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Your Spirit mind works with symbols only. Your body mind works with what it sees, feels, hears, smells etc. Your body mind is sensual, electrical, forceful, while your spirit mind is magnetic, receptive, intuitive.

The symbol of a cat has many meanings. First of all it is swift, strong, independent, this particular cat is black, the absence of color in symbols means that there is no energy being put into whatever or whoever you are reading. 

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Yet the cat is symbolic of getting things done swiftly, independently. So this would effect your reading of someone. Lets break down the symbols. There is a situation that lacks energy. 

Yet the cat itself is energetic, and independent. So it appears that help is on the way, or the help is already there. The cat can go to higher-places, it can do anything with great speed. Yet it is always grounded. 

So even though the situation lacks energy, and appears to be dead in the water, you still have the help to get it activated.

Do you understand how I use the symbols in a psychic reading? I simply focus upon the person, and a picture may appear inside of my head. This picture comes in symbolic form. In the above case, it came as a black panther. So I use the color, I use the number value, and the actual symbol of the cat.

Symbols are what you receive when you are dreaming.

So remember this, all dreams are symbols racing through your head. Dissect the symbols and you will understand the dream. It works the same way in reading someone.

Focus upon the butterfly, it also has great symbolic meaning. The butterfly is only around for a short period of time.

It is beautiful, it can fly. It has tremendous energy. It never sits still for very long. It is like a spirit. If this is what you would see in a reading, then try my version, soon you will be adding your own version. Just say what ever you feel about the person you are reading for, and then look for a symbol. It is the most accurate way to read for a person.

The Creator is the original thinker, the one and only thinker, all other thinking, thoughts, ideas are but his thoughts, his ideas. Man does not, and cannot think through his conscious mind (body mind). yet his conscious mind is thinking all day long. I must warn you that this is not true thinking. It is just a sea of thoughts that you already know, racing out of your head.

The Creator thinks, and extends his thinking to us through our subconscious mind (spirit mind). Many of these same thoughts and ideas come to us through our symbols. They come as symbols. All symbols come to us through our ideas. Because a symbol itself, is like a thousand words. You can actually put a whole lifetime in one night's sleep, or through a vision of your desires while awake by way of symbols. Man believes that he thinks.

He only takes the thoughts from the Creator, and places a personal construction upon them and through the selfish desires thus aroused, creates for himself all of his troubles and brings upon himself all of his problems.

These apparent mistakes, and interference's, are in reality only the road blocks that he puts in his pathway of life. These same road-blocks are his to overcome. 

He must eventually develop a body, mind, and spirit capable enough to express the Creator in all of his actions.

Man, then is only the material manifestations of God, and is preparing through which to manifest the perfect idea of God. 

This he will do by becoming the co-creator.

The Creator provides the personality, body, mind, and intellect, through which He can express this idea perfectly, the physical brain of which He can think and speak it into outer manifestation.

He plants in man's brain an idea, any idea. That idea would grow and mature into the complete manifestation of that idea. If man would only let it. These idea's come through symbolism, and most of the symbols come by way of man's dreams, either when he is asleep or awake. (Dreaming or Day-dreaming) 

Listed below are some symbols that you may be able to interpret them; to do this, you must use your intuition. Through practice, you will soon be able to interpret your own dreams, or someone else's, or interpret someone's psychic reading. They are one in the same anyway. An aid to this memory is, writing down your symbols daily, either through your dreams or through your daily experiences. Symbols are nothing more than direct communication with your Spirit Mind. They are lodged in your spirit mind, and they come into your spirit mind. 

Symbols are nothing but ideas.

Symbols are nothing but images.

They are messages.

They are messages from your spirit mind to your body mind. All Symbols come from within, from your true-self, they express your desires, fears, opinions, and are observing or tuning into someone you are just reading their spirit mind. And when you are tuning into images most often come as symbols. Sometimes you will see symbols however, and symbols are whole pictures or images. Many times when we are looking at someone's aura, we will see little images floating up out of the aura. These images are either thought forms, or ideas, and symbols.

We will give you an idea of a symbol and how to interpret it. Think of the Bible; in the beginning of the Bible was written the word. (spoken word). 

This spoken word to the human understanding is a symbol of an idea that is, it stands for, embodies and represents and idea.

Therefore you are a word, a symbol of an idea, just like every other person, place or thing. Think very carefully about this. You are an idea manifesting itself. When you can discern the idea in back of the symbol, then you know the soul of the material manifestation that appears as a man. 

In other words, if you think of something, what happens is you think of an idea, the Creator will automatically create a soul, and as soon as the soul appears, the physical manifestation will soon follow. The soul is divine substance that gives form to all created things. 

This is the reason why you should guard your thoughts well. If you think ill of another person, you have created an idea, the Creator will automatically create a soul, and as soon as the soul appears, the body will soon follow. 

Of course all ideas are created originally by the Creator, we just become co-creators. He will give us anything we desire. And you will receive all of your desires. You just might not want them when they arrive.

So, a word means an idea, and idea that has not manifested, and idea that is latent, (in waiting for the right energy) waiting to be expressed, or thought and spoken, in some form or another. So that word that was in the beginning and that was with the only idea, but was the Creator's idea.

All Symbols are mirrored images.

We live in a dualistic world, and we can never understand the meaning of life until we understand the meaning of death.

We can never understand our Symbols until we divide them, just as we divide the meaning of life and death, morning and night, the Creative force and the Destructive force.

They are all one in the same, just separate halves. We live in a dualistic world, one day we are born and soon we die. Life and death are one complete cycle. Spring comes and brings the flowers, while fall comes and takes them away. Fire destroys the forest, and rain brings the forest back to life. Every thing gets balanced. So Symbols need to be understood. Symbols are as real as the sun.

You just have to know how to balance them. Heaven is a medieval English word, it means Balance, which brings Harmony, or synchronicity.

If you think about the merge of night and day, one just blends into the other. Yet there is a distinct difference just sit and wait and watch the sunrise and you will know the difference. One follows the other so quickly that you hardly notice the difference. When you fall asleep you hardly can pinpoint the time when it occurs.

We live in the Universal Mirror, the qualities of the body are reflected in the mirror of the soul. The soul is the aura that surrounds the physical body. The soul or aura, and the body appear to merge one into the other, yet are very distinct. This is because the soul, or aura, is energy, and they hold the body, which is matter together.

The body is the reflection of the soul. The soul is never the reflection of the body. Yet the body influences the soul. This is how they interact with each other.

I believe that one day while we are in our spirit bodies, we can either duplicate this life or create a new one here on earth.

We can do this by gathering all of our past experiences, but only the ones we need for the forth coming life. Gather them all into the White Sticky substance that the true substance of the Universe, yet it is not the visible substance, and when we can gather them together we can create what we want. And I also believe that man here on Earth does this without knowing he is doing it. We call these people inventors, or Magicians. They are one in the same.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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