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Part 3

However gloomy the world is, however dark with despair, we are here to brighten this world, to make it better, to become more positive, to rise up out of this negative world, and to become happy by helping others to become happy. The only way that this is possible is for the Creator Source to enter into our daily affairs and to enter into our dreams. When this happens our dreams become more creative and we then go about brightening up our environment and brightening up the world for others. If we can help others toward being happy then we can help ourselves as well.

If you learn to meditate in the right manner then you will learn to dream good dreams as well. This will bring inner tranquility, inner peace, and a complete transformation. You will have opened your mind to all things possible to the complete world of psychic phenomenon. When you are psychic you then have a tool to helping others. By helping others blindly, you help yourself. By blindly, I mean that you are completely focused upon others. Your "self" will grow immensely. Intuition becomes the fruit of your creative dreams. It becomes the fruit of your meditation. It becomes the fruit of your contemplation. Without intuition, you cannot realize your goal. When you become intuitive (psychic) you awaken to your divine reality. Dreams are intuitive thoughts. Dreams are intuitive insights. Learn your dreams and you learn your destiny. Learn your destiny, and you learn how to change it. Learn how to change it and you learn how to become the master of your destiny.

Before you have illumination, you will first have intuition. Intuition is what foretells the coming illumination. Intuition is sensory. It is magnetic feeling. It is vision. It knows. Intuition foretells the coming of self-awakening. Intuition precedes all things perceptible. Intuition is psychic. Intuition is only forethought, a foretaste of coming events, even of coming transformation. With intuition we are only halfway there. Yet it is a stepping-stone most needed. Without it we will not know what is coming, and in most cases, we will miss it.

I have mentioned before that the conscious mind is electrical and is connected to the nervous system. The Spiritual Self is magnetic and is connected to the Higher Self, and the Higher Self is connected to God. The Aura of oneself is the Soul. And the Soul is the divine essence of the Higher Self.

There are five senses in the physical body, as you may well know. This means there are at least five different sorts of electricity. In order to understand this, think of your eyes. Your eyes have a different characteristic than your ears, auditory nerves. The optic nerve carries light and therefore you will see symbols of energy while the auditory system carries sound. Each nerve carries energy differently. So if there are at least five sorts of electricity then there has to be at least five sorts of magnetic energy as well. Your conscious mind works with electrical impulses and your subconscious mind works with magnetic impulses. Man does not have much knowledge of the magnetic mind. Most do not even believe or recognize it. That is why he is so technical-minded, and less spiritual-minded. He only believes in what he sees or hears with his eyes and ears. Or at least that is the way he presently thinks. The truly great minds do not think this way. They perceive rather than analyze. They know intuitively or inwardly. If you have to think about something, it means you do not know it. Knowing comes from within, intuitively.


The Body Mind thinks all day long, yet it never ever knows.

The Spirit Mind never thinks, but knows.

The Body Mind is associated with the intellect,

The Spirit Mind is associated with Knowledge.

The Body Mind is associated with information.

The Spirit Mind is associated with Wisdom and Truth.

Although information is sometimes true, it also can also be sometimes false.

Knowledge is always true, even though it sometimes appears to be half true.

 But half truths always lead to whole truths.


The knowing man possesses eternal faith and believes intuitively in the existence of a substance, or energy. They realize that the taste, touch, smell, see or hearing qualities of energy are but properties, or the soul of God. Unknowing man identifies with his outer shell or his body, while the knowing man identifies with his Aura, that divine substance behind all things.

This Divine Substance is the Soul or Spirit of God, and we all have this substance. Look for my coming book "The Rainbow of Light, the Aura". I will go much deeper into this insight in that book. This Substance is the only true substance in this Universe. It holds all things physical together, not gravity like most people think. This Divine Substance is Spirit. It is truly the Son, (Sun) of Man. It is God. It is not comprehensible by man of this material world. It becomes comprehensible to the spiritual man, the awakened man, by elevating his consciousness towards God.

We have the Life Force, which is the creative force. And we have internal feelings, which we call consciousness. The two become one - God.

The presence of knowledge implies consciousness. Creative Knowledge implies Creative Force. Without Creative Knowledge the Universe could not have been. The awareness of existence can only dawn upon a thing when it is endowed with knowledge about itself. Consciousness has been provided to understand that which has been created, to visualize the portrait of the universe. If there were no consciousness, no life, then there would have been no awareness at all - of all that existed and all that exists.

What do you see in a dream? Only that which you see in the waking state. No more, no less. There are only two things that exist in the world: that which is life and that which appears to be lifeless. They merge into each other and therefore become one. If there were no consciousness there would be no world. If there were no world there would be no consciousness.

Everything manifests itself in consciousness. If there were not any consciousness there would not be world, either spiritual or physical. In one type of consciousness one sees the world and the world appears as solid matter. In another type of consciousness one sees the world of the dreams and this appears to be as real as the world of the wakeful state. While it exists it appears just as solid and material as the outer world of the wakeful state. But when one awakens, the world of dreams is nowhere to be found. Similarly, when one goes to sleep the world of the wakeful state vanishes.

You can recall, vaguely, the world of the dreams upon awakening, but in sleep there is no accurate recollection of the world of the wakeful state. We exist simultaneously in the wakeful state and the dream state. Even during the day we often daydream. What is really happening here is the switching of the mind from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere, from the conscious waking state to the subconscious dream state. Most people while in the dream state have no control of their dreams either daydreaming or night dreaming. If you could learn to tap into this state of mind you will learn to master your destiny. When you master your destiny you will be elevated into the Higher Self - your Father within.

There are two states of consciousness in which there is interplay of the thoughts and the mind. In sound sleep, consciousness and thoughts even the mind cease to exist. In this state there is neither the world of the dreams nor the world of the wakeful state. The reality of everything around oneself and associated with oneself vanishes and there appears to be nothing existing. This state is that of consciousness minus temporary thought and it is a state, which disappears the moment the body awakens. And even if the body does not awaken it may slip back into the state of the dream world. Man exists in both these worlds - the outer world of the wakeful state and the world of dreams. The state of sound sleep, where apparently nothing exists, is a very temporary state. Beyond this state there lies a state, which does not depend upon sleep for its manifestation but is connected with that pureness which transcends the mind. This is when you exit the body. If you are not an aware person you simply will hover over the body while it recharges (just like a battery). But if you are aware, you will begin to soul-travel. When you are out of the body you will attain an even higher level of awareness. You can even become aware of all knowledge. You will be in the Spirit World. This is when you can learn to achieve the Genius level. If you master this level of the dream state, you can evolve on into Cosmic Consciousness. In this state of dreaming, the self of man merges with its Higher Self. Then there is the elimination of the active as well as the inactive mind. The "self" experiences great love and eternal bliss. There is neither space nor time. Nothing but pure ecstasy exists. Then everything merges into oneness. All things become related. All things that exist become part of you and you a part of it. Nothing is separate. This is when you merge into pure or absolute consciousness, this is when the two-fold world or dimension seizes to exist. Now there is but one thought, or one idea. You become filled with the Spirit of the Universe, the Eternal Spirit of all that is. You now become aware that you are immortal and everlasting. Totally intangible, no beginning nor ending.

The nighttime of the body is the daytime of the Soul.

Everyone can be two different people. So therefore we live two separate lives but live them simultaneously. This is because we live in a two-fold light wave Universe while here in the earth plane. We are a spiritual being and we are a physical being. The physical being lives when we are awake. It lives basically in the daytime. It deals with all tangible things. It thinks all day long, but never knows. It is objective and logical.

The second simultaneous life is spiritual. It is when we are in the dream world. This world does not exist when we are awake nor does the waking world exist when we are asleep. It is a world of freedom. We can fly like superman, or soar like an eagle. We can walk through walls, change our form, and become like a superman. We are sometimes children, full of play. We are like spirits, able to appear and disappear. We can roam wherever we desire, go to foreign places, or planets. When in this state we are immortal, and intangible. We are like the cartoon character “Dare Devil”. Our physical eyes are blind, because we are asleep, but our Spirit eyes are awake and can see.

We live in a world of illusion, nothing seems to be real. Yet when we are dreaming, everything is real.

The content of all of our dreams is derived from the waking state. Yet when our mind reaches that zero degree delta, where there are no brainwaves, no pulse and hardly any breath. We at that point, leave our bodies and become immortal. We become that spiritual being that is indestructible, that is totally free, and can soar to high places.

 It is a dimension that is entirely different from the dimension of our waking state. It is where we reside when our physical bodies die.

When we re-enter the body it can be traumatic, so much so that it fractures part of our memory of this dream state. This is so because of our dense physical bodies. This affects us so much that we distort our memory of that spiritual dream which is really not a dream at all. It is an out of body experience. You can have this experience when you meditate, dream, or have an emotional experience such as a near death experience or a mental or emotional experience that affects us deeply.

It makes our dreams seem unreal. Time also distorts our memory of the dream. Time, as we know it in our waking experiences, is conceived as an irreversible direction.

Time is a sequence of moments at which given events occur.

When we are asleep and on the inner-planes there is no time nor is there any distinction of time. Time is only the moment. This is why we feel everything happens simultaneously while asleep, NO Time.

Many people that are creative or artistic have premonitions or will see their next works in a dream. I met a man from Japan. He was a doctor. I told him he will have a dream so strong that he should take a pad and pencil to bed with him and write down his dreams. When he awakened he began to write it all down, it took him four hours.

What he had discovered in his dream was an camera attached to an instrument that would be placed in the mouth and with a long tube sent down into the stomach and even the intestines. He would view the insides of a person in this way, and even remove polyps from the person. Before this amazing discovery the only way to remove the polyps was through major surgery. All this from a dream, dreams are real and you can learn from them. You can grow from them as well.

You can alter your destiny with your dreams; you can save your life from a dream or someone else's life as well.

When a person meditates, he is merely duplicating a deep level of sleep. He slows the rhythm of his breathing and calms his body. When he is being hypnotized he experiences the same effect. He deepens his breathing, relaxes his muscles, and begins to focus upon a higher ideal. When this happens his brain waves lessen. He begins to ascend into the alpha state. If he masters this method he will be able to go on into theta and then down into delta. When he reaches zero degree delta, he ascends into the spirit world.

Remember, his body descends while his consciousness ascends. You descend into sleep. Your body goes into a restful state. Your mind rises into a state of awareness and begins to become active. It begins to move about and begins to travel. It can fly or swim and even exist under water.

The waking part of the brain emits electrical discharge and the sleeping part of the brain takes on magnetic energy. It does not matter how you grow spiritually, you can either grow through sleep or through meditation. Both are the same.

But you do not ever want to remain in alpha, the temporary dream state. Nothing seems real there either. While there, you sometimes dream in symbols and most usually, are not in control of these dreams. You can, however, learn how to control this particular dream. If you overeat or have an improper diet, you will have a difficult time trying to have any control in this dream state.

Many dreams appear to be ridiculous and trivial. They seem to make no sense. You must learn to control this particular dream. One way of doing this is to first learn how to understand it or learn to know the symbols of the dream.

If the dream appears to be ridiculous then you should write it down. Then let the symbols tell you what they mean. This is the only way to interpret the dream. The dream is never ridiculous. All dreams have a story to tell. They may be caused by your emotions or guilt, or wrong diet or simply because of your experiences while awake. If you learn to interpret the dream, you will be able to solve any problem that may arise. All dreams are not there to solve problems however. They can be there for any purpose. The most important reason is for self-growth. The dreams are on many different levels. One level is the deepest level of the physical world. This particular level deals with your deepest immoral and gross thoughts. Yes, we all have these. They are not bad, only necessary. They can help us to arise up out of the darkest parts of our minds. We need all levels. This is the only way we can understand anything. How could you know the difference? Evil is just as necessary as divine. You need one to know the other. Your mind learns through measuring. If you were born happy, you would not know what happiness is. So you need to first be unhappy and through measuring you can know what unhappiness is. Draw a line on a piece of paper about three inches long and then another line about two inches long.

The first line is Un-happiness,  the second line is happiness.



 look at the first line, you could have this much happiness:--------------------------

Then look at the second line, but you could only know this much:


Both are necessary to understand the other. You could reverse this from happening. The results would still be the same.

When you go to sleep you carry with you all the experiences of the day. You then tear it apart piece by piece in the dream state and then put it back together again. You do this in your own light or condition. The amount you have grown spiritually is the amount that you will piece it back together. This is why I tell you to learn how to master your dreams. In so doing you will master your life. It is the most fundamental way of learning or growing. Then you become self-illuminated but only on your level. I will give you an exercise at the end of this book that will help you to dream creatively.

Open up your mind to these things and you will open up your mind to self-illumination on a much higher plane of consciousness. Remember this: LIGHT---MEANS KNOWING---OR TO KNOW.

Where light is, there can be no darkness.



Where light is there is no fear or doubt. Therefore, always seek enlightenment in all things, especially in your dream. Then you become the creator of your dreams and you then become the creator of your physical life. You will then pass through the irrational and intermediate state of dreaming into the clear awareness state of the other world, the world of the Spirit. Some people call this the Astral World, but whatever you decide to call it, it is the higher side of life.

If you open up to this awareness level of dreaming, you then must open up to the level of initiation. After that you will be liberated. Many of my students have claimed that I had entered their dreams and have initiated them into a level of awareness. They then became aspiring dreamers. They then had taken charge of their dreams through inspiration. It did not matter who was there to help them aspire for they can choose anyone. What actually helped them the most was the simple desire to ascend. They merely called on my Higher Self. It was not me that entered her dreams, but my Higher Self. I never actually listen to this because then my own ego would think that it was "me" and then I, or my ego would become inflated. At the same time I must not let them know that it wasn't me. I hope I made this clear. The ego is the intellect. It is the part of you that is the false self. The inner-self is the true self. The ego is the outer.

Next you need to employ some disciplines such as learning to breathe properly, purifying yourself, through right diet, right thoughts, and right actions.

Second, you can learn a discipline of drawing into you the higher ones on the spirit side of life, your spirit guides, drawing them into your body, or various parts of the body for different reasons. Doing this through meditation, deep breathing before you retire and take to bed with you your deepest desires for illumination.


Steps to creative -dreaming

1.The first step however in creative dreaming is to learn the right techniques for remembering your dreams, and to learn how to create through your dreams.

2. Then you must learn how to analyze your dreams.

3. It is always best to find a teacher, or an adept to learn how to read, and analyze your dreams at first anyway. In this way you can be initiated into the higher realms of sleep, and the spirit world.

4. Create the maximum positive conditions conducive to comprehending and remembering your dream experiences.

5. Be always mindful of your physical and mental state.

6. Light exercise such as a short brisk walk, (approximately one mile or less) with deep breathing along the way will help you to relax and to go directly into the alpha state.

7. Diet- no fat high fiber is recommended here. Do not eat three hours before retiring. No stimulants such as alcohol drugs coffee or tea should be consumed before retiring.

8. Go to bed with a tranquil mind. Try meditating, or listening to meditative music or reading an inspirational book, before retiring.

9. Paint your room white, blue or green. No bright colors. Use soft pastels. Your bedroom should be in the quietest part of the house. If it is not, then insulate it better. Your room should be well ventilated. The only light that you should use is a black light. If you sleep with any other lights on it will interfere with you reaching a higher level of consciousness. You should have a firm bed, yet not too hard to sleep on. Always have the top of your head facing north while asleep. Do not have a bed that creaks or makes noise when you turn over. It will become distracting to you. If your mate snores loudly, then you must make allowances. Perhaps sleep in different beds may help. I know that the slightest sound that happens when I am asleep awakens me. It interferes with my dream elevations. The pillow is equally important as the mattress. It must be firm and allow your head to rest in a position that will not cause neck strain.

Place a pad and pencil beneath your pillow. Always try to have clean linen, without fold or wrinkles to interrupt your sleep. I also will not allow a blanket to be tucked underneath the mattress, because it can become binding, or restricting to your legs. Your legs and feet must be free and relaxed. What I am trying to point out to you is that you should be very comfortable while either sleeping or meditating.

11. Burn incense potpourri or scented candles before retiring. Also have your linen smell fresh and clean or use perfumes on them - light scented. Whenever you walk through a garden, the first thing you notice is the colors. The second is the fragrance of the flowers.

Try a citrus, lemon, or a fragrance of different flowers. Everyone and everything has a scent. You may not always smell it with your nose but with keen insight, you can smell it with your intuition. Many fragrances can be detrimental to the aspiring student. I can pick up the scent of anyone or any animal. All are different. When I am around a person who is capable of murder or violence I can smell it. Your entire fate lies in your scent.

Great magicians of the past have put together certain scents or fragrances to enhance one's ability to aspire to greatness. These precious ointments are being sought after today. Incense is still being used to chase away evil spirits and to draw near the avatars of the heavens.

Even today men and women alike adorn perfumes and fragrances to attract the opposite sex. Why not then use it to attract the Seers and Saints of the spirit world? Use of anointing oils is favored here. Use essential oils composed of lemon, citrus, roses, jasmine, and cinnamon together with the oil of musk, benzoic, ambergris, and civet. Mix it until you can reach an amber color. Then you will have the right magical ointment to place on your forehead before meditating or sleeping. If you cannot do this then use incense. What I like best is the burning of sage, sweet grass, and cedar. Then pull the smoke with your hands over your entire body. It will cleanse your aura and free you of any negative thoughts. I learned this from Wallace Black Elk. He is my friend, teacher, and brother. I only spent a year with him, but I learned a lot.

12. Lie down on your back. Arms folded over your solar plexus. Your solar plexus is the seat of your emotions. Lie still, relax, and listen to your breathing. You may even say a little prayer if you desire.

13. Allow all of the love you ever had in your entire life to well up inside of you. Imagine that you are drunk with it.

14. Arouse an intense desire to attract your spirit guides to assist you from the inner-planes.

15. Next tell your "self" to allow you to retain a continuity of awareness throughout your dream state. This will allow you to also remember the dream state while you are awake. This may not happen right away, but if practiced daily, it will lead to this state of total rememberance.

16. As soon as you begin to become a little drowsy, turn over on-to your right side, never your left side because this is the side closest to your heart and is not recommended.  Bend your legs slightly. Then lay your head, preferably your right cheek in the palm of your hand, with your left arm resting at your side. Then fall asleep. (Do not worry if you change position. You only need to fall asleep this way.)

17. As soon as you awaken, whether in the middle of the night, or in the morning, write down on your notepad all thoughts and images of your dreams. Keep your eyes closed. Try to remain in the sleeping state. Practice this daily, and soon you will become adept at it.

Start with the last image that you had and try to work backwards. It works best this way. Write down every thought, image or feelings that you have. In the beginning do not try to make sense of it. This will come later when you learn how to interpret your dreams and symbols. Try repeating this a second and third time. You will begin to remember more and more of your dreams. This is a new beginning; you are now on your way towards enlightenment.

Soon you will put down more and more details of a single image in your notebook. Pay more and more attention to detail. Give special attention to anything out of the ordinary. Never allow yourself to fully awaken until you are sure that you have everything. Soon this will become second nature to you. Be sure you put down the time you had awakened and the date of the dream. If you still awaken from your dream and you still do not remember your dream just try to recall what you felt, or what was the one thought you have when you awaken. You will definitely begin the next night with a better mental attitude and you will have a better experience. It will grow daily.

Most people that have a hard time remembering their dreams do so because when they wake up in the morning they immediately begin to think about what they are going to do during the day and instantly forget their dreams. When you start the day off this way you are immediately in your body mind, and this part of your mind was not there when you were sleeping. It is not uncommon to wake up six or seven times during the night. We go through different levels of sleep and different levels of dreaming during the night. Just practice what I have told you and you will soon become adept at it.

Your best dreaming will occur around sunrise. This is so because you have worked out most of your problems by then. You will have ascended to a higher level at this time. Your dream-mind is now clear at this time.

If you should awaken during the night and find it hard to get motivated again, then do the following:

Close your eyes and imagine that you can see a distant star in your mind. Then breathe in the blue ray emanating from this star. Imagine that this blue ray or flame which ever you choose is flowing into your lungs and flowing into your heart. See it filling up your lungs. Then imagine that it flows out of your heart into the bloodstream. See your blood change from red to blue. Then follow it down into your stomach, and imagine it relaxes you even more as it flows out of your stomach and into your intestines. Next, see it flow you’re your organs by way of your blood stream, and feel it cleansing and relaxing you into a deeper state of consciousness. See it flowing into your legs and feet and feel it cleansing you as it flows back up into the spine at your tail-bone, see it flowing toward your solar plexus and on up into the heart. Feel your heart expand with this blue flame and feel yourself going deeper and deeper, and continuing up into your head until it is filled with blue light and see it flow out of your body and into your aura.

Then imagine that you are in a bubble of blue light. This will enable you to totally relax and elevate your mind back into a positive dream state.

After ten to fifteen days you should go over your dream note pad. View it thoroughly. Then put it down for one day. Study your symbols in the note pad. You will soon be able to see a pattern or direction in your dreams. It will soon become more and more clear to you what the dream is telling you. If you dream of people from your past or incidents that have happened to you in the past, you should take note that this particular dream is telling you of something that will come up in the near future or something you have already experienced before. This particular dream may be telling you that you have not learned your lessons of the past and now you are repeating them.

Of course all dreams are simultaneously on different levels. So they may have different meanings. This why your intuition must and will help you in every way.

Eventually you will notice that a teacher may appear. At first he or she may come as a famous person, a person whom you may admire or even as a complete stranger. But more often than not it could be a parent. That parent in a higher level of dream may be your Higher Self.

When retiring you can do a mantra. A mantra is a word or sound that creates a vibration in your head. The perfect mantra is the OM. But you should learn about yoga before using this mantra. The best mantra for you is your very own name. Take a deep breath and let out your name slowly. Such as Jo-o-s-s-e-e-ph-ph, if your name is Joseph. Try to create a rhythm with it. Begin the deep breath with the J, and end it with the ph. Do it on the exhalation only. If you do this each evening, you will be calling upon your Higher Self to enter your dreams. Or you can say repeatedly, "Father come to me." (Or Mother if you wish). The intent is to call on your Higher-Self, that pure and perfect Spirit to enter into your dreams and lead you toward enlightenment. If you persist, soon your Higher Self will enter within. You may do so with your spirit-guides in the same manner. They will come to you, and reveal themselves to you.

Now you are ready for the next step. Every time you awaken and remember a color, person, sound, or symbol, you must then take a deep breath visualize this image and go back to sleep. This is a very important step toward uncovering the veil of enlightenment.

What you are doing is going back to the entire dream but carrying into it your waking consciousness (sub-conscious). This is where you will create self-control. You will now become the watcher-within, the observer as well as the participant. It is like watching television. You will observe the melodrama unfolding before you. This may not happen all at once but with repeated tries, you will soon become adept at it. Once this is mastered you will soon leave your physical body and enter into the world of Spirit. Then your spirit guide or your Higher Self will take over and guide you through the many images (lessons). You will notice that a silver cord will follow you on your sojourn. Soon the dream will end. This is when you enter the world of illusions and leave the real world, the world of dreams. But while you are in that dream state you will pierce the veil of illusions and will reach Cosmic Consciousness.

In the first level of Cosmic Consciousness you will be in the light, the first level of enlightenment. This light is the light of revelation. This is where the disciple, John, had reached when he wrote the book of "Revelations". Soon this level of thoughts impressions will subside. The next light is the Light of Augmentation. This Light becomes very bright and is almost blinding. This is the same light that one perceives when they are dying. This is where the average person stops. They usually await death before advancing. Walter Russell had gone further.

When the next level comes everything goes back to complete darkness, absolute stillness, where there is no sound, no light, only peace. It is the Ultimate Void where you will feel like there is no return, no tomorrow. Next comes the Silver White Light. It is brighter than the sun. When you flow upward out of this void, you will go on into Christ Consciousness. Total Perfection. At complete oneness.

This has happened to you before many times and only now will you remember it. For this is the same experience called death. It happens every night only you have no recollection of it. So wake up, and live. Wake up to the world of dreams. You will experience this when you die, so why wait?

We are beings that live on Light, or energy. The Chinese call it Chi. Call it what you like, for now I will call it light. We need this light to exist. All things exist because of this light. We are extensions of light. We think in light waves. It is a different light that I have previously mentioned. The light that I mentioned before is an inner light. This is not really a light at all. It is simply awareness. This kind of light is knowledge.

The main reason to be able to tap into your dreams is to become aware, to open your consciousness to new horizons, to go beyond Genius, to ultimately reach the level of perfection - Christ Consciousness. It seems so very far away, yet it is closer than you can imagine. It must be if you are reading this. Because it is your soul's one and only desire to reach this light. But first we must explore Cosmic Consciousness.

Whenever Cosmic Consciousness is mentioned you can feel your soul awaken. It stirs with a deep resonance. It is an insight long forgotten by most yet many great Seers’ have attained it. The mere mention of it stirs deep memories of a deep feeling of the Creative Source, The Supreme Consciousness. For we all have experienced this at some time in our evolution. This is why we seek it so badly, we must experience this illumination first in our dreams before we can experience it in our dreams.,

In our innermost or deepest dreams that we have forgotten, we have attained this level of Consciousness and we desire to bring forth this memory, this remembrance.

As we have become more and more into the physical world, we have forgotten our origins, at least temporarily anyway. This is man's downfall. We fell from grace into the world of matter through our desires. But just because we have fallen does not mean we cannot get up again. For we are but mini-gods and if we awaken from our long sleep we can return to our rightful thrones. Our inheritance is Cosmic Consciousness. The minds of such great men such as Walter Russell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Blake, Aristotle, Socrates etc. have left their imprint upon our lives and will inspire men throughout eternity.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Pythagoras, Zoroaster, Melchizadec and more, have attained that level of perfection, Christ Consciousness, and all have said that we also will attain it. We just have to believe it and hold our focus upon this higher ideal. And I know that we have men and women alike walking amongst us today who have realized this higher level of consciousness.

Our biggest conflict is within ourselves, between our higher selves, our spiritual selves and our conditioned mind, our body mind, our conscious mind. When we are tied to the outer world, the physical world, we have lost sight of our true identities. When you are caught up in your physical mind, your body mind, you create limitations. You start to worry about what others outside of you think rather than become aware of what is real and what isn't. Beware of intellectual speculation. Cosmic Consciousness does not have anything to do with speculation. It has to do with attaining that blissful experience of God, that higher awareness, that higher level of being. This level is the place where you become aware that you can know anything that you desire to know.

But knowing something does not constitute analogy. If you know how to walk, you do not analyze walking. You just know how to walk. You stop thinking about it because you know it. When you have attained this level of consciousness you now have the ability to see the whole picture. You never get lost in details. Details are of the conscious mind. Cosmic Consciousness means total freedom, total awareness, and spiritual freedom. People, who have this level of awareness, never want to own anything, never want to rule others. It is the intellectuals of the world who want to rule the world. They deal with logic, analogies, and all outside things, the outer world. The inner world cannot be owned or analyzed, for it is too vast, too intangible. When you attain this state of consciousness you become like the wind. You experience things rather than analyze them. The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness means total happiness. No more sadness, no more misery, no more depressions. God is happiness.

Rely solely upon the Creator, and you will attain pure happiness. Do not rely upon earthly things for all earthly things will wither away. The largest stone will one day become a pebble and then nothing. The spiritual aspect of the stone will be forever. It will always be. All of your grief is because you look outward for answers rather than inward.

Start tonight as you are preparing for sleep. Kneel down and tell yourself that you only want to dream of good things of spiritual things that will lead you closer to God. In God there is neither sadness nor room for depressions. Only happiness. If you are secure in Him you will no longer feel sad. You no longer will suffer. Soon you will awaken and you will feel secure, safe, and happy. You will have this great feeling inside of you. You will become confident in all of your affairs.

Become spiritual, not religious. To follow something religiously means not being able to bend, not being able to see clearly. With God all things become possible. Religion always becomes a physical thing, an outer thing. In religion people are always looking for God outside of themselves. They think He will appear in the sky or come in the form of another man. I say that you can only recognize God in others or outside of yourself only when you can recognize him within yourself. When you look in a mirror do you see God? He is surely there. Next time you look, relax. You have to let yourself see him.

When a man turns inward toward the Supreme Consciousness, his own consciousness will expand into total awareness. He may or may not have a great blissful experience, or spiritual ecstasy, because they are not important. But he may slip into a trance. This also is not important. What is important is the union. The oneness. This is our real goal. Oneness with God. The ecstasies may happen, but they are not the ultimate goal. Full awareness of God is the ultimate goal. In fact, sometimes while in a spiritual ecstasy you could be led astray. Because this is not necessarily the highest attainment.

If you reach an attainment like this, you will always fall back into your own consciousness. When this happens you become fooled by the experience. Your ego then begins to bulge and you think that you are the cause, that you are the being that causes all things. This is nothing more than your ego, not your spirit. So beware. Whenever you have a spiritual bliss, it is not the ultimate, only the gateway to higher-consciousness. It could become a pitfall, rather than a stepping-stone. Always review it as a step closer but you must persist onward toward God-Hood. This cannot be caused, only encouraged. This means that your new awareness is an awakening and cannot be made to happen. The awakening is an effect. Your persistence or focus upon God is the cause. This awakening comes through complete surrender to God. Then whatever we do, we will do spontaneously and naturally.

You must open up to your own awareness of your Higher Self, your own Super Conscious mind. Then you will equally be comfortable in the spiritual realm as well as the physical. I am at home in the inner-worlds and I spend at least 40 to 50% of my time there. The average man spends only 10 to 20% of their time there. This is an imbalance of the conscious mind. It must be equally balanced with the subconscious mind. You must learn to daydream more. You must learn to focus your daydreaming on spiritual matters. Many people daydream it is a way of balancing the conscious mind. But if you learn to focus your daydreams with the spiritual self then you can evolve in a spiritual way.

Take a moment, and relax. Close your eyes and let your mind wander. Soon you will be daydreaming. About what? You will not know. Whatever comes will come at random. But if you focus your mind on spiritual things like God, yourself, your higher ideals, your daydreaming will become focused upon these things. You will slowly start to become aware. Your daily activities will have a new meaning.

Practice this daily. Soon you will be looking forward to it. You will soon begin to be able to tap into your night-dreams as well. You will begin to take control of your life. Your dreams will, in effect, become real to you.


Creative Dreaming is like a Meditation.

Your meditations will become creative as well.

Creative dreaming will lead you to the many levels of consciousness. You will have signs along the way to show you where you are. I can only tell you of the experience that I had to this innermost consciousness.

When I became aware of my own inner self, there was a blinding white light. It was like lightning in the evening sky but it was all encompassing. I felt it in my deepest core. I felt illuminated with the light of God. It was ecstatic. It was beautiful to the max. It was so encompassing and I had a rich and deep awakening. I felt as if I suddenly knew everything there was to know. But it only lasted for a moment, like a blink of an eye. Yet for that split second, it was like an eternity. Now whenever I truly desire to know something, I can just focus upon it. I may not know all of the details of it but I will certainly know the essence of it. And that is what is real. For example. In 1976, which was one of the most spiritual years of my life and a year I had many great experiences, I was in my back yard late at night and I was meditating upon the planet Jupiter. I wanted to know what it was like up there. Suddenly I was transported, (in my mind, only) to this great planet. All I could see was gasses, clouds and vapors. No land, no water. I thought what a great discovery. About five or six years later, the NASA sent it’s spaceship by Jupiter, and all of the headlines in the newspapers proclaimed - "We have made an amazing discovery, Jupiter is a ball of gas." Yet, I already knew this in my meditation five years earlier.  But I did not realize the significance of this discovery until they announced it in the papers five years later. So you see, all knowledge is waiting to be perceived by you. It is your birth rite. You have the same mind as I do. You are equally as important as I am. You have the same capabilities and perhaps more than I do. You just have to have the same desire and become focused upon the Universal Mind, God (whatever you desire to call him-her.)

Now when you become transformed, you will be filled with the inner light which is there waiting for you. It is yours. Go after it. When you do, you will be filled with light and knowledge. You will be filled with the spirit of the Cosmic Consciousness, at the same time exerting a more or less transforming influence upon your environment just by your mere presence. People will have a different attitude about you. They will feel peacefulness about you. They will bathe in your light. They will always want to listen to you. Even your voice will have a magical ring to it. My spiritual Master who has guided me to this point has done so because he also has reached this level. I could tell you his name, but it is not important. It could be Jesus, Pythagoras, Lao-tzu, or Walter Russell. I have been influenced by all of these great beings. And it would be unfair of me to pick one.

The Enlightened Ones will come when you are ready. It does not matter which. All I can say is that when you are filled with the light you will become completely regenerated, such as they are.

Pythagoras came to me and has been with me since birth. Jesus came to me when I was twelve and has been with me various times since. Lao-tzu came when I was in my thirties. Walter Russell came to me in my forties and has been with me until now. Each is the same but each has a different way of teaching. I love them all equally.

What is so comforting to you, is that you have the same ability to reach this level of awareness. The thing that will amaze you the most is that upon this awakening you do not look down upon anyone. All are apart of you, and you learn to love all. It does not mean you have to like them, but you will certainly love all living things. And at this point of your evolution, you will no longer fear anyone or anything. No one will be able to harm you in anyway. You will become Master of your soul. Master of your destiny. Master of your life.







Creative Dreams Symbols

The Creator is the original thinker, the one and only thinker. All other thinking, thoughts, ideas, are but his thoughts, ideas.

Man does not and cannot think through his body mind. The Creator thinks, and extends his thinking to us through our spirit mind.

Many of these same thoughts and ideas come to us through our dreams. They come as symbols. All symbols come to us through our ideas. Because a symbol itself is like a thousand words. You can act out a whole lifetime in one night's sleep. But don't worry the next night your life and dreams will certainly change again.

When you go to sleep, you alter your mind from beta (conscious) to alpha (unconscious). What this actually means is that you go from the waking state to the sleep state. In other words your conscious mind dies. It disappears. And your subconscious mind awakens. It really does not awaken. You just become aware of your subconscious mind. (Hereafter I will refer to it as your Spirit-Mind and I will refer to your conscious mind as your Body-Mind.) Your Spirit Mind is your real mind. Your body mind belongs to your body. Whenever your body relaxes, you have no body mind

Yet your Spirit-Mind is always active. You simply are not aware of it. When you are aware of your Spirit-Mind, you are in alpha, a level of the dream state. When you are in this state, you are in the creative mode of your mind. You always create tomorrow--tonight. Your destiny is laid out when you are born, yet you are always altering it at night. You alter it because of your daily experiences.

You create through a vision of your desires while awake by way of symbols. Man believes that he thinks. He only takes the thoughts from the Creator and places a personal construction upon them and through the selfish desires thus aroused, creates for himself all of his troubles and brings upon himself all of his problems. These apparent mistakes and interferences are, in reality, only the roadblocks that he puts in his pathways of life. These same roadblocks are his to overcome. He must and will develop a body, mind, and spirit capable enough to express the Creator in all of his actions.

Man, then is the material manifestation of God and is preparing through which to manifest the perfect idea of God.

The Universal Creator provides the personality, body, mind and intellect, through which He can express this idea perfectly - the physical brain of which He can think and speak it into outer manifestation. He plants in man's brain an idea--any idea. This idea could grow and mature into the complete manifestation of that idea. If man would only let it. These idea's come through symbolism, and most of the symbols come by way of man's dreams or visions, either when he is awake or asleep.

Listed below are some symbols you may be able to work with.

Remember--You must eventually develop your own meaning to your symbols. What something means to me, may be different for you. I will give you some universal symbols.

The best way to develop or create them is through your own intuition. We all have this ability. I will at sometime give a lesson upon this. It will come through my audio or visual tapes (Nu-Ray tapes).

When you become proficient in dream interpretation, you will be able to give psychic readings or interpretations as well. They are one in the same.

You need to write down your dreams daily. Soon you will become good at interpretation. Remember, your daily experiences can be interpreted too because they are all the same but the interpretations may vary. Everything you do is symbolic.

Write down your symbols daily. Wait a while before you try to interpret them. Wait until you at least have four or five pages of them. Look at the not to closely. Allow the meaning of each symbol reflect its meaning back to you. You soon will become proficient.

Dreams and visions are direct communication with your spirit. Quiet the mind and soon you will become aware. The answers to all things lie in your spirit-mind.

All dreams come from your true self or your Higher Self. They express your hopes, desires, fears, opinions, and your deepest emotions. Another thing to remember is that when you are observing or tuning into someone, you are just reading his or her Spirit-minds. And when you are tuning into someone you will invariable see images in your own mind. These images by and large come as symbols. Sometimes you will see things as they really are, or see events as they really are. Most of the time you think, thinking is seeing,  will see symbols which are whole pictures or images.

Many times when I am looking at someone's Aura, I will see little images floating up out of the aura. These images are either thought forms or symbols. I will give you an idea of a symbol and how to interpret it.

Think of the Bible. It is very symbolic, and used daily by many. In the beginning of the Bible was written the word. The creator spoke the word, and the word was made manifest. The word (spoken word) to the human understanding is a symbol of an idea that is, it stands for, embodies and represents an idea. Therefore, you are a word, a symbol of an idea, just like every other person, place or thing. Think very carefully about this. "You" are an idea always manifesting itself. When you can discern the idea in back of the symbol then you know the soul of the material manifestation that appears as man.

In other words whenever you think about anything, you are thinking about an idea. The Creator will automatically create a soul and as soon as the soul appears, the physical manifestation will soon follow. The soul is divine substance that gives form to all created things.

This is the reason why you should guard your thoughts well. Never think ill of a person because the creator will put substance (soul) into the thought you have created, and it will and can manifest itself. So, we therefore are co-creators. God will give you anything you desire instantly. The reasons your desires are not fulfilled are because you can just as quickly create the failure of you desires. This means that you must believe it will manifest. All you have to do is believe and it will surely happen.

A word is an idea and idea that has not yet been manifested, an idea that is latent, (waiting for the right energy) waiting to be expressed, or thought and spoken in some form or another. So the word that was in the beginning and that was with the Creator was then not only an idea but was the Creator's idea of himself and his idea of expression of himself. This idea was a part of Him. It was the substance and the essence of his Being or of his soul.

All things were made by Him through the Vital Force (Prana, Chi, Life Force energy White Light or whatever you decide to call it) or the Vital Action of His idea.

First He created the thought. Then He had the desire to manifest this thought as His idea. Nothing can ever be thought or ever be expressed as a thought that is not his thought. We are the divine expressions of his original idea, as well as all other things created in this universe.

This, His idea, is in the process of being expressed into the material world. It is his outer expression that is the visible manifestation and his idea is his inner manifestation of thought. Man can never complete know his manifestations but he can know his idea, or at least the essence of that idea. In short man can know the cause but never know the effect.

Whenever his idea is completely thought out, then shall his idea become known in every word. His idea is so chosen and arranged it will be as one word. Then we will no longer need symbols. We will simply know. We will not need to ask, why, and what for. All knowing will manifest through us. The idea of God is not completely manifested yet. Remember this, it is very important, and I cannot say it enough to you. It is well that you seek the higher knowledge along life's pathway and that you seek it through outside means, such as books and teachers, philosophies, and religions because a certain element of truth is in all things.

But the time will come when you will realize that the thoughts of other minds and the teachings of other religions, no matter how true, and no matter how beautiful they may sound, are not necessarily intended for you. For there are reserved for you, thoughts, ideas, and teachings which are yours and yours alone and which will be given to you in secret from the Creator--when you are ready for them. Timing is everything.

However, following another person’s path for a while will and can lead you back on to your own path. So use my symbols with one eye open and with one eye closed. These symbols are placed here by my Tuesday night class, and are given here freely by this same class. They tuned in and came up with the symbols, the very same way you will when you read this book. Of course I have come up with a few of these symbols myself. We all can contribute, or you can even write your own book using this one as a guide line. I give everything freely, just as I have received it freely. Now go out an conquer the world.

Remember; stay alert, aware, and watchful. Our inspiration is His inspiration, our knowledge is his knowledge. Without him we are nothing, yet with him we are all things.

The reason for you to search out your symbols is to become aware of yourself, and of your life's pathway.

To know you is to know the Creator.

Another reason: to learn how to deal with life.

To find yourself

Who are you? What are you, where are you going? Why are you here?

Do you now have enough reasons? There are plenty more.

Like reducing stress.

When you go to sleep, you rehearse tomorrow's events, based upon today's actions. You balance out what was left unbalanced yesterday. Your Spirit mind is your balance. Your body mind will always create unbalanced thoughts or ideas. Your spirit mind will rectify them.


All dreams are creative dreams.

Many people work out business deals in their sleep. Many others will create their artwork while sleeping such as painters, sculptors, musicians etc.

Many others go to bed with their problems and after awakening, they realize that the problems where solved while sleeping.

You can learn to do this by learning how to analyzing your dream symbols.

You can learn what you are, why you are here, and where you are going, through your dream symbols.

It is a positive way of growing, a way to self-discovery, and a path to higher learning and self-growth.

If you dream of an event in your life that is negative, you can learn how to change this event while sleeping. You can stop the dream, and change it on the spot. It is not difficult. It just takes a little practice.

If you know before hand that you have a problem to be resolved, just write down the problem and ask your inner-self, or Higher-self to give you the answers to solve this problem. It may sometimes take you a few nights to completely work it out but you can gain great skills this way.

Sometimes during the middle of the night, I will awaken, go to the bathroom, and then go back to bed and resume a dream, usually right where I left off. If I thing the dream is negative then I will work it out to be positive. Always tell your self that you will dream good dreams tonight. In fact, command yourself to have good and happy dreams. It works.

You can do the same things during the day. Just focus your mind upon a particular problem then allow your mind to daydream. Just let it drift off, knowing full well that the problem is now in the back of your mind and that you are going to focus upon it again when you get into that day dreamy state of mind. Believe me, the answer will come but you must believe it, totally. Before you daydream sit in a comfortable chair, sit back, take ten deep breaths, and allow yourself to drift off with the problem in the back of your mind. This is what I call focusing.

While sitting back, listen to your breathing, follow your breath, and visualize your-self breathing in the golden light of the sun. And this golden light is flowing up into your brain. It will totally relax you.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

If you have a difficult time doing this, then you should spend ten dollars, and send for my meditation tape, or one of my self-help tapes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Now be watchful, be alert, and be waiting for something to form in your mind. But remember this, it may come to you as a picture, a thought, a feeling, or just an idea. You may just know. It may come to you as a flash. You may just sense something. You may not know now how it will come, or how you will develop. Just believe it when it does.

The secret to developing your mind is to relax. To let!!!

Whether you are attending school, a business meeting, preparing a speech, a sermon, the secret is to relax and let go.

Letting it happen. I cannot stress this enough.

When you are calm, and relaxed, you can move mountains. Nothing is impossible. The best way to be a positive thinker is to let yourself be a positive thinker.

The way to be successful is to be a creative dreamer, while awake or asleep.

Your body mind (conscious mind) is always in a state of agitation. It is always active, aggressive, and wanting to control. Whenever your ego is in control of anything, you will always lose. Your ego is your body mind.

The body mind is the doer. The spirit mind is the creator. Both are needed. Just balance them, and you will be powerful in any endeavor.

Creative Symbolism:

In Creative Symbolism you can learn this process by learning to apply it to your dreams, then you can also apply it to your visions, or if you are reading someone psychically and see a symbol while gazing at the person.

Just ask a friend, or family to tell you of any special dream they can remember. Soon you will become proficient in analyzing them.

For instance, imagine that you have a dream of a yellow flower, or a red rose. Well if I was reading the person, then I would ask myself to reveal all of the symbols of the flower. Does it have any new buds on it? Buds represent something new about tho be born into your life. Does the red rose have thorns? This could mean that the person is beautiful, but do not try to get to close or they will prick you. Yet red means energy and people with this color will complete everything they start because they have very much energy. Yellow is the color of the intellect, So I would look to see what shade of yellow, and then I would know what kind of thinker the person is. Everything that you can think of about the flower will definitely fit the person and explain what is going on in the person’s life. Remember, none of the symbols here came from a book, they all came from the spirit mind of my students as well as my own interpretations. So they are all true, and whatever you add will also be true.

 © Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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