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Pythagoras - Father of Numerology


The age-old question is how do the vibrations in sounds, or the vibrations in names correspond to numbers? And how can one interpret the effect of a name, or date of birth by numbers. And how does these same numbers effect the daily lives of someone, or even effect one's destiny? There are numbers in all things. And certain combinations of numbers that have an effect on all things as well. Different teachers credit different values to the numerical system. My spiritual teacher led me in this direction. His name is Pythagorus, the Greek Philosopher. He would sometimes come to me in dreams, and sometimes in meditation, and sometimes just come to me while in the waking state. He would give me different meanings to things, sometimes through numerology and sometimes just the meaning in itself. Of course many numerologists may disagree with the system that he had given me. But the one thing that cannot be denied is that it works. Many books on numerology will tell you the meaning of things, and will tell you all about your personality; but none that I have found have a divinatory meaning. Which makes this book different. I work with only three different numbers.

1. Vibration of sound--Letters have this sound, and therefore each name has a different meaning. Each letter in your name is connected to a sound vibration. Each time you are saying your name, it is like saying a mantra. Your best mantra is your first name. If you want to change your path, change your name. Change your name, and the sound of it alone will affect your direction in life.

  2. The full birthday of a person: such as 6-14-1937.

 This full birthday number (in this case, it is the number 4) is your destiny number. Learn about the number four and you will learn about your destiny.

3. The actual day a person was born on  14

This is the day you were born on, and the day is your Karmic number. This is the day of events, actions and reactions. Cause and effect.

 I give each of these vibrations of numbers and sound a name. For instance: Number one is a person's name. I call this the LIFE-PATH of the person.

A. This is the path that the person walks through life on. There are nine paths to choose from. Each path vibrates to a different number. This way I can tell by the path they are on which way they are headed in life. Then I can advise them about their path. Each path has two lanes and a white line going down the middle just like a street.

The left lane is a negative lane, the right lane is the positive lane, and the white line is the balance of the two. This is how people travel through life. They can be either positive or negative, and most are negative. This is not particularly bad; you need one to get to the other. Both are needed. One day they will seek to balance the two and then they will be on the white line so to speak.

B.   This is your destiny number. Your destiny is where you are going, where you will end up. Yet you are always experiencing your destiny. It is happening all of the time.

C.   This is your karmic number. Your karma is the lessons of life. They are your experiences. They also are always happening. It can be good experiences or bad ones. Actually there really are no bad experiences. Because out of bad, good always show up. The one will lead you to the other.

 Now think of this: You traverse through life on your pathway, there are stepping stones along the way (karma), and you are always going in this direction because you want to arrive at a certain place in time (destiny).

The sum of the values of the letters in a name gives a number that is significant for the individual. If the letters in a person's first, middle and last names have the values 7-6-9-4-6-5; 3-6-9-2; and 2-1-5-2-1 these may be totaled to 37, 20, 11. Since only integral numbers are considered, the next step is to add the parts of every sum, making 1,2, and 2. These in turn are added, making the number 5.

What I actually did  here was break down t    

 Write down the numbers corresponding to the letters of my name using the box above:

Gordon Louis Banta  ll

769465   36391  21521  2

37 22 11 2 =72

10 4 2  2 = 9

1 4 2  2 = 9

On my birth certificate my name is Gordon` Louis Banta the second, I have to add the second, bringing the vibration of the number nine to my life path. The final number is the most significant to me, but the larger numbers are significant as well. However their significance is a little less. If you were to look up the meaning (in the next chapter) you would concentrate on the single number, and then add the significance of the higher numbers to the reading.

Now to find the destiny number we will add up the birthday:


6-5 -20 =31

6 -5-2-=13


13----= 4


You can use the value of each number, but the single number of 4 is the destiny number.

Now if you want to have more information about the destiny of the person, you take the average age of a human being, which is seventy-five. You then count the number of letters in the first, middle and last names as given above and find they total 6-5-5 +2  (for the second) eventually 18. 18 is then divided into 75 to see how long the effect of every letter persists = 4.1 6 years. I am 58 yrs old now, so I divide 4.16 into 58 =13.94. I would now find that I had gone through the influences of the first 13 letters of my name and am now nearly through the 14th. The 14th letter is a five. Further figuring would disclose exactly when I would be under the influence of 1,2,4,6. After reaching 75 years of age, I would start all over again. If you look up the number five, you would know what I would be vibrating to now. Or the influences that I am under. Try it with your-self and you will have fun.


  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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