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Rainbow of light and color



I have been attempting to write this book for about ten years. I have channeled information in this book.  I channel the information;  then I must sit and interpret what I had written. A friend of mine (Christy Grover, now Christy Bray) was typing some of the channeled stuff into my computer and said; what language is this in, it does not make sense at all. I told her that when I receive it, it comes much faster than I can type, which is only about 40 words per minute. Then I add to the channeled material some ideas from my classes. This is how I learn anything. I first have a class on the subject. While I am teaching on any particular subject, in this case it is auras, I learn the most. I go into a half trance, and start talking.

Everything that I have learned came this way with the exception of Spiritualism. A funny thing about this is I studied Spiritualism for three years, became ordained, and certified as a spiritualist minister, and I do not remember anything about it. It seem that when I teach something that I do not know anything about, I seem to learn more, and it sticks with me for a long time. This is how I have learned Psychometry, Auras, Hypnotism, Shamanism, Dreams etc. The secret to knowing anything is to teach it. If I go into a trance and teach something, I am always listening, and I am always my best student. Sounds crazy doesnít it?

The Rainbow of Light

There is a rainbow around you. It emanates from your physical body, and I will show you how to see and read it.  The human aura is The Electro-magnetic energy field that manifests in all Living things. The question is why would I want to see it? And for what reason?  I believe that your aura is your soul. In it contains all knowledge of you. It contains all knowledge of your, past, present, and future lives.

When I gaze into your aura, I will see not only the beautiful colors that surrounds you, but the actual meaning of the colors.

For instance:

The color red reflects your energy, Either good or bad. If you have a shaded color, or black in a color, this means that you have a negative color. If you have a tinted color, this means that you have white light in it. More light, means more positive. Less light means more negatives.

The amount of black will determine just how negative the color is.

Words or thoughts also have either white light or black in them.

For instance, the word love has a certain amount of energy in it. This all depends how your attitude is at the time of expressing love. Most people do not realize this but, close your eyes and gather all of the love you ever had for anyone or any thing. Let it rise up inside of you, until you feel you are going to bust. Then let it flow to someone you do not like. See what I mean?

As you begin to develop your sight for the Aura, you will begin to recognize when someone is projecting love to someone else. And you can determine how much love is being projected by the color in the Aura.

And when another person expresses love it may be a different color or a different tint or shade in the color. It all depends upon the emotion, and the attitude that is put into the color. We all have a different idea of the word love and what it means. Example: When some one expresses the word love and their aura projects pink, then you have to know what shade or tint of pink it is. You should know what the color means, and then what the tint or shade of the color means. A certain shade of pink denotes maternal love, another physical love, or sensual love.

A peach colored pink shows a love of mankind. This is a love that is expressed through the heart.

Color in the aura effects your personality, wear a red shirt when your energy level is down, and it will enhance your energy field. You will feel slightly more vigorous.

Wear this red shirt when your energy level is high, and you may become irritable, or hyper. These are only essences of the colors. I will give an in-depth meaning later.

Orange---if negative it means you are afraid, or you are in a negative mood. If positive, it means you are mentally alert, and mentally active.

To see the aura, have someone stand back about fifteen feet up against a white wall. Focus upon their forehead, do not look anywhere else. While looking there; allow your eyes to gaze, rather than stare. Let your eyes go soft, and just be aware around the outside of the personís head with your peripheral vision, and you will see a glow. With practice, you will soon see colors.

Next, ask the person (in your mind only, or silently to yourself) to reveal something to you. Passively, let the thoughts flow into your head. If nothing comes, then focus your attention on a color in the aura. Know in the back of your mind the basic colors.

Red means energy.

Blue means spirit.

Yellow means mind.

Green means growth.

Violet means higher spirituality.

These are only the essences of the colors. They are causing you to focus upon the person in a way that you can receive thoughts or ideas flowing from the person. It is a way for you to become receptive. A way for you to perceive something about the person. Then one thought will lead to another. You will become in tune with the person. You will even feel the person. And of course they will feel you in their vibration, or Aura.



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