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The Human Aura The Rainbow of Light

There is a rainbow around you. It emanates from your physical body and I will show you in this article just how you can see it. The question is, "Why would I want to see it? And for what reason?"

 I believe that your aura is your soul. In it contains all knowledge of your past lives, present, and future. When I gaze into your aura I will see not only the beautiful colors that surround you, but the actual meaning of the colors. For instance: The color "red" reflects your energy, either good or bad. If you have a color that appears shaded, this means that there is black in the color.  Black means the absence of color and is a negative. If you have white light in a color, this means that you have more brightness to your color and are more positive. Everyone has red in their aura. If I see a shaded red, or negative red it could mean anything from anger (red with rage). Or if I see a positive red (white light) then I would see a person with much energy, vibrant, and happy. (These are only a few descriptions.) The color yellow reflects the mind. If you have a shaded yellow then I would see a negative thinker. Yellowish-red means mental cowardice. Positive yellow, like gold, means you are creative, psychic, and a positive thinker. Blue reflects how you are spiritually. If you are positive, you are spiritual (true blue) and have a positive attitude towards all living things. If you are a negative blue it reflects the blues, dark moods, a religious fanatic. Green reflects your health and emotions. Negative green (green with envy) signifies jealousy etc. Positive green (green thumb) means growth.  Look into the forest and you will see green. Green is actually two colors--blue and yellow. It is good to know that when you have a tint in a color, that means there is white light in the color, this makes the color positive. The amount of tint will determine just how positive the color is. The amount of black in a color will determine just how negative it is.

Words or thoughts also have either white light or black in them. For instance, the word love has a certain amount of power or energy depending upon how much feeling goes into the word when it is expressed. Example: When some one expresses the word "love" and their aura projects pink, then you also have to know what shade or tint of pink it is. You must know that this aspect of the color, as well as the color itself, denotes energy. For instance, a certain shade of pink denotes a maternal love, another shade denotes a physical love, or a sensual love. A peach colored pink shows a love of mankind. This is a love that is expressed through the heart.

Color in the aura effects your personality.  Wear a red shirt when your energy level is down, and it will perk you up. Wear this red shirt when your energy level is high and you will find that it can make you irritable. Orange, if negative, means you are afraid. If positive it means you are mentally alert and mentally active.

Love is:

Leaves dancing in the wind while kissing the raindrops

  And singing to the earth

Glowing in the moonlight Humming to the stars

Making music to my heartbeat.

Touching my soul Embracing my Spirit

The word Aura has one essential, universal meaning but a various application. The aura literally means (from aemi) "that which flows and hence is likened to air". The word "aura", also comes from the Latin meaning "air” or some ether, or ethereal substance.  However, the ancient Sanskrit word "aura" meant - AR, meaning the spoke of a wheel. The aura is an electro-magnetic energy field emanating around and through your body and all things visible. The word "aura" basically means air inasmuch as it is an emanation or radiation from certain centers of life or spirit. As an emanation it flows into and touches form with its sublime and subtle influence and readily loses it in, or is absorbed by the electrical and magnetic zone which is the condition of all vital manifestation and material forms of existence. It is an energy field that reflects the subtle life force energies in and around the body. Whether it is the body of a person or the body of an object, this life force energy determines what and who we really are. It is affected by our surroundings and by the people that are attracted to us. It reflects our health, physical state, mental activity and even our emotions. An imaginative person may be both electrical and magnetic in nature, however, he is always extremely sensitive.  Hence, such a person would most palpably manifest and radiate the aura - not that others do not possess an aura - but, rather, the aura is veiled and shadowed by intervening conditions.  In rare, but by no means exceptional instances, the aura shines forth a nimbus about the head and then in extreme cases as an aureole, enveloping the whole human body transfiguring by its translucent radiance, the outer form like an aurora.   Actually, it radiates around all people and all objects but becomes more radiant around enlightened beings. It luminously tones the whole psychic atmosphere and lets in a glory which is both heavenly  and divine. Close to the skin is the ether aura. It is a narrow band pale white in color and outlines the whole body. When you go to sleep at night the ether body, or aura, opens up and attracts the cosmic energy or force known as the life force. Your body is depleted of this energy during the day and is restored while you are sleeping. What actually tires you at the end of a day and you have to go to sleep?  Simply doing the things that you do not love to do. When you become tired it is only your body’s energy being depleted. Change what you are doing, and do something that you love to do and all of a sudden, you are charged with energy.

The entire Universe swims in a sea of the aura. It exists not only as a subtle effluence of matter but because of its universal presence it hints at a world of spirit, not yet within the range of science or human induction and perhaps beyond the imagination to conceive. But to those that are open minded this is nonsense. Yet it is there and can be conceived. The main part of the human aura surrounds the ether body and is much larger. The aura is sensitive to color especially the clothes you wear the rooms in your house or work. You can tell right away about the color of one’s aura by simply observing the color of the clothing hanging in their closet. Hospitals use color to soothe one’s emotions and promote healing. They use pink a lot and I feel that pink is not a natural color to heal the emotions. When the Police arrest someone who is violent, the place him or her in a room that is colored pink. Within twenty minutes or less the person calms down. Then they must remove the person from the pink room otherwise the effect reverses and the person becomes more violent than before.  So if you have a patient left in a pink room this is not good. If you use pink light bulbs in a room, you will have many problems as well.

There is a science devoted to color chromo therapy. Pink is a color that has to be used quickly and then placed aside. If a person is negative for any length of time it will create a negative red in the aura. If it remains then the red will enter the body and disease will manifest, usually in the weakest part of the person’s body. When a person dies, at the point of death - depending upon the cause of death - you will observe different colors leaving the body at the top of the head.  I have noticed many times that a person tries to get back into their dead body. I see the aura of the deceased person floating up and down the body.  It is one of the most difficult things for most people to die. They just have a hard time letting go.

Letting go is the first thing you should learn to do. It works with everything you do. You cannot see an aura without letting go. In this book you will not only perceive the aura, but you should be able to see it as well. So the word “Aura”, really is not the true word. I prefer to call the aura the “Soul”. Everything that is visible has a soul. Only the human soul has the power to know. All souls contain or have access to knowledge whether it is the soul of a person or the soul of a ring, glass, grass building or even a rock. Yes, everything visible. This soul that we are going to work with is the human soul (aura) sometimes known in our field as an aura reader. We prefer to be called a soul reader. In fact, we do not like the word reader. It has a negative attached to it - like we are some kind of fortunetellers. We are not fortune tellers because we do not want to be. We are not readers and advisors, we only tune in and tell you what we see...period. We perceive things from the aura. Sometimes it comes from the color of the aura, sometimes we feel something, and sometimes just by gazing at the aura we just know something. Gazing is like Scrying. Scrying is to gaze upon a crystal ball until you see or have a vision, thought, or feeling. All reading or tuning in (for lack of a better word) probably falls under the word of psychic. Some, however, prefer to be called mediums, spiritualist, clairvoyants, counselors, and seers. But in reality they all fall under the word psychic sooner or later. I even think that the word "Seer", of which we are sometimes called, is not the correct word, because seer means to see, as in clairvoyant, to see or to perceive in a clear way. Not all psychics see, however, some psychics may only hear and most psychics feel things without necessarily seeing anything. Some psychics sometimes see while others may only feel, hear, or smell.

The dictionary lists the word aura as "any invisible, subtle, emanation or exhalation". It doesn’t really tell you anything, does it?  Most experts have an opinion about something they know nothing about. This is because most people do not see the aura. I believe that we can change this. When we work with large audiences most, if not all, end up seeing the aura. We can show you how to see it and show you how to tune into it.

The first step you should know is that the aura is not invisible. In the beginning you will see a cloudy like substance around the head. That computer-like brain of yours programs your eyes to see three dimensionally - to only see inanimate objects such as your body, the chair, the house - anything. All objects that are visible to the naked eye have to be in motion. Each object is made up of many things that you are not aware of. Such as molecules and atoms, neutrons and protons, etc. These base elements are what make up all objects, yes, even your body. The molecules and atoms vibrate at a high rate of speed. You can’t see the motion or the vibration, simply because it moves to fast. You can only see the form that it becomes such as your body, your car etc. Your eyes can be fooled because we live in a world of illusions because of this motion or vibration. When you go to see a movie or watch television it takes so many frames per second to make one picture.  A pure illusion, you think you are seeing a single picture, but actually are seeing many. Your eyes can only pick up things that are moving at a certain rate of speed yet your sub-conscious mind (Spirit Mind) can see each and every frame. If someone wants to put a subliminal message in the picture, they snip out a frame or two and put the message on another frame. You consciously do not see it, but your spirit sees all. Your eyes can only see things that appear to be standing still, but anything you see with your eyes that is still, has to be moving. Your eyes only see illusion. They do not see the whole picture. But with practice, you can see the reality of illusion when you see the soul or aura of the object that you are viewing. It is the soul that holds these same atoms together, giving the appearance of being still. It is the soul that you want to be able to tune into. It is the soul that is visible to the naked eye.  In order to see it from the beginning, you need to have a white background. Get in front of a mirror and have a soft light on. You need to relax, because if you don’t, you will have a very difficult time trying to see it. So close your eyes, take several deep breaths and tell yourself to relax and let go. Relax and let go, over and over. When you are calm, open your eyes and stare at your forehead. When you stare, let your eyes go soft so that you are not trying to hard or getting too intense about it. Imagine that you are day-dreaming. You are focused upon your forehead, but you're not actually staring intently at it. Just look softly. As soon as you can do this then let yourself look at the side or just above your head about an inch or two. Just be aware of this part of your head and allow your peripheral vision to see the aura.  Relax, and it will come to you.  You need to look in a gentle way, a receptive way. Your outer field of vision is much less intense than your inner field of vision. Look forward and you can see details of things but while you are doing that pay attention to the outer field of vision and things appear out of focus. This is just what you want, to take your inner vision out of focus so that you can become aware of your outer vision. Then you will see the fuzzy, cloudy, energy just outside of your head. In the beginning, you will notice just a milky white substance just outside of your vision. This same milky white substance is the creative substance of the universe. This milky white substance is the foundation of the universe. Your outer field of vision is more sensitive than your inner field. Your inner field is more intense. Sometimes you may see something out of the corner of your eye, but when you look straight at it, it seems to disappear, this is because you were seeing something from the fourth dimension from your outer vision. Remember, your inner focus is on the third dimension. Your eyes are programmed to see three dimensionally. Just another habit programmed since birth. We are born into a physical world, and daily are distracted from the spiritual world. When a baby is born it is in the spirit world 99% of the time. And as it grows it is pulled into the physical world more and more. And by the time it is four years old it is in the physical world about 80% of the time. After twelve, 90%. After 20, 99% of the time in the physical world. When you are daydreaming, you are in the spirit world. How many times a day are you aware of this? Some more than others, I am sure. This is what Einstein mean when he said that we use our minds only about 10%, and I am sure that he was only guessing, and had not taken the time that I have to measure society correctly. Try changing your shirt to a brighter color, or a different color and you will experience a change in your aura. Gaze at the top of trees, and you will see the aura. Practice, practice and practice some more. Now try to examine the aura on other people, especially when you are outside. If not, be sure to use a white background. Once when you become proficient, you will see the aura regardless of the background. If you go to a lecture, an event, or maybe while in church, gaze at the person on the stage and you will see a Hugh aura. When a person is performing in front of a large audience, they always throw a big aura. Whenever a person is bright and happy they will always have a good aura. The word aura is but another name for force field or radiation. Every substance in the universe has a radiation or aura - and the auras of minerals, plants and animals as well as human bodies have special characteristics.   The currents of force passing through any form throw off infinitesimal particles charged with that force. Everything in the universe is constantly throwing off infinitesimal particles of itself and just as surely drawing into itself other particles of both substance and energy. Everything is interdependent on everything else.   This means again that everything is one rather than many and that there is no such thing as getting away from the One self everywhere present. The universal substance is one. The Energy is one. The mind is one. The sense of differentiation comes from the differing degrees of that One manifesting at any given point. The Higher self is that Intelligence which controls the degree of substance and energy focused at any particular point. Let us apply this understanding of force fields to the human being and his environment and see what happens. When we change the generation of force radiation within us, it automatically changes the conditions surrounding us.   Each of us every day experiences, many times, the feeling of either harmony or discord towards other human beings with which we come into contact. We are continually attracting that same quality we already have within, for like attracts like. As the steel magnet attracts fillings to itself so do we draw to us whatever quality we are sending out along the lines of force we are pouring forth. This makes a circuit or circle and whatever is thrown off gathers more of its kind and returns again to its source.   Here we have the secret of control of our surroundings our future and ourselves. Our feelings radiate forth from us in circles or waves and our thought radiates forth in straight lines. Wherever these two meet, a vortex is formed around which atomic substance of the various plane gathers. This makes a nucleus or the heart center of a form on some one of the planes of manifestation.   Now comes the vitally important thing to know and remember. Wherever a nucleus of a form is generated it manifests a definite quality determined by the rate of vibration and the density of the substance attracted to it. The power to change the quality of any form abides only in the Self not in the human mind, but which passes through the human mind in its activity of radiation. The human mind or senses report only the impact of other rates of vibration from without, while the Higher self is the radiating power pushing forth from within.  

Therefore, radiation or expansion is the nature of the Higher Self. Attraction is the nature of the physical self or the law under which form is made manifest. When the physical self uses the law of attraction to gather substance and energy and offers it to the Higher Self, blessed and sent out again under the law of expansion, the human and divine side of us have united and perfection is the result. This is the surrender which the human has to make to the Creator. The complete surrender then, of every thought, feeling, and action in the direction of the self for expansion is complete freedom from every imperfection in physical manifestation. The control of the energy sent forth by the feelings or emotions, depends upon the control of the thought, then the human side of us has free will to think as it pleases. To the student along the pathway to Light, it is equally as vital to control the emotions or currents of energy which we call feeling, as it is to control the thought which releases that energy. When you allow yourself to feel irritated, angry, resentful, jealous or inharmonious in any way, immediately there is a vortex of energy generated in the aura and in the substance composing the astral body.   When the outbursts become habitual, definite and more permanent forms are built which stay in the aura of the individual and remain there to distress it until they are consumed by the Higher Self.  It is these forms which absorb our physical and mental energy and interrupt the natural flow of the life currents to the various centers of the body.  If they stay attached to the aura, they become like spirits clinging to the aura like a negative spirit would to the physical body.   Where a highly controlled and illumined person has seven large whirls of definite clear colors of energy in their aura, the average person has over one hundred always in a state of conflict. Control of the feelings must begin in the thought before they can become manifested in the body. If our auras are constantly disturbed by violent sensations the circuit from the Higher Self is broken and no manifestation of the Divine Plan will take place. The Webster's New World Dictionary states that an aura is "an invisible emanation or vapor" or "a particular atmosphere or quality that seems to arise from and surround a person or thing". The word "chakras" isn't even in this dictionary! I hope that the following information will give you a fuller understanding of these two words. Although you may read about auras and chakras and think them to be two separate objects or manifestations, chakras are a component of an aura and each interpenetrates the other. Chakras are the means through which a physical body communicates with its outer body (aura).  By being impenetrable to our normal physical senses the aura cannot be scientifically "proven" to exist. However, recent advances in science, in medicine, and in psychology have been such that there is much more acceptance of the mind-body relationship in disease. To better understand ourselves and the interactions between our mind and our body, we need to look at the whole person. The higher dimensions of consciousness must then be included. Although we speak of levels of dimensions being "lower" or "higher", the terms are used only to differentiate amongst them. All dimensions co-exist within the same space. They are not separate at all and they interact with each other. There are as many explanations of the Human Aura and the Chakra System as there are books on the subject. The following descriptions of the chakras have been taken from a variety of sources. As in all searches for the truth, please make your own judgments as to the validity of the material presented.  


The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It is a wheel-like spinning vortex that interpenetrates the physical body, with the outer ends of each vortex forming a specific layer of the aura field. The whirling circular motion forms a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters on its particular vibrational level. It is then processed and returned to the auric field. The major chakras of the human body are the seven chakras that are aligned along the spinal column. Secondary chakras of importance are located in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and at major joints in the arms and legs.   For the people of antiquity - Egyptians, Chinese, Hindus, Greeks, Romans, and aboriginal of many lands - the chakras were an integrated part of daily lives. As these ancient civilizations were conquered, vast libraries of knowledge were destroyed. Only a few remnants of their information on the Chakra system have survived - either through the preservation of ancient texts by sacred priesthoods or orally from generation to generation, as in the traditions of many aboriginal peoples. Asian cultures have used these teachings for about 5,000 years or longer and it's only the last approx. 30 years that this information has filtered into the west. Chakra literally translated from the Hindi means 'Wheel of Energy', or spinning wheels.  With in our bodies are contained seven major energy centers that are located in front of the spinal column and are aligned vertically up and down the spine. Each wheel has a color of the rainbow and vibrates to sound or a musical note.              

The Seven Major Chakras

1.  BASE (or Root Chakra) Its color is red and it is located at the base of your spine. It's the Chakra closest to the earth and represents earthly grounding. Fear is felt in this Chakra and it controls your fight or flight response. . The color red, the entire spine, the kidneys and the adrenals belong to it. The base Chakra anchors man in the material world and has to do with survival issues. This Chakra lies in the region where the reproductive organs are situated. It is located approximately where the bottom most vertebra can be felt. First Chakra We must balance this Chakra before moving on to the others. Otherwise our growth will be without roots, i.e., ungrounded. This Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is connected to the main energy system located in the spine. It is connected to all of the central nervous system as well as the sympathetic nervous system. It is connected to the sex glands and is the basis of Kundalini, or Cosmic Force.
Situated: base of spine and the pubic bone  (but encompasses genitals and reproductive organs) Area of consciousness: physical body This includes all physical sensations, such as power, sensuality, sex drive, and is connected in a small way to all of the five senses through pleasure and pain.
Key Words: stability, solidity, unity and form
Relationship: to the solid part of the body, especially the bones Importance: location of the kundalini, or cosmic force.
Attributes: athletic, cares about survival, sensuality, pleasure, pain and power over others.  

2. SACRAL (or Navel Chakra) The second Chakra lies just at the navel. Its color is orange and it is located between the base of your spine and your navel. It represents your sexuality, creativity, emotions or anger, resentment and frustration. We encounter change, for without change we cannot grow. It is our center, our balance, and we must become centered or balanced in all things before we can attain mastery over the next Chakra. We must be able to do this with each Chakra, so that we can move on.
Situated: behind and just below the navel
Element: Water Area of consciousness: health, good will, giving or taking. Two sided, seeing both sides of the coin.
Key Words: difference, separation, change, duality, and movement Physical organ association: spleen.
Relationship: corresponds to the liquid part of the body - circulation, urinary elimination, colon, liver, kidneys and sexual body fluids. With a balance within this Chakra, we can have transformation, and elevation in consciousness, and also elevation to the third Chakra.

3.  Third Chakra
Element: Fire Area of consciousness: mental or intellectual body This includes thoughts, opinions and judgments.
Key Words: combustion, fire, energy, and action, power, and will Physical organ association: adrenal glands, pancreas (stomach) To balance the emotions. This is the seat of your emotions. The solar plexus Chakra relates physically to the part of the abdomen above the stomach area, right at the lower rib cage. The color yellow, the digestive system and the pancreas belong to it. The solar plexus has to do with acquired knowledge.  Personal emotions are associated with this Chakra. Feelings of personal power, anger and hostility. Your sensitivity is stored here. It is the seat of your emotional living.        

4. Heart Chakra 
The heart Chakra relates to the entire chest area. It is situated between the shoulder blades. Its color is green, the heart, the lungs and the thymus belong to it.  It is the center of love, harmony and balance. This is the house of the soul as it deals with issues of the soul. The soul’s home is here, and the eyes are the windows of the soul. It is through this Chakra that we fall in love.  In most cases, however, we are first attracted to the opposite sex through the 1st or root Chakra, the sexual glands. And then the 3rd or emotional Chakra, this is when we start to get emotionally involved with each other. Followed by the 4th, the heart Chakra, where we have feelings of love.  This is when we start to realize that we are falling in love. This is followed by the throat Chakra, when we start to tell the person of our love for them. When the relationship goes to the 6th Chakra, the brow or third eye area, then we start to see what the other person is all about. We know, without knowing how. We can see things as they really are. This is when we really decide if we in fact love this person. If the relationship goes to the 7th, the crown Chakra, then it will become a spiritual relationship. Now you are bonded for eternity. This is when you are truly married. You may have a wedding when the relationship is still in the lower chakras, but it will not and cannot make it, unless it goes up into the crown. This then becomes the mystical marriage, and you do not have to have a ring on your finger for this to happen. You do not have to be a spiritual person, nor do you have to believe in the aura or chakras to experience all of this.      

5. Throat Chakra
The throat Chakra relates to the color blue, the entire throat and neck area and the thyroid and parathyroid glands. This Chakra has to do with communication on all levels. If the Chakra is open, you will have magic in your voice. You will have charm and magnetism in you voice that will attract people on all levels.  It is the Chakra of communication, expression and judgment. Should you experience problems with your throat, it is sometimes said that if you draw the color blue to this area it will help you say what needs to be said. If you have problems with your voice or speech then your throat Chakra is closed, it is shut down. Some people do not even start to talk until they are about 5yrs old. When you are five years old, then you are in the year of the fifth Chakra, and usually you will begin to speak by then. When you are born, your chakras must be at least partially open. If they are closed, then you will have serious problems in these areas. The lower three are usually fully open. The upper four are usually partially open. As you begin to grow and evolve, the upper four will gradually open. You can open them through Yoga, meditation, or service and devotion. All chakras must be at least partially open in order for you to have good health. The more they are open, the better your aura becomes. Even people that do not see the aura will tell you that you have a wonderful glow about you.  

6. Brow Chakra
The brow Chakra (third eye) relates to the middle of the head. It lies between the eyebrows. The color royal blue (indigo), the face, and the pituitary gland belong to it. The third eye has to do with intuition, vision, understanding and inner knowing. This Chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of our life. When I opened my third eye, after many months of meditation and deep breathing, a violet light exploded inside of my head. From that day on, I began to have more understanding, and compassion.  Our inner vision is contained here; inner dreams gifts of clairvoyance, wisdom and perception. The dreams of our life are created here. Your whole life evolves from the center of your brow. It is where your soul receives knowledge, wisdom, and truth. All of your perceptions come from this area. Your thinking is related to brow is some sense. This is because you first perceive in the brow then you assimilate it in the crown. Many people believe that your crown does not open unless you have enlightenment. But this is not true. It is always partially open, and assimilates all messages through the brow. The two always work in harmony. When the two are opened, you will have peace and understanding through knowledge. The important thing here is to be positive in your perception of life, for it promotes good health, and a great aura. People will be attracted to you as a great teacher. A true teacher must have their brow completely open. Then when they teach, they learn simultaneously. This leads to the opening of the crown.

7. Crown Chakra
The crown Chakra is related to the upper part of the head and it is located at the highest point of the head. The color violet belongs to it, as does the cerebrum and the pineal gland. It is a balance between the masculine and the feminine.   It's color is violet and is located at the top of your head. This Chakra is known as the thousand pedaled lotus. When it is open, it is called the Jewel in the Lotus; the center of Divine instinct and knowledge. When this Chakra is fully opened, then you are fully enlightened. It balances the mind, body, and spirit, and brings them into a harmonious atmosphere. This Chakra is said to be your own place of connection to God. When it fully opens, you are in the bosom of God. Only a handful of Mystics have truly attained this level of soul development. They give inspiration through their speech, art, mind and spiritual attributes. Inspiration is God talking to you. And God can and will talk to you through other great beings. When the Creator speaks to you, you become lifted up into the high heavens. You go to the mountaintop. You are in the light of lights. Only love and beauty will flow from your lips, and soul. Remember that the upper four chakras need to be open for this to happen. You can open them one at a time or all at once. They are partially open now, and you can set your sights upon opening them completely. Once you embark on such a mission, you cannot fall back, even if you wanted to. It will create a burning desire inside of you until it is satisfied. You will be filled with love such as you have ever known. Just say to your self at knight that this is now your true wish. Say it until you mean it. When all the chakras are “spinning like a wheel” open, bright and clean, then our Chakra system are balanced.  When a Chakra becomes blocked, or muddied with negative energy, then our physical and emotional health can be affected.  Often this occurs when we live in a negative state, and when we are always in a taking rather than giving of our selves in all matters both physical and spiritual.  The effects of our habits, attitudes, our thinking, and our actions are reflected within our chakras, and become visible in our auras.  Our attitudes should be strong, and clear, so that we can balance our energy system.  The more open, clear and balanced the chakras, the more energy can flow through our system.  This energy is essential for vitality, clear thinking, good habits, and good deeds, and a long and healthy life.   The more researchers magnify and study the nature of matter, the more apparent it becomes that matter is not solid, but rather is empty space and moving energy. The very fibers of our physical bodies are mainly empty space!   You may well be wondering if the body and brain are just conductors of energy and if this is so then where does thought originate? Thoughts are energy in action, and are an action that brings reaction.   Clearly, consciousness is separate from the physical body and the physical brain. In dreams a car is often a symbol for our bodies. A driver can get out of a car and leave it running, but in order for it to move in a purposeful manner, a higher consciousness (the driver) is needed.  Think of your car as it sits in the parking space. It is dead, and has no appearance of life. But it is not dead; it is just devoid of consciousness. It is never dead, for everything that you see with your eyes is alive. The driver is the mind and is the source of thought.   As science is now validating metaphysical beliefs regarding life force energy, perhaps one day we will be able to somehow observe and measure "God." Nothing is impossible, although it seems to be improbable.  It occurred to me that perhaps the many people in mental institutions who see or hear things that "aren't there," are in fact simply perceiving energy beyond the normal human range of perception. I have since encountered this theory numerous times. What would separate these individuals from "psychics" is an inability to recognize that their experiences are different from others. I believe that people in mental institutions are real psychic. They see and perceive things that are not there to the ordinary person. They are able to communicate with other beings, spiritual or otherwise. Their mind’s eye completely opened. They were out of balance both physically and spiritually. So the opening of their brow Chakra was premature. They cannot handle what is happening to them. The average person perceives them as crazy. Tachyon energy, the Creative Force of the Universe or so many scientists thinks.   Experiments showing the reaction of plants to mental influences suggest that there are forces beyond the electromagnetic spectrum responsible for the interactions for plants responded even when placed in a Faraday cage which blocked penetration of electromagnetic waves. The force beyond the electromagnetic energy field is something that has been given the name "Tachyon energy."   Supposedly, Tachyons are the source of all energy and the expansion of the Tachyon field is speculated to be the creative force of the universe. Tachyon theory explains the nature of psychic energy which transcend Einstein's relativity theory that restricted the movement of energy in the universe to the speed of light. As I explain a little later on in this book, light or energy does not move. It is only the idea recreating itself over and over that creates the illusion of movement.  Think of the idea of energy. It is just there circled around the Sun for example. Then a new idea of that same energy is born. And then another, and another. When we are clocking energy, we are clocking new energy in front of the old energy. It is the same idea repeating itself, over and over. The theory of Tachyon energy is that there are actually two universes involved in creation: the visible, and the invisible. This Tachyon energy is omnipresent, or exists holographically,  simultaneously, everywhere because it travels faster than light and takes no time to travel through space. Actually I feel that it is not traveling at all. It is just repeating itself. When an idea is born by the time that idea gets to you, it has changes somewhat, and is now a better idea than the original idea. It is the idea that travels not the energy that it creates. Tachyon energy is speculated to be the creative and sustaining force of all life and it requires a certain balance of energy to sustain itself. When a life form requires life energy, a vacuum is created and Tachyon energy rushes in.  This Tachyon energy is the white substance of all life. Without it we cannot exist. .  Electromagnetic energy fields may prove to be merely the language through which this energy manifests and communicates.  The only and true language of spirit is idea, and inspiration is the way we communicate with the creator. I believe that Tachyon energy is the white substance of creation. And this sticky white substance (aura) is the energy field holding everything together, not gravity. And thought or idea is an image of something to be created. And this image is nothing more than an idea waiting to be manifested. This manifestation cannot appear until the Tachyon energy or white substance is added. Now the idea has substance. Now the idea is real. Before Tachyon is involved it is only an idea.  While Tachyon theory is at the frontier of physical research; Walter Russell is really the first to speak about this energy, he just did not call it Tachyon. He called it the white substance.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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