirror.

Psychometry is soul reflection.

Psychometry is the truth.

Psychometry can be a form of meditation.

Psychometry is an aspect of meditation. "Psycho" means Soul. Metry is a measurement. Psychometry.
Meditation is the art of listening.  Man has learned how to pray, yet he has rarely learned how to listen.  Listening is meditation or contemplation, going within.

Praying is sending outward.

Praying is projection out of yourself. You ask God to listen to you.

Meditation is asking yourself to listen to God.

When you pray you must also meditate for the prayer to be effective.  If you ask me a question you pause, you hesitate, and you wait for the answer. You listen.

Most people, when they pray they don't wait for the answer. They do not pause and listen.  Usually they panic if it is a life or death situation or they might immediately go off in different directions.  The main reason for this is that we don't know how to listen. We don't really believe that God is listening to our prayers or we wouldn't keep asking for the same thing over and over.  If we really believed our prayer would be answered we would only need to ask but once. Then we would say over and over Thank you, thank you. By saying thanks, we are believing that it is actually going to happen. The prayer would be answered when it was time to be answered, just as Mother Nature works in her own due time with everything in its own season and not when we thought it should be answered.

When beginning to meditate, you must sit, relax and wait and listen.  Second, you must know how to listen. The Universal Mind, God, is constantly talking to us, but we are too busy to take the time to pause to meditate daily and to listen. The Universal One is perpetually bombarding us with thoughts, ideas, feelings and visions. When an idea or a thought comes into your head it has to come from somewhere. Our minds are projecting thoughts constantly, something like 10,000 per day, some say much more. Then our minds are thinking about these thoughts and perhaps even analyzing them.  So you see, mediation is the art of listening in between these thoughts. When someone is speaking, listen to what is being said. Then listen to what is not being said.  Now you will know what the person is really saying. You will have the true picture.  In the same way when you are reading, read between the lines and let the sense of what is being said flow into your mind. This is true thinking . Many people see only what is going on in the universe. They only use half of their mind. Meditation will teach you to use the other half.  Then you will become aware of what true thinking is.  At this very moment our thoughts flow so continuously that there appears to be no space between them.  If you concentrate upon the moment, when one thought disturbance has entered your mind and another thought has not yet started, then and there you will be in that relaxed state known as meditation. If you can force your attention between these same two thoughts you will be seeing behind the mind, for the mind is nothing but a continuous flow of thought pattern. If you can see between two successive thoughts you must and will be face to face with the Logos.  Once you focus your attention between the thoughts, there will be no thoughts. You will be in tune with the Infinite. This will be pure cosmic awareness, awareness that alone is in all thought. Thought is nothing more than being conscious of an object. For this to happen, your mind must be calm and still. This is what is known as pure happiness, or bliss, the serenity of being. We must try to define the mind, for we cannot know thoughts simply because we are trying to understand them with the mind. Without thought, there is no mind. The mind is the flow of thoughts, as the river is the flow of water. Your whole purpose in life is to reach as high as you possibly can with your creative mind, to be as in- tuned with your higher self, as you can be. To reach the highest unfolding you can possibly reach, then you will know who you are, and then you will know the Universal Mind. Of course, the highest level of consciousness is to be illuminated into the Light of Knowing also known as Cosmic Consciousness.  If you could but receive one small spark of that Light you would possess the greatest thing you could ever possibly achieve. The purpose of this book is to help you to achieve another step in that direction. Then you can become aware of your pure divine-self. That divine spark of light lies within everyone just waiting to illuminate the soul. Your soul has been seeking this light of oneness since the beginning of time. Allow me to point you into that direction, and of course by helping you, I am also helping myself. As long as you have been incarnated into your electrically-sensed body, you have always been seeking pleasure.  Pleasure is of the senses and is short-lived, while happiness is of the Spirit and lasts forever.  As long as the Light of Knowing lies dormant within you, you can only know pleasure. You may have small glimpses of happiness, but you may not recognize it as such. As long as this Light lies dormant within you, you can only be aware of your mortal body which lives and dies many times. You will think that your body is yourself. When that spark of Light is awakened within, you will have extraordinary knowledge and exceptional powers. Meditation is an exercise of the mind: The quieting, calming and taming of the mind. Meditation is not a physical act.  It has nothing to do with the environment nor the posture in which one sits. The postures are only to allow relaxation. Always have the proper attitude when entering into a relaxed state of mind. The best way to do this is to think of a spiritual being, or perhaps a calm place such as a forest or a beach.  Allow your mind to drift off to such a place or to drift off to meet your guardian angels or spirit guides. Then begin a breathing exercise. I like to breathe in very deeply through the nostrils, filling up my lungs and stomach. At least seven but never more than ten times. (It can be very detrimental to your meditative state if you over do the breathing exercise.) In the beginning anyway. Then I focus my mind upon a place, such as a beach.  I focus all of my attention upon the waves rolling in gently before me.  I take notice of the deep blue sky and the pure white clouds.  I become in tune with the gentle breezes blowing upon my face.  I may even notice a beautiful hawk in my mind, or an eagle soaring high in the wind.  I even allow this magnificent bird to draw my spirit up into his body and feel the energy of the wind carry me upward and onward into the meadows of my mind.  Try practicing this method daily and soon you will be adding new scenes and you will be traveling into rainbows of color.  You may even be joined by a spirit friend in these exercises.  You simply can't imagine how beautiful your meditations will become. The most important part of meditation is in the breath. I will go more into this later. When meditating, you will notice all the pressures and stress of the day leaving you. You will find yourself becoming more happy and you will be able to handle life's tremors with great ease. The secret to life is to become calm and relaxed. Then life will be a treasure instead of a woe. Before you begin to get involved in meditation, you should be aware of what the mind does - because meditation is a taming of the mind. We all have a mind. We all know that the mind is terribly agitated, worried and anxious. It is often in tension, distress and strain. How do we even know that the mind really exists?  Ask yourself this question: What exactly is the mind?

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