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PENDULUM [pendulum] a mass, called a bob, suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing in an arc

A pendulum is a useful tool to teach students in research and science.

 Pendulums are used for healing, research, finding things such as treasures, oil, and water as used in dousing tools They are used for yes or no answers. Pendulums are used for research on a map.

Back in the early 80ís I used it to find oil in Kentucky. I found five wells, two were pumping and the others were never used. The Govít had all wells capped.

I found gold in Africa using a pendulum. There are many uses of a pendulum, some scientific, some experimental and some used for quick answers.

I bless my pendulums when I sell them so that they work better and people become more successful with them.

Pendulums come in various sizes and shapes also. The one you see above is pointed and most are pointed. But they donít have to be pointed. They come in all sizes and shapes.

Some people are so efficient with them that they use them in all decision making.

A pendulum works best with psychic energy, or mind power.

I have found stones in people who suffer from them; I have used the pendulum in healing also.

I have used a pendulum in he art of hypnosis and find it works real well. I believe that a pendulum has magical powers with the right person using it. I have used it in Shamanistic practices.

Pendulums can be made of most anything, I once used my key on a key chain as a pendulum the picture on the left is a quartz crystal pendulum while the one on the right is made of metal with a chrome finish

You can use a pendulum for dowsing the body, looking for weak spots that need healing. You can also use a pendulum for the chakras to let you know if they are functioning in a positive way or a negative way.

If you would like to go on a vacation and are not sure of where you want to go. Cut out a picture of each location you want to go to. Then put them in a box or envelope and shuffle them. Then put your pendulum over each one and see if you get a yes with any of them. You may get a yes with several of them because they all would be good for you. So then take the boxes or envelopes that you received a yes with and do it over again, Soon you will have them separated to the ones you should visit. Good luck.

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