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Dynamics of Color

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To me, color is everything.

Color is the foundation of all things.

Everything exists in color. Color is energy, it is light.

Color surrounds us everywhere. Color is life color is chi, chi is energy, chi is life,

We see it in all living things, both animate and inanimate.

It adds beauty to our homes, clothing, and even the food that we eat.

For instance, squash vibrates to the color of yellow,

while tomatoes and radishes vibrate to red, yet others to green, and so on.

When you eat these plants or fruits, you are absorbing these colors into your body.

We see color in paintings, signs and books.

If you have normal vision then your eyes can only see one sixtieth of all known light or just a small portion of light. In other words, we see only one sixtieth of all known light. What is the part that we don't see? And if we do not see it, does this mean that as we evolve we will become aware of it?  All known things were once hidden.  But someone became aware of this hidden knowledge.  This is how we evolve through enlightenment. Color is the energy of tone or sound.  It is sound being spiritualized, or the spiritual energy becomes recognizable through sound or sight. If you have a vision and the vision is in black and white this is not a true vision. It is a vision of symbols. If you have a vision with color now it has life in it. Now the vision becomes spiritualized. It is more real. Always pay attention to dreams or visions that are in color.  Color gives it a sense of realness.  It is truth being made recognizable.

If you are in a dark room or place where there is no visible light, there is a sound, a soundless sound, what I mean is that there is a sound you cannot hear with your ears. Yet deep in meditation there is a distinct sound, even a roaring sound. So if there is sound then there also must be light. Yes, invisible light to the eye yet it is still there. If there is light then there is color.  Color, sound, and light are all components of creation. They are all very real. And can be detected by the inner mind no matter how invisible they may seem.

In nature there is a sound that is not heard.  It is so high on the scale of harmonics that we cannot hear it.  Yet it is there.  So is the color of that high pitch there.  We just cannot see it yet.  We have to evolve to it.  We then will slowly become aware of it.  Soon we will evolve to a higher degree of light.  We will start to think differently and feel differently.  We will start to know nature's secrets.  This is because we are moving up the spectrum of light and sound. Remember, it is the soundless sound that is the cause of all life.  Eventually, nothing will be soundless.  We will be able to see twelve rays where there are only three now.  Einstein said that we only have about ten percent of our mind open.  If you could suddenly open your mind up completely you would go mad.  All thinks happen in Nature slowly.  Mother Nature creates very slowly. Be patient.  We are all evolving.

Soon in our soul's evolution we will see another portion of light.  To be exact we will vibrate to a new ray.  It actually is not new, but new to our awareness.  This ray is not like anything we have seen so far. It is totally like no other color.  It vibrates to a different tune.  It is a different energy.  That is why soon people will act a lot differently, think differently, and see very strangely. It is because we will soon begin to vibrate to a new color. This means there will now be four base colors. We will be vibrating in the fourth dimension. It will be a difficult time for man, because he will strenuously try holding on to his body.

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