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Tarot, Fortune Telling, Palmistry, Gypsies

Part one: Palmistry



For the hardworking, innocent but much maligned and misunderstood gypsies, the only hope is that soon India will be recognized as their ancestral spring board.

They are perhaps the most neglected among the communities living on the fringes of society. The very mention of the word gypsy conjures up a romantic image of a virile, colorful and a carefree clan moving from place to place with their pet animals  and meager belongings.

A quick browse through English literature provides a peep into the picturesque landscape.



          This is Pythagoras one of my spirit guides.  He is  a Master Palmist


    The history of Palm Reading originates from India and moved on to China, Egypt, and ancient Greece taking it's own shape in each country.

    According to the book "Physiognomy & Palmistry" written by Pythagoras who was a great philosopher and mathematician in ancient Greek times, Western Palmistry has a 2500 year history which could be traced back to the years between 582 BC and 497 BC.



    Palmistry, also chiromancy (Greek cheir, "hand"; manteia, "divination"), is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm. It was known among the Chaldeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, and Hebrews and was recognized by such philosophers as Plato and Aristotle.  Widely accepted during the Middle Ages, it was revived during the 19th century, especially in France. Since the turn of the century it has been regarded as a branch of fortune-telling.

    Palmistry is chiefly concerned with the mounts of the palm, the lines on the mounts, and the lines interlacing the palm. The left hand supposedly reflects inbred and the right hand acquired characteristics. Each mount signifies a certain personality trait.  The mount of Jupiter denotes honor and a happy disposition; of Saturn, prudence and therefore success; of Apollo, appreciation of beauty; of Mercury, scientific, industrial, and commercial interests; of Mars, courage; of the Moon, a dreamy disposition, and of Venus, an amorous nature. The four most important lines represent life, intelligence, the heart or sensation, and personal fortune. Other markings of the palm corroborate or modify by their positions the deductions made from the mounts and lines.

    Each person’s hand is different. From the palms, it can be seen if one will be wealthy or become very famous, be a housewife or typical husband. It will reflect whether you are homo-sexual and whether you will lose your fame or wealth at some point in your life. 

    Your palm will tell you if you will ever marry and if it is going to be a positive marriage or a bad one. It will tell if you will divorce and whether divorce is going to be a bitter or easy one. also, if the partner will be abusive or kind and gentle.

    A. Line of the heart

    This line reflects the condition of the heart, whether your heart is healthy or not. It is one of the most important lines on your hand. If your heart is healthy, then your whole attitude is positive. The heart influences your entire body.

    B. Line of the head

    This line allows you to know how much intelligence the person has. The type of mentality, the power of mental concentration, the ability to be psychic, the ability of self-control, your mental attitude shows how you are dealing with life.

    3. Line of life

    This line shows how long you will live, your health status, and when you will make great changes in your life. It represents your physical strength, emotional stability, and your chi, (your life force energy).

    4. Line of Mars

    This line shows if you are aggressive, war-like, or passive.

    5. Line of Fate or Line of Saturn: This line reflects your destiny, your karma, and your success in life, your material gains. It shows whether you will make it or not, or if you will have a struggle with life. It shows your most productive periods.

    6. Line of Sun

    7. Line of marriage

    This reflects how affectionate you are and if there is any compassion in your life. It can indicate marriage, yet it is often misread. Marriage means union, oneness, or partnership. This line should not be used to judge, rather it can be an indication of a union.

    8. Girdle of Venus

    9. Solomon's Ring

    I have read many books about the greatest palmist in the last two hundred years. His name is "Cheiro" His real name Count Louis Hamon) He was born Nov. 1, 1866--died--Oct 8, 1936. Cheiro wrote books about Palmistry, and Numerology. He has influenced my life in these areas.

    Palmistry began 4500 years ago.  It began in India like so many other occult practices.  It is a part of a vast field of study, referred to as Samudrik Shastra, which means "Ocean of Knowledge". I believe you cannot learn enough about it in one lifetime. Yet you can learn enough to accurately predict.


    Tarot is something that is sacred. You should choose someone that you trust deeply to read your cards.

    The original meaning of the Tarot is hidden. The true meaning of reading Tarot was for it's symbolic nature. Every little detail in a Tarot card was used to meditate upon. It would take you seven years to meditate on all of the symbols, but in the end you would be liberated, or enlightened. This method was so positive it was sought after by many.

    The people that would teach this in the mystery schools would only use what we call today as the Higher Arcana. The lower Arcana was created to hide the true meaning of the Tarot. The lower was created for divining purposes only.

    Gypsies and Fortune Tellers throughout the world would use the cards to give readings. Then others would take up the art of reading Tarot. I believe it is an Art or even a Science. Each of the cards displays a symbol that will reflect what is going on in your life and what is the outcome. When you study Tarot it could take you many years to master it. A good psychic could read the cards without studying them. He or she would simply tune into the symbols and clairvoyantly see what lies ahead.

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    Soon I will give you some of the meanings of the cards.

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