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The shaman is a king of prophecy able to undergo spiritual experiences and visions by using spiritual methods to heal the sick and functioning much like a priest, magician, or psychic.

Siberian word "shaman" is used as a generic term by scholars for those who offer themselves as mystical intermediaries between the physical and the non-physical world for specific purposes, such as healing. According to archaeological research, shamanic methods are extremely ancient- at least twenty to thirty thousand years old.

A shaman is one who can be a healer, wise man, magician, seer, or sage. He will go into a trance state, and speak words of wisdom, these words may come from another sage, dwelling within the Spirit World. A sage, depending upon his abilities can dwell in the spirit world.

A Shaman is sometimes called a magician, witch doctor, medicine man, or Healer Priest.

Shamans may be male or female. Some Shamans may take an hallucinogenic in order to fall into that ecstatic trance. A few can attain it without a stimulating drug.

Gordon can attain this state at will, without using drugs.

Usually through deep breathing.  He will leave his body, and elevate himself into a higher state of mind or even leave his body and allow other spirits to inhabit it.  He does this for healing purposes only.  He will usually have many visions.  There are many forms of "altered states of consciousness" He sometimes uses the sound of a drum to enter into this state of consciousness. Or he can do it with the sound of a flute or other forms of music. He never enters this state unless he has a mission.

There are many arguments about Shamans entering ecstatic states, or in trance states. Some think that they are one in the same.  Actually they are not.  First, you must enter the trance state, then if you reach the higher self, or spirit world, you will fall into the state of ecstasy. This is sometimes called using the right mind.

The practice of hallucinogenics should be avoided at all costs because you may become dependent upon them and you can only reach the higher planes of consciousness through meditation.

Ecstasy can only be achieved through trance. Some drugs will allow you to enter into ecstasy, but this is rare. Dance is another form of entering into religious ecstasy, or trance.

Black Elk explains.......

"Of course it was not I who cured. It was the power from the outer world, and the visions and ceremonies had only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the two-legged. If I thought that I was doing it myself, the hole would close up and no power could come through."

There are many kinds of medicine. One is the ability to heal physical, psychological and spiritual problems. Techniques used include physical approaches to illness such as therapeutic herbs, dietary recommendations, sweat bathing, Native Americans use what is called the Sweat Lodge, a form of purification. massage, cauterization and sucking out of toxins, Rolling Thunder of Nevada was such a shaman. He would suck out the toxins or evil spirits and get violently ill. 

One time while practicing at a Sweat Lodge with Carlos Hawkwalker, a Black Foot, Gordon had taken in what appeared to be a large black serpent.  He immediately went out of the lodge and rolled around on the ground being violently ill.  He eventually expelled the serpent.  When he went back into the lodge, the people in there asked him if he got rid of it. Gordon said get rid of what?

They said that a black Serpent jumped from a woman's stomach and into his stomach. He did not know that they saw what happened. Usually only the Shaman is aware of demonic forces that are extolled from one person to the next.  But the treatments are given to the whole person, body, mind and spirit with special emphasis on healing relationships within the group.  So there may also be metaphysical divination, prayer, chanting, and ceremonies in which group power is built up and spirit helpers are called in.  If an intrusion of harmful powerif  such as angry energy or another person seems to be causing the problem, the medicine person may attempt to suck it out with the aid of spirit helpers and then dry vomit the invisible intrusion into a receptacle.

These shamanic healing methods once dismissed as quackery, are now beginning to earn respect from the scientific medical establishment. Medicine people are permitted to attend indigenous patients in some hospitals.

In addition to healing, certain shamans are thought to have gifts such as talking with plants and animals, controlling weather, seeing and communicating with the spirit world and prophesying. A gift highly developed in Africa is that of divination, using techniques such as reading patterns revealed by a casting of cowry shells.

The role of shaman may be hereditary or it may be recognized as a special gift. Either way, training is rigorous. In order to work in a mystical state of ecstasy, moving between ordinary and non-ordinary realities, shamans may experience physical death and rebirth.

Shamanism is a system for psychic, emotional, and spiritual healing and for exploration, discovery, and knowledge gathering about non-material worlds and states of mind.  Shamanism is a "technique of ecstasy" in which the spirit or the shaman leaves the body and travels to communicate with spirit helpers and other beings for the purpose of obtaining knowledge, power, or healing. By journeying out of the body, you can gather knowledge and perform healing in ways that are not accessible in ordinary waking states.

Shamanic healing is a process whereby a person journeys on behalf of another, and brings back information or instructions that can be used to provide psychic/emotional/spiritual healing to another person.  A power animal protects you physically and provides you with emotional support, wisdom, and vital energy.

Achieving an altered state of consciousness

Shamanism is really a system of healing or obtaining knowledge, and it seems to work best when used for that purpose. Anthropologists have identified shamanistic practices in tribal cultures, ancient and modern, throughout the world.

Power animal retrieval

The shaman journeys with the intention of finding a power animal for the client.  The shaman brings the animal back to ordinary reality and gives it to the client, perhaps by blowing it into the client's body.  It is then the client's responsibility to journey to contact the animal and find out how best to work with the animal.

Gregory Rasputin, the famed Russian Monk belonged to the Klysty sect in Russia. This is a sect of people that would enter into the forest to have a self-induced trance. They would attain this trance by dancing and whirling. Then they would fall into a state of ecstasy, where they would prophecy.

One day while coming out of the forest with nine women, he met a bishop on the road. The bishop asked,  "Father Gregory, why are you coming out of the forest with nine women?". Father Gregory said,  "These are not women. They are my sisters and I was in the forest seeking love with them." (ecstasy and love are the same). This was the beginning of him becoming infamous with women. The bishop couldn't help it if he was ignorant.

One day Gordon will reveal to the world the real story of Gregory Rasputin. For he was a shaman, hypnotist, and seer. He was a marvelous healer as well. Never believe what you read, seek out the true answers for your own beliefs.

Other potential shamans undergo rituals of purification, isolation and bodily torment until they make contact with the spirit world.  Some may do the Sun Dance, or Vision Quest or do a ritualistic ceremony that will cause them to go without food or water for days.  Some may go into the North country and suffer through a cold snowy period to have a vision.

The helping spirits that contact would-be shamans during the death and re-birth crisis become essential partners in the shaman's sacred work.  Often it is a spirit animal who becomes the shaman's guardian spirit, giving him or her special powers.  The shaman may even take on the persona of the animal while working.  Many tribes feel that healing shamans need the power of the bear; Lapp shamans metamorphosed into wolves, reindeer, bears, or fish.

Gordon accidentally killed a black bear on his motorcycle one evening. He was unhurt, and wondered why this could have happened. Later during a ceremony, he learned that the Bear was now a part of him and he could heal when he took on the Bear's spirit.

Gordon usually takes on the Wolf spirit also for healing or aiding someone in trouble.

Not only do shamans often posses a power animal as an alter-ego.  They also have the ability to enter parallel spiritual realities at will in order to bring back knowledge, power or help for those who need it.  An altered state of consciousness is needed.  Techniques for entering this state are the same around the world: drumming, rattling, singing, dancing and in some cases hallucinogenic drugs. The effect of these influences is to open what the Huichol shamans of Mexico call the Narieka- the doorway of the heart, the channel for divine power, the point where human and spirit worlds meet. It is often experienced and represented artistically as a pattern of concentric circles. Gordon enters these same states at will, without another form of channeling it such as drugs, or dancing. Sometimes he will dance or tune into the power of the drums. He says all he has to do is get into the mood, alter his conscious mind and he is there.

The "journey" then experienced by shamans is typically into the Upper world or the Lower world. To enter the latter, they descend mentally through an actual hole in the ground, such as a spring, a hollow tree, cave, animal burrow, or a special ceremonial hole regarded as a navel of the earth. These entrances typically lead into tunnels which if followed open into bright landscapes. Reports of such experiences include not only what the journeyer saw but also realistic physical sensations, such as how the walls of the tunnel felt during the descent.

The shaman enters into the Lower world landscape, encounters beings there, and may bring something back if it is needed by the client.  This may be a lost guardian spirit or a lost soul, brought back to revive a person from a coma.  The shaman may be temporarily possessed by the spirits of departed relatives so that an afflicted patient may finally clear up unresolved tensions with them that are seen as causing illness.  Often a river must be crossed as the boundary between the of the living and the world of the dead. In West African tradition, there are three rivers separating these worlds and one must cross them by canoe.  In another common variant, the journeyer crosses the underworld river on a bridge guarded by some animal. Often a kindly old man or woman appears to assist this passage through the underworld. Gordon calls on an old man with magnetic blue eyes, he sometimes call him Merlyn. Sometimes he calls on a woman to aid him in healing matters. He sometimes refers to her as Cynthia. (Cynthia Ann Parker) who lived with the Comanche's for twenty five years. She learned the hidden ways of the Shaman. Her spirit is always close to him. 

A standard definition of "shaman" begins: "among tribal peoples, a magician, medium, or healer who owes his powers to mystical communion with the spirit world. 

Magic and magicians are to be found more or less all over the world, whereas shamanism exhibits a particular magical specialty on which we shall later dwell at length: "mastery over fire," "magical flight," and so on.  By virtue of this fact, though the shaman is, among other things, a magician, not every magician can properly be termed a shaman.

And here we find our first intimation that this world of "spirits" and "powers" which the shaman (and magician) know and use is what we also call "the unconscious. This insight is the basis for the parallel between shaman and analyst.  The magician in general is a person of power in the spiritual world (as contrasted with the power of the king or tribal chief in secular affairs. The special features of the shamanic magician is that he has undergone a certain kind of initiation into the multi-layered world of spirits, has learned the methods of trance and soul retrieval.  

Many shamanistic techniques are very widespread, for example, the shaman's use of the drum to create the rhythmic beat conducive to trance or the practice of dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex to foster contra sexual powers.  While not all magicians are of this shamanistic type, we clearly see one aspect of the magician here.

Ceremony, sacred dance, Vision Quest, and pilgrimages to places of power in nature are all essential aspects of shamanism. There  is a place of power near everyone. It is up to you to find it. If you desire to find it, then you will be led to this place of power. It could be ever so near, yet seem so far away.

Through these techniques, the shamanic circle embraces us unifying our lives with strength, healing and love

Back to Shamanism.

Sometimes while on a quest for knowledge, Gordon will slip into a trance like state. There he is sometimes challenged by an adversary, or an obstacle which is merely a test. You may attain this state in a vision quest. Vision quests are usually conducted by Native Americans. Gordon has a long-time friend who conducts these vision quests, and also sun dances. His name is Wallace Black-Elk, the famous medicine man from the Lakota's. He has influenced Gordon more than any other person. He has had many teachers, and has learned from them all.

A Shaman is the bridge between the Spirit world and the physical world. He is like a medium such as in spiritualism. Although he or she can be on a higher level than a medium.

Gordon started out as a Spiritualist Minister. He was ordained into spiritualism in 1976.  He became a certified medium as well. His mediumship led him to trance-mediumship.  There he would go into a trance and allow another spirit to speak to others through him. Today they call this channeling.

Shamanism is one step higher. Gordon still does trance-mediumship or channeling. As a shaman he has been a part of many healings.  He has learned many gifts from the spirit world. He has become a true magician.

A Shaman will operate between two worlds.  He will do this for healing or other purposes such as divination and prophecy.  He will help others entering into the spirit world.  He helps them into the Light.  To have a peaceful passing.  To protect them from unwanted spirits or help them to just die. When you die, you will enter the spirit world. This is where one goes, while on a vision quest. This is where they are when they are challenged by an adversary or enemy.  A good shaman can protect you either here or there.  A good shaman can shape shift, or fly into the spirit world and even here in the physical world. He will communicate with your spirit guides and aid you in your life's journey. A shaman and a Wizard are one in the same. A wizard is a Greek term, and means master or sage. If you think about it they are complimentary to each other just as a magician, witch doctor, or any other term you may use compliment each other. Shamanism is an older practice than that of a priest. Priest's usually do not have powers nor do they believe in them unless, of course, the priest is a Buddhist, Hindu, etc.

Gordon does not use any ancient tribal art of shamanism. He does not practice other religions. He simply had created his own method, and it works. He may at times use a drum-beat, or a sound that he tunes into. Most of the time he prefers to use a candle, or fire. He sometimes uses a sun-light meditation on the beach.

Gordon says that when he trances, he can do so by many methods. He has done it by meditating with horses.  Gordon says that if you sit down where horses are eating, you will enter into a meditative state.  He says this is because the horses are in that state while eating.  Cows are the same.  These animals like all animals should be sacred to all. They are beautiful, and can lead you into that loving state.

Gordon believes that all good shamans can practice feng-shui. They must do it in a positive way, by being able to allow a feng-shui master to enter into their body while trancing.  Feng-Shui Masters are Shamans.  They are trained in a different way than most Shamans, but if they understand the principle, they can perform anything.  The principle to most psychic ways are all the same. Just the manner in the practice is different.

Everything is related to everything else. Nothing is separate. Every person, animal, building, clouds are related and connected by energy. You have different names, cultures, and language. Yet they are all the same. You must get that in your head, if you want to become a Shaman. You can become a ditch-digger, or build tall buildings, it is all relative. Just the will and desires are different.

You are the Son of the Creator. You are the Sun of the Creator.

Sun means Light.

Son means Sound.

The two become One.

A Shaman may seat himself on the ground, or may dance into a trance like state.  Some may even take a hallucinogenic such as Mushrooms, or Peyote. They do this in order to induce a trance like state so that they can travel into the one of the three worlds. They will usually take an ally (an animal, or even an insect, a favorite is a dragonfly). They will carry you safely on a journey into the spirit world. Believe it or not, it really is an easy thing to do, or learn. It sounds phenomenal to a person who has not experienced it. But after spending time with a real Shaman, you can become  adept at it rather quickly.

Many Shamans believe there are three worlds to journey into. One is the world beneath the earth, where the allies seem to dwell. The other is on the earth where they can have visions, and the third is in the spirit world where they will meet their spirit guides.

Some Shamans are hunters, and will speak and journey with a lion in order to find an animal that they are hunting for food. This is uncommon today however, most shamans today prefer to love all living things and not to kill anything.

A Shaman can journey into the lower world where he would find a power stone, herbs, or animals. Then he may continue his journey back to the middle world where everyone dwells, or go to the third world out into the Universe.

Most Shaman's have unbelievable healing powers and are very psychic. A Shaman can heal you or bring harm to you with his hidden powers.  Most Shamans can perform Magic and make things happen.

Many Shamans will go into a trance with the beat of drums or rattles. They do not believe in a place called Hell. This cannot be to a powerful Shaman.

When a Shaman goes into his trance like state, he takes on the soul of an animal. Their souls become one. Then he can travel through-out the Universe.

He has very few enemies. Sometimes a Shaman will dance or sing until the trance is induced.

Another power that a true Shaman develops is his or her own sexual energy.

If you use your sexual energy in a creative way, you can develop great power and even reach enlightenment.

Think of a pocket of energy near the base of your spine.

If you arouse this energy and build it in your loins, then start to bring it up into your lower stomach with your breath, you can start to change your life indefinitely. You must be very careful working with this energy, it is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Then arouse yourself again and bring the energy up into your solar plexus. Take your time and pull it up slowly. This can be done with a partner and works best. Be sure you have the right partner. Allow the partner to place their hand on your loins. Have them concentrate to give you energy there as well.

And when you bring this energy upwards, have them imagine they are pulling it up with you by sliding their hands upward to the desired areas.

Now concentrate on getting aroused once again, then pull the energy up into the heart. Do it slowly, and rhythmically. You will now open your heart center. When you do, your life will never be the same. You will attract the right people to you in your everyday affairs, and you will have positive actions from them. People will begin to aid you in all endeavors.

Now arouse yourself once again, and bring the energy up into the throat. If you do this correctly, your voice will change. It will be a subtle change. You won't notice it, but others will. Your voice will command charm, and power. People will start to listen to you when you speak. You will have power in your speech.

Once again, arouse yourself, and bring the energy all the way up to the forehead. This is the most powerful exercise you could ever do. This exercise will open up your third eye where you will have visions. You will begin to know things without knowing how you know. You will have clear vision (clairvoyance), and you will have it with understanding. Many psychics have vision, but without knowledge, or understanding.

Last but not least, arouse yourself, and bring the energy up to the top of your head. Envision it going first to your brow, circling over the top and going into the Pineal gland in the back of your skull. If you can do this successfully, then you will have enlightenment.

Warning: This exercise should be done with supervision of a shaman, or wise man. You could harm yourself severely if you perform this exercise and do not do it correctly.

After you master this exercise, you can then do others. For instance, this next exercise is very useful for staying healthy and happy.

Sit in a comfortable position, and take ten deep breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel each breath, and follow each breath. The life force flows in on the breath. As soon as you are finished breathing, then breathe slowly into your eyes. Imagine you are breathing in a golden light into your eyes. Do this for several minutes. Then imagine that you are smiling into your eyes.

First smile into the left eye, then do it with the right eye. You may practice this daily until you do it right. Then imagine that this smiling energy is flowing into your brain.

Imagine your brain is actually smiling, then bring it down into the throat, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, and then last but not least, the sex glands.

After you have mastered that, then let it flow from the brain, down the back of the head into the spine, and bring it all the way down into the tail-bone.

And last but not least, breath this smiling energy into your eyes, head, throat, straight down into the wind pipe (Esophagus) stomach, gall bladder, the small intestines, colon, and the rectum. You will transform a sick body, into a healthy, happy body with these Shaman practices.

Watch for my forth coming book about Shamans, their myth and practices.  

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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