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Part Two


Chapter eight

Where do idea's come from?

Where do images come from?

The subconscious (Spirit Mind) that's where. But not ever from your conscious mind (body mind).

All idea's are from the Creator, and all idea's come in the form of symbols either in your sleep or while you are awake, or in meditation. A symbol itself is like a thousand words. You can act out a whole lifetime in one night's sleep by way of symbols and it could be just one symbol. Man believes that he thinks. He only takes the thoughts from the Creator and places a personal construction upon them and, through the selfish desires thus aroused, creates for himself all of his troubles and brings upon himself all of his problems.

These apparent mistakes and interference's are in reality only the roadblocks that he puts in his pathway of life. These same roadblocks are his to overcome. He must and will develop a body, mind and spirit capable enough to express the Creator in all of his actions.

Man then is only the material manifestation of God and is preparing through which to manifest the perfect idea of God. God provides the personality, body, mind and intellect, through which He can express this idea perfectly - the physical brain of which He can think and speak it into outer manifestation.

He plants in man's brain an idea, any idea. That idea would grow and mature into the complete manifestation of that idea. If man would only let it. This idea's come through symbolism, and most of the symbols come by way of man's dreams.

Listed below are more symbols that you may or may not be able to work with.

Always create your own interpretations of the dreams. To do this you must use your intuition. Through much practice you will soon be able to interpret your own symbols and others as well.

All dreams and visions or intuitive thoughts and they come from the sub-conscious, your true self. They express your hopes, desires, fears, opinions and your deepest emotions. And this is why you would want to know the symbolism of them.

Symbols - A

1. Automobile--This sometimes represents the physical body whether it is your own body or the body of something else, especially if you were driving your own car. If it was a taxi then it could represent anyone's vehicles. If it was a car belonging to someone you know, then the vision could be about him or her physically. Do you begin to get the picture? Well try to remember what the auto was doing and it will give you a clue about your symbolic vision.

What color was the car? If it was red, then what shade of red was it? If it was dark, then it could mean that the person or you were being negative or even ill. The color will tell you intuitively what it could mean. I am just giving you clues or ideas, and you can take it from there depending upon the person you are reading for.

Again, think about the numbers that appear in your dream or vision (if you were asleep then we say you are dreaming, if you are awake then we say you are having a vision, actually they are both the same).

Look up the meaning of the number and you will have still another clue about your vision or idea (ideas, visions, dreams, or even thoughts are the same, they all come with pictures). Do you get it yet? All are merely perceptions; feelings and we label them intuitive thoughts or ideas. Most people think that psychics are gifted, this is not entirely so. They are just perceptive, some better than others, but all people are psychic. It is just another label.

2. Abandonment, again, we are only giving you a few symbols to work with, there are many. Abandonment or the feeling of being abandoned usually means you will have difficulties in a love affair, or with a business partner. You will feel at a loss with something, usually a situation you can't handle. Loss with a job or mate, relative, friend or relationship. Some one letting you down. Try to feel what color was associated with this feeling even if you cannot remember, it will come to you if you relax.

3. Above--- Something that you are trying to reach above your head may reflect you trying to reach higher employment, also the dreams show a higher level simultaneously which means you are trying to reach a higher level of consciousness.

4. Accidents this could be a warning of an actual event coming up in your lives not necessarily an accident. Just more of an event that could be sudden-like. If you should have a vision and it tells you very strongly that it is an accident then tell your self-daily by looking into a mirror in your right eye that you do not have time for an accident you have too much to do.

I say this to myself quite regularly especially if I feel a cold coming on. I just look into the mirror in my right eye, because the right eye is wired to the right hemisphere of the brain, and I talk myself out of sickness or any kind of cold even before it can get started. We are the masters of our destiny. All we have to do is just take charge of it. By looking into the right eye you are going directly into the spirit mind. It cannot do anything but what you tell it too. Never ask, just command yourself by telling your spirit mind to do what you want and expect.

Be the boss. Do not ever give your power to someone else especially a doctor, use it for your own personal health and welfare, and only use a doctor in an extreme emergency. What could the doctor do for you that you couldn't do for yourself anyway?

The average American lives to be about 75yrs old; the average American Doctor lives to be about 58yrs old. So why do we go to a doctor when we are seriously ill? He knows less than we do on how to live longer. Of course there are many Doctors that are advanced in medicine, and you should listen to them. Just use your intuition so you can know the difference.

5. Adultery-- dreaming of committing adultery means that your sexual desires are increasing at the present time in your life. It also means that you may actually be committing adultery in the near futures or becoming unfaithful if you are not strong. Again look into the mirror and tell yourself that you do not want this to happen to you. You do not have time for it that you have too much in your life to do now. Be positive be strong and be decisive. It could mean that you might desire to covet something that belongs to someone else.

6. Airplane-- if it is in the air means abundance is on the way or good news is on the way. May also be a long distance trip coming up soon. And could mean that you are having an out of body experience.

7. Alley-- dead-end, something in your life could be over, you may find that a certain situation is going no-where. You may be experiencing a situation that leads you up a blind alley. Or simply going no-where. Something is ending in your life.

8. Alligator this would have different meanings for people living in the tropics versus people living in a cold climate. Can mean that enemies are near, or you may have many problems snapping at your feet. Danger, warnings, uses caution. It can mean that your life is in danger, or just simply mean that you are going to have enemies soon.

9. Ambulances-- if you are in the ambulance, illness lies ahead. If others are in the ambulances you may have the loss of a good friend. An emergency situation will arise.

10. Animals or of animals in general - A golden opportunity lies ahead. If you are feeding the animals you are in for very good luck in business or career. A dangerous animal may attack you, or you may be blocked in business, or you may have an adversary. It all depends upon what animals you are dreaming about, or seeing in your meditation. Each animal has a different meaning, (for instance if you were dreaming or visualizing a bird then you could be dreaming about someone who is flighty, or of someone who is seeking a higher place.

11. Aprons - Protection, you are seeking protections or are giving protection depending what was happening with the apron. If you are going to court soon, then the apron symbolizes protection. You could be in danger of a fire soon, but you will be protected.

12. Arena - You may be making a spectacle of yourself also you may be in a battle or in the limelight depending upon whether the dream was aggressive or not. Depending upon whether the dream was spiritual emotional or physical is how you would interpret the end results.

This is true in all cases. Use your intuitions it works.

13. Argue-- having an argument means you may have tensions during the coming day caused by others. Arguing with lawyer, legal problems ahead. Arguing with friend, someone is trying to stab you in the back. You could be making a sale or a pitch for a now job.

14. Ark-- Safety, being protected, a safe journey ahead. Also if the ark is in the water means a balance in your emotions. Can mean a spiritual journey is in order.

15. Arrow-- Being hit by an arrow from another person means someone is talking about you. Many arrows: beware of your friends they could become your enemies. But if the arrow is golden means golden opportunity, or many golden arrows, means an abundance of opportunities. Red Arrow; means that you could be getting an abundance of energy soon, but if the Arrow is a negative red, it could mean you will witness murder. Or someone is sending you negative message if the red is negative. Blue Arrow; spiritual, green arrow; better health new life. Are you getting the picture?

16. Army-- you have many allies or there are more problems than you can handle.

17. Arrest-- being arrested can have many meanings such as; being confined to the bed, hospitalized loss of freedom, misfortune is well at hand. Beware or just be POSITIVE.

18. Art-- means that you will be in a place of great beauty, to be surrounded by beauty aesthetics. 0r and artist; you will meet a beautiful person.

19. Astrology an enlightening event is going to happen to you; however, if you were dreaming of a certain sign, then you would need to look up the different aspects of that sign. Usually it is always a good dream symbol. If you dream of meeting a Gemini, then you will meet someone who is dualistic, creative, artistic, talkative, a dreamer. It all depends upon the positive or negative aspects of the dream.

20. Attack-- if you are being attacked then you may have problems with someone in the very near future; if you are the attacker you will overcome your problems. It also could mean that you could be overcome with insurmountable problems, only in appearance though because it usually seems to be bigger in the dream or vision than in real life.

21. Aunt-- this usually represents a person that will aid you in your endeavors, and usually it is someone that has a strong maternal instinct. Someone with a nurturing appearance will come to your aid.

22. Attic: You are elevating your self; you can expect a job change for the better. A pay raise or simply you are dreaming on a higher level.

Symbols - B

1. Baby-- this usually means that something new now is coming into your life; a new beginning; a new project, starting something new, a new life cycle, or a new relationship, or just something new.

2. Back door-- this can signify that something hidden or subtle is about to happen. It also can mean that someone cannot face you, or if it is you going out the back door it means that you can't face up to someone, or something. It could also mean that someone is sneaking around, having an affair, or embezzling money.

3. Bag-- if it is one bag, it could mean that someone is going to give you a gift. If many bags, it could mean abundance in some form is coming. Actually you need to know what is in the bags to know what kind of abundance. It may not mean something positive.

A bag usually means a container or something with which things can be held. Like the expression, "it is in the bag".

4. Ball-- this can mean that a party is coming. However, if you are dreaming of a baseball or football then you could be attending a sporting event.

5, Bank: you could be putting something away for a rainy day and it does not necessarily mean money. Just use your intuition.

6. Barber: you could be in trouble if the barber is cutting your hair. Your hair usually signals your strength, and spiritual power. Get it? However, it could just mean the cutting away of something on a more mundane level.

7. Barking: some one is trying to warn you of something.

8. Barn: you are storing up for the winter, also, a very comfortable and secure place you will be in shortly.

9. Basket: if it is full; means abundance, empty; means you have nothing left.

10. Bathing: if you are taking a bath means that you are cleaning up your act. Also, means things are going to be clean and healthy for you soon. Bathing in a pool; means you are swimming in your emotions, if it is a larger pool, or a lake; means your emotions are running away with you. If it is a pleasant dream, and the lake is clear, with beautiful surroundings; then it means a very spiritual dream.

11. Beard-- if you are a man and you are dreaming of having a beard, you will be honored for your wisdom, If someone is shaving your beard, you will be disgraced, and if you are shaving it; it will be a disgrace of your own doing.

12. Bed-- if you are dreaming of sleeping in a comfortable bed, you will have comfort in present dealings; if you are dreaming of sleeping in an uncomfortable bed; you will have no rest in present employment.

13. Bees-- many meanings; if you are dreaming of bees around the hive, you will have abundance. If bees are attacking you, many people will do you wrong.

14. Bicycle-- a short pleasant journey a day of leisure and exercise.

15. Big-- of dreaming that you are big and tall; you will grow to influence in your career, if it is a spiritual dream; you will become a religious leader. You will rise to new levels.

16. Birthday: dreaming of your own birthday means a new life cycle, new beginnings.

17. Blind: of being blind you cannot see the outcome of a certain problem. Of going blind there is something going on in your life and you don't even know it. Open your eyes, and open your consciousness.

18. Boat: being in a boat in smooth water will have control of your own emotions. If the water is rough, there could be a tough time ahead with a relationship. If the water is deep and clear blue means you are a spiritual person. If the waters are cloudy and murky; means poor health coming up.

19. Books: good news, and plenty of wisdom coming your way. If it is a magazine; then information is coming soon about a certain event in your life.

20. Bridge: You will have the knowledge to solve a problem. Crossing over into a new vibration, or a new experience.




Symbols - C

1. Camel: someone will sacrifice something for you. Also means endurance.

2. Candle: the way is lit for you. You will become enlightened about a particular event in your life or about someone in your life. Also represents healing.

3. Cardinal: if it is the bird you will receive money very soon. If it is the Cardinal of a church, someone will be an authority over you. Also denotes a spiritual event.

4. Castle: you will be honored very soon. You will be in a position of power.

5. Cattle: prosperity ahead. If it is one cow; then it is a spiritual dream, and means that you will soon grow to a new level.

6. Cellar: this is a dream where you will go down to a lower level. Someone could be pulling you down to his or her level.

7. Chimney: smoking chimney means peace and contentment.

8. Choking: Will not have the courage to face up to some task.

9. Christ: will be reborn; (when a person experiences rebirth, he will experience a spiritual awakening of a sort. However, he may become fanatical about it if he thinks that he is above everyone else). The rebirth of the soul comes in many unusual experiences.

10. Church: means the spiritual body, building a church means building a new life. Praying in church your prayers will be answered. Being inside of a church God loves you.

11. City: of a city means you will be too busy. Visiting a city will satisfy present desires.

12. Clouds: problems ahead; the darker the more severe. If the clouds are white, will have help in solving the problems. If they are silver, means an old age.

13. Coconut: of a tree will have abundance? Of just a plain coconut will have an expansion in weight?

14. Coffin: means death; death means change, also means rebirth.

15. Collision: will have an accident.

16. Comet: you will be heralded as a great man or woman.

17. Company: coming means coming events, good or bad, depending whether the dream is positive or negative. Also means that you will receive some form of aid from and unexpected source.

18. Consent: giving consents to marry will be asked to join in a partnership. Also will discover a mystery.

19. Construction: building a solid and secure foundation. Building a solid marriage. Also could mean you will build a house, business, or a relationship.

20. Cop: a man or woman of authority will seek you out.

21. Court: winning in court; will win at gambling. Losing at court will lose at gambling. Being punished by a court; will lose your job.

22. Cross: Death is nearby.

23. Crossroad: will have to make a decision soon; and will force to decide to go one-way or the other.

24. Cyclone: disaster will come quickly. Sudden and unexpected events will alter your life, for the good if positive, and bad if negative.

Symbols - D

1. Dance: of dancing will be asked to a party soon. Others dancing your friends will have impending happiness.

2. Daughter: many different symbols for this dream; how many can you come up with. I will give you a clue. Will have a baby girl. Will be involved with a young female. Go on!

3. Dead: this also has many meanings; if you dream of kissing a dead person, then that person will visit you in a vision. Also means that someone close to you will die soon. Being dead; means that you may be in for a long illness, and also means you may die; not necessarily a physical death though. Sometimes death means marriage.

4. Deer: a gentle soul will visit you soon. Many deer; means that a group will ask you to join them, and they are good for you.

5. Dentist: you will hear the news of a death of a dignitary.

6. Devil: Expect trouble from a so-called friend. Dreaming of an adversary the word "Satan" means adversary. Someone who is opposing you.

7. Diamonds: inheritance is coming; or someone will give you an expensive gift. You will attract elegant things to you.

8. Dice: unexpected good news will come to you. You will receive good news in the mail. Also means gambling with your job.

9. Digging: will be in search for something either a new job, or a new friend. Also means you will be trying to uncover a plot. Seeking.

10. Director: if you are the director you will be promoted to a higher position.

11. Disease: will be uncomfortable with a situation.

12. Divorce: means separation from marriage, or from business, job, or your home.

13. Doctor: visiting a doctor you will soon be inquiring about your health. You also may be overcoming a health problem.

14. Dog: Someone that is close to you is very loyal. A companion, or close friend.

15. Door: a new opportunity will open up to you.

16. Dragon: this signifies that someone is protecting you. A bearer of protection, and good luck.

17. Dress: will be going on a trip with a female friend, also a symbol of protection of the elements.

18. Driving: you are now under control of the situation

19. Drums: you will receive a message from far away.

20. Dungeon: being trapped in a difficult situation.

Symbols - E

1. Eagle: You are able to soar to higher places. Depending upon the situation it could mean your job, love life, or spiritually. Note: all dreams have a Spiritual connotation. Also means an out of body experience; and high ambitions, Wisdom.

2. Ears: will soon hear a secret. Someone may be talking become Clairaudient, (You may soon become Clairaudient, that is if you are on a spiritual path).

3. Earth: you will plant a new idea in someone's head. If you are eating the earth, a severe illness looms. Again there are many different reasons for dreaming of the earth.

4. Earthquake: you will hear earth-shattering news; also you may be hearing or actually experiencing an earthquake soon.

5. Elephant: Someone rich and powerful is coming into your life. Someone from the distant past has not forgotten you, and you will be hearing from him or her soon.

6. Elevator: going down means you are out of control, and heading for the lower planes of life. Also could mean that you are becoming more calm and peaceful now (do you see how the range of the dream differs).

7. Embalmed body: big honors, a dignified body, a person will die soon. Eating an embalmed body (this is a common dream) you will hear of someone that has passed over.

8. Emerald: Great fortune awaits you in your endeavors, also means that you have healing power.

9. Employer: some one of authority will be around you soon.

10. Enemy: someone will oppose you at work. Someone who is against. You are gaining control of a situation at work.

11. Entrance: going through an entranceway you will be going into a new cycle. You will be going into a new environment. Also a new opportunity will surface.

12. Equator: you will have a balanced life.

13. Escape: to escape something means a rise to a new level

14. Exercise: you will soon be experiencing new energy, new vitality, or new and better health.

15. Explorer: you will be searching very hard for something, in search of something, or someone will come to you in search of something.

16. Express: traveling on an express bus you will be going no more than a hundred miles. On a short trip in a hurry, no more than a hundred miles. Traveling on an express train you will be going on a long trip very soon, not more than a thousand miles. Express plane; means a very far trip, over water. Express boat, or ship; you will be going on a cruise, but be in too much of a hurry to enjoy. Express plane means you will be receiving bills that you cannot afford.

17. Extravagant: you are spending too much money; or you will go on a long trip

18. Extinguish: to extinguish a fire; your temper will be under control.

19. Eyes: Someone is watching you. If you are dreaming of your own eyes you will be able to see the situation very clearly now. One eye; means that your mind's eye is opening up.

20. Eyeglass: you will not be able to see through a situation unless you have help.

Symbols - F

1. Face: Of your own face you need to be aware of your actions.

2. Factory: hard work ahead.

3. Failure: you need to change your direction. Failures are stepping-stones to success.

4. Faint: unable to face up to an issue.

5. Fairy: a good omen.

6. Falcon: you will go on a hunting trip.

7. Fall: to fall out of bed; means you are leaving your body and you are to fall out of your body. This is quite common, whenever you relaxed in a hurry, your spirit will fall out of you physical body.

8. Fame: will rise to the top of the ladder.

9. Farm: you will get back to nature.

10. Father: someone above you is watching over you. Many times in a dream, your father represents your self. Example; your father is none other than your higher self.

11. Fence: you are boxed in on your job; or are boxed in with a relationship that you would like to get out of.

12. Ferry: you will travel real soon to another town. Also you will be carried through your emotional trials.

13. Field: many meanings; for instance, is the field full of clover? Then good luck in your endeavors. Wheat field; means abundance. A barren field; means poverty.

14. Fire: once again; many meanings, Usually means your temper, but can also mean a fireplace, a place of warmth, or a fire-bred passion, you could light a fire for a project that you have been putting off, or perhaps there is too much fire and you are burning up the project before it is finished.

15. Fire arms: big quarrels fighting, something explosive. Weapons for a battle with clients, or legal problems.

16. Fish: usually means abundance or good emotions.

17. Fleet: of a naval fleet expect big battles. Of fishing fleet expect your emotions to be under control.

18. Flying: you are out of your body and are being prepared for higher learning. You are soaring to higher places in life, Sexual passions, or desires. Freedom from negative problems, or a difficult situation. Again, find out more details of your dreams, and then you can understand them more.

19. Foods: Are you preparing the food? Are you eating the food? It all depends upon how the symbol comes to you. If you are simply dreaming of food, you may be recalling a certain attitude of how you handled a particular problem when you were a child.

Remember; if you can remember the dream, the same aspect of your mind will give you the answers to the dream, in much the same way. Dreaming of food can have a tormenting as well as a nurturing affect.

20. Friends: a social event is on the way.

21. Furniture: will have abundance and security soon.

Symbols - G

1. Gambling: you are taking to many risks; either in your business affairs, sports, or general life.

2. Game: you are not taking life seriously enough.

3. Garage: do you have something put away that is a secret? To hide something, or something hidden. Also a place of security.

4. Garden: Good money matters are coming up. A house of plenty.

5. Gasoline: you will have enough energy to carry out a very tiring task. You will have enough energy to complete your mission.

6. General: you will be in charge of the entire situation.

7. Ghost: you have an unseen helper. A good luck omen.

8. Gift: you will receive a surprise from someone unexpectedly.

9. Gloves: security, protection, and suspicion.

10. God: seeing God you will be enlightened about something has enough energy to carry out a very in danger. Generally means very soon. Praying to God you may be in danger. General the very highest and the very best.

11. Gold: also means the best is coming riches and gold abundance, meeting someone as well as gold.

12. Grapes: are they sweet or are they sour.

13. Grass: again many meanings; usually means growth and good health.

14. Greyhound: will have a speedy recovery; will win at the racetrack. Will arrive rapidly.

15. Guitar: will be entertained soon.

16. Gums: discord, bad health, someone is close to death.

17. Gun: You now have the weapons to defend yourself from


18. Gym: a hospital that will prove to be a good place.

19. Gutter: fall from the top.

20. Gypsy: You are too flighty; you may watch your have temptations.

Symbols - H

1. Hair: being cut; loss of power.

2. Halo: you will find your soul, good fortunes ahead.

3. Hammer: you will nail down the job. You will nail down what you are presently seeking. Good solid work is ahead.

4. Hand: if you see your own hand while asleep means soon you will take control of the situation. Also means that; you will become very psychic.

5. Handcuffs: your hands are tied in a certain situation. You will not be able to work it out.

6. Handwriting: news is coming; also means you may be signing legal papers soon.

7. Happy: will realize all of your present ambitions. All of your present problems will be worked out.

8. Harbor: one that is empty; means that you will be lonely. You will feel empty inside. Guard against being too emotional. A harbor with ships, means pleasant emotions, good tidings, and happy times looms ahead.

9. Harem: guard against your passions. You will have an over-abundance of sexual relationships.

10. Harmonica: you will have musical abilities.

11. Hat: you are being protected from a legal problem.

12. Hawk: you will be a good hunter; and you will be able to go to the top of the field.

13. Hay: riches.

14. Head: of your own head you will become very wise. Of someone else's head you will meet a wise man.

15. Heart: having a good heart. Also means heartache if it is an emotional dream.

16. Home: Security.

17. Horn: hearing the sound of a horn; means you will receive unexpected good news, unless the dream is negative, then of course the news will be bad.

18. Hurricane: you will be in a stormy situation.

19. Husband: if not married you soon will be.

20. Hymns: of hearing them you will come closer to God.

Symbols - I

1. Ice: someone is being very cold towards you; falling through the ice; you will become a very frigid person.

2. Ice Cream: you will be entertained through a surprise party.

3. Illness: You need to take better care of your body.

4. Inactive: you are building power.

5. Incense: you will be paying your respects to a loved one.

6. Income taxes: Financial losses.

7. Infant: new beginnings.

8. Inheritance: You will be rewarded soon.

9. Injury: be careful in any physical activity.

10 Inn: you will be traveling very soon.

11. Instruments: will be invited to a special occasion.

12. Inventor: will become very artistic, and creative.

13. Invisible: you may have an eye problem; get them checked.

14. Invitation: you will receive good news.

15. Iron: You will receive new strength soon.

16. Island: you may become stranded somewhere

17. Itch: you will become very inquisitive about something soon.

18. Ivy: you are being smothered.

Symbols - J

1. Jack: You will get strong support. You will be elated, lifted up.

2. Jackass: stubbornness will be your demise.

3. Jockey: someone will be your luck at the track.

4. Journey: this is a good sign; you will be traveling soon.

5. Judge: you are being watched on your job, or in your affairs.

6. Jungle: you will have much confusion around you and you may be lost in your own confusion.

7. Jury: this will bring on a major change, depending upon the verdict positive or negative.

8. Jail: you will be imprisoned soon depending upon the positive or negative aspects of this dream

Symbols - K

1. Keg: you will gorge yourself at a party.

2. Kennel: if this dream is negative; then it will mean many quarrels, if positive; you will have aid from many friends.

3. Kettle: much hard work awaits you; also means you are cooking something up on your job, or in a relationship.

4. Keys: you will have the answer that you need.

5. Kick: being kicked; need I say more? Kicking someone, you may be hurting someone with your mouth.

6. Kidnap: this represents a major change caused by someone else.

7. Killing: if you are killing someone it means that you are going to cause someone to think differently.

8. King: of a King; means that you will be in different surroundings of an important nature.

9. Kiss: danger; or passion in your affairs.

Symbols - L

1. Ladder: you are on the rise to success.

2. Lake: clear lake; means you will have a spiritual happening. Your emotions will run clear. If muddy big troubles are ahead.

3. Lamp: your path will be lit. You will be able to see your way through clearly.

4. Lawyer: hiring one means you will have difficulties ahead, but with the aid of a friend you can recover.

5. Leap: this could be a strange experience in the near future; also means that you will take the plunge.

6. Leaves: if still on the tree abundance, if they are off or falling off means you are losing your business, or are losing a sweetheart. Means the ending of something. The fall.

7. Leopard: this could be a good or bad sign, depending on what the leopard is doing. If he is licking you; means you are in good company, if he is attacking you; then its curtains for you, if he succeeds. However if he attacks and fails all will come out all right.

8. Letter: news is on the way. I you are sending a letter; this means that you are looking for something, and may not find it.

9. Licking: this is usually a good sign of luck if you are being licked. However, if you are doing the licking, you will soon be humiliated.

10. Light: being on: will find your way. If it is off you may have poor health soon.

11. Lightening: You will receive news lightening fast; also means you will attain high honors. In some instances it could mean a death.

12. Lion: if a male lion you will receive dignity through merits of your own. You also are lazy, and egotistical. Remember when using these symbols, it is only a symbol of this particular dream, not of your whole life.

 If a female lion: you are the breadwinner, you are the protector, ruler of the house.

Symbols - M

1. Machinery: you will be very busy soon.

2. Magazine: you will receive news from far away.

3. Man: if you are a woman dreaming of a man you are over-passionate.

4. Mansion: This is a place of comfort in the spirit also means abundance and good health. This is a place of comfort in the spirit world. Also means abundance, and good health.

5. Marriage: you will be joining together, or a merger. A business partner, a new wife.

6. Meadow: good tidings, great peace, and contentment.

7. Message: your problems will be resolved.

8. Minister: warning ahead you will receive news that will be disheartening.

9. Money: you will soon receive an inheritance; or you may be going bankrupt.

10. Monster: usually this is a nightmare brought on by troubles that you have been having daily.

11. Moon: this is usually an emotional dream; but can also denote the mind, if full can mean good luck. First quarter mean new beginnings. 2nd quarter means you will have to start over.

12. Mother: security.

13. Mountain: a spiritual awakening; or climbing very high in your work.

Symbols - N

I. Naked: if you are a man; you will be disgraced; if a woman, you will be stripped of your honor, and possibly branded. However the positive aspects deal with passion. The negative aspects deal with guilt of your sexual desires, or you feel inadequate. You may be dreaming about being naked, because you may feel exposed about some personal matter, or matters with your job, or business. You may also be dreaming of buying new clothing.

2. News: someone will survive an ordeal bad news                 death.

3. Noise: someone is talking about you behind your back.

4. Nose: someone is prying into your affairs.

5. Numbers: many different meanings. You will be getting a raise; each number has a different significance, study numerology.

6. Nun: you are being unfaithful.

7. Nurse: you will be helped soon; someone will care for you.

Symbols - 0

1. Oak tree: much strength, a mystical sign; being of a spiritual nature. Long and happy life.

2. Odors: pleasant of odors; some one adores you in secret. Unpleasant odors; vexation of the spirit.

3. Office: yours means you will be receiving a check in the mail. Others; you will work very hard, but will not make much money.

4. Oil: abundance

5. Officer: you will be in a position of authority.

6. Old: will live a long life.

7. Operation: you may be injured in an accident.

8. Orange: you will be considered wise.

9. Organ: You will be asked to give in a church; also you will begin to meditate, or join Yoga.

10. Overboard: you will lose your job or business.

11. Overcoat: you will be traveling into the cold country.

12. Owl: you will begin to see where you haven't seen before. You will become very psychic.

Symbols - P

1. Pail: if full; abundance. If empty, loss of money.

2. Painting: this largely depends upon who is doing the painting; and the subject; I will give you an example: You doing the painting; means that you will receive high honors soon. You painting a picture of an ocean scene; every thing in the picture is a symbol, I will focus on one part of the picture; the ocean, means that you will be in a spiritual and emotional position soon.

3. Panther: you will win over your enemies in a very sly way.

4. Party: great joy, and future happiness.

5. Pigs: this is the best symbol for great fortune, and prosperity.

6. Police: Misfortune in your everyday pleasures.

7. Pine tree: a peaceful, serene atmosphere.

8. Pyramids: great power will come to you prosperity and abundance

9. Pursuit: This may be a case of knowing whom you’re pursued is. Whenever you are running away from something, or someone, it may be you are not living up to the situation at hand. On the other hand if you are the pursuer, you need to find the confidence to over come your problems, or to have more confidence in yourself, or your skills.

Symbols - Q

1. Quarter: you will not receive all of the money that is due you.

2. Queen: you will be come involved with royalty.

3. Quilt: You will live to a ripe old age

Symbols - R

1. Rabbi: Someone will give you words of wisdom.

2. Raft: you will take a short trip.

3. Railroad: there will be much travel in your business.

4. Rain: Great material happiness; much security and peace of mind.

5. Rainbow: you will move far away. You will change your home, and your position all for the better.

6. Red Hair: dying your hair red; means a new way of thinking.

7. Restaurant: you will soon find yourself overeating.

8. Ring: will receive a gift soon matrimony.

9. River: you will find peace and happiness after a long bout with your emotions.

10. Road: Travel, security long life.

11. Ruby: much strength, vitality good health.

12. Running: running away means you are running from your problems.

Symbols - S

1. Sage: you will find the answers to what you are looking for.

2. Salon: someone is talking about you behind your back.

3. Sex: the beginning of something new or you must control your desires. New attitudes of your sexual desires, and sexual awareness.

4. Sexual Organs: Will have a robust life.

5. Shadow: danger; an enemy is close by.

6. Shark: a serious accident on the horizon.

7. Ship: you are finally going to make it; your ship is in.

8. Shower: cleaning up your act.

9. Snakes: these are all of your hidden fears of the day manifesting in your dreams; also means problems or troubles. If it is a spiritual dream; then it means you will have enlightenment.

10. Snow: this is a good sign anytime of the year. Usually means abundance, good harvest.

11. Spider: Great pleasure and happiness. This is a very mystical insect.

12. Stars: you are a dreamer and a mystical one at that.

13. Strange place: You will inherit money; you could inherit someone else's debts.

14. Sun: New beginnings will soon be planning a trip.

15. Skating: You will glide through any problems that you may incur, a feeling of freedom. Being out of control.

Symbols - T

1. Table: someone is going to visit you; you will be invited out to dinner.

2. Tacks: people will be talking about you, guard your reputation; could also mean scandal.

3. Talons: an animal or a person will attack you.

4. Target: you will find the perfect job; also means you are going in the right direction.

5. Taxi: you will be carried safely to your rendezvous.

6. Teeth: There are many different symbols here; one of them is that if you dream of chewing up your teeth, someone close to you will die. Getting them knocked out, great misfortune.

7. Tears: you will be over- reacting in an upcoming situation.

8. Telegram: bad news is coming.

9. Temper: losing your temper in a dream: means that you will overcome obstacles.

10. Temple: you will be rising to new levels of thought; also means that you will be having a spiritual experience soon.

11. Tent: you will be traveling soon; great changes are coming your way, be prepared to make a move.

12. Theater: you will soon have changes in your love affairs.

13. Theft: you will incur heavy losses.

14. Thief: catching a thief you will be rewarded soon.

15. Thirsty: you will soon incur problems that you may feel are insurmountable if you drink after being thirsty, all of your problems will be solved.

16. Tongue: if it is yours; then guard it well. If it is others they may be gossiping. Also means you will be sampling something to see if you want it or not.

Symbols - U

1. Ugly: You have your emotions under control through your hidden fears. This control however is really something that is deeply repressed. So it is hidden even by you. Your memories and desires are hidden or repressed.

2. Umbrella: You are over protecting yourself. You are overly protecting your emotions. You are avoiding an important issue. Refusing to face something emotional.

3. Underworld: This is a very symbolic dream of your hidden secrets you are hiding from the law. The people you are associating with are unscrupulous.

4. Underneath: You will uncover a secret.

5. Unit: Someone is coming into your life.

Undress: Being exposed, finding yourself out in the open. Or whatever you are working on will be out where everyone will see it.

6. Unearth: exposing someone else's secrets. Unraveling a mystery. You know something is going on, and you are getting to the bottom of it.

Symbols - V

Vagrant: You are drifting through your problems, or drifting through life.

Valley: Peaceful dreams.

Vehicle: A vehicle in a dream usually means the self, or your physical body. If you are driving the car or vehicle you are in the dream. If someone else is driving then the dream is about him or her. If a taxi is in the dream, then you are not even in control.

Violent Dream: There is too much going on in your life, you cannot handle it. Too many fears and self-doubt.

Volcano: Something big and explosive is about to happen.

Voyage: A psychic dream about travel. Usually it means a long journey.

Vulture: Usually means death. I had seen a vulture in a tree recently and soon after had a near death experience. So it may not be an actual death, it could just have to do with death. Also if the vulture is eating your flesh, it could represent a sickness.

Symbols - W

1. Wall: Something you are confronting and can't get by. An obstacle you will have to confront. A hurdle.

2. War: You are fighting with someone constantly.

3. Washing: the cleansing of your selfishness cleansing your own guilt and fears, things that you are hiding.

4. Water: A spiritual dream, or an emotional dream, usually the latter. Is the water clean, or is it dirty or cloudy? If it is clean, then it will turn out positive.

5. Wedding: Partnership, becoming married. The merging of two ideas into one idea.

6. Well: Deep emotions. You are becoming more and more spiritual.

7. Wheel: Making a complete revolution, or completing a cycle. The wheel of reincarnation.

8. Whirlpool: You are being pulled into something that you have no control over.

9 Wife: This is the feminine aspect of one's self. We are both male and female; the male is the aggressor the female is the passive, creative and sensitive side of the person.

Symbols - X

X-ray: All of your secrets will be exposed. Someone is seeing right through you. Seeing beneath the surface of a problem.

Symbols - Y

Yellow: This has to do with the mind. If it is a positive yellow, it means bright and sunny disposition. If negative, mental cowardice (yellow streak down your back). If it is gold, then it means that you are becoming artistic, or psychic.

Young: Feeling energetic, or feeling younger. Could also mean that you are going back to an old circumstance. Going back into the past.

Symbols Z

Zeppelin: You will be soaring soon, but in slow motion. Your workload will slow down, yet you will be able to get to the highest level. This is a good dream; you may find yourself leaving your body and soul traveling.

Zealous: Being admired. Someone is watching you at work.





















Chapter Ten

Remember that I only have a few of my very own symbols, and they work for me. But you are a different personality than I am so the symbols will vary slightly. Some of the symbols here came from my dream class students. I would have them meditate, and then feed them some words, and for them to tell me something about the symbol or word. Words are symbols as well. Actually everything is symbolic in a dream, and in the waking state as well.

I believe that when we go to sleep we rehearse coming events, analyze our problems, especially the ones that we could not resolve during the day. So dreams are for the most part, a re-enactment of today's events, as well as a rehearsal of tomorrow’s events. We actually create tomorrow’s experiences tonight. And what we create tonight will affect us for the next twenty years, and possibly the rest of our lives. Yet, even this will change unless we die, because the only thing you can be sure of, is that we will all die, and we will all change. Nothing else is certain.

A dream symbol is something in a dream that is a symbol or an object to replace and object. Most of our dreams are hopes and desires, or wishes.

Things that we want the most and some of these same desires we have come from sexual fantasies. You need to think long and hard about what I am saying here. Or meditate upon it then you will get it.

Dreams are defined as "a


beautiful system, and are sometimes taught in allegory and illustrated by symbols." The allegories themselves are contained symbols. Symbols are used to convey truth and men have used these symbols since the beginning of time. All of the early religions made use of symbols. Christian churches use symbols today. The Catholic Church uses statues of saints as symbols of their faith. They recollect memories of what they have been told about these same saints.

Symbols are used to conceal as well as to reveal.

They are used to reveal hidden messages or ideas of what is going on in your life. And they also are used to conceal mixed emotions, ideas, and truths. Another example is that a symbol has a certain meaning for me but can be different for you. Also, you will view something from your way of seeing things and I will view another. Another way of looking at it is this. Imagine you are standing right in front of me and someone else is standing to the side and still another is in the rear of me. You will all see me from a different angle and all have a different perspective. Yet am I not the same person that all are seeing?

This is why I stress the point for you to interpret your own symbols. It will make you an accurate dream interpreter. Also you will be able to create through your dreams more accurately.

Pursue Truth through Symbols



Chapter Eleven

Creating through your dreams

Here are a few steps to take to insure quality dreams and to begin to create a better life for you. Be sure to be quiet and in a pleasant mood before going to bed. Do not watch TV before going to bed, especially the news. It is negative and full of subliminal messages. Rather play some quiet new age music like Enigma, or Enya, or classical music. I prefer the waltzes of Strauss. When I hear the waltzes I go back in time. I can feel myself dancing to them and the music goes right through me..

Take a pad and pencil to bed with you and place it under your pillow. Then tell yourself to write down your dreams tonight. You will soon be able to remember your dreams.

Something that works real well is a fluorescent black light in your bedroom; it enhances your dreams tremendously. Another thing to do is to get a large glass of water or even a pitcher of water. It works even better when you put ice cubes in the water and place it on your bed stand.

Now that you have written down your dream, go over it and you will be attracted to a certain part of it and, perhaps even all of it. This part is significant. Do not try to analyze the dream when you write it down, rather wait till morning. Until you learn to use your own symbols, then try to use the ones that I have given to you. You will soon be able to interpret them. Talk to your friends or family and ask them to tell you of any special dream they can remember. Soon you will become proficient in analyzing them.

For instance: imagine that you have a dream of a yellow flower, or even a red rose. Well if it was I, I would ask myself to reveal all of the symbols of the flower. Does it have any new buds on it, for buds represent something new about to be born into your life. Does the red rose have thorns? This could mean that the person is beautiful, but do not try to get to close or they will prick you. Yet red means energetic, full of energy, likes to complete everything they start.

Yellow is the color of the intellect, so I would look to see what shade of yellow, and then I would know what kind of thinker the person is. Everything that you can think of about the flower will definitely fit the person and explain what is going on in the person's life. Remember, none of the symbols here came from a book; they all came from the spirit mind of my students as well as myself. So they are all true, and whatever you add, will be true also.

Your mind is electrical and water is the best conductor of electricity. You will have marvelous dreams. Before you go to sleep you should always do deep breathing.

If you should dream about someone that you know, this does not always mean you are actually dreaming about this person. Sometimes the person represents and aspect of your own personality, or trait of yourself. And then of course sometimes the dream is not symbolic; it may be actually about the person or event of the dream.

The symbols of the dream are used in similarity of an actual person or event in your life. In essence you may be dreaming about something unrelated to the person but your spirit uses this as a symbol and it is the aspects of the symbol that is to be followed.

The best dreams are the dreams that we are aware of while asleep.

Dreaming with the full awareness that you are dreaming is when you can have creative dreams. In this type of dream you will learn to create, take active part of the dream, learn to fly, try new things, create any world you want to live in and to explore new ideas, new places.

It is this type of creative dreaming that you can learn to become artistic, invent, and solve you problems. You will take an active part in the creating of your life. You can overcome your negative dreams or nightmares and then watch how your day becomes tomorrow.

You can use Creative Dreaming to enhance your skills in your career, in sports, performance, dancing, skating, profession, and memory.

Your whole life will start to change.

Before you go to sleep, you should tell yourself to become aware of the dream as soon as you become active in REM (rapid eye movement). This usually occurs as soon as you fall asleep. You are now in alpha and are ready. Also you must want something before you fall asleep. Either to work out a problem, or to become more creative, have more memory; be more aware when you are taking a test the next day. You can actually program yourself to pass the test with a high mark.

You can use the dreams to improve your life.

Now when you are in alpha, or REM, you tell yourself that you want to become better in sports, starting tomorrow. Or in any other field that you want to excel in, you now have the best tool you could ever want to improve your life, and your net worth. When you find you are in your dreams and they should become negative for any reason, tell yourself that this is only a dream, and that you want it to have a happy ending with no more negatives. Your spirit mind will always obey.

I use dreaming for healing abilities as well and you can program yourself or anyone else to have a healing-type dream. Be patient, you may not be able to create these the very first night. You must first train yourself to do this. Believe me it will happen soon.

To me, creative dreaming is the same as hypnosis. When you tell someone that is under hypnosis to heal them or to play better sports, they most generally will. They say if you can dream that you will win a race, you will most of the time.

When you master your dreams, you will master your life.

Whatever you can attain in the dream state will spill out into the waking state.

Your spirit mind is more powerful than your body mind. So this is the only true way to attain anything. Either through your dreams your meditations or hypnosis they are all the same.

I believe that when you are in a coma you are in the dream state. You are on the deepest level, which is Delta. When you are in Zero Delta you are out of your body. If you could think of a meter that measures your brain waves and start with the waking state which is called Beta, your brain waves are putting out anywhere from twelve to sixteen on the meter.

When you go to sleep, you slip into Alpha, which are twelve down to eight on the meter. Then you go down into Theta, which is eight down to four on the meter, and then you go down into Delta, from four to zero on the meter. You actually do this every night soon after falling to asleep. You remain in zero delta, for about one to one and one half hours.

This is when you leave your body, and most people lose awareness of their bodies, and even of their dreams. They will hover over their bodies until they enter back into the body and start to go back up into delta, theta, and alpha. All are different dream levels, and most people only are aware of their dreams while in alpha.

Now a person that has become aware while dreaming, can actually train himself or herself to be aware while going down into these various levels. Someone who has become adept at becoming aware while dreaming can actually become aware while out of his or her bodies.

This is called Soul travel. You can visit dead relatives or loved ones, or travel to a distance star while being out of the body. This can also happen while in a coma.

In 1990 on a Friday, my twin brother had a heart attack, and on the next day my mother had a heart attack. My brother was in serious a condition, or perhaps in a critical condition because he was not conscious. On Tuesday, while my brother was in a coma, my mother died. The next day he came out of the coma. It was after the funeral that the doctor decided to tell him about my mother.

I went in with my older brother to give him comfort while the doctor told him. The doctor said to him, "We have good news, and we have bad news. Which do you want to hear first?" He said, "Doc, I only want to hear the good news. I already know the bad news." The doctor said, "You couldn't possibly know the bad news, it happened while you were unconscious." My brother said that when he was unconscious, my mother came to him and said, "It is your turn to go, but I lived a long time, and I want to go in your place", but she needed his permission. That was nearly fourteen years ago and he is still alive. He just happened to remember what happened while in the coma. Whenever anyone is in a coma you can talk to them. You can talk to someone who is hypnotized, in a state of meditation, in a trance, in his sleep or even in a coma. They always hear you talking to them. They may not remember when they are awake or conscious. This is because they are now in their body mind and their body mind was not there. Only their spirit mind was present. You can learn to communicate with anyone at anytime living or dead. Doing it in the dream state is one of the easiest but not the only one. You may have the most vivid dreams when you are in what is called REM (rapid eye movement). However, this is not necessarily the best dream for being creative. REM happens when you are almost in the waking state and you start to dream then. But your most prophetic dreams happen when you are in the deeper states. When you are in REM your eyes go back and forth rapidly and your muscles are deeply relaxed. You have much more brain activity then and you are having more dreams at this time, but the deeper dreams are more meaningful. You usually are in REM for about forty-five minutes and you will go into this state at least three to four times during the night. You can go into the alpha state when you are awake, however, and not go into REM at all.

Most people do not dream in color. If they do, they are not aware of it. This is because they are more left-brained than right. What I mean here is that they use the left side more than the right side. The left is the conscious, the logical - the side that is connected to the senses while the right side is the creative side and is involved with the psychic. So if you remember your dreams then you are more psychic than the average person. You are more aware as well but this does not mean you are more evolved, just more awakened.

If you are a vivid dreamer and work with the symbols in your dreams, you will become more aware, more intelligent, and definitely more creative. You will see your dreams become more colorful and you will become more psychic.

Remember this also. When you are dreaming you are in the spirit world. This is where you go when you die as well. Your dreams never stop happening, even when you are awake and when you die they are all you really have. When you die, you go into the spirit world, but you can only function as much as you function now while asleep. So develop your dreams and you can function while you are dead. Otherwise, you will have to come back here again and again until you wake up.



Chapter Twelve

Master your dreams, and you master your life.

This is why we are here, to allow our spirit minds to evolve, to become the God's we really are. We are Gods and we are asleep, or unaware of our true identity. When we are in the spirit world we are both male and female. Then we incarnate, and fall out of this perfect state (we fall from grace with God), we incarnate into a male or female body and are out of balance. We spend the rest of our lives seeking the half that is missing, be it male or female. But the reality of it all is that we are both. We only feel imbalanced or separate. We are always seeking ourselves. We are always seeking balance. We always seem to fall short because we do not recognize our true selves. We are both male and female living in a male or female body. It creates confusion and we come back time and time again until we recognize that we are both. Then we can open up to our true identity. We really are spirit. The illusion is that we think we are our bodies. We forgot that we are a spirit, pure and beautiful. We cannot tarnish this thing of beauty. We only think that we can. It is our physical body that we have borrowed for a short time that we tarnish. We make it sick. We make it feel pain. We injure and maim it and then we kill it. Most people, when they die, the doctor says that they died of natural causes. This is a myth; we usually die of malnutrition from lack of nutrients. We are supposed to live as long as we want to live but we make sure we only live a certain amount of time, because this is all we can handle. And then some of us will drink ourselves to death, or overdose on drugs. We shoot ourselves, kill ourselves in automobiles, and who know what else because we do not know who we really are. Seek in your dreams. Ask to reveal yourself, to find out your true purpose. We are not supposed to work ourselves to death either. If you can find your own true nature inside of your human body, then you will find God.

We have trained ourselves to be obedient to man, and we forgot we are the true spirits or sons of God.

In the Bible, in the Old Testament, Son was always spelled "Sun". In the New Testament, "Sun" is spelled "Son". Sun means light, and Son means sound. Son comes from the word sonic, which means sound. It comes from the soundless sound, and the lightless light. They are metaphors. The sound of creation is the Son of creation. The soundless sound can be heard within only. It is the music of the spheres. When you meditate you will hear the sound of the moving waters. This is the sound you vibrate to. It echoes the OM sound that you use as a mantra. The Sun of creation is the lightless light. It is the inner light of creation. It is all inspiring, uplifting, creating, and illuminating. When this light falls upon you, you are enlightened. This light and this sound cannot be seen nor heard with the physical eyes or ears, for they are limited to the third dimension only. When this light falls upon you then Cosmic Consciousness is near.

The main reason to be able to tap into your dreams is to become aware, to open your consciousness to new horizons, to go beyond Genius to ultimately reach the level of perfection - Christ Consciousness. It seems so very far away, yet it is closer than you can imagine. It must be if you are reading this. Because it is your soul's one and only desire. But first we must explore Cosmic Consciousness.

Whenever Cosmic Consciousness is mentioned, you can feel your soul awaken. It stirs with a deep resonance. It is an insight long forgotten by most. Yet many great Seers’ have attained it. The mere mention of it stirs deep memories of a deep feeling of the Creative Source, the Supreme Consciousness. For we all have experienced this at some time in our evolution. This is why we seek it so badly.

In our innermost or deepest dreams that we have forgotten, we have attained this level of Consciousness and we desire to bring forth this memory, this remembrance.

As we have become more and more into the physical world, we have forgotten our origins, at least temporarily anyway. This is man's downfall. We fell from Grace into the world of matter through our desires. But just because we have fallen does not mean we cannot get up again. For we are but mini-gods, and if we awaken from our long sleep, we can return to our rightful thrones. Our inheritance is Cosmic Consciousness. The minds of such great men such as Walter Russell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Blake, Aristotle, Socrates etc. have left their imprint upon our lives and will inspire men throughout eternity.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Pythagoras, Zoroaster, Melchizadec and more have attained that level of perfection - Christ Consciousness and all have said that we also will attain it. We just have to believe it and hold our focus upon this higher ideal. And I know that we have men and women alike walking among us today who have realized this higher level of consciousness.

Our biggest conflict is within ourselves, between our higher selves, our spiritual selves and our conditioned mind, our body mind, and our conscious mind. When we are tied to the outer world, the physical world, we have lost sight of our true identities. When you are caught up in your physical mind, your body mind, you create limitations. You start to worry about what others outside of you think rather than become aware of what is real and what isn't. Beware of intellectual speculation. Cosmic Consciousness does not have anything to do with speculation. It has to do with attaining that blissful experience of God. That higher awareness, that higher level of being. This level is the place where you become aware that you can know anything that you desire to know. But knowing something does not constitute analogy. If you know how to walk, you do not analyze walking. You just know how to walk. You stop thinking about it because you know it. When you have attained this level of consciousness, you now have the ability to see the whole picture. You never get lost in details. Details are of the conscious mind. Cosmic Consciousness, means total freedom, total awareness, and Spiritual freedom. People, who have this level of awareness never want to own anything, never want to rule others. It is the intellectuals of the world who want to rule the world. They deal with logic, analogies, and all outside things - the outer world. The inner world cannot be owned or analyzed for it is too vast, too intangible. When you attain this state of consciousness you become like the wind. You experience things rather than analyze them. The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness means total happiness. No more sadness, no more misery, no more depressions. God is happiness. Rely solely upon the Creator and you will attain pure happiness. Do not rely upon earthly things, for all earthly things will wither away. The largest stone will one day become a pebble, and then nothing. The spiritual aspect of the stone will be forever. It will always be. All of your grief is because you look outward for answers, rather than turn inward.

Start tonight. As you are preparing for sleep kneel down and tell yourself that you only want to dream of good things, of spiritual things that will lead you closer to God. In God there is neither sadness nor room for depressions. Only happiness. If you are secure in Him, you will no longer feel sad. You no longer will suffer. Soon you will awaken and you will feel secure, safe, and happy. You will have this great feeling inside of you. You will become confident in all of your affairs.

Become Spiritual, not religious. To follow something religiously means not being able to bend, not being able to see clearly. With God all things become possible. Religion always becomes a physical thing, an outer thing. In religion people are always looking for God outside of themselves. They think He will appear in the sky, or come in the form of another man. I say that you can only recognize God in others or outside of yourself only when you can recognize him within yourself. When you look in a mirror, do you see God? He is surely there. Next time you look, relax. You have to let yourself see him.

When a man turns inward toward Supreme Consciousness, his own consciousness will expand into total awareness. He may or may not have a great blissful experience or spiritual ecstasy because they are not important. But he may slip into a trance, this also is not important. What is important is the union, the oneness. This is our real goal, oneness with God. The ecstasies may happen, but they are not the ultimate goal. Full awareness of God is the ultimate goal. In fact, sometimes while in a spiritual ecstasy you could be led astray because this is not necessarily the highest attainment. If you reach an attainment like this, you will always fall back into your own consciousness. When this happens you become fooled by the experience. Your ego then begins to bulge and you think that you are the cause, that you are the being that causes all things. This is nothing more than your ego, not your spirit. So beware. Whenever you have a spiritual bliss, it is not the ultimate, only the gateway to higher-consciousness. It could become a pit-fall rather than a stepping-stone. Always review it as a step closer, but persist onward toward God-Hood. This cannot be caused, only encouraged. This means that your new awareness is an awakening and cannot be made to happen. The awakening is an effect. Your persistence or focus upon God is the cause. This awakening comes through complete surrender to God. Then whatever we do, we will do spontaneously and naturally.

You must open up to your own awareness of your Higher Self. Your own Super Conscious mind. Then you will equally be comfortable in the spiritual realms, as well as the physical. I am at home in the inner-worlds and I spend at least 40 to 50% of my time there. The average man spends only 10 to 20% of their time there. This is an imbalance of the conscious mind. It must be equally balanced with the sub-conscious mind. You must learn to daydream more. You must learn to focus your daydreaming on spiritual matters. Many people daydream it is a way of balancing the conscious mind. But if you learn to focus your daydreams with the spiritual self then you can evolve in a spiritual way.

Take a moment, and relax. Close your eyes and let your mind wander. Soon you will be daydreaming. About what? You will not know. Whatever comes will come at random. But if you focus your mind on spiritual things like God, yourself, your higher ideals, your daydreaming will become focused upon these things. You will slowly start to become aware. Your daily activities will have a new meaning. Practice this daily. Soon you will be looking forward to it. You will soon begin to be able to tap into your night-dreams as well. You will begin to take control of your life. Your dreams will in effect become.


Creative Dreaming is like Meditation. Your meditations will become creative as well. You should be aware of why I had written the book "MAGIC OF MEDITATION".


Creative dreaming will lead you to the many levels of consciousness. You will have signs along the way to show you where you are. I can only tell you of the experience that I had to this inner most consciousness.

When I became aware of my own inner self, there was a blinding white light. It was like lightning in the evening sky. But it was all encompassing. I felt it in my deepest core. I felt illuminated with the light of God. It was ecstatic. It was beautiful to the max. It was so encompassing, and I had a rich and deep awakening. I felt as if I suddenly knew everything there was to know. But it only lasted for a moment. Like a blink of an eye. Yet for that split second, it was like an eternity. Now whenever I truly desire to know something, I can just focus upon it. I may not know all of the details of it, but I will certainly know the essence of it. And that is what is real.

For example. In 1976, which was one of the most spiritual years of my life, it was a year I had many great experiences. I was in my back yard late onel night, and I was meditating upon the planet Jupiter. I wanted to know what it was like up there. Suddenly I was transported (in my mind only) to this great planet. All I could see was gases, clouds and vapors, no land, no water. I thought, "What a great discovery". About five or six years later the spacecraft went by Jupiter and all of the headlines in the newspapers proclaimed - "We have made an amazing discovery, Jupiter is a ball of gas." Yet I already knew this in my meditation five years earlier. Do not misjudge me. I am not bragging (Then again, maybe I am.) But I did not realize the significance of this discovery until they announced it in the papers five years later. So you see, all -knowledge is waiting to be perceived by you. It is your birth rite. You have the same mind as I do. You are equally as important as I am. You have the same capabilities and perhaps more than I do. Just get out of your head or ego and into your heart or spirit mind. You just have to have the desire, and become focused upon the Universal Mind, God. Whatever you desire to call him (her).

Now when you become transformed you will be filled with the inner light, which is, there waiting for you. It is yours. Go after it and when you do you will be filled with light and knowledge. You will be filled with the spirit of the Cosmic Consciousness and at the same time exerting a more or less transforming influence upon your environment just by your mere presence. People will have a different attitude about you. They will feel peacefulness about you. They will bathe in your light. They will always want to listen to you. Even your voice will have a magical ring to it.

The Enlightened Ones will come when you are ready. It does not matter which one or when. All I can say is that when you are filled with the light, you will become completely regenerated, such as they are.

Pythagoras came to me and has been with me since birth. Jesus came to me when I was twelve and has been with me various times since. Lao-tzu came when I was in my thirties. Walter Russell came to me in my forties and has been with me until now. Each is the same, but each has a different way of teaching. I love them all equally.

What is so comforting to you is that you have the same ability to reach this level of awareness. The thing that will amaze you the most is that upon this awakening, you do not look down upon anyone. All are a part of you and you learn to love ALL. It does not mean you have to like them, but you will certainly love all living things. And at this point of your evolution, you will no longer fear anyone or anything. No one will be able to harm you in anyway. You will become Master of your soul, master of your destiny or master of your life.

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