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Dynamics part two

The colors that we vibrate to today are sufficient for us in this world. They are significant for our purposes with variations ranging into the thousand of colors. There are several hundred thousand hues to each color.  Color holds the mystery of life.  If we could unravel the knowledge behind each ray, we would become enlightened indeed.

Advertisers use color to attract attention to their products.  In supermarkets, they use the color red to attract your attention to a certain product, and the color brown to attract you to buy it.

Not everyone is aware of color though. But you will notice from now on just how often it is being used.

You may see the color red on highway signs depicting danger.

We may take color for granted, even though there is no way to prove that it exists other than the fact that we see it with our eyes. Many animals do not perceive color, yet scientists say that some animals can see colors that man isn't even aware of yet.

Man hasn't always perceived the colors that he perceives of today.

He did not become aware of certain violet colors until about 200 years ago.

In the beginning he didn't perceive color at all.

As man became more enlightened he then became aware of colors.

All wavelengths of energy that radiate from the sun make up the perfect form of energy known as many different things to many different people.  Most prefer to call it the White Light.

Some call it the Christ Light, "Christos", the life force, or just the sun light.

It all depends where you are at in your level of growth.

The Native Americans (known as Indians) call it the Great White Spirit.

When you absorb sunlight directly into your body, you are receiving energy in it's purest form.

Known to some as Prana, Chi, Life Force energy.

The White Light is the source of all life. It gives life to all things, be they animate or inanimate.

I actually do not believe there is any such thing as inanimate.

All things are alive so there can be no such thing as inanimate.

The Light that flows from the sun effects your thinking, your emotions, and physical health.

When the light passes through a rain drop, or moisture in the air, it becomes bent. Bent light becomes imperfect. It breaks down into different rays of color.

Color is imperfect light. Only the White Light is perfect, and is therefore is invisible.

Colored light becomes a rainbow of light.

All colors added together become the pure white light.

In an experiment that I did, I found that if you pass light through a filter, or crystal, mirror, glass, or plastic, it effects each and everyone differently.

I found that using different colored lights, heal the sick.

We all vibrate to different colors.  So if I would add a color to someone, I could heal that person. We all vibrate to different colors.  Color equates to Body (red) Mind (yellow) or Soul (blue).  Sometimes yellow is the color to use to heal organs.  Red for heart or vessels while blue is for healing the soul.  And, of course, different variations of colors are used for different healings. Purple is Red and Blue. I would use this also for healing of the soul. Yellow red creates orange and this I would use for healing the mind.  Remember, Red is energy, aggressive energy, so it adds aggression to another color. Too much red can cause an adverse effect. You must go cautiously if you want to help rather than hurt someone. Just remember Red stimulates. Use it sparingly.

Yet if a particular color could heal a person, it might harm another.

Direct sunlight could heal people, yet could harm others.

I found that if I use aluminum foil to reflect light on someone with arthritis it could become very healing. It would work particularly well with bones as well. But if that same person had skin problems, it could make the problems worse.

I found that using a high intensity light, and shining it down through a plastic that had the color of magenta, it effected the way that a person's circulation would flow especially if they had varicose veins and veins that were clogged with cholesterol.

I helped a lady with a back problem with the colors red and pink, yet, it had no effect on a man with the same problem. But blue worked well for him.

Depending upon the power of the thought, is how you would do about measuring this energy or measuring the shade, or tint of color of a thought.

For instance the word "love" has a certain amount of power or energy depending upon how much feeling goes into the word when it is expressed.  Also you will note that when studying the human aura you will know that when the word "love" is expressed by a man or woman it may denote a certain color and when another person express the word "love" it may be a different color.


When some one expresses the word "love" and their aura projects pink then you also have to know what shade or tint the pink actually is. You must know that this aspect of the color, as well as the color itself, denotes energy.  For instance, a certain shade of pink denotes maternal love, another shade denotes a physical love, or a sensual love. A peach colored pink, shows a love of mankind. This is a love that is expressed through the heart.

I will cover this aspect of colors in the page on aura's.

Color also effects your personality.  Wear a red shirt when your energy level is down and it will perk you up.  Wear this same color red when your energy is high and you will become irritable.

This is an email that I received recently, and it caused me to rethink about the color black.

"Hi Gordon,

I just briefly skipped over your color page.  Great stuff.  You are a
good writer.

Let me give you another viewpoint on black.

All my life, I've struggled with people saying that black is lack of color.  I guess I've been born with the opinion that black is the combination of all color.  My artist daughter Jasmin will argue with me about this for hours.  But I remember experimenting as a child and putting all my watercolors together and having a black, not a white.

However, let me put it this way.  What color is it inside of the womb? If I remember correctly, it was really dark in there.  But, it felt safe. Also, it was the start of life, in that dark, that felt warm and cozy for me.  The sunlight makes me very irritable and depressed.  I can go from zero to bitch in less than one minute if it's full sunlight and I have to walk in it.  One nice thing about Oregon is that the sun usually doesn't shine all that much.  This year, it's been unusually sunny and I've spent the majority of my time indoors.  My yard looks accordingly ...  But, remember that my animal energy is Moon Fox.  I travel in the dark.  I'm tired during the day and would have energy at night except I have to struggle through the day (because that's the normal way to be) and use up all my night-energy.  I've never woken up rested in the morning.  But, if I take a nap at 4pm and get up at 8pm, I can move mountains.  Except, Oregon goes to bed at 9:00pm.  So there goes that.  Ben likes to get up at 4:30am and MIGHT sleep in until 5:30 on the weekends.  Probably one reason we don't live together.

When I see black in someone's aura, the first thing I do is go for what quality black is it.  Velvety black to me mean a place of holding and resting.  A shiny obsidian black means reflection and learning something new very soon.  Now, if we are talking about a murky, or dusty, or sticky color black, I read different things.  White, gray or black dust usually indicates drug usage.  Different drugs have different colors and consistencies.  Alcohol and pot are approximately the same even though alcohol is a little bit stickier.

Oh, well, this is just my experience (although validated by my clients). I often wonder if we don't all see different things, name it the same, and just get on with the healing.

I hope you can read this with a smile, because that's how I wrote it.



Hi Hannah,
Wow, I learn something new everyday. It must be true about Black being all colors to, because it is the opposite spectrum of white. In the Sun-light you can see all colors, especially in a rainbow.  So if Black is the opposite of white, then you may find different colors, mind you they are the same, yet different because black is a different energy, so the colors must be different energy as well. For instance, Sunlight is a positive energy, and Black is a negative energy.( I use positive and negative as a figure of speech, not the same way as in positive thinking) Anyway, if you research positive red, then there has to be an opposite negative red, just as black is the opposite of white. We live in a dualistic universe, and all things must therefore be this way, don't you think? And if that is true, then you vibrate to black more than white. It is just your own personal energy, and it may be so with many others as well.
I believe that life comes from the cold black universe. It is so cold there that it is an energy that compresses, and through this compression there eventually is an explosion, and a Sun appears.  And from this sun, all life appears. It only appears, because everything already existed in the black, it just wasn't visible yet. Do I make sense? You have caused me to think out loud, and I can't stop writing about it. Would you mind me placing your email on my color page? I think it is thought provoking. And I will put my answer below it as well. What do you think? I think it is true when you say your energy gets used up in the day. The positive Sun gives you a negative discharge in your physical batteries. You said that when you see black in someone's aura, you actually seek to see whether it is shaded or negative black, or is it a tinted black, or a rich velvet black. Black is a place of rest, because when we are in the cold black Universe, there is no energy, just stillness. You say that something new will be born out of black. I agree with you on that one to. It use to be that when someone died, everyone would wear black, it was less offensive. So black became associated with death. Yet where there is death, there is rebirth. It depends on if you are seeing it in a negative way, or a positive one. I sure can read it with a smile, it is exactly the way I think. You just stimulated my thinking, which means you are also a good teacher. You said that you wonder if all people don't see different things and name them the same, I believe that is definitely possible. We all see, what we want to see anyway.
Love chatting with you, Gordon"

Actually what I do believe is this. Black is the absence of color, there is nothing in black, or nothing.  From this "nothing" springs forth "something".  It is light, life, energy. It comes from the cold dark stillness, which is God. I believe that the sum total of all colors are contained in this nothingness as an idea. Light is an idea made manifest. So the sum total of all colors spring forth from God. God is the total of all things.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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