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Creative Dreams and Symbols

Part 1


Introduction To Dreams

Dreams have always been a mystery, a fascinating subject since the beginning of time. They are creative images or pictures flowing up out of your spirit mind, while the body mind is at complete rest.

Actually, your spirit mind never rests, and functions every second of the time. It never needs rest, and is always going. We are not however aware of this except when we are in that state called sleep, meditation, or hypnosis.

These images are of our own personality, and feelings and idea's, as well as symbols of the images in our minds. These symbols are the most important part of our dreams. When we go to sleep tonight we work out the problems of the day, and create the solutions of the problems in our sleep. Sometimes we have to dream in symbols because we are only asleep a few hours, yet we have to work out a problem that may take several days.

So our spirit minds will flash us a picture (you have heard of the expression "one picture is worth a thousand words"). This picture may affect us for the next twenty years. Every thing in the picture is representative of something in our lives. For instance, if you could turn into an animal right now, what animal would you turn into? Then think of all the aspects of that animal, and you will have the solution to your life because that animal is reflective of you. It is your personality that is like the description of the animal.

Say for instance you chose a dog, think of all the things you know about dogs, write them down, and you will have your personality down pat.

Think of a bird if you chose a bird. A bird is flighty, it likes to soar to high places, and it likes to look down upon the situation. It never worries about food. It just knows that whenever it needs to eat, it just goes down and gets a worm and flies back to its nest. It doesn't take two worms, it knows in its consciousness that it has all it needs. It doesn't have a bank account of worms; it has an infinite supply.

We have many different kinds of dreams, each one fitting a certain situation, and they are on many different simultaneous levels. On the physical level, which is the most superficial level you will have only have a significance of an everyday experience usually an everyday experience or situation that the dreamer is dealing with.

When we are asleep for a while, we go down into a deeper level of sleep. There our dreams become a little more significant because we will dream in images and symbols in the dream representing some psychological aspect of the dreamer.

You can dream in a creative way to unravel or unfold the rhythms of our minds. These rhythms of your mind are always significant to our everyday lives.

Dreams are like looking into the meadows of our mind.

We dream in images, and the images are different for each individual. So dream book interpretations are not necessarily the way for you to go. I do have symbol interpretations in this book, but only for you to use as a guide. You must learn to analyze your own dreams. I will show you how to do it, of course you could call me to analyze a dream for you, but I prefer to teach you how to read your very own dreams. Of course I would like to explore some of the dreams and images that are the most common today. Each dream is the unique personal experience and possession of the dreamer. Sometimes an image may mean the same thing to many people, however it is too easy to get caught up in someone else's images or symbols.

Tarot is a method for you to analyze your dreams. If you could cast a tarot card after shuffling the deck with the thought in your mind to have the answer for your dream symbols.

This is not advisable in the beginning stages of analyzing your dreams because you will get confused. Take your time and think about this book carefully and slowly. Do not try to read this book fast. You will miss the whole point that I am trying to get across to you.


Creative Dreams

Chapter one

All dreams are creative dreams we have access to the most intuitive or psychic resource for understanding and unfolding our minds and lives through our dreams. If you could learn to dream creatively, you could change your life for the better.

Many people work out business deals in their sleep. Many others will create their artwork while sleeping, such as: Painters, sculptors and musicians etc.

Many others go to bed with their problems, and after awakening, they realize that the problems where solved while sleeping.

You can learn to do this by learning how to analyze your dream symbols.

You can learn who you are, what you are, why you are here, and where you are going, through your dreams and dream symbols.

It is a positive way of growing, a way to self-discovery, and a path to higher learning, and self-growth.

If you dream of an event in your life that is negative, you can learn how to change this event while sleeping. You can stop the dream, and change it on the spot. It is not difficult. It just takes a little practice, if you know beforehand that you have a problem to be resolved. Just write down the problem and ask your inner self, or Higher Self to give you the answers to end this problem. It may sometimes take you a few nights to completely work it out, but you can gain great skills this way.

Sometimes during the middle of the night, I will awaken go to the bathroom, and then go back to bed and resume a dream, usually right where I left off. If I think the dream is negative, then I will work it out to be positive. Always tell yourself that you will dream good dreams tonight.  In fact command yourself to have good and happy dreams.  It works.

You can do the same things during the day. Just focus your mind upon a particular problem, then allow your mind to day-dream. Just let it drift off, knowing full well that the problem is now in the back of your mind and that you are going to focus upon it again when you get into that day-dreamy state of mind.

Believe me, the answer will come, but you must believe it totally.

Before you day-dream, sit in a comfortable chair, sit back, take ten deep breaths, and allow your self to drift off with the problem in the back of your mind. This is what I call focusing.

While sitting back, listen to your breathing, follow your breath, visualize yourself breathing in the golden light of the sun. And this golden light is flowing up into your brain. It will totally relax you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you have a difficult time doing this, then you should send for my meditation tape, or one of my self-help tapes. Satisfaction guaranteed.


The body mind is the doer; the spirit mind is the creator. Both are needed. Just balance them, and you will be powerful in any endeavor.

When you are meditating, you relax your senses, your body mind disappears, and you become aware of your spirit mind.

If you go to a hypnotist, he relaxes your senses, and you become aware of your spirit mind. In other words, you are allowing your body mind to disappear so that you can tap into your spirit mind. This is the part of your mind that is creative. Your Creative mind is your spirit mind. This is why you would go to a hypnotist in the first place, so that you could tap into your creative mind.

The main reason you would tap into your dreams is to become aware. To open your consciousness to new horizons to go beyond Genius, to ultimately reach the level of perfection which is-Christ Consciousness. It seems so very far away, yet it is closer than you can imagine. It must be if you are reading this. Because it is your soul's one and only desire.

But first we must explore Cosmic Consciousness.

Whenever Cosmic Consciousness is mentioned you can feel your soul awaken. It stirs with a deep resonance. It is an insight long forgotten by most. Yet many great Seers’ have attained it. The mere mention of it stirs deep memories of the Creative Source, the Supreme Consciousness. For we all have experienced this at some time in our evolution. This is why we seek it so badly.

In our innermost or deepest dreams that we have forgotten, we have attained this level of Consciousness, and we desire to bring forth this memory, this remembrance.

As we have become more involved in the physical world we have forgotten our origins, at least temporarily anyway. This is man's downfall. We fell from grace into the world of matter through our desires. But just because we have fallen it does not mean we cannot get up again. For we are but mini-gods and if we awaken from our long sleep, we can return to our rightful thrones. Our inheritance is Cosmic Consciousness. The minds of such great men such as

Jesus, Walter Russell, Pythagoras, William Blake, Socrates, Emerson, etc. Have left their imprint upon our lives and will inspire men throughout eternity.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Pythagoras, Zoroaster, Melchizadec and more have attained that level of perfection through Christ Consciousness and all have said that we will attain it as well. We just have to believe it and hold our focus upon this higher ideal. And I know that we have men and women alike walking among us today who have realized this higher level of consciousness.

Our biggest conflict is within ourselves, between our higher selves, our spiritual selves and our conditioned mind, which is our body mind, or our conscious mind. When we are tied to the outer world, the physical world, we have lost sight of our true identities. When you are caught up in your physical mind, which is your body mind, you create limitations. You start to worry about what others outside of you think rather than become aware of what is real and what isn't. Beware of intellectual speculation. Cosmic Consciousness does not have anything to do with speculation. It has to do with attaining that blissful experience of God.

That higher awareness, that higher level of being, this level is the place where you become aware that you can know anything that you desire to know. But knowing something does not constitute analogy. If you know how to walk, you do not analyze walking. You just know how to walk. You stop thinking about it because you know it. When you have attained this level of consciousness you now have the ability to see the whole picture and you never get lost in details. Details are of the conscious mind. Cosmic Consciousness means total freedom, total awareness, and Spiritual freedom. People, who have this level of awareness, never want to own anything, never want to rule others. It is the intellectuals of the world who want to rule the world. They deal with logic, analogies, and all outside things, the outer world. The inner world cannot be owned, or analyzed, for it is too vast, too intangible. When you attain this state of consciousness you become like the wind. You experience things rather than analyze them.

The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness means total happiness.

No more sadness, no more misery, no more depressions. God is happiness. Rely solely upon the Creator, and you will attain pure happiness. Do not rely upon earthly things, for all earthly things will wither away. The largest stone will one-day become a pebble, and then nothing. The spiritual aspect of the stone will be forever. It will always be. All of your grief is because you look outward for answers, rather than turn inward.

Start tonight. As you are preparing for sleep kneel down and tell yourself that you are ready for an awakening. That you want your Higher Self your Father with-in to lead you to this awakening. And once upon awakening you want to become enlightened, and then led to Cosmic Consciousness. Remember, this may take a long time, but this way is beautiful and well worth the time. If you have been here over and over, isn't it about time that you became awakened? And isn't it about time you were happy, had all of the love you need, all of the friends that you could handle? Life is supposed to be enjoyed. To be full and adventurous. If I wrote down all of the experiences that I had that were completely unusual, I would need ten volumes. I did not have these experiences because I am on a better level than anyone else, I simply had them because I went with the flow and was opened to them. If I die tomorrow I would be happy because I have fulfilled my life.

Did you ever ask yourself, "What is my purpose? Who am I? Or what can I do that is useful, and fulfilling?"

You can find your purpose and identity through your dreams. I met a doctor in New Jersey. He said that he was recognized as one of the best heart specialists in New Jersey. He said that he really did not know more than the next doctor, but he did follow his intuition and hunches. He said that sometimes he would dream about a patient before he met them and knew exactly what was wrong with that person.

I met another doctor from New York. He said that he was the head surgeon at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York. This was back in the seventies. He said that whenever he had to do brains surgery on someone and he was puzzled about it, he would have a dream. He would then wake up about four in the morning and go into his garage. He had a workshop there and he would make a device, or tool. And sure enough, the next day during the operation, he would use the device and it would always be a success. And the device was different each time, so the dreams in his life were life saving as well as creative.

Around the same time in New York, I met a doctor from Japan. He said that one night he had a dream. He woke up from the dream about two in the morning and wrote down the dream. He said it took him four hours to write it down. He had a dream about a device or instrument that he could insert into your mouth. It would go on down into your stomach and into the intestines. It had a small camera on it that he could see polyps, and another instrument to cut them off with. He said that it used to be major surgery and now it is a simple operation.

So you see, dreaming is the most important thing that you do. The dreams precede seeing with your psychic or mind's eye and intuition. What I mean is that when you are completely open, you will not have to dream. You will not need anymore sleep either. You will be in the dream state while you are awake. You will be able to invent, create, paint, sculpture, or anything else that requires using the right hemisphere of the brain.

When you are in this side of the brain, you are happy, and can work long hours without tiring.

Walter Russell says that if you could create something new every two hours, then you would never need to sleep again. When he was among us (he died in 1963, and his lovely wife died in 1989), he said that he would paint for two hours, and then play music on his organ. He would compose for two hours, sculpture, and then he would do architecture. He never went to sleep until he died. I have had many conversations with his wife. We were good friends and she would tell me that no one could keep up with him.

He is a light unto the world that cannot be extinguished.

I have heard that someone holds the record for having a lucid dream of 45 minutes. I know that I have been in this state many times for many hours. I have been able to do this since I was very young. I am not trying to brag it is merely a simple fact. And if you are attempting this to break a record, you will fail. Because this is something that is natural and you should be able to do this in the waking state for many hours. I think that Walter Russell holds this record along with Thomas Edison, Nikolai Tesla. They required very little sleep. When they were working they were in this lucid state. Lucid means that you are aware of your dreams while dreaming. Beginners made this statement. All of the great ones have had this type of dreaming while in the waking state. It is the only way to reach a high blissful state of mind.

When you are in this type of dreaming you can visit loved ones that have deceased. Whenever you dream of a loved one that has passed over, this means that they are visiting you in your dreams, or in reality, you are visiting them.



Chapter two

Levels and plains of consciousness

First of all, let me start by explaining to you that our minds function on seven different levels simultaneously. If you were to dream about events that happened yesterday and work out the solution for those events tomorrow you must realize you are only asleep for a short period of time, while you are awake for a much longer period of time.

Your spirit mind needs to do this in a matter of a few minutes. Actually, you are in this level about one to one and one-half hours. The only way it can do this in such a short span of time is to give you the solution in symbols. Remember, I just said your mind functions on at least seven levels and seven planes simultaneously, so you must dream most of your dreams in symbols.

Seven planes of consciousness vibrate on different levels, these levels are:

1. Physical Plane: 

2. Mental Plane 

3. Astral Plane

4. Intuitive or psychic plane

5. Awareness Plane

6. Cosmic Consciousness

7. Christ Consciousness


Levels of the Planes are as follows:

1. The first level vibrates to two different colors. Black and white. People that dream in black and white with no color are unenlightened souls. They tend to see things in their daily life in black and white. They are very logical, or left brained. They spend most of their lives in the left hemisphere of the brain, or in their conscious minds. They probably would not be reading a book like this one in the first place. They are the people who are asleep, like robots. They mimic others, and do everything they can in a routine way. They get up at the same time everyday, and do exactly the same things in the order they did them yesterday. They fear any type of change, especially death. They dwell in the left Hemisphere of the Brain.

2. Although this level is where people start to become aware, they may not remember that they are now dreaming in color. This level vibrates to the color green because the human emotions become in effect during this level of dreaming. This level vibrates to the color green.

3. This level vibrates to the color orange. Orange is actually made up of two colors, yellow and red. Red has to do with energy, and yellow the mind. This is when the mind becomes more active. This person thinks all day long, and becomes agitated, and hyper through their dreams, and begins to remember their dreams while awake. They tend to have "deja vu".

. This level vibrates to the color yellow. This is the level of continuing nightmares. You will have nightmares in the lesser levels as well, but in this level you will begin to work them out. You will see them as they are. You will begin to see colors in this level but the colors will be murky and negative. If you are a positive person to begin with you may dream in bright colors but, of course, you will have become enlightened but only dreaming about becoming enlightened. Yet this must occur always first, before becoming enlightened. When you are dreaming of something, you are in fact creating that something in your sleep and later on it will appear in your daily life. The one thing for sure is that it will most certainly occur.

5. The spiritual level of dreams begins to occur here. It vibrates to the color of blue. The person may start to become religious, or even spiritual. He may start to dream of nature, animals, trees, mountains and flowers. He will dream about lakes streams and even the ocean. Some people dream of water in the second level, but this symbolizes emotions. When dreaming of water in the level 4, it symbolizes spirit. Because of the higher level, the dreamer will start to become spiritual.


6. This level vibrates to the silver light. The light of  knowing, true enlightenment and is the  first stage of enlightenment. In this level of dreaming you will have visions. It will give you a sign of things to come. A sign of balance a sign of peace and harmony and well-being.

7. In this level you are truly in the spirit world on a higher plane. Soon after dreaming on this level you will become God-like. Or you will attain Christ Consciousness. Your mind will expand into ecstasy.  You will become perfect in mind, and will actually live in the dream world. The dream world is the spirit world. It is home. It vibrates to the White Light.


Dream Levels

1. If you dream of being in the cellar of your house, then you are dreaming in one of the lower levels. In a dream your house usually means your physical body. It means that your dream is on a lower level. You are dreaming of being in an earthly setting but at a very low level. Usually this dream may lead to a nightmare. It represents the lowest, sex, violence. Sometimes you will dream of a car. Then this becomes your body. It is all symbolic.

2. In this level you are on the first floor of the house. This will represent your daily affairs. Your home life as well as workstation. This level will have to do with your family, friends, and loved ones. It sometimes affects your friends at work.

3. In this level you are on the second floor. You can also dream of higher levels, such as the third or fourth floor. These are all levels of consciousness. When you are on a higher floor, you are in the spirit world. In this particular dream it can also represent the higher planes. You may dream of a loved one talking to you that has passed away, someone who has died. Of course we never die we just change. All things change.

4. In this dream you are flying. This represents freedom. It means that you now can soar to new heights. You can move about in the spirit world freely. You can become an instructor in flying you have graduated. You now can become your own person. You can become the master of your destiny.

You must interpret the dreamer, never interpret the dream.

All dreams are mirrored images.

We live in a dualistic world and we can never understand the meaning of life until we understand the meaning of death. We can never understand our dreams until we divide them, just as we divide the meaning of life and death, morning and night, the Creative force and the Destructive force. They are all one in the same, just separate halves. We live in a dualistic world. One day we are born and soon we die. Life and death are one complete cycle. Spring comes and brings the flowers, while fall comes and takes them away. Fire destroys the forest, and rain brings the forest back to life. Everything gets balanced. So dreams need to be understood. Dreams are as real as the sun.

If you think about the merge of night and day, one just blends into the other. Yet there is a distinct difference. Just sit and wait and watch the sunrise and you will know the difference. One follows the other so quickly that you hardly notice the difference. When you fall asleep you hardly can pinpoint the time when it occurs.

We live in the Universal Mirror; the qualities of the body are reflected in the mirror of the soul. The soul is the aura that surrounds the physical body. The soul or aura, and the body appear to merge one into the other, yet are very distinct. This is because the soul, or aura, is energy, and they hold the body, which is matter together, or in tack. The body is the reflection of the soul.

The soul is never the reflection of the body.

Yet the body influences the soul. This is how they interact with each other.


Chapter Three

True Thinking

The Creator is the original thinker, the one and only thinker. All other thinking, thoughts, ideas, are but his thoughts, and ideas.

Man does not and cannot think through his conscious mind. The Creator thinks and extends his thinking to us through our subconscious mind (Spirit-Mind). Many of these same thoughts and ideas come to us through our dreams. They come as symbols. All symbols come to us through our ideas. Because a symbol like a picture, is worth a thousand words. You can act out a whole lifetime in one night's sleep just through your symbols. But don't worry; the next night it can change it again.

When you go to sleep, you alter your mind from beta (conscious) to alpha (unconscious). What this actually means is that you go from the waking state, to the sleep state. In other words your body mind dies. It disappears. And your spirit mind awakens. It really does not awaken. You just become aware of it. Your spirit mind, (herein I will refer to the subconscious as your Spirit-Mind. And I will refer to your conscious mind as your (Body-Mind).) Anyway, your Spirit Mind is your real mind. Your body mind belongs to your body. Whenever your body relaxes you have no body mind. Your body mind is connected to your senses, and is located in the left hemisphere of the brain while your spirit mind is connected to your spirit, and is located in the right hemisphere.

Your Spirit-Mind is always active. You simply are not aware of it. When you are aware of your Spirit-Mind, you are in alpha. You are in a level of the Dream State. When you are in this state, you are in the creative mode of your mind, the right side of your brain. Daydreaming is in the Alpha State and rarely is it in a higher state of consciousness. In order to get to a higher state, you would need to meditate or become hypnotized.

You always create tomorrow tonight. Your destiny is laid out when you are born; yet you are always altering it at night. You alter it because of your daily experiences.

You create through a vision of your desires while awake by way of symbols. Man believes that he thinks. He only takes the thoughts from the Creator and places a personal construction upon them (just as Edison created the light bulb) and through the selfish desires thus aroused, man creates for himself all of his troubles and brings upon himself all of his problems. These apparent mistakes and interference's are in reality only the roadblocks that he puts in his path of life. These same roadblocks are his to overcome. He must and will develop a body, mind and spirit capable enough to express the Creator in all of his actions.

Man, then is the material manifestation of God and is preparing through which to manifest the perfect idea of God.

The Universal Creator provides the personality, body, mind and intellect through which He can express this idea perfectly, the physical brain of which He can think and speak it into outer manifestation. He plants in man's brain an idea--any idea. This idea could grow and mature into the complete manifestation of that idea. If man would only let it. These ideas come through symbolism and most of the symbols come by way of man's dreams or visions, either when he is awake or asleep.

Listed below are some symbols you may be able to work with.

Remember--You must eventually develop your own meaning to your symbols. What something means to me may be different for you. I will give you some universal symbols.

The best way to develop or create them is through your own intuition. We all have this ability.  It will come through my audio or visual tapes (Nu-Ray tapes).

When you become proficient in dream interpretation, you will be able to give psychic readings or interpretations as well. They are one in the same.

You need to write down your dreams daily and soon you will become good at interpretation. Remember your daily experiences can be interpreted. Because they are all the same, but the interpretations may vary. Everything you do is symbolic.

Write down your symbols daily; wait a while before you try to interpret them. Wait until you at least have four or five pages of them. Look at them not to closely. Sort of let the meaning of each symbol reflect its meaning back to you. You soon will become proficient.

Dreams and visions are direct communication with your own spirit.

Quiet the mind, and soon you will become aware. The answers to all things lie in your spirit mind.

All dreams come from your true self or your Higher Self. They express your hopes, desires, fears, opinions, and actions.

Never believe what you read even in this book, rather seek out the true answers and create your own beliefs.

It occurred to me early one morning, while dreaming, that dreams are nothing more than subconscious thoughts and images. If I were to give someone a psychic reading I would only be reading that persons dreams. I would be tapped into their subconscious mind with my own subconscious mind. This led me to another discovery. I realized that some dreams if not all dreams, are creative thoughts, ideas, and creative images in the mind.


Creative Thinking, is Creative Dreaming


If this is true, then we are continually changing our lives each night while in the state we call sleep. Therefore you can change your life and cause it to go in a more positive direction, if you could learn how to tap into your spirit mind.

Tapping into the spirit mind is a very simple, yet a complex thing to do. There are many ways to do this. Meditation, yoga, hypnosis self-hypnosis, daydreaming, and even music. In this book I will show you how to tap into your dreams, and into the innermost reaches of your mind.

This is one way of reaching your Higher Self

The one true way of understanding your self, it is like learning how to commune with God. If you can get into your dreams, then you can get into your Higher Self. Your life will begin to have true meaning. You will begin to know what happiness really is. You can take control of your destiny, your life. Are you ready to begin?

When you go to bed tonight, take a pad and pencil with you. Tell yourself as you lie down, that you want to remember your dreams. You will awaken in the middle of the night and write down the dreams. You may think that this dream is so vivid that you will remember it the next day, but believe me you won't. You probably won't even remember that you had a dream.

Make sure that you write it down.

It will even prove useful if you take a glass of water to bed with you, the bigger the better.

And if you put ice-cubes in the glass, it will enhance the electricity in the water. Your mind is electrical, and water is a great conductor of electricity. A fish tank would be better, because the water is moving. If you could lie down by a brook or waterfalls your dreams will become more magnified, more colorful, truer, and more vivid. You must command your inner-self to be aware of your dreams, and to have more positive and constructive dreams.

Your life will now begin to prosper; you will begin to take charge of your destiny.

Command your-self to take control of your dreams and control of your life. To dream about certain events in your life that you have no control over, and to balance out every act, and to direct your dreams to change these events to your liking. Do these steps one at

A time. It could sometimes take you a year to master these simple steps.


Chapter Four

Creating your dreams

This is a reference guide for people who are becoming aware.

Most dreams come as symbols; however, on occasion you will dream an actual event. This is called a prophetic dream. All symbols come to us through our ideas.

You can act out a whole lifetime in one night's sleep or through a vision of your desires while awake by way of symbols.

Sometimes you will see things or events as they really are. Most of the time you will see symbols, however, and symbols are whole pictures or images. Many times when we are looking at someone's aura, we will see little images floating up out of the aura. Those images are either thought forms, or symbols.

We will give you an idea of a symbol and how to interpret it. Think of the Bible. In the beginning of the Bible was written the Word. The Creator spoke the word and the word was made manifest. The words (spoken word) to the human understanding are a symbol of an idea. That is, it stands for or embodies and represents an idea.

Therefore you are a word or a symbol of an idea, just like every other persons place or thing. Think very carefully about this.

You are an idea manifesting itself. When you can discern the idea behind the symbol, then you know the soul of the material manifestation that appears as a man.

In other wards if you think of something, what happens is you think of an idea. The Creator will automatically create a soul and as soon as the soul appears, the physical manifestation will soon follow. The soul is divine substance that gives form to all created things. This is the reason why you should guard your thoughts well. If you think ill of another person you have created an idea. The Creator will automatically create a soul and as soon as the soul appears, the body will soon follow. So if you think ill of someone then someone will think ill of you. All ideas will have to manifest completely or in their entirety. Of course the Creator creates all ideas originally. We just become co-creators. He will give us anything we desire.

So a word means an idea, an idea that has not manifested, an idea that is latent (in waiting for the right energy), waiting to be expressed or thought and spoken in some form or another. So that word that was in the beginning and that was with the Creator was then not only an idea, but also the Creator's idea of himself and his idea of expression of himself. This idea was a part of Him. It was the substance, and the essence of his Being, or of his soul. He made all things through the Vital Forces (white light) or the Vital Action of His Idea. First He created the thoughts. Then He had the desire to manifest this thought as His ideas. So, therefore, nothing can ever be thoughts, or be expressed as a thought that is not His thought. We are the divine expressions of his original idea, as well as all other things created in this universe. His idea is in the process of being expressed into the material world, it is His outer expression that is the visible manifestation and his idea is his inner manifestation of thought.

Man can never completely know his manifestations, but he can know his idea. In short, man can know the causes but he could never know the effect.

However, when his idea is completely thought out then shall his idea become known in every word. His idea is so chosen and arranged so that it will be as one word. Then we will no longer need symbols. We will simply know. We will not need to ask, why and what for. All knowing will manifest through us. The idea of God is not completely manifested yet. Remember for now that it is the essence of the symbol that is real. Allow the essence to flow into your mind. Then you may know the truth of the symbol.

Remember this. It is very important and we cannot say it enough to you. It is well that you seek the higher knowledge along life's pathway and that you seek it through outside means, such as books and teachers, philosophies and religions.

Because a certain element of truth is in all things.

But the time will come when you will realize that the thoughts of other minds and the teachings of other religions, no matter how true and no matter how beautiful they may sound, are not necessarily intended for you. For there reserved for you are thoughts, ideas, and teachings which are yours and yours only, and which will be given to you in secret from the Creator—when you are ready for them. Timing is everything. However following another person’s path for a while will and can lead you back on to your own path. So use our symbols with one eye open, and with one eye closed. These symbols are placed here by the Tuesday night class, and are given here freely by it. They tuned in and came up with the symbols, the very same way you will when you read this book.

Remember be alert, aware, and watchful. Our inspiration is His inspiration. Our knowledge is his knowledge. Without him we are nothing. Yet with him we are all things.

The main reason for you to search out your symbols is so you become aware of yourself and of your life's pathway. To know you is to know the Creator. Another reason is to learn how to deal with life and to learn how to reduce stress. By rehearsing past events in your sleep, you can balance out things that you did not balance out when you were awake. You can learn to solve problems that are coming up in your life as well. We meet people all of the time that work out business deals in their sleep. They simply go to bed with their problems and work them out while asleep. You can also learn to do this just by learning your symbols and we intend to help you along the way.

You can learn who you are, what you are, why you are here, and where you are going through knowing symbols and knowing your dreams. It is a positive way to self-discovery, and a path to higher learning and growth.

If you find yourself dreaming of an actual event coming up in your life that you don't like, then you can learn to reprogram the dream to work out the problem to your satisfaction. The way to do this is to write down the requests and then ask your higher self to work out the problem. This works best when you make the request just before going to sleep, or through meditation. Some people will wake up at night in the middle of a dream, perhaps to go to the restroom. Then when they return they just lie down and go to sleep. But a person that is aware will lay down and then tell him or her self that they want to remember the dream and upon remembering will go back to sleep and change the dream around to work out to their satisfaction.

Now, in order to receive a symbol in your mind, you first must quiet the body or quiet the body mind. It does not matter which you do first because one will follow the other. You do not have to be asleep and dreaming to do this.

So let's just begin with the body first. Sit in a comfortable chair and begin to breathe slowly and deeply. Just listen to your breathing. But make it deep and deliberate. Do this for at least nine times. If you find yourself getting a little dizzy, then do it less. Follow each breath. Visualize each breath with a golden light. Imagine that this golden light is flowing down into your lungs. If you have a difficult time imagining this then you should send for our meditation tape. It will help you to get into an altered state.


Chapter five

Daydreaming and Meditation

Now back to breathing the golden light. Imagine that it is flowing down into your lung and is overflowing into your heart.

Continue to imagine it flowing into your heart and now into your blood stream. Imagine your blood changing from red to liquid gold. Just like golden nectar it flows down into your stomach.

See it coating your stomach and see the stress of the day now leaving you. Then follow it down into your intestines and overflowing out into your main organs. By now you will become very calm, and still. Your body mind will begin to disappear. You will automatically be viewing or imagining with your spirit mind. What is happening now is that you will be switching from the left hemisphere of your brain to the right hemisphere. If you feel you are still into your body mind your body just hasn't relaxed yet, then continue with the golden nectar, or liquid gold down into your hips, then legs, feet. If you still aren't relaxed then continue to bring the liquid gold up your legs, and then see it flowing into your spine.

Visualize your spine filling up with this liquid gold, and see each nerve being filled also. Imagine each nerve like little electric golden lights flowing out into your body, working up the spine. See these little threads of light going out into your muscles and create the flow upwards until you have covered your back, front, then shoulders, arms, fore-arms, hands, and continue on up into your neck, then jaw, cheek, temples, eyes, forehead, then the top of your head, and overflowing into your aura. If you still are not relaxed then got a friend to hit you in the head with a hammer. (Just kidding of course.)

By now you are in a deep state of relaxation or meditation. The secret here is to be watchful, alert, be waiting for something to form in your mind. It may come as a flash or it may come as a lightning bolt. You may just sense something or you may hear something in your mind. You may never know how you are going to develop your mind. Being psychic is something that we all are. Developing it is something we all can do also. Everyone can do it. It is just a faculty of the mind.

Whenever you are developing your mind you should always relax first. Whether you are attending school, a business meetings preparing a speech or even a sermon, the secret is to relax. When you are relaxed you have creative power. When you are relaxed you can win debates, solve problems, run a business, even the White House is not impossible. The greatest way to positive thinking is to first quiet the mind, and then let the mind be itself. The mind can do anything. You just have to let it. The secret in having mind power is in the letting. It can overcome any odds. It can become a master, if you but let it. And the only way to let is to relax.

If and when you are ready to relax, you can then learn to create through your dreams, (day or night dreams) your body mind is always in a state of agitation. It is always acting aggressive and wants to control.

Your body mind is your ego. Whenever your ego is in control, in anything, you will lose. It is a loser. It is always looking for self-gratification. You need it to function in your body, but you can balance it when you are relaxed.

Remember to RELAX and LET.

The body mind is the door the spirit mind is the creator.

You cannot destroy the body mind and you wouldn't want too. You just need to balance and keep it in check. Because the body mind will always interfere in your decisions, and your spirit mind will always give you the right decisions. It is your spirit mind that has visions, intuitions, and creations. Now if you hold an object, or feel an object, and you just focus on it and let it form in your head, then you go to the symbol and look it up in this book. Then you should always discover what your definition of the symbol is. We are giving you a few symbols to work with, but the real solving of the symbol comes from you. If you can see a symbol in the first place then you can see what it means as well.

This is the way you learn to create in your daydreams. We all have a creative aspect of our minds. We just need to tap into it. We just need to become aware of it.

Everyone has it, and no one that is alive doesn't have it. It is there, lying inside of your heads, waiting for you to tap into it.

You know that your mind wanders. You know that there is a lot of nonsense in it, but there is wisdom there and they are side by side. No one has it more than anyone else does. Every one is equal. You cannot be alive if you do not have it. It is a function of your mind that never sleeps.

You just need to become aware of it. We cannot say this too many times.

There are many aspects you can use to read a symbol. Using numbers is a good method to help you in reading a symbol. Understanding color is another. Numbers and colors are energy. So if you see a symbol, look for numbers or colors. Here is how to do it and we will give you some definitions of colors and numbers.

Imagine that you are meditating and looking for a sign or symbol. You see two people wearing blue clothing, and a third wearing something in red. Well think about this. You have two and then one. Look up the number two and the number one. Then look up the color red.

First let me give you a little hint about numbers.

1. Number one usually is a masculine number and is aggressive. It usually means new beginning. Something new.

2. Two means to look for a balance, or going from one extreme to the next or there may be different situations.

3. This number shows the artistic or creative. It is associated with entertainment.

4. Usually has to do with hard work, or represents the mind or intellect.

5. Associated with travels communications, or movement.

6. Personal possessions jewelry, aesthetics, art, music and all aspects of love.

7. This is a spiritual number it is a magical number, or a number of hard work.

8. The boss, executive, money, and being in a position of power, works.

9. Completion, finish ups something, rules religion the higher mind, deals with the underworld.

Now look up the definitions of two and one. And you will begin to know something about the symbols of two in blue and one in red. Blue shows loyalty and spirituality if it is a positive color, if it shows up to be negative in the dreams (dark or murky colors) then the meaning is the opposite. Dark blue or negative blue is a depressing color. Red is the color of energy. Again, depending upon whether negative or positive will it influence the dream.

These are only a few numbers dealing with symbols. There are more but, like we said, you are to meditate to find out what they mean. All symbols are your symbols. Some of them here are similar to yours and you may find yourself using them, but this book is designed only to help you to finding yours.


Chapter Six

Color as a symbol

Color in a symbol reflects energy. Color is everything. Color is the foundation of everything. Everything exists in this physical world as color. It is energy and is in all things including light. It surrounds us everywhere and we see it in the skies, the ocean, the earth, and even in the sun.

1. GREEN--this is a color for growth healing the emotions as well as the physical body. The Green Thumb. Balances harmony, regeneration, jealousy or conceit. It represents Life, Nature, and Plant Kingdom. It is the color of balance and harmony. It is the color of renewal, and of new life.

2. RED-- It is the color that reflects passions or anger. It is the number one color and is reflected throughout our existence in wars and aggressions if dreamed in a negative way.

3. BLUE-- It reflects love and kindness. This ray is the ray that contracts or restricts because it is cold and soothing. When you dream of the color green, because it is two colors, blue and yellow, it usually means that whatever is going on in your life at the time of the dream is going to grow or expand. It is a positive symbol and means nothing but the best.

4. YELLOW--reflects the mind energizes the mind a good color when you need to think. It is reflective of creativity and shows artistic abilities, good memory and is related to the psychic. It gives out more light than any other colors (other than the white light). Gold is the color of the Master and all creative and psychic people vibrate to this magnificent color. Many Psychics reflect this color while speaking to large audiences, as well as creative people. It is a powerful symbol and is a creative and artistic symbol if dreamed upon.

5. WHITE— It is the positive creative ray of the Supreme Being. White light also known as the White Ray and if you dream of this color it will heal your Spirit, your mind and body as well. This Light has so much power you can heal your friends and protect them as well. It is the creative force in all of life. Let us teach your children about light and we will create geniuses, artists, and masters of life. 0f course believing is the key, and children already believe. It is not washed out of their heads yet. Believing makes it so. Without believing, you could not exist. From this ray of white light contains all other rays. They are all part of this Universal ray. If you have a certain problem and dream of the white light you will resolve it immediately. Practice this salutation daily.

This is my guiding light, my source my love.

It flows through me daily, and I reap its rewards and great benefits constantly. It leads me to my illumination.

This light relieves you of stress and tension. This pure white light contains all other forms of light and cannot, for the most part, be seen with the physical eyes. However, you can but close your eyes and visualize it, and it will appear. It is known as the all-cleansing ray. It contains all other rays within it and when they are all together you cannot see them, because they are so finely tuned or balanced, that one will rule out the other. They are so finely tuned that they actually cancel each other out. When they are canceled out all you have left is a vacuum that becomes intense and clear. Then if you bond this white light with a prism, you will see a rainbow of colors. Yet when they are all together, all you see is nothing. It is the clear white light of the Sun and you see nothing, yet you know it is there the minute it shines upon you.

Meditate daily upon this all-illuminating ray of light, known as the light of lights the life force itself. This is the ray of light that heals your spirit, mind and body. Take this white light to bed with you in your mind and desires, and you will have great dreams, and creative dreams. This is called Creative Dreaming.

6. Violet--Spiritual color, it is actually two colors, blue is spiritual while red is energy, so the violet is more spiritual than just blue. This is considered by many to be the highest vibration of all the cosmic energy rays. With the exception of the White Light of course. We believe however, that it is only the highest known ray and that the new ray is higher.

The violet ray is connected to the crown chakra and is linked directly with the pituitary gland, and when the new ray opens up the third ventricle in the right hemisphere of the brain, it will make a direct connection with the pineal gland to the pituitary gland. The violet ray is soothing and tranquil and a powerful healer of the mind.

7. Orange--Also is two colors red and yellow. Red gives energy wherever it is. The color orange is a strong mental color.

Colors are merely the perception of the vibrations by the human eye. Colors are energies vibrations, matter in motion. Orange is the color of the second chakra the spleen. It affects the mind and circulatory systems as well as the nervous system. Color is electromagnetic and all colors affect the mind. Orange is a passionate color. It broadens and sharpens the mind.

8. Indigo this is the color of the 6th or brow chakra. The area of the third eye or the pituitary gland. It is directly related to the pituitary gland and is a combination of deep blue and red. It is a color that helps the mind with understanding, and it clears the mind, and helps to broaden it. It is a color that helps with the psychic centers and powers them.

9. Turquoise this is a color combination of blue and green. It aids in tranquility. Psychic centers are attracted to this color when they are imbalanced. This is because this color brings balance and harmony to all centers especially the brow and crown.

10. Pink- this is a color of passions sometimes immaturity. It affects the solar plexus when it enters the body and can be used for healing the emotions. Some people claim it is the color of love. Pink is a color of passion and feelings and can be sexual. People sometimes think that sex is love. But sex is a physical feeling and love is a spiritual feeling.

It is more of a peach color that effects loving feelings to you. But is not necessarily love.

If you see a peach color in the aura, it reflects a kind and generous and loving feeling.

11. Lemon This also effects the emotions, the mind and can be very uplifting when used in a positive way. It generates the mind helps those who are artistic and creative. Create jealousy and self-righteousness if negative.

12. Black Ray: Contrary to what you have been taught up until now, the black ray is not necessary evil. Black means changes or death. Yet death means change also or rebirth. Actually nothing really dies. At the point of death your body does not actually die. It only changes and goes back to the earth. The body merely changes. We say it decomposes but in all fairness it just changes. The idea or life has gone out of it, slowly, and then it changes its form. It just goes back to where it came from but there is no such thing as death. All things emanate from the white light yet are actually created from the black ray, which is the cold dark stillness - the void. All things spring up from this black void and then become manifest through the white light. The Blackness is the stillness where the Creator exists. From stillness, which is God, springs forth all things. When this wisdom comes forth from the still cold black ray, then the white ray illuminates this wisdom.

When this wisdom was cloaked with the black ray, it was secret, hidden, or absent without light. Even the word occult means hidden or darkness. But where there is dark, light cannot be, and where there is light, dark cannot be. We all fear dark or black only because it is clothed with unknowing as soon as you know you can know longer fear, that is when light appears.

Whenever you are judgmental you are using the black rays and when you are in the light you no longer are judgmental. We all need the two rays. It is where the expression of "it's as plain as black and white" comes from. If you see something in black and white you tend to think you are seeing it clearly.

White symbolizes birth, while black symbolizes death. Because when someone is born you can know what is happening, you can see life.

When someone dies you cannot know where they went, or if they even exist at all. If you wear the color black, it means you are looking for a change because death means change. It does not mean ending.

13. Silver Ray.

This is a very mystical color and rules mystical and unusual things. It is connected to the Spirit World and your Higher Self. Much more knowledge is needed about this unusual Ray because it leads you toward the New Ray.

The New Ray is leading us into a new dimension, a new way of living and thinking. It is leading us to a Higher Consciousness.


Chapter seven


The Sun is now pregnant and will soon give birth to a new planet. You may not see this birth, but you can feel it. It will give off a bubble of gas that will float out into our Universe, and take its place behind Pluto. It will then cool, and life in the form of moisture will form. These vapor clouds are on all planets with intense heat inside. Because of the very cold atmosphere it causes the bubble to cool on the outside, creating the moisture to form. This is where we came from ourselves. First the amoebae, then mineral, then plant, then animal, then, at last, human.

Of course on this new planet, only water, fire, and mineral will form. It will take thousands or millions of years for it to happen.

Did you ever wonder about this? Experts claim that you are conscious when you are awake and unconscious when you are asleep.

I think that you are unconscious when you appear to be awake and conscious when you are asleep. But most people are unaware most of the times and this is why they do not know the difference. As soon as you become aware you realize that all the while you were asleep, you were walking around like a robot fully functioning, yet asleep. Even while sleeping, you were asleep. Yet when you become aware, you become awakened, and all of your beliefs become shattered. You suddenly realize that your knowledge is not knowledge you just have a vast warehouse of information and information is not knowledge. When you awaken you learn quickly that knowledge is accessible and inherent. Knowledge is self-awareness and comes from within. Did you over say "I don't know where it came from; it just came to me! I thought it and it came up from no-where." It came like an idea or a thought, or an image.


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