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Amulets -- are protective devices, usually worn around the neck, and  sometimes around other parts of the body. They may vary in style, size, shape, and content. Usually it is up to the to the Shaman who is making it for you. Amulets are worn to ward off evil spirits, or spells.

Talismans -- Talismans are worn to attract good luck, prosperity, and Health.

I personally make up a talisman simply by channeling, or tuning into the subject depending upon the reason of course.

Amulets are usually worn to protect you from various evils. Talismans are worn to attract prosperity,

Charms -- Charms are also used to attract someone to you, or to get good results in a Business deal, good health and well being.

I sometimes make up a Talisman to aid you in your psychic ability or to aid you in your Spiritual Quest.

Amulets and Talismans -- go back to antiquities, and were common in all of societies, as well as many religions, and  Science and Doctors of Medicine as well. Many Amulets are made of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Many are made of herbs, stones, and gem-stones as well. Back in the old days, amulets were worn in a pouch, around the neck or waist. Sometimes tied to the bed, or hung over-head while sleeping to protect one from being invaded by dreams. Some amulets are even today quite decorative worn as necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

Aaron's breast-plate was decorated with many different types of gems, and were elaborate as well. He wanted only the best, and the breast-plate was thought to exude certain powers. Even coins and written tablets were used as amulets.

The Greeks, Egyptians, Persians and many other cultures used the written word upon stone, or papyrus papers. And in most cases it was the written meaning of the words, and the way they were written that had the power to protect, or heal.

Here is an email I received from Sharon after I requested a feedback from her.


Yes it has and in some of the strangest ways.  For one, my checking account had $300 more in it than should of been. And I verified this.  This came just as myself, my daughter and grandson were moving to Kentucky.  I also had spent much less on my VISA and ended up with enough money for a place to stay when I got to Kentucky before finding an apartment.

How long does the amulet last for?  It has been quite a unique experience and I am glad I got it.


Amulets not only work, they have magic, because I put magic into them.


Using Essential Oils with the Amulet will help to ward off

any spells or magic that has been placed upon you.

I use these oils with all of my amulets.



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