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This oracle is all about using the 

Magic Touch

Psycho--means soul. Metry--means "to measure" Pronounced--si-com-etry

Psychometry is the ability to receive vibration from holding objects in your hand.

A new depth of reality and experience will be discovered when inanimate objects are treated as personalities rather than as mere objects.

Actually, there is no such thing as an inanimate object.  Life is everywhere, in the trees, clouds, rocks, earth, and sky. We are not taught to communicate silently with nature. The psychometric sense is one of the inner senses everyone possesses.

Our minds are like radios.  We project thoughts all day and simultaneously receive thoughts. And we keep receiving thoughts all through the night, even as we sleep.

If we keep receiving thoughts twenty four hours of the day, then why are we not aware of them? Because the thoughts that we receive are not aggressive, but passive. They come gently to us. So we have to become aware of them, and use these thoughts as creative ideas.

We are not aware of the messages we receive, only aware of the ones we transmit. We can be aware of the incoming thoughts if we balance our thinking. Psychometry is one of the vehicles we can use to find a balance.

Before we get involved in Psychometry, I would like to point out something. If you have the idea that Psychometry is evil, or way over your head, please dismiss these notions.  It is far from being over your head.

Psychometry, right now, is in your head and in your soul, in your spirit, and in all of your physical emotional and mental makeup.

It is entirely possible for you to become attuned to vibrations of energy that register upon your consciousness which will enable you to describe details concerning an object and its history or even the history of its owner.

Pause here and reflect upon this paragraph.

You tune into the object by way of your subconscious (spirit mind).

Psychometry is just one of many ways of doing this. It falls under "Clairsentience" (meaning clear feeling) and "clairvoyance" (means clear vision--or being able to see things in a clear way).

Scientists say we have five senses and we may even have a sixth sense.  This is where the term "extrasensory perception" came from.  It means we have an extra sense with which we can perceive things our other senses don't notice.

I feel these are only aspects of one sense.

When we heighten our senses, or fine-tune them, we become aware of unseen forces and vibrations invisible to our normal, everyday senses of sight and sound.  When we become aware of these same unseen forces, we think we are paranormal or weird.  In fact, all we are doing is becoming aware of our own abilities to see things we were totally unaware of before, even though these things were already there in the first place.

The entire universe reverberates in and through all animate and inanimate objects. All things are made up of the same energy and energy is life. Psychometry can be deep. It can be as deep as you would like it to be. Yet is always remains simple.

It dates as far back as the Kabala, and may have come from its teachings.

Native Americans have always practiced Psychometry.  Yet if you ask them, What is Psychometry?" they will shrug their shoulders because this is merely a word made up by society. But if you ask them if they communicate with stones, trees, mountains, animals etc, they will readily say, "Yes".

In order to understand Psychometry, you will first learn about symbols.

Please note: In the dream section, I have a more about symbols. After learning the basics of symbolism, you can easily start to use Psychometry.

We all have many hopes and fears, longings and frustrations that we have developed in the course of growing up in this hectic society.  No matter the culture in which you were raised, there is bound to be some sort of stress. You have problems you would like to solve or re-solve.  Whatever the particular situation in which you find yourself--good, bad, or indifferent--you would not be human if you had not deep in your heart, a desire for a greater measure of freedom. At least greater than you now enjoy.

The greater freedom is precisely what you experience when you gain skill in using Psychometry.

Or learning to read with any other psychic abilities--I can read with many, and so can you.

All you have to do is practice and practice until it becomes part of your thinking and knowing. Program it into that computer like brain of your until it is part of you.

If you don't practice, it will become boring to you, but if you begin to use it on yourself and with your friends you will find it to be a blessing in your daily life.  In the early stages, you will be required to put a little effort--and a great deal of persistence into it.

Psychometry, like any other form of psychic phenomena, is base on a principle of mental activity common to everyone.  It is something we had in early childhood but have lost on the way to becoming the technical-minded grown up society that we all are to some degree. There is nothing new or unfamiliar in Psychometry, only the application of it in our daily lives.

We must remember, all of our basic thinking is done in pictures or symbols. We usually see things before we say them. Mental images form in our minds and we then begin labeling them with words. Words are symbols also. Even someone blind since birth has a mental image in his or her head before they speak.

When we go to school, we learn to put too much faith in language and words. Consequently, we have left the power of our vision by the wayside. Through disuse, we have lost our abilities to create.

I believe that before this society can go forward, we must balance out our school system.  All Schools only teach us to use the left side of our brain, the conscious side, the logical side. Someday, we will have to integrate the school systems with the right side, the side of the spirit mind. Then and only then will we go forward, both spiritually, and creatively into the new age.

Our imaginary mind takes us back to our true selves, our true nature.  By using the left side only, we are not taught how to think intuitively or creatively. The word "imagination" is really slang. By saying imaging over and over, it lost it's true meaning, In reality, there is no such word as imagining. The true word is imaging.

If I tell you something, you create the mental picture or image of it in your mind. But, if I tell you to imagine something, then it has lost its reality. It is not quite real. Imaging is real, imagining is not. As soon as an "n" is placed in imaging to imagining it loses its reality. The "n" was created through slang, by repeatedly saying over and over the word imaging, it soon became imagining. We do this always in our languages. We always lose our ability to visualize this way. If you have a problem in learning Psychometry, it is probably because of our haste in using words without having a mental image of them. We tend to use words too fast without placing a mental picture with the word. We create many of the frustrations and problems in our daily lives by using words too often.

Any initial difficulty you may have in learning to use Psychometry may be traced to the bad habit of using words too hastily without being sure these word labels are attached to real pictures.

In the beginning I would like you to sit very comfortably. To do this and be accurate, you will need to spend at least five minutes in meditation first, practice as often as you can with friends. Hold an article in your hand (a ring, watch, keys should do nicely at first) that belongs to someone close to you such as a relative or a friend. In short while you will be adept at doing this with perfect strangers. Hold the article while you meditate. When you finish meditating, rub your fingers over the object very slowly.

Think of this object as having a soul ( an electro-magnetic energy field, an aura). Ask the soul of this article to reveal something to you. Then pause for a moment, the same way you do when you call someone up on the telephone and ask them a question. You simply pause, hesitate, and wait for the answer to come to you.

The answer will come in one or two different forms, or even more, such as: a mental picture, clairvoyance) a thought or an idea, (clairaudience) or a deep down feeling (Clairsentience). Or you may smell or taste something (Clairgustience), you never know which faculty will start to develop first.  The most important thing is to be calm, and wait for the answer. Be receptive.

Remember, never let your mind project an answer, but simply let the answer come to you. You will be amazed at the accuracy of you psychic impressions or perceptions.

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 Psychometry is all about learning to use the oracle of the magic touch.

You can know anything you desire to know about a person, place or thing simply by touching it. When you touch something or hold an object or even someone's hands, you can feel through your psychic senses what you desire to know. Try it. Just touch or hold something and allow your mind to relax and become receptive. You can accomplish this by taking ten deep breaths.

Breathe in real deep through your nostrils, and exhale through your mouth. Tell yourself to relax with each breath. Soon you will quiet your mind and will start to daydream. This is when you become reflective, and intuitive.

Now either hold something or touch it to receive vibrations or ideas about the object. You can even attain this by holding someone's hand. I usually prefer someone's watch or piece of jewelry. Make sure it did not belong to someone else. Otherwise you will pick up on that person and become confused about it.

The next thing to do is to believe. Trust what you receive. Believe it. If you doubt what you are getting, then you are allowing your conscious mind to get involved. Your conscious mind knows nothing about the object other than what someone told you. You can only trust what comes to you. Not what comes from you. Your conscious mind is cagey and will try to take over. It always wants to be in charge or control. It knows nothing, but it thinks that it knows. It is your subconscious mind that knows.

Your subconscious mind only receives thoughts. So you must become reflective and passive.

Allow your imagination to flow like a stream of water. It is your imagination that you must trust. All creation flows from your imagination. If you can imagine it, then it is real.

Your mind has access to all knowledge through your imagination. The only thing you have to do when you use your imagination is to point it in a sincere and honest direction. Do not allow it to control you, otherwise your imagination will run away with you and become false. 

If you just point your imagination in the direction you want it to go in, and control it to a minor degree. You will have true and accurate Knowledge.

Now all you have to do is practice, and then practice some more. The best way to do it in  a controlled way is to form a group. Ant then you will  become more and more accurate with your readings. Everyone has this ability, and everyone can develop it. Some more than others perhaps, but desire is the key to success.

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