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There are many forms of healing.  Many methods, and styles.  All can work if there is a positive mental attitude applied.  The human body was designed to repair and heal itself, and supportive nutrition is the basic key to wellness.  Harnessing the control of your diet and exercise can promote a longer and healthier life and, at the same time, help prevent and avoid crisis and disease.  

But there is also a much-needed method to healing. And that is "positive mental attitude".  It is a negative attitude that attracts and leads to illness.  Love yourself and you will heal yourself.  Know yourself, and know your body, and you can direct the healing energies toward the part of your body that is either ill, or injured.  One method is Aromatherapy, using aromatic flower essences to inhale directly into your brain releasing many negative thoughts that are embedded there. Or using Essential oils directly on the body to ease and heal and nurture the sick or injured.

If you have a sprained ankle, place your hand over your ankle and hold it slightly above it.  Mentally direct the energy from your hand into the injured part.  Do this daily, and you will speed up the healing process.  Place Essential oil (Birch, clove, and helicryssom) over the ankle and you will speed up the process even faster.  Try it, and you will see.  There are a number of ways you can heal yourself, and I will touch upon them as I go along.

Consider Essential Oils . . .

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of *pure* essential oils are second to none, according to Dr. Jean Valnet, MD, the well known French medical researcher and essential oil expert. Dr. Valnet, citing the works of Morel and Rochaix, points out, "...that the vapors of lemon essence alone will neutralize the meningococcal in 15 minutes, the typhus bacillus in less than an hour, pneumococcus in one to three hours, Staphylococcus Aureus in two hours and hemolytic streptococcus in three to twelve hours."  He adds that, "Applied directly, the essence oil itself neutralizes the typhus bacillus and staphylococcus in only 5 minutes and diphtheric bacillus in just 20 minutes" (Staphylococcus aureus is one of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria mentioned in the CDC study).

In a French study, the air of a large hospital was found to contain an average of 10,000 microbes per cubic meter. According to Dr. Valnet, when a doctor subjected some of the microbe laden air from the hospital into a flask containing just a few drops of essential oils, 40% of the microbes were destroyed in only 20 minutes, 80% in an hour and 100% in nine hours.

In a recent U.S. study, the antibacterial properties of the essential oil of cinnamon and oregano were compared to the antibacterial properties of Penicillin and Ampicillin.  In each case, the kill ratio exhibited by the essential oils was many times higher than the antibiotics.  Moreover, when the amount of antibiotics were increased, their effectiveness did not increase, but remained the same. But when the amount of oils were increased, their effectiveness (kill ratio) increased all the more.

Perhaps best of all of what we know about essential oils is that viruses and bacteria are not known to mutate or become resistent to Essential Oils like man-made antibiotics. This is important if the medical community is ever to make hospitals safe to enter in.  Based on the CDC report's findings, current hospital procedures used to guard against the spread of disease represents a clear and present danger to the health and well-being of patients.

Shouldn't it be obvious to our medical community they need to look at essential oils for stopping disease transmission? One very simple and inexpensive procedure to implement would be to diffuse molecule size essential oils into the atmosphere of every patient room, OR and ICU of every hospital. Unfortunately, while the evidence of their effectiveness is overwhelming, the medical community remains dedicated to pharmaceutical and other patent controlled interests. By Jim Lynn: "An unhealthy symptom is a sign that the immune system is impotent."

The Following Are Examples of the Essential Oils.

Good luck in love and wealth. Aphrodisiac. Alleviates depression, and tension. Raises self esteem. Opens the heart chakra and stimulates clarity of thought. Enables one to lucid dream, when it is used before sleeping. Good for use during childbirth. Rejuvenates the skin when used in massage and cosmetics. Beautiful fragrance when worn as a single note.

Ancient scent used for protection, relaxation, and healing. Good for headaches, insomnia, pain, arthritis, and depression. Antiseptic and astringent. Good for burns, insect bites, acne and eczema. Helps to reduce scarring. Promotes hair growth. Activates the crown chakra. Ancients believed it ensured fidelity. As a practicing Shaman, Gordon uses oils, herbs and roots for healing purposes.

Powerful purifier. Helps to heal bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Anti-inflammatory. Good for oral hygiene and gum infections. Good for dry skin conditions. *Not for use during pregnancy. Promotes faithfulness. Inspires positive thoughts and words. Holy blessings.

Nag Champa:
Sacred incense of India. Good for meditation, and prayer. Soothes, and calms. Clears and purifies all chakras.  Attracts assistance from higher realms.

Aphrodisiac, awakens fertility. Stimulates and balances the yin or feminine aspects. Purifies and aligns the root, and spleen chakras. Attracts prosperity Dispels negativity. Clears the complexion and helps heal other skin conditions. Preserves youth.

Cleansing and rejuvenating. Fresh starts. Inspires positive, enthusiastic feelings. Good for colds, bronchitis, and asthma. Antiseptic and deodorizing. Repels insects. Brings harmony to the home.

Aligns all chakras, allowing healing energy to flow through and out. Sedates and relaxes. Good for meditation, healing, and manifestation practices. Aphrodisiac. Awakens sacred sensuality. Facilitates concentration. Considered to bestow holy protection. Regenerates dry/aging hair and skin.

Stimulates the root and spleen chakras, arousing the reproductive organs and instincts. Healing and cleansing to the heart, lungs, and blood. Encourages self-esteem, and desirability. Can assist in transmuting sexual love into higher emotion, and spiritual connection.

Transforms negative energy into positive. Calms, and attracts loving, faithful emotions. Opens the crown chakra and aligns the etheric bodies with the physical. Attracts prosperity.

Attracts love, confidence and healing to the heart. Activates yin or feminine energies. Calms emotions and brings understanding. Protects secrets. Christ consciousness. Soothes and heals female reproductive organs. Help to heal sore throats and cold sores. Very good for rejuvenating the skin. Awakens sensuality.

Protects and cleanses the body and aura. Balances 2nd and 4th chakras. Calming and comforting to the emotions. Strengthens eyesight and protects one from disease and infection. Very antiseptic, good for oral infections and toothache pain. Assists with digestive, muscular, and bronchial ailments.

Dragon's Blood:
Energizes and attracts inspiration and success. Protection. Virility, strength and passion. Attraction of male energies. Purifies, "burns" out illness and infection. Helps heal bones, teeth, blood disorders, and reproductive organs.

Protects, cleanses and clears the aura. Strengthens the life-force. Encourages self-expression and creativity. Good for writers and actors. Brings clarity to the mind and inner vision. Good for attracting prosperity. Activates the throat chakra and acts as a tonic for all throat ailments. Repels insects. Deodorizer.

Attracts joy and benevolent energies. Clears and stimulates the mind while relaxing the muscles and relieving stress. Attunes to the third chakra. Antibacterial and antiseptic. Good for oily skin conditions. Tonic to the lymphatic and digestive system. Very good for dieters, when put in water, and will help break up cellulite when used with massage. Bleaches hair and fabrics. Conditions skin and nails. Dilute well when used on skin.

Psychic awareness and protection. Blends with and emphasizes all other essences. Attracts money and "security". Aphrodisiac. Very healing on all levels. Good for colds, flu, headache, toothache, and sore muscles. Helps to heal the heart and kidneys.

Calms the mind and body therefore it is good for insomnia. Brings visions. Attracts wealth and health. Good for the intestinal tract, and reproductive organs. Is said to reverse impotency and hair loss. *Can be dangerous if taken internally. As a seasoning is fine.

Peace of heart and mind. Assures fidelity in love and can attract a marriage partner.  Inspires fruitfulness and security in love, family and business.  Attracts money.  Revitalizes all physical systems as well as the mind.

Poppy Seed:
Quiets the mind and brings visions. Induces calm and restful sleep. A tonic for the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory system, therefore, it is very good for healing these areas. Pain reliever.

Strengthens the mind and memory. Balancing to the right and left brain. Awakens the crown and brow chakra's, bringing psychic awareness. Induced prophetic dreams and assists one to let go of the past. Strengthens and brings flexibility to the body. Helps heal sore throats, headaches and asthma.

Awakens one to the psychic energies around and within them. Facilitates astral travel and dream interpretation. Opens and purifies circulatory channels. Strengthens the uterus and eases painful menstrual cramping. Excellent for strengthening the life-force in the fetus. Some say *not for use during pregnancy.

Juniper Berries
Protection from all negative influences. Transforms negative emotions into positive. Purifies the aura and the subtle body. Diuretic action also encourages "flow" in all areas of life. *Not for use during pregnancy. Tonic, astringent, and antiseptic. Reduces swelling and relieves arthritis. Good for dissolving fat and cellulite when used with massage. Is believed to boost the immune system.

Clears the mind and opens blocked passages, both in the body and elsewhere. Brings the desired information by tapping into the universal mind. Facilitates inner peace and contentment. Attracts love. Good for emotional healing. Stimulates and rejuvenates tired muscles. Diuretic and helps to break down cellulite when used in massage. Restores suppleness and shine to the hair.

Ylang Ylang:
Aphrodisiac. Promotes calm, peaceful relaxation.  Relieves anxiety and depression. Good for insomnia and meditation. Tones and awakens the sex center.  Lowers blood pressure. Restores skin and hair to a natural, balanced state of health.

Purifies. Attracts positive energies. Eliminates static and "cobwebs" from the aura, and mind. Clears the respiratory passages. Revitalizes and rejuvenates the mind and body. Relieves depression. Helps to alleviate bronchial spasms and asthma. Cooling to fever and inflammation. Good for the digestive system and for nausea.

Calms the nervous system, and in turn, the mind and digestive system. Peace. Helps the heart to understand. Dissolves negativity. Anti-inflammatory action helps with rheumatism, burns, asthma, and depression. Protects and heals dry hair and skin conditions. Very gentle healing oil.

Activates the throat chakra and opens the bronchial passages. Facilitates full breath and full expression.  Decongestive on all levels.  Heals the heart.  Good for colds, flu, rheumatism and sprains. Psychic purifier.

Awakens higher-mindedness.  Encourages confidence and empowerment. Calms and sedates the mind and emotions. Relieves dry skin, coughs, and arthritis. Natural deodorant and preservative.

Purification on every level. Encourages emotional expression and the gentle healing and restructuring of emotional memories. Attracts abundance and happiness. through love and marriage. Tonic to the digestive system. Antiseptic. Good for oily skin. Dilute well when used on the skin.

There are many forms of healing. Gordon is a hypnotist and prefers to heal with hypno-therapy. He feels that if he can get you relaxed enough, then you will be receptive to allowing your self to be healed. It has proven to be successful at least fifty percent of the time.

Some people do not or will not allow themselves to be healed for various reasons. When Gordon hypnotizes a person for healing, he then places the appropriate oil on the person where they need it most. He sometimes massages it into the feet. When the oil is massaged into the feet, it will go through your entire body within twenty minutes. Many claim they can actually taste the oil in about that time. Gordon often lays on his hands to heal, also with great success. We are made up of energy, and this energy can be manipulated and moved around to have a lasting effect upon the body.

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