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The path of the Wizard

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The word magic means to make something out of nothing.

The word Genie comes from the word Genius,

And Genius or Genie lies within.

Being in a bottle is just a metaphor, the genie lies deep within your

Consciousness or your brain.


So I believe that all inventors are true magicians.

The word magic comes from the Magi.

The Magians or Magicians were from Persia.

The three Kings that visited Jesus when he was born were Magi.

The word "image" comes from the Magi meaningI image something into my mind so that it can and will appear.  If you image something in your mind, it is very real, but if I say to you, "Imagine something in your mind", then it is not real. But "imagine" is just a slang of the word "image".  An N was added through slang and now it lost it's real meaning. Imagining came from saying imaging too many times.  We do this all of the time with our language. Because we are negative, we tend to take away the reality.

So I say, imagination is very real. Ask the Magi. Many people think that Sorcerer and Wizard are the same, but they are entirely different.

Sorcerer is a medieval English word and means one who practices magic.

Wizard is a Greek word and means Sage or Master.

So I guess Jesus was a Wizard and Sorcerer.

These are the original meanings of the words. The present day meaning  was created by the Bible scholars (left brain) non believers.

In fact let's explore a few other words that you can look up. To find the original meanings, you would have to go to a good library.  I found the meanings in the University of Central Florida, Brevard campus, Cocoa, Florida. More words that have been changed by left brain scholars.

Sin--Original meanings Hebrew-to miss the Mark.

Second oldest version--Greek- to fall short or shortcomings.

Third oldest version--Medieval English

Whenever the archers missed the target, they would proclaim--I sinned.

Fourth oldest version present day--meaning to "create crimes against God".

Now where did they ever get that version?

Heaven--Medieval English version--Harmony or balance.

Present day--a place in the clouds or another world. If this is true, can't we have it here?

No because you are a sinner, you simply fall short of the mark.

Now that does not seem so bad, does it?

Hell--medieval English--to be held or separated from.

Well certainly we are held from heaven, because we fall short.

Present day meaning--A place inside of the earth where Satan dwells.

Greek--Satan means "adversary"

Who is your biggest adversary?

None other than your self. Look inside of yourself and you will discover that Satan and Christ dwell side by side.

Present day meaning--"Devil"

Devil actually is a medieval English word that---comes from saying do-evil over and over, and eventually the "o" was dropped.

Soothe-Sayer--medieval English--one who tells the truth.

Present day--One who does evil.

So you see we are always changing the meaning of words simply because we do not understand them in the first place because we want to hide the truth. The truth is always in your heart and you can always know it, but you first must set aside your ego or your conscious mind. Or as I say, your "Body Mind".

Now I believe that there are only a handful of true magicians in the world.

A true magician or Shaman can create something out of nothing. I have only met one person who can do that. His name is Wallace Black Elk.  I went with Wallace in 1984 up into the mountains in Colorado to a extinct volcano to collect Basalt, which is rock from the volcano. He wanted to get Basalt for his Sweat Lodge, or Yuwipi.

It was a 200 mile ride and all the way there, he sang his songs. Lakota only sang spiritual songs to the great spirit. He was one of the most spiritual men I have ever met.  I learned much from him, simply by observing his true nature.

When we arrived on the mountain, he said a prayer to the winged, four-legged, two-legged, the creepy and the crawly, and the tree, flower, and rock spirits.  He asked them if we could come to their mountain to pick Basalt. He gave them tobacco ties, and other spiritual gifts.

While we were picking up the stones, a herd of mule deer came down out of the mountain. Wallace said to pay them no mind, because we were on their land. We were there all day, and the deer hung out with us. They sniffed our pockets and hair, and were just curious.

When we were loaded, Wallace gave them more gifts. As I backed up the truck, a deer stuck his head right into the window. I was not paying attention to where I was going and suddenly backed up to close to the cliff and got hung up with one of the wheels hanging over.

Wallace said to sit still, while he sang another song. Then we slowly climbed out of the truck. Soon it was getting near dusk, and I said that we have a fifteen mile walk to the nearest house.

Wallace said nothing, he just kept singing. Soon a man came walking up the hill. He said that he was driving a wrecker and was towing a truck, but could not make it up the hill. He was going on up over the mountain to visit with a friend. He would get the friend to come back with his tractor and tow us.

So in a seemingly hopeless situation we were miles from no where, Wallace attracted someone to come to our aid. This my friends, is real magic.

A few years later while in Florida, I went on a trip down the Peace River in a canoe with my class. (about 11 people).

It was a two day trip and we camped out on an Island. Bill was cooking the food, and we were bombarded by millions of mosquitoes.  Lisa and I went into the woods to perform a ceremony I learned from Wallace.  It was a ceremony like the one he did on the mountain. When we went back to the camp-site we were, in a matter of minutes, invaded by a few hundred or less dragon-flies. Within about twenty minutes the dragon-flies were gone and so were the mosquitoes. We did not need a green light that kills them.  We just left it up to nature to do its thing. Thank God for Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man, and Shaman.

These are very simple things to do, once you know how it is really done.

Many people practice at being magicians through rituals, but until you know it, you cannot do it. Rituals can lead you away from it. Rituals are practiced by the church because they do not know any other way. You can learn more by being with a Shaman or Magician than you can reading books or practicing rituals. The reason why people practice rituals is because they do not know the answers. This is why doctors practice medicine. You may eventually learn through ritual, but only if you pay attention to what you are practicing all of the time.

Most people practicing get caught up in the practice. They forget to pay attention. Look at the Catholics that practice with their Rosary beads. They say them so fast after awhile because they just have to get through it. They forget that each bead has a specific purpose. I know this and I am not Catholic, nor did I ever practice with Rosary beads.  But, if I did I would practice with one bead at a time and say a prayer or give thanks one at a time with meaning.

Knowing something means that it is a faculty of your mind.

For instance, you do know how to walk, you know how to breathe, you know how to digest your food.

But can you explain it? When you truly know something it becomes part of your expression.

You do not need to practice it or perform rituals.

Many people became great writing about Magic but none of them can perform it. They are all great talkers.

But seeing is believing.  Magic isn't an instant thing. Sometimes it is but most of the time it isn't.  Any thing of value never comes swiftly.  It comes through great stress and work.  But when it comes, it always comes to us.  Never from us.

We are co-creators of our destiny. Co-creators of our life. And the best we can do is to Co-create with others.  By helping others, we forget ourselves.  This is when we do our greatest work.

If you always have it in the back of your mind that you never do anything by yourself but you do it with the Creator, you will always be successful. He works with you, not for you, as Lao Russell says in her book. "God works with you, not for you".

Spirit is the basis of all living things. Both animate and inanimate are alive. Nothing is dead. Everything you see with your eyes is alive. Everything contains spirit. If you work with the spiritual aspect of anything then you become a Shaman.

Magicians are something like Shamans, but there is a distinct difference. One creates something out of nothing, this is the magician. The other manipulates this magical energy towards healing. They are very similar because the Shaman is not creating something rather he is using this invisible energy to his satisfaction.

If you learn to create through visualization, then you become the inventor, Shaman, or Magician. All inventors, artists, writers, architects, composers that are inspired are Shamans but only if they are inspired.  Inspiration is God talking to you or through you.  You cannot create anything without inspiration.  You can make something better but that is not creating.  Only adding to something does not make a creator. And only can you create through inspiration.  This is a true Magician, or Shaman. This is why the three Magi went to see the baby Jesus. They went because they were inspired to go. Their inspiration came through the stars. And by going they knew that they would be inspired again by Jesus somehow.

Listed below are a few meditations to aid you in creating something out of nothing. They will lead you to a new way.

Milky Way

This form of meditation was given to me by Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief. While I was channeling him at a group session. He told the group to use this particular form of meditation for creating your desires.

Visualize the picture of whatever it is that you want to appear very clearly in your mind. Now fill this image with all of the desire that you can manifest. Create a maximum desire.  This is very important.

When you breathe in air, imagine light outside of you that is very sticky, strong, very milky, very heavy like fog. Think of yourself sitting in a fog (white milky substance which is clear and at the same time not so clear)

There is a very strong spirit that lies behind all things.

This same spirit is the substance that we will be calling upon in this milky-way meditation.

Visualize this substance going into your lungs and there it attaches itself firmly to you. It flows into your heart and changes your heart from red to white, just like a marshmallow. Then see it flowing upward into the brain. It will take at least three breaths to get it into the brain, but eventually one breath as you become more skilled.

Listed below are seven steps guiding you through the milky-way meditation.

1. Breathe deeply into your lungs.

2. Breathe deeply into your heart and blood stream.

3. Now three deep breaths bringing substance up into the brain.

4. Now see the picture you desire for yourself or others. And draw the milky white substance into the picture. This gives your creation, substance, and form.

5. Now put color in the picture. Do this also with your breath.  Imagine that your breath is causing color to fill up your picture. This is energizing your picture.  Now it has color and substance, the two ingredients needed in all of creation.

6. See the picture becoming solidified as though it is now cast in stone.

7. Breathe a blue flame into your creation.  Now the picture is "Spiritualized". When you visualize this blue flame flowing into the picture you are giving life to this picture.  This is a great way to create through meditation.

Circle of Fire

This meditation Quanah (Quanah Parker was a Comanche) gave to the session, or class, to cleanse the system and proceeded to give the Ring of Fire meditation to Spiritualize the system (physical body).

Begin by breathing in seven deep breaths, in through the nostrils, and out through the mouth. Be sure to breathe deeply into the third section of your lungs. (Imagine you are filling up your stomach with air.)

1. Now breathe the blue flame into your forehead, or third eye area. And with a continuous flow see the blue flame flowing down into your throat. (Thyroid and para-thyroid glands)

2. Visualize this blue-flame flowing with next breath down into the heart, and lungs.

3. Follow this flame as it proceeds down into the solar-plexus.

4. Breathe it into the navel.

5. Breathe it into the groin.

6. Breathe it into the tail-bone.

7. Inhale this blue-flame once again and see it flowing up the spine to the back of the head. (Pineal-gland).

8. Inhale the flame and see it flow from the back of your head, towards the center of the forehead, (third-eye).

9. Breathe the flame from the forehead out through the right temple.

10. Breathe this flame from the right temple, around front of the head into the left temple.

11. Finally breathe the blue-flame back out of your forehead.

You will stumble with this at first, and this meditation works best with someone leading you into it. When you have mastered this meditation, the eleven steps become one step. You will be able to do a complete cycle of the flame breathing all in one breath. Before you will be able to do a complete meditation with this method, you must see this clearly in your own mind.

Ring of Fire

Breathe in the Ruby Red Flame through the nostrils and into the forehead. Then allow the energy to flow to the back of the head down the spine to the tail bone, into the groin, up into the navel. Continue into the solar-plexus, toward the heart, on up into throat and back out of the forehead.  Do this series of meditations as often as you like but always do the Circle of Fire first. The Milky-Way is to be used for creative purposes only. It is given to you so that you may become more creative in all of your affairs. This is an (11-11) meditation to prepare your body for the Nu-Ray, (the ring and circle of fire only)

For prosperity and good health, recite this affirmation daily. (before or after the milky-way meditation)

"I am the rich radiant substance of the Universe, I am the master of this substance. I take control of substance in my thoughts, words and actions now." (This is the sticky white substance of creation).

Since divine substance is involved in all things it is the one and only reality in all of my affairs and creations now. Now visualize it and it will be yours.

What I am trying to convey to you is if you have not discovered the genius that you are, then you have not discovered your own self. That divine spark of Cosmic Man which is a bright flame inside of him, is also in you.  Every time you are inspired, you are touched with a small amount of this flame, or light. The greatest thing that can happen to you is to discover your spirit.  Discover your higher Self, your true nature. Then you will be aware of unlimited power and knowledge which you already have. We are all looking for enlightenment.  With enlightenment, we can know the secrets of the Universe.  Without it, we can know nothing.

If you read books, you do not learn, you only mimic. To know something, is an expression of that knowing.

Anyone can mimic, but not everyone can know.  Knowledge is truth. And you can only express what you know.  So everyone contains some truth, but not all truth. Because we are not yet all-knowing..   

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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