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The history of Palm Reading originates from India over a thousand years ago and moved on to China, Egypt, and ancient Greece, taking it's own shape in each country. According to the book "Physiognomy & Palmistry" written by Pythagoras who was a great philosopher and mathematician in ancient Greek times, Western Palmistry has a 2500 year history which could be traced back to the years between 582 BC and 497 BC.

From the 700's BC, Greeks colonized southern Italy.  The modern cities of Taranto, Reggio, and Naples were founded at this time.  The toe and heel of Italy's boot came to be called "Magna Graecia" -- Greater Greece.

Pythagoras lived about 150 years later in what is now the Greek island of Samos off the western coast of Turkey. In 550 BC, Samos came under the rule of the tyrant, Pylocrates, according to ancient sourcesPythagoras was opposed to tyranny, so he packed up and left Samos, traveling first to Egypt and then teaching in the towns of Magna Graecia in southern Italy.

At about this time, a fascinating series of coins was created. The front of the coin was raised as on our modern coins. The backs, however, were "incuse" or cut in to the coin.  The fronts and backs of the coins were a perfect match. They had to be, or the thin fabric of the coin would have torn. Most scholars today believe that this was the work of Pythagoras.

Interestingly, at least one town continued to strike these unusual coins long after Pythagoras could have lived, but the style was not so well executed and the workmanship was not as fine.

The imperceptible, which in an experienced universe is implicit in what has emerged out of the eternal substratum, includes necessary relationships, both universal and general.

Necessary, that is, in the sense that it was not possible that they did not hold, thus they were both eternal and divine because only the eternal is outside of time and only the divine is true necessarily without question.

Pythagoras, an evangelistic Orphic preacher from the island of Samos, called the recognition of these relationships "wisdom".  It was he who coined the term "philosopher" which he called, "those who love wisdom".

Orphism was a mystery religion practiced by many of the Greek peoples in opposition to the state religion.  Pythagoras was driven from his home in Samos for political reasons and he made his way to Miletus.  Here he fell under the spell of the Milesians and here he began to develop a religion of rationality and numbers.

Consider the Lyre.  Unlike modern stringed instruments, the strings were all made of the same material. So, when two strings sound good when plucked together there will always be a mathematical relationship between their lengths. "Mathematical relationships and harmony are one and the same", he said. Thus all relationships, he claimed," could be stated in some mathematical form.  Therefore numbers are the real substratum of the universe.

The number one, for example, is Anaximenes divine fire, Anaximander's boundless.  It alone of all of the numbers is indivisible.  Nothing can be without being one. This makes "one" real.  It is separated from what is only apparent, from everything else, the many.  From it all other things become.  It was believed that the fate of the children of the world was in the hands of the children's father.  That the supposedly innocent had to pay for the sins of their fathers.

In this modern day, the truth of this belief by Pythagoras is thought to be a myth. However, I believe this is why we choose our parents.  Because of their actions, it becomes our reactions. We need the lessons that the parents bring.

There are no mistakes, or sins.  All sins are stepping stones to the truth. If you seemingly create a sin, you are in effect creating another lesson to be learned.  All murderers will be eventually murdered. All thieves will eventually be robbed. This is the reasoning of reincarnation. Why else does a little baby come into the world and be punished?  Because that baby in another life was an adult that punished another baby. Everything gets balanced.

Popular Orphic doctrine taught that there was a part of every person that was divine and eternal. This they called the soul. They taught that this part of a human being could leave the body.  It was an ancient belief that may date back to early Siberian shamans.  As an Orphic Shaman himself, Pythagoras was said to carry within his body the souls of two ancient shamans.  What he did was to develop this theme into a new concept; that in every human being there existed a totally good and completely perfect, immortal soul that was trapped in an evil body.

(Gordon believes that in his last life he was a Siberian Shaman, and in the life before that he was a Native American Shaman (Kiowa).  He has had many experiences that warrant that belief just as Walter Russell repeated his former life -Leonardo DaVinci).

The way Pythagoras taught it, every living thing was activated by a soul. Thus this soul was the living divine spark of Anaximenes, his breath of life.  Keep in mind that the living soul of Anaximenes was developed through purely rational reasoning. He began with Anaximenes immortal soul which being eternal and divine was necessarily unchanging, and therefore had to be all good.

He merged this with the itinerant immortal soul of the Orphic. He then made the claim that during life this absolutely good soul was trapped in a body that was constantly changing and therefore evil. If we consider this, along with the ancient idea borrowed from the advancing Persians (Zoro-Aster or Zarathustra), that truth, knowledge and the good were connected with light and ignorance and evil with darkness, we can see the rational thought that tied these things together.

When the soul, which was air, Aura, a part of the Anaximenes divine fire was trapped in the physical body.  The presence of the material body obscured the light of truth and knowledge. Since the soul was immortal and pure, it is the body that is un-pure and evil. This is because it is ever changing and always distracted from being good through physical pleasures.

Pythagoras thought when the body died it transmigrated to another. Transmigration means to incarnate backwards into an animal and then back into a human.  When Gordon channeled this, however, he was told that you only transmigrate if you do evil and vile things.

The way a man lived his life would affect where his soul transmigrated to.  Depending on how he lived his life a man might become a donkey, a saint, or even a vegetable in his next life.

The soul being finely divided air, was like the "one".  It was both divine and eternal.  All of these ideas were presented as a form of the traditional Greek orphic religion. His ideas generally did not take root in the east.

Driven from his home, unaccepted in Ionia, he traveled to Croton, Italy where his ideas found fertile ground.  From this grew a religion that was to become a source of ideas that would change the world.  The Orphic tradition called for a ritual purification of the soul in preparation for death. The Pythagorean religion called for a purification of the soul through mathematics and reasoning.  For the Pythagoreans a philosopher became more than a seeker after wisdom, he became a priest of the Pythagorean religion. Thus, the Ionian tradition taught that the underlying substratum of the universe was divine and eternal.

The sensual world was the rational outcome of an eternal battle of opposites.  Pythagoras taught that the underlying substratum of the universe was numbers and that the sensual world was the product of rational numerical harmony. Thus the Pythagorean religion included the worship of numbers and mathematical relationships.

Twenty seven hundred years later the philosopher of science, Sir Karl Popper, said that though numbering systems were arbitrary, such things the Pythagoreans were discussing and such modern forms as prime numbers, must exist in another world.  They are not things we create.  They are things we discover. (This is how I received my numerology book, through meditation and through the class that I had on a Monday night. I asked the people in my class each week to meditate on a certain number, thus we received divine knowledge about each number).

In saying this, Sir Karl Popper was expressing the kind of ideas that the Pythagorean religion was based on.

What we find in the world may be constructed out of the divine, and, certainly, they believed like the Ionians, that everything had a soul, but what is implied by experience and discovered through reasoning, that too was divine. (I say this in my Psychometry book as well.)

The ultimate goal of every philosopher then is to partake of the divine.  But this takes the evolving concept of the supreme Cosmo-genetic God another step because it links that god with the human soul through the power of human reasoning.

Scientifically, the most significant of the Pythagorean concepts was that of "Harmony" of the body. Thus the first Greek school of medical theory was led by Alcmaion, a Pythagorean from Croton who taught that health was due to a delicate harmony among the balance of forces that exist within the body. These forces all have numerical value.

All people who went to the Pythagorean School were taught not to speak for the first year at the school.  If you uttered one word during the first year, you were expelled. You had to remain silent. This silence is the pathway to Spirit Communication, to knowledge.


Listed below each Number

I will give you the essence of the number, to be used by those that wish to use the number for divinatory purposes.

Of course there are seventy four numbers that are used for divination.

I am only going to give you thirteen. The others are in my book, and you can go to my shopping page to get the book.

The numbers ten through twenty two and thirty three are power numbers, and are given simply to show you that they can be used for other reasons.

The sequence of the number selections will suggest that you are either going to have a good (or not so good) day. In short, this is an analysis of your moods, personality, and what's happening to you. (there is no system like this anywhere. This system came to me through channeling and through my Monday Night Class in Orlando, Florida in the mid-seventies.)

If you have studied numerology before, you will see that I only work with three numbers).

I use this method based upon the day that you were born, I simply use the day, such as;--if you were born on the fourteenth day of the month, and when you break down the number fourteen-1=4=5, you will then have the number that you need to start off with.

Now if you take this number and add to it the number of today i.e. the seventh of the month, we will then use the number seven, added to the number the number of today, which is the number five, you now have the number twelve.

The twelve has it's own meaning, and break down the number twelve to the number three--(1+2=3).

We then use the number three essence for the divinatory reading for the seventh day of the month based upon the fact that you are a number five. (This same method applies for the month, or even the year, to give you a more powerful reading).

Here is how I do the reading based upon the above numbers.

You are a number five -- you like to be active, you like to communicate with others, and are always on the go.

Three is also a number of activity and you will be seeking entertainment today, as well as travel, even though it probably will be short distances.

Watch for social events, parties, and ways of entertaining yourself.

This is an excellent day to be creative.  It is a good day for music, dancing, and going to parties.

Are you getting the picture yet? (I have a much longer version in my book.)

Using symbols during a reading can and will be helpful. If you use the symbols, colors, numbers during a reading, it can become very helpful.

If I am involved in giving you a reading using the number five, I first will tell you all that I know about this number. Then as I am speaking or communicating to you, other pictures, ideas, thoughts, and feelings will come to me.  All I have to do is interpret them and you have your reading.

What I am trying to convey to you is this:

Just learn to use your intuition.  First by learning to meditate. (Look under my meditation page if you want help there.) Then focus upon the words or in this case numbers.  Remember what you know about the numbers. (I will give you the definitions of some of them later).

Now allow your own intuition to come into the picture.  This method can be used in your everyday life.  Businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers, that are successful use it all of the time. You are merely using the numbers as a catalyst to throw you into the spirit side of your Mind.

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  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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