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Gordon has used hypnosis for healing purposes only. There has been times when he would use it to regress someone.

Gordon believes that if he can hypnotize you, you will be more receptive to healing.

On May 5 1998, Gordon went to Minnesota to aid a young boy. His name is Bobby. Three years ago when he was only three years old, he fell into a pit with his twin sister. They both drowned, but Bobby lived.

He has been in a partial coma. While there, Gordon went on a six day plan to hypnotize the boy.

He did it at least three times a day. He held Bobby still, and gazed into his eyes with amazing results. Even a Doctor was present on one of the occasions and was simply amazed.

Here is an email from Bobby's Grandmother:

Dated, May 12, 1998.

Dear Gordon,

First of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my Heart for coming and meeting Bobby and his family.  You will never know how much it meant to us.  Bobby is doing a lot of new things. 

The new sounds just don't stop.  It is from morning to night. Not crying, just the sounds that you and Dave heard.  It's great.  Also yesterday while Bobby was laying on his back, he pushed his butt up of the floor with his legs.

 It was "awesome".  He did it today also on command.  Bobby also today, worked his commutation switch for the speech teacher, 67 times in one hour. His speech teacher say's that there is more light in Bobby eyes, and he is more alert. 

She really likes that his head is turning more from the right to the left.  I have been working on the hypnotizing, and I think that I'm catching on to it.  I can tell by his breathing. To night I'm going to light my candle and ask Tasha  to go into the light.  I think that it is time for her to go home and become a whole person again, and them she can come and help Bobby and Grandma become whole again.

Again I want to say THANK YOU for you time, and you insight that you have given me.  A" Thank You" seems so little.  But I promise you that when Bobby starts talking, that he will always thank the MAN from FL. who helped him on his walk to become whole again.

May God watch over you and yours.

Anna and Bobby

So Gordon learned on this particular trip that you did not need to talk people into Hypnosis. He could simply gaze into their eyes to do it. If you ever experience his sessions, you will be amazed. He can take you to a far away place in the meadows of your mind. His voice is deep, mesmerizing, and tranquil. His voice alone can heal you, and hypnotize you. Many people come away from his sessions feeling as though they were in a state of bliss. He charges $45.00 per session, which lasts from twenty minutes to one hour. It depends upon the person, and the problem. He has healed people with cancer, paralysis, blindness and psychological problems.

If the session is not satisfied by you, he will not charge you for it. He guarantees it. Try it.

Soon he will be able to play his tapes here on the Internet. Then you will see for yourself. His tapes are professionally done in a recording studio with professional musicians.

In a special session he can take you on a journey into the spirit world.

You will meet loved ones, and be truly blessed.

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About 300 AD the King made a pact with the Pope. He said that if he (Pope) would strike out all things pertaining to Reincarnation, he would make Christianity the religion of the land. But as much as he had stricken Reincarnation from the Bible, it still comes up in nearly every book in the New Testament.

The words were changed, but the meaning is still there. In Matthew, Jesus was asked: Are you Melchizadec returned? Through-out the Bible he was asked this same question. What does returned mean? Especially when it refers to someone who lived long before Jesus. We all reincarnate each and every time we die.

You cannot understand life, until you understand that you have been here before.

Think about this. If a baby is maimed, tortured, and killed. Do you believe that a loving God would allow this if the baby was innocent. I believe that the baby was an adult in another life and did the same thing.

All things get balanced.

If you kill someone, then someone else will kill you. No one is innocent. We all are guilty of something. But life and death is not about reincarnation. It is a growing experience. Reincarnation is just a path of life.

It is there as a fact of life, a way of life. It is the same as breathing. You breath in life, you breath out death.

Day is like life, and night is like death.

The two make one.

Each life that you live is a growing experience. It is a balancing effect. In this life you do, in the next life you get. But you are always getting and doing simultaneously.

Breathing is a simultaneous effect.

Death and Dying:


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Spirit in the Sky

This is my favorite topic.

I believe that most people do not understand death, the after-life, and re-birth. It is a vast topic, and it will take me a long time to create an image in your mind.

But I have to start somewhere.

First, let me tell you a story about dying. This is true.

In 1988, I was in New Jersey doing a Television show. I met a lot of people there, and became friends with a couple, I'll call Don and Cindy (to protect them from the public). Cindy's father was very high up in the media. They do not come much higher, and it would embarrass him as well if I revealed his identity.

This is how the story goes.

On a Saturday night, I was visiting them at their house along with my girlfriend from Boston.

About 11:00pm the phone rang. It was Cindy's father, he said that his wife, her mother, just fell down the stairs and had a head injury. He was waiting for the ambulance, would she please come.

I told her that she should go, Lisa and I will watch her two kids.

The next day she called and said that her mother was in a coma, and it did not look too good.

I told her that I had a good track record of helping people get out of a coma and I asked her if she would she want me to come. She said that it was too soon.

The next day she came to pick up her children.

I said Cindy, would you like me to come to the hospital to see if I could help your mother come out of the coma.

Again she replied, "It is too soon."  I said, "Why"?

She said, "Because my  father is a very important man, and he did not believe in this sort of thing, and all of my relatives are here."

I told her "Just sneak me in. Do not tell anyone."  She said "OK."

The next day Tuesday, I talked to her and said, "Cindy, when do you want me to come to see your mother?" She said, "It's too late."  The doctor's told her that her mother was brain dead.

I got a little mad and said "If she didn't allow me to help her mother, I would be very mad."

The next morning she let me in the Hospital. It was about 9:00am. I held her mother's hand, and told her I was going to take her on a journey. (Hypnosis) Her daughter quickly said "What are you doing?" and I said that I was going to hypnotize her mother. She said "You can't do that, Mom is already brain dead."

I said "There was no one around to stop me."

Her mother could not resist. I told her to let me alone if she could not handle it.

She said she could, and to go ahead. I held her mother's hand and called her by name.

I began to hypnotize her and told her we were going to take a walk down through the meadows of her mind. All of a sudden I said to her, "Nora, look at the lush green pastures. Let's run through them." Then I said, "Nora, look at that calm clear lake. It is so beautiful there, let's go down by the water. The water is so still."  So we went down by the lake, hand in hand. (this is all in our minds)

Then I saw an escalator the other side, and said, "Look at that escalator, it is made out of crystal. Let's go and get on it."  So we ran over to the escalator.

Then I said, "I cannot go on there with you. You must go alone. If you do, you will go to a place where you will gain power, and come back to help your husband, daughter, and son."  So she went and I waved good-bye to her.

Three days later, I went to the funeral with Lisa, my lady friend. While we sat in church, (Methodist Church) the pastor who was a lady also, gave the Eulogy. All of a sudden, you could feel a cool breeze, and everyone looked around to see if a door opened.

Then the Pastor stopped, looked upward, and said "Nora is here. She wants me to read a passage from the Bible."

She turned the pages and stopped---on the 23rd psalm.

"As I walked through the green pastures by the still waters," she read. I felt a cold chill, and then realized that this is where I took her when she was dying.

Cindy had told her dad what happened in the Hospital. When the Pastor stopped, the whole family turned around and looked at me.

Ever since then, I have been helping those enter the spirit world.

A friend was just here visiting me from Ohio. His name was Robin. He had a drinking problem, and also had a bad heart. He was 58 years old. He told me that he knew he was going to die soon. He was scared. I reassured him that it was going to be a beautiful experience.

I hypnotized him and led him down through the green pastures, by the still waters. When it was over, he told me that now he was kind of looking forward to the experience.

A few weeks later he died, but before he did, he gave me a painting of a lake.  It was just like he had seen in his head.

It is such a satisfying feeling to know that you can help someone cross-over.


  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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