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Universal Mirror 


Universal One


The Universal Mirror is an action of which there has to be an equal and opposite re-action The Universal Mirror is pure energy, a two fold light wave of energy. What goes out from you is always reflected back to you. If you cause something to happen, it will be reflected back to you equally.


If you meditate on this Universal Mirror, it will reflect back to you any thing that you desire. All inventions are created in this fashion.


This energy also works in opposite directions.


If you take something, something will be taken from you. If you give something, it will be given back to you. What ever you see in another person, you are in reality seeing what is inside of your self. (Universal Mirror).


What ever it is you do not like about someone, is became you are seeing something in them, that is in you. You cannot recognize in me anything that is not in you. You can only recognize in me what is in you. (Mirrored back) Do you get it?


We live in a Universe of Mirrors. Until you recognize this fact, you will not understand life, or the cause of it. Any invention is only a reflection. It must be already in the Universal Consciousness, and is therefore being reflected back to us. All created things are reflections from the Universal Mirror. Just as in this book.




Meditation is the art of listening.

Meditation is going within, so that something can be reflected back out.

Meditation is going within.

Meditation is losing all awareness of the physical self so that the real self comes forward. (Higher-Self)

Meditation therefore is a tool towards reaching the Higher-Self

Meditation is a tool in developing Psychometry.

Meditation is an education. An education of the mind.




Psychometry is a tool towards self-knowledge. Psychometry is the art of tuning in. Psychometry is a reflection of the Universal Mirror. Psychometry is soul reflection. Psychometry is the truth. Psychometry can be a form of meditation. Psychometry is an aspect of meditation. Psycho- means soul. Metry - is a measurement. Psycho-metry.
















I guess we have to start somewhere in our search for vision: which has been sought for eons before recorded time. It is the search for knowledge the search for understanding, we demand enlightenment - and the answer to the eternal question: To know what? To know about life and happiness. For what it is we are all seeking? Is it to understand oneself? To know who we are, or what we are? Where are we going and why we are here?


Did you ever ask yourself, Why is it everyone appears to be unhappy, Why can't we get along? Why is there always dissension) Why is it that today we can be absolutely happy, nothing can bother us everything goes right and nothing is wrong - and then tomorrow everything is the opposite? Did you ever sit down and ponder these questions? If you did come up with an answer, you probably would have changed it again and again, or you probably reasoned or rationalized through some answers until you came up with a solution that felt logical to you. Then a few days Later you threw away these beliefs because you had outgrown them.


When I sat down one day to meditate, this came to me--about people being dissatisfied and disgruntled about life. It seems that most people, especially those in Western society, do not get into the flow of the universe. Instead, they are in discord with the rhythm of the universe.


Quite often I am asked this question: How, in fact do we get into the ebb and flow? My explanation goes something like this: Everything in the universe has a rhythm to it. If you know how to find this rhythm, you can begin to become happy and bring abundance into your life. One of the ways to find this rhythm is to become aware that everything you see and feel is alive. Everything pulsates with life. This entire planet that we live on is alive. Even the chair you sit on is alive. Believe me, if you open your inner sight, you will see for yourself that everything pulsates with Life.


This life is sometimes called by other names, such as energy, electricity, or as the Chinese say, "Chi I call it an Electro magnetic energy field, or the Aura. Everything has an aura, or soul. When the scientists talk about the ozone, they, in fact, are talking about the aura, or soul of this planet I address this in my book about Aura’s.

The American Indian teach that them is an exact location somewhere on this planet for you that Will create the feeling of well-being: a homey feeling, a comfortable spot where you can go to be in harmony with the elements.


There is an exact spot for everyone. If you are having a difficult time, a real struggle, you just may be living in the wrong location. Some people migrate to other parts of the country, or world, and all of a sudden everything goes right for them. This is because they landed in the right energy field for them. You can do the same. Go to a good psychic and ask them if you are living in the right location, then take a trip to the place that they recommend. Just go for a vacation and see if they are right. You will "feel" it. All you have to do is to get sensitive about that area and you will definitely feel it


Try this: Whenever you go into a room, close your eyes and sense where the best or most comfortable location in the room is for you. You don't have to try this only in a room. You can try it anywhere. Think about it, then try it when you enter an airplane, aboard a ship, or just walk in a forest If you practice this method, you will slowly start to get in tune with yourself- your Higher Self that is, you will start to get in tune with people, animals and especially inanimate objects.


Not only is there a proper place for you on this planet but there is a proper time for you as well. There is a time to do anything and all things. A sense of timing is in everything. Timing, perhaps, is everything. There are twelve months in a year and each month has a position in time and space. This also applies to each day, hour, minute and second. These positions are extremely important to you in your daily Life. To be at the right position at the exact time, can be rewarding or disastrous to you. I was on a radio show with Shirley MacLaine once, and she told me that the word "disaster" means to disassociate yourself from the astral plane. It makes sense because there is an interrelationship between time, space and energy and if you can tune into this interrelationship, you can find the key to your success and happiness in life, as well as learn the secrets of the universe.


Want another clue? Just look back upon your own life. Was there a time when you had peace, balance and prosperity? Did you have the right friends and relatives? Are you firmly rooted into your lifestyle? Are you firmly rooted to your home, your town or state? Is it right for you? If not, then move and do it now. If it is right, then seek to make it better.


Allow your intuition to tell you if you attract the right people, home or work. In short, start using your right brain, your Spirit Mind, which is your true mind, and the best friend you have. Your Spirit Mind will always lead you in the right direction for it is directly linked to your Higher Self your True Self. Sometime when you are all alone, and there is a thunderstorm coming your way, mentally picture the sun shining right where you are sifting (you must be outside, off course), then go about the business of thinking about everything else except the rain. Block the rain out of your head and let the image that you have pictured in your mind - of the sun shining down on you and let it flow into the back of your mind. Soon you will notice that the storm has either changed direction or did the clouds have split, and it will rain all around you, but not on you. Be sure to try this when you are alone, because another person's disbelief will alter the effects of your projections. It is very easy and very simple to perform this experiment yet it can become very difficult by the very fact of one's disbelief. Once mastered, never do this at random or just for fun. Why upset the balance of nature? Just do it when it is really important. Lone Wolf, Kiowa, once made a famous speech to Ulysses S. Grant, then President of the United States. “For I am the one who can make it rain, and I am the one who can make it not rain”, was part of his speech. You can make it rain just as easy as you can make it not rain. I found that when you do, you can cause flooding. Be extremely cautious when you are playing with Mother Nature, you are playing with magic. This is the mark of a true magician. And we are all magicians. If not, then we are all mind-less.


Always remember that you are living in a universe, which is alive. There is no such thing as death. Nothing dies. Everything lives. Even at the point we call death, your body does not die, it simply decomposes, it changes, but the atoms and molecules that make up your physical body do not die. They only change and go somewhere else where they will become a part of something else. They just go back to where they came from - Mother Earth. Then they become seeds for new life everywhere. Life goes on and on. We can become aware of this, if we try, or should I say, if we let it. It is an art! Leaning to live in harmony with the land. You have to become like an artist You have to paint the harmony in your mind first, then allow it to manifest itself in your daily actions. Watch the birds or other animals. Watch the trees or clouds. They will always give you a true picture of what is actually going on.


The clouds will always give you a clue. They will form a picture perhaps of a scene of a lake or mountain. Watch carefully and they always show you something. When I say “watch”, I mean, "look in a special way".


Allow your eyes to go soft the way you do when you are daydreaming. Allow the tree to go out of focus, or the cloud, whichever you are watching. Can you remember when you've been watching a fire - how it hypnotizes you? Or should I say, "mesmerizes"? (They mean the same thing) remember while looking into the fire, how you could actually see images of shapes, people, animal, images of almost anything?

Was the flame showing a message. All you have to do is learn what the symbol of the image means, and you will know what the flame is telling you. I know that if you get relaxed enough to see an image in a fire or tree, you are also relaxed enough to wait for the tree or flame to give you the meaning of the image. This is what I mean by "telling you7. Just be patient and wait - the answer will come to you soon.


I remember meeting an astrologer once who told me he intuitively sees symbols in a chart. Then he knows the whole picture of the chart that he is reading. He then takes his time and, like a puzzle, he slowly puts the pieces together. You see, each symbol for him is like an image he then lets the chart tell him what it means rather than letting his intellect tell him from the masses of information he has stored in his head from memory.


When people go into the forest or a cave to have a vision, the vision will most certainly come. Yet, will they be able to interpret it? Most students will go back to their teacher, which is the best way to find out what their vision meant. I believe you do not have to do this. You can teach yourself to know your dreams and visions.


I have had visions all of my life but I did not recognize them. To me, I was just daydreaming. They did not mean anything to me until I went into classes. Then I realized that things sometimes come in flashes. And they sometimes come as symbols, and until you can know what symbols are or what they mean, then you do not even know that you have had a vision. Visions come sometimes as ideas, they are clothed with many different meanings. In an upcoming book, I will explain symbols in detail. The difference between a good psychic and a not so good one is determined if he or she can read symbols. A card reader is merely reading symbols, the symbol points the reader in a certain direction. It leads the card reader to know what to look for psychically. You can read a person hundreds of different ways, because the main part of reading someone He’s within the symbology of the signs that you get along the way Symbols are the basis of all psychic intuitions. They may come in all forms. Ex: Numbers, colors, dream, ideas, and words.


If someone asks me a question, first I must determine if they are asking me a psychic question, or just a question they may ask me intelligently, or a question from the heart, or the head. Then I will either tune into the question, or just merely receive whatever answer I may have. Most people that think that I am always going to give them the right answer when I don't, they think I was off that day intuitively when actually all I did was to give them the answer the same way everybody else does off the top of their head. But if I tune into the question, then I have a 90% chance of giving them the right answer or not. Let me put it to you this way: If someone asks me an ordinary question, then I will go to my conscious (body) mind and give them information that is stored in my memory banks, ordinary answers. But if they are asking me a more important question, and they must state it to me this way, then I will go to my subconscious (Spirit) mind, and give them the answer


I teach how to do this. Therefore I must talk about philosophy and enlightenment. I believe that philosophy usually dies with the philosopher, unless the philosopher is enlightened. Then his philosophy inspires people to grow more, to become more aware and to add to that philosophy, the philosophy changes. It does not remain the same. The philosophy becomes outdated. We no longer need it yet was the philosophy wrong?


Let me give you an example: When you are in the eighth grade you had the philosophy of an eighth grader. When you were in the 12th grade, you had the philosophy of a 12th grader. You may have laughed at the 12th grader's philosophy when you were in the eighth grade, but you need the one to get to the other. A 12th grader won't laugh at an eighth grader's philosophy: he would just think, oh well, he is getting there.


So, we, too, are always growing: always learning something in spite of ourselves. Why do we have to make an effort to learn? Why do we do the things we do? Why is it one evil act can make life miserable: a life which otherwise may be happy, content and productive? Because we are searching and we cannot know everything about the visible universe because it is endless. However, we can know the invisible - and the Universal Spirit is invisible. So let's get in tune with this Spirit. It is the only way we can know anything. So now is the time to learn to know a little about the UNIVERSAL SPRIT.
















When you pray, you must also meditate for the prayer to be effective. If you ask me a question, you don't keep on talking you simply pause a moment while you wait for the answer. You listen.


Most people, when they pray, don't wait for the answer. they do not pause and listen. Usually, they panic if it's a life or death situation, or they immediately go off in different directions. The main reason for this is that we don't know how to listen. We don't really believe that God is listening to our prayers, or we wouldn't keep asking for the same thing over and over. If we really believed our prayer would be answered, we would only need to ask but once. Then we would go about our business having faith that it would be answered in due time. It would be answered when it was time to be answered, just as Mother Nature works in her own due time, with everything in its own season and not when we thought it should be answered.


When beginning to meditate, you must first learn to believe. Second, you must know how to listen. The, Universal Mind, God, is constantly talking to us, but we are too busy to take the time to pause to meditate daily and to listen. The Universal One is perpetually bombarding us with thoughts or ideas, feelings and visions. When an idea or a thought comes into your head, it has to come from somewhere. Our minds are projecting thoughts constantly, something like 10,000 per day, some say much more. Then our minds are thinking about these thoughts and perhaps even analyzing them. So you see, mediation is the art of listening in between these thoughts. In the same way when you are reading, read between the lines and let the sense of what is being said flow into your mind. This is true thinking. Many people see only of what is going on in the universe. They only use half of their mind.


Meditation will teach you to use the other half, then you will become aware of what true thinking is. At this very moment our thoughts flow so continuously that there appears to be no space between them. If you concentrate upon the moment when one thought disturbance had entered your mind and another thought has not yet started, then and there you will be in that relaxed state known as meditation.


If you can force your attention between these same two thoughts, you will be seeing behind the mind, for the mind is nothing but a continuous flow of thought pattern. If you can see between two successive thoughts, you must and will be face to face with the Logos. Once you focus your attention between the thoughts, there will be no thoughts. You will be in tune with the Infinite.

This will be pure cosmic awareness-awareness that alone is in all thought. Of course, the highest level of consciousness is to be illuminated into the Light of Knowing, also known as Cosmic Consciousness. If you could but receive one small spark of that Light you would have the greatest thing you could ever possibly achieve. The purpose of this book is to help you to achieve another step in that direction. Then you can become aware of your pure divine-self.


That divine spark of light lies within everyone just waiting to illuminate the soul. Your soul has been seeking this light of oneness since the beginning of time. Allow me to point you into that direction, and of course by helping you, I am also helping myself.


As long as you have been incarnated into your electrically sensed body, you have always been seeking pleasure. Pleasure is of the senses and is short-lived, while happiness is of the Spirit and lasts forever. As long as the Light of Knowing lies dormant within you, you can only know pleasure. You may have small glimpses of happiness, but you may not recognize it as such. As long as this Light lies dormant within you, you can only be aware of your mortal body which lives and dies many, times. You will think that your body is yourself. When that spark of Light is awakened within, you will have extraordinary knowledge and exceptional powers. As soon as this Light is awakened within you, you will become known as a genius. There are many levels of consciousness. The first is in the mineral kingdom: second is plant: third is animal: fourth is barbaric man, which is where most people are today. Fifth genius, which is the beginning of unfoldment back into the Light of God: sixth, Cosmic Consciousness and seventh Christ Consciousness.


Man in his barbaric stage thinks that he, is his body. That everything outside of him is what counts. He thinks through his electrically sensed body. He thinks, hears arid sees outwardly through his eyes and ears and the rest of his senses.


The genius thinks inwardly, and then manifests his creations outwardly through his senses. This is how every true inventor, painter, sculptor, writer or composer works. A genius can hear sounds in all of nature, such as listening to the trees, flowers, etc. He can see with his inner eyes the forms and patterns of light that are already existent all around us. Light is the answer to all things. If you listen to the inner sounds, it is the most beautiful sounds, and if you see the light patterns, shapes, it is a rhythm that will make your heart sing. If you can raise your level of consciousness to genius, you will become a co-creator with the Universal Consciousness, that Universal Heartbeat that lies within us all.


The world of man is almost completely gone mad. Look around you, and you will see it but if you look within, then you will see the beauty of it all. Man must think outwardly in order to exist in this physical Universe. But if he becomes aware of his true nature, then his inward thinking will influence his outward thinking, and he will be able to create a beautiful life for himself or her.


Society is male-dominated, and that is why we have wars, rape, murder and madness. We must bring the feminine principle into our thinking. Now, I am not talking man versus woman. That is one of the problems of nature. What I am referring to here is the electrically-sensed conscious mind versus the magnetically-sensed subconscious mind. One is masculine, electrical, and forceful and deals with all things outside of himself while the other is feminine, magnetic, passive, creative and deals with all things within himself.


If you could see into your past lives, you would see that we wore many masks, many different personalities, but each is a step toward that God-Awareness that lies within each and every one of us. No one is lost no one will perish forever. We will all make i4 but some may seem to have more agony in awaiting its journey.


This journey is long for all of us. We must have many reincarnations before we can become aware of our true nature. Each life is leading us closer and closer, each day and each shining new hour gets closer to our greatest goal. Many times I am asked: "What is my goal or destiny in this life?" And I tell them to help find out who and what we are, why are we here, and where we are going?


This is the greatest thing to find out when you are on the path to enlightenment and meditation is the best path. There are many paths, some are harder than others, and we are all on a path. It is just that some paths are easier than others. The best path for me is meditation.


When I was about three years old, I was walking across a bridge with my mother and twin brother. The bridge was a small one that went across a lake. I stubbed my toe and tripped into the lake. I can remember it as though it happened yesterday. I remember moving my arms back and forth in a thrashing motion, and I can remember drinking the water. I also remember it did not hurt to drink the water. Then all of a sudden, I was floating above the lake and I could see the people diving into the water. I watched them pull me out of the water, but before they did, I remember going into a tunnel of darkness. It was a good feeling, and then I saw the Light. It was brilliant and inviting. Then someone told me to go back. I remembered spinning backwards, and then feeling dizzy. This is when I came to and someone was pushing on my stomach. It was an incredible experience.


Two years later, my twin brother threw a rock up into the air. He did this a lot. Just before it would hit you, he would yell out, "Look out". Well, this time it hit me on top of the head. I was unconscious all the way to the hospital, yet, I remember the whole trip. I was out of my body for the entire day. I can remember calling out to my mother and grandfather as they were sitting in the ambulance. I could not understand why they did not see me. I even remember sitting on top of the elevator. It was an old gate type, not enclosed. When suddenly the elevator started to spin and I was in the black tunnel again- this time I did not want to go back, people were yelling at me to go back. I did not recognize any of them. When I approached the Light, I could not enter it and once again I spiraled backwards into consciousness. This was my first encounter with the Light. Of course, all of this did not make sense to me at that age. I did not realize what had happened to me until I was thirty-five years old. That was my first experience upon entering into the Light.




Meditation is an exercise of the mind: The quieting, calming and taming of the mind. Meditation is not a physical act It has nothing to do with the environment nor the posture in which one sits. The postures are only to allow relaxation. Always have the proper attitude when entering into a relaxed state of mind. The best way to do this is to think of a spiritual being or perhaps a calm place such as a forest or a beach. Allow your mind to drift off to such a place or to drift off to meet your guardian angels, spirit guides or even Christ Buddha, or Krishna.


Then begin a breathing exercise. I like to breathe in very deeply through the nostrils, filling up my lungs and stomach, at least seven but never more than ten times. (It can be very detrimental to your meditative state if you overdo the breathing exercise.) In the beginning anyway.


Then I focus my mind upon a place, such as a beach. I focus all of my attention upon the waves rolling in gently before me. I take notice of the deep blue sky and the pure white clouds. I become in tune with the gentle breezes blowing upon my face. I may even notice a beautiful hawk in my mind, or an eagle soaring high in the wind. I even allow this magnificent bird to draw my spirit up into his body and feel the energy of the wind carry me upward and onward into the meadows of my mind. Try practicing this method daily and soon you will be adding new scenes and you will be traveling into rainbows of color. A spirit friend may even join you in these exercises. You simply can't imagine how beautiful your meditations will become. The most important part of meditation is in the breath.


When meditating, you will notice all the pressures and stress of the day leaving you. You will find yourself becoming happier and you will be able to handle life's tremors with great ease. The secret to life is to become calm and relaxed. Then life will be a treasure instead of a woe.


The mind is pure and simple thought This thought has power if it is envisioned. If you see what you think, the thoughts you think will become manifest. Here I am referring to seeing with your mind's eye, not your naked eye. Knowing this, you can command your body to be perfect. I do not or at least have not been ill for many years. I simply do not allow it. Sickness is not in my visions. You can command your life to be overflowing, to be happy, and to handle any task that may seem discomforting to you. Seeing makes it so. What you see, is what you become. This is the only way to think. This is positive thinking. There is no other way to think positive. Some people write about positive thinking, yet they do not fully understand it. Seeing is believing. If you want to know what a person believes, do not listen to what he is saying, rather watch his actions. A person projects his beliefs in his actions. Actions speak louder than words. True meditation is learning to commune with God. Once you learn to commune with God, you will then work knowingly and happily with him-


Meditation is thinking within your heart, or your soul, rather than outwardly with your body or ego. Think of this: When you are in deep sleep, is there a mind? You may think not because you may lose all awareness of your mind, but the mind is always there, either attracting new thoughts or projecting old ones. If you want to meditate for a reason to grow spiritually or to heal yourself, you should visualize why you are doing this before beginning to meditate. You must first put something into it.


We cannot spend our whole lives drawing out of a bank account unless we first put something back into it. We should always have the attitude that we are going to meditate for some good reason. If we need something we must believe did it will come to us. Visualize it very clearly and hold it in the back of your mind. You should not dwell on it. You must let it flow to the back of your mind. This way you retain the thought without dwelling on it.