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One day I told my teacher that I had a vision of a man called "Ben" he was here and wanted to tell him something. I told him that he had a double bladed axe on his shoulder, and was sitting in a tree. My teacher told me that he and Ben were lumberjacks together. And wanted to know why he was here now since he died back in 1941 and he hasn't seen him in over 30 yrs. Then I told him what Ben was there for.

Ben said that all of your life Joseph, you have only used one side of that ax. And two years from now around the middle of September, you will turn over the ax and use the other side then you will really have power.

Little did I know that in two years he would be in the spirit world himself, yet he knew back then what the reading was telling him, by turning over the axe, he would pass on into the spirit world, and would someday become a spirit guide.

He has been gone for twenty three years now, and the son he predicted that I would have is now twenty two. Being a Spiritualist is leading me into the light. It is a rewarding feeling to help someone who is either suffering or afraid to die.

I was visiting a friend on a Saturday evening. Her father called and said her mother fell down a flight a stairs, could she come right away. I told her I would watch her children while she and her husband rushed home.

The next day I asked her if I could come and work on her mother, I reminded her that I had great success in helping people out of comas. She said it was too soon for me to come to see her mother. I said "Kim" I am really good at bringing people out of a coma. She said it was too soon. Her father was very high with the Associated Press, and it may be embarrassing for the family to have a Spiritualist there in the hospital performing who knows what.

The next two days was the same thing. And the third day she said it was too late, she said the doctor told the family that her mother was brain dead, and at 9:00am the next day, they would take her off of life support.

I became a little angry with her, and let her know it. She said after thinking about it, that I could come to the hospital with her at 7:00am.

Well I went, and did not have the slightest idea what I was going to do. When I arrived, I told Kim I was going to hypnotize her mother. She thought that it was something she didn't think I could do, and I said, "Who was going to stop me?"

So I took her mother’s hand.  It felt cold  and I said to her "Norma, it is Gordon. I am here to take you on a journey. I am going to hypnotize you. Just relax and don't be afraid." So I performed hypnosis, and then took her on a journey through her mind.

I said "Norma, look at those green pastures, lets go in them". So in my mind we ran through the fields. All the while, I was holding her hand. Then I said "Norma, look at the still water, it is so calm." And in our minds we went by the still water. Then I said "Norma, look at the silver escalator, it is so beautiful, lets get on it." She agreed. Then I said, "Norma, I can’t go with you on the crystal escalator. But if you go, you will be able to help your husband, son, and daughter." She went on the escalator. And three days later while at the funeral, in a Methodist Church, while the minister was saying the eulogy, all of a sudden, a cool breeze came into the church. And suddenly the minister looked up, and proclaimed that Norma was present. She wanted the minister to read the twenty first psalm.

As I go through the green pastures, and by the still water. I froze in the pew. I then realized that what I did, was take Norma on a journey into the spirit world. I helped her to die. And that day I knew truly what Spiritualism really is. Since that experience I first became ordained I have been led to talk people out of suicide, tell a bank president that her bank was going to be robbed, even the day and time. And I realize more and more each day that it is not me, but spirit doing these things, I am just letting it happen. So each day of your life just allow yourself to be there for spirit, and to be used by spirit, and you will be led to witness great miracles.

Since 1975 I have developed as a trance medium. Below is listed some of the few spirit guides I have channeled.

Lone Wolf

Quanah Parker


Walter Russell

I have also channeled for people through Trance Mediumship over the radio their loved ones, or someone they wanted to contact. I believe we all have these abilities. If you have the same desire that I do, then you can do the same as I. If your desire is stronger than mine, you can do it greater than I.

All you need is desire, attitude, belief, and above all else, never give up.

If you but believe in yourself, Spirit will aid you in everything you do. Believing makes it so. When I sat in class for two and a half years, I would first meditate, then I would call on my ancestors. Then I would call on my Spirit Guides, to allow only the truth to flow through my mouth. That I wanted only the Highest and the best and I would pray that I would be led to help anyone that I could. I feel that this has really worked for me.

It does not matter so much what you believe, so long as you live according to your beliefs. It does not matter who or what you are. Spirit does not discriminate. Spirit only Loves. If you sit in solitude, and become absolutely still and take in several deep breaths. You will soon be able to feel something that will reflect back to you their true meaning. Then ask your spirit friends to give you some knowledge about the picture. You will soon begin to receive something. You will soon be opened up to the Spirit World. Your life will change.  It will have new meaning. You are now going to be doing a life of service. This is what Spiritualism is all about. It is all about Spirit. And being Spiritual. To give of yourself lovingly. To be open to their Divine Wisdom, and to become a Healer. Infinite Intelligence is the Creative Source. Allow yourself to be influenced by the Source. Think and feel from the Heart. You will then be led to become a true Spiritualist. I leave you with peace in your hearts, and love as your guiding light.

Spiritualism, is the belief that the dead manifest their presence to people, usually through a clairvoyant or medium; also, the doctrine and practices of those people who so believe.

Although spiritualism has been practiced in one form or another since prehistoric times, modern spiritualism is the result of 19th-century occurrences and research. About 1848 in the United States, sisters Margaret and Kate Fox were exploited by their older sister as alleged child mediums and aroused sensational news stories that spurred the creation of a cult of spiritualism. It was given impetus by the writings of another medium, the American Andrew Jackson Davis, who asserted that he was capable of performing certain intellectual feats while in a trance that he could not perform normally. About this time, the British surgeon James Braid provided a scientific explanation of mesmerism and thus helped to establish the modern technique of hypnosis.

In 1872 a former British clergyman, William Stainton Moses, became editor of the spiritualist paper Light and wrote several books concerning spiritualism. The movement was publicly discredited after the appearance of a number of charlatans, whose demonstrations were recognized as simple tricks of prestidigitation. Margaret Fox herself, as a grown woman, claimed that she had used tricks to make her "spirit rappings." Nevertheless, serious investigators believed some truth lay behind the reports of other mediums. The Society for Psychical Research was founded and a fund was established to examine the claims of spiritualism.

A number of prominent people have supported investigations of the field, among them two British writers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge. More recently, a former Episcopal bishop, James Albert Pike, working with a former minister of the Disciples of Christ, Arthur A. Ford, a noted medium, engaged in attempts to communicate with Pike's dead son.

Several organized bodies of spiritualists exist, with about 400 congregations and a membership of more than 180,000 persons in the U.S. in the early 1980s. The larger organizations include the International General Assembly of Spiritualists, with headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia; the National Spiritual Alliance of the U.S.A., in Keene, New Hampshire; and the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, in Cassadaga, New York, and Cassadaga, Florida.

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