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Gordon's Views on Astrology

Astrology is such a vast science that it takes a lifetime to learn. In fact you cannot learn it in one lifetime.  But for now, I will try to explain a little version. 

First, think about the Sun. It is a source of all life. Of course God is the source of all. He is the Creator. He created the sun through his one idea.  Part of this idea is the Sun. Think of all energy that you can imagine reflecting from the sun. This energy is light. This light is perfect, so you cannot see it. In order to see this light it must become imperfect.  So bend the light, and now it is imperfect. Imperfect light breaks down into color. If you bend a prism it will reflect a color.  Bend it some more and the color changes.  Remember this light is pure and in order for it to become visible it must be curved or bent.

Color is energy just as perfect light is energy. It just does not have the power of perfect light.  Think of the color red. This is the strongest color.  It is an aggressive color because of where Mars is in the Universe when the light hits it from the sun.  It comes to us as the color red. The planet is red because of the red ray reflecting off of it.

Each planet reflects a different color and so each planet affects us differently. Yet it really isn't the planet that affects us, it is only the color that affects us. If you think that color doesn't affect you, then pay attention to how you feel wearing different colored clothing. So if Mars is effecting us, then how. It is the color red that’s all.  Anyone with a strong Mars in his or her chart will be very energetic and aggressive.  If Mars is negative in the chart, he (she) could end up being war-like, a General, perhaps, a police officer, or a gangster.  There are many different aspects of Mars as there is in all of the other planets.  I believe that all of the planets are born of the Sun and each planet is hollow and originally made of gas.

I believe also that the Sun is now pregnant, and will release a new planet soon by way of a gas bubble. This gas bubble will flow out and away from the Sun and find its place beyond Pluto. And following that, there will be one more planet. Eventually there will be twelve planets in this galaxy. Then man will have to evolve towards twelve different dimensions. We are currently in the third, but flowing into the fourth dimension.  This will be the fourth age of man and it already has begun. Just think, only eight more dimensions.  And you think you are not going to be reincarnated? Of course you will because we are all reaching towards perfection, just as the light is perfect we will become perfect. But first, we evolve out of imperfect light. So the light of each planet effects us in our everyday thinking and actions.

Astrology is real.  It is not the planets that effect us, but rather the energy being reflected off of each planet. This energy does not command us to take action, rather it impels us to take action. It is the energy of the sun in relationship to each person and each location of each person as well as the location of each planet. So, astrologically, we are always in a state of change. Everything is in constant motion and this is how we change. We change because we are growing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Everything affects us.  The stars, clothing, friends, relatives, enemies, homes, yes, everything that we can think of.  Go home and take a shower, and you are a different person.  Change your attire from jeans to dress and you are different.  Move to a different location and you are different.  This is why you must learn a little about everything. Astrology, Feng-Shui, Numerology, Science, Mathematics, Psychology, Auras or whatever you can think of.  In fact, if you develop your psychic ability and learn all of these things, then your awareness of your self becomes knowledge.

Even if you only learn a little about each, your life will change for the better.  Life is to be lived to it’s fullest.  Learn a little and you will learn a lot. How can we learn what is a little or lot. Everything is related to everything else.  Everything you experience is multiplied a thousand fold, or even greater.

Everything and everyone is related.  Even the animals are our cousins as well as the trees, flowers, rocks, insects, sea, yes, everything.  As soon as we learn that we will stop killing ourselves, the animals, and even the tiniest insects. They are our relatives.  Stop killing them. How many times have you killed a snake, a cockroach, ant. Please stop killing my relatives and yours as well. As soon as you do you will become enlightened. God is everywhere. God is everything.

Astrology goes back as far as ancient China and India and probably in other cultures as well. The Persians had a famous astrologer named Al Hakim, who predicted the birth of Christ.  The Three Kings that visited Jesus birth site were astrologers and magicians. They followed the stars, not a particular star, which is thought. This is just a story that was picked up by non-believers of astrology and the star of Bethlehem was born. The ancient Greeks and Romans followed the stars as well.

The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras surely was an astronomer as well as an astrologer. He mapped out the harmonics of the cosmos which is astrology.  He may have been the greatest mind that ever existed. (If not the greatest, then perhaps one of the top ten.)  Astrology is a spiritual and a physical thing.  Do not become fanatical about it. But use it to lead you to the highest and the best you can be.


The first Cardinal as well as the first Fire sign. Therefore action and excitement are both very important to them.  Aries people are initiators.  They are the perfect people to start up a new company. They will work long hours for you.

On the neg. side they can be selfish, impatient and egotistical. If a man is looking for a "take-charge" type this is it.  If you are looking for someone that is energetic and wants to be on the go this is the one.

This sign is fixed (for determination) and earth (for practicality).  Physical Comforts are very important to them.  When you think of a Taurus, think of the bull.  The bull likes to stay in his own pasture and will not leave but will, occasionally, jump the fence. They almost never roam far from where they were born.  They like to stay put.  Security is their motto.  They are the quiet, affectionate type, Low keyed, but very ambitious to have those comforts (but prefer someone else bring them in). They won't buy anything that won't have value and last a longtime. More people with this sign are attractive, strong, and may be involved with the theater, modeling, or entertainment. The woman are usually very attractive.

Negative traits: They can be self-indulgent, lacking in imagination, will attach themselves to anyone that appears wealthy. They do not get angry easily but really blow when they do. If you want someone that likes and appreciates quality, this is the one

This sign is mutable for adaptability. There is a constant drive to higher objectives. Since they are always looking at both sides, they appear to be as two. Frankly it's like being with two different people at times. They always appear younger than they are. Their pleasure in love may be more the mental stimulation than physical. They are curious about everything, love to play head games, and when real negative they can be detached and treat you as if you don't exist. They always want fresh ideas and get bored easily.  Geminis make friends easily, but won't stick around too long if it get mentally boring. Since they are interested in so many things, they may not get very deep into any one thing. If you want someone who loves to talk and keep things lively on the mental level, this is the one.

All Cancer wants is home and family. This is a cardinal sign.  They are ambitious for their family. They are very emotional and sentimental (at times overly emotional and too sensitive). They wear their feelings on their sleeve. They can be very shy until they feel comfortable in their surroundings. They like to eat and also like to cook and this is very important to them.  When negative they can be extremely moody and wallow in self-pity.  If you want a homebody that appreciates home and family,  this is the one.

This one requires a lot of attention and ego bolstering. But they are very capable people. They make good leaders and take pride in their self and their abilities and behave in a majestic manner. This is also a fixed sign, therefore Leo has a lot of determination (and can be stubborn).  Leo will forgive but probably never really trust that person again.  Pride is everything to them.  Hurt it and you are in trouble with them. They can be dramatic.

Whenever you think of a male Leo, think of a person that would prefer to lie around and be waited on. The female is more independent and will take care of herself and her family.

Negative: egotistical and condescending.  If you are looking for someone to show off or be a hostess this is the one (They are not always good looking but are always Regal)

These are the one's that are articulate, detail conscious and will not seek the limelight. They are willing to serve (even usually want to). They are very discriminating and can be quite shy. Never underestimate their ability however.  They have the "smarts" where it counts. They can do several things at the same time.

Negative: They can be picky and worry a lot. If you are looking for someone who is well capable of being practical and keeping the books...this is the one.

Usually very nice looking and sweet as pie - as long as they get what they want. Their manners are impeccable (and expect others to be too). Always well dressed and usually always up on the latest fashion. Libras can be very good decorators and will speak out if anything "doesn't match perfectly". They love to be adorned (even if it's just a piece of costume jewelry). If you are looking for a pretty girl with taste this is the one. They are good hostesses but would rather you have someone else clean up the mess.

Negative: When negative they can be lazy and filled with narcissism. They want things around them to be nice and pretty.  They try to be fair but they look at both sides so much they can't make up their minds.

This sign can be obsessed with power (and sex). They are intelligent, resourceful, and have good instincts. They can be the most magnetic of the signs. Scorpios are perfectionists, artistic when they want to be. They will work hard and long for you if they like you. Can become very devoted. They want to be the boss, have the last say, and like to finish things they start. Leave nothing undone can be their motto. If they are positive, they can be the most likeable, affectionate, and love to shower you with gifts.

Negative: They may have sexual hang-ups and become real cool to their lovers. Can be a real handful and run roughshod over you.  Scorpio is also a fixed sign. They possess lot of determination but can be stubborn as a mule when pushed.  If you want a strong and sexy type, this is the one.

This sign is flexible, fun and loves to be on the move. They love to take a gamble. If not handled right they can be very extravagant, not just for themselves but for EVERYBODY.  If you are looking for the happy go lucky fun type, this one is it. They are the philosophers, teachers, and can make good debaters. They love to travel to exotic places, are thinkers and love to be involved in a profession. They like respect and applause. They can be like a peacock and show you their best side if they like you.  They tend to talk to much.

Negative: They are inclined to bite off more than they can chew or promise more than they can possibly deliver, therefore, sometimes called unreliable. By all means they do not want to be FENCED IN!!  If you hold to tight they are "out of here". They can become very cool to their spouse or lover. They like affection on their own terms, and after receiving it, the push you away.

This one is serious, practical and thinks "towing the line" is what life is all about. They can be social climbers but make no mistake they are also workers. Sometimes work is all that seems to matter to them. They take their responsibilities very seriously. The are adept at research and getting to the bottom of things.  They good detectives, doctors, and nurses, because they like to take care of you. Capricorns have strong nurturing qualities, and can be very caring. They make good teachers, lawyers, and politicians because they like being honest.

Negative: They can be melancholy and depressed and actually boring to some. They desire to be more active but can always be reliable. If you want a serious responsible one this is the one. Can be called a “nit picker”.

There are two types of Aquarius. Those that are more like Capricorn and those that ANYTHING GOES!
It would be best to have some correspondence with this one to see which way they bend. If they are pure Aquarian, always expect the unexpected from this one. They can be very concerned with the life of the community more so than with the individual. Therefore they can seem cold and distant on an individual basis. Never dull though. If you want excitement of the DIFFERENT KIND....this is the one. Aquarians are cheerful, like to be of service, love to tend to older people and make good nurses. They are usually very attractive, and well liked by all.

Negative: They can become very depressed, negative, stubborn and always seem to have bad luck. The woman of this sign often seem to be used, abused, and pushed aside.

This is the most sensitive of all the signs. Whereas Cancer is sensitive too (and lets you know it) Pisces may hold it in and suffer alone (you may have to guess what hurts them). They can be dreamy, other worldly, and see what they want to see, not always necessarily what is real. They have an imagination that just won't quit. They will never hurt anyone intentionally. They need a lot of reassurance as they feel rejected very easily. They are artistic, creative, and can become entertainers.

Negative: They don't always tell the truth but it will be the truth AS THEY SEE IT.  Probably being too sensitive is their biggest fault. They are sensitive to the needs of others and can be self-sacrificing.  The older a Pisces gets, the stronger they become. When young they can be as naive as they come. When things get too much for them they can become addictive in order to escape. They can't take cruelty. If you are looking for a sensitive person, this is the one. Many Pisceans take to the bottle or to drugs. It is an easy way out.

These show the correspondence of colors to planets, as well as the spiritual influences keyed to them and the awareness they may produce in our own consciousness.

Thyroid Blue Uranus Psychic

Uranus is the planet that brings change into your life - sudden and unexpected change. It brings strong influences and needs to be tempered with the color blue. Blue is the color of spirit or the spiritual plane. Uranus is like Neptune in the sense that it influences us in the direction of the occult and mystical. That is because it brings sudden and unexpected changes to our lives. It causes us to think about what we are doing and where we are going.

Leydig Orange Neptune Mystic

Neptune is the planet that appears to hide things. You know something is happening, but you cannot see it. The mystic is the person that contains knowledge about hidden things or the occult. Occult means hidden. It pertains to things hidden, like under the table.  When Neptune comes into your life it awakens the hidden knowledge of the spiritual. When Neptune appears, you will awaken to the world of the psychic, mediumship and astrology. Astrology is ruled by Neptune because the truth of it is hidden in the light. You can feel it, but you cannot see it.

Thymus Green Venus Love

Venus is located at the heart center, the center of love. The Thymus draws the influence of love into the heart. Feelings are expressed through the heart. The will of a person also is expressed through the heart. It makes for a loving disposition, friendship, and loyalty. Green is the color of growth, and is best used in the heart area in your meditations.

Adrenals Yellow Mars Madness

Mars is the planet of aggression. It is the red planet.  Yet it is the yellow ray that can balance you.  It is related to madness because there is to much energy, too much red. You need yellow to balance the mind.  Yellow rules the mind and also the adrenals.  Red excites the adrenals while yellow soothes them. The adrenals are in the solar plexus area and rule the emotions. You must control your anger and your emotions. Yellow is the best color for this.

Gonads Red Saturn Beginnings

Saturn is the planet of restriction. That is why our energy enters through the gonads in order for us to restrict our sexual outflow. It then contains our energies.  Saturn is the planet of Karma, cause and effect.  The sexual energy is the creation of life or new beginnings or new life. It is also related to death such as Uranus is.  Death has many different meanings, but the main meaning is rebirth.

Pituitary Violet Jupiter Strength

This is the planet that influences the master gland of our bodies.   It is a feminine gland that attracts rather than repels knowledge.  It is where the prophets of old and the psychics of today can see visions. Jupiter is the planet that brings good influences, good luck and positive energies. It is the planet of protection.  If you have a positive position of Jupiter you will always be protected from your enemies.  Jupiter brings good judgment in all of your actions and deeds.

Pineal Indigo Mercury Mind

The pineal gland is the masculine center.  It is where the Christ dwells.  Mercury is the sign of the messenger, fleet footed and winged. Mercury is the planet of the Angels.  As I write this, the third ventricle of the right hemisphere of our brain is slowly being utilized or opened. It will connect the Pituitary with the Pineal, the feminine with the masculine, creating heaven. Heaven is a medieval word that means balance or harmony.  When the two glands become one we will become like the Christ. True in every sense of the word, it will open our psychic mind so that now we can see with understanding.  The gateway to knowledge is this ventricle, the Gateway to Heaven. It will happen when 11:11 comes forth. This is the sign of Michael.

These same colors are not influencing us the way they do with our Aura. These colors are connected to the glandular. Now the planets that are influencing our organs are different still.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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