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Vision Quest

Today I will attempt to write something new and different. I feel inspired to do this. I am sitting here today in University of New Hampshire and have some time to sit and reflect.

I want to begin by saying that there is so much going on in the world. I meet people all of the time that are either for or against what is happening in the world.

It seems that you will get a different view of world affairs from all parts of the world. People see things differently because of their culture, language and whether or not they are prosperous or are suffering from financial losses, poor crops, poor technology etc.

There can be many different reasons why people become aggressive or war-like also.

If I go to one country people there might not smile very much, they are too serious, and so if I smile at someone they may get the wrong idea.

But most people in the world are not war-like they all want some sort of peace and do not want to have enemies.

The average man in the world is like any other, he usually just wants to survive, to earn a living and support his or her family. Most people are seeking some sort of love, either love from their spouses, kids, siblings or just friends. They do not want to be war-like. They do not want to fight the world. So what is wrong with this scenario? What do we live the way we do? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Will we find the perfect mate? Why even do we seek a mate?

I will start with the latter:

We are first a spirit, and when we incarnate we are thrown out of balance. While in the spirit world we have perfect balance, but when we come into this life we are split.

We incarnate either as a man or woman. When we are in the spirit world we are both male and female, or sexless. When we are both, we are perfectly balanced. But because we desired to become in the image and likeness of out creator we have to incarnate into a physical body. When we do this we are thrown out of balance by becoming either a male or female person.

We spend our entire earthly lives seeking balance, seeking the half that is missing, and in the amount that we find this half, that is how happy we will become. No more or no less.

We keep seeking the half of ourselves through another half person. Because we are a half person we think the other half, if found, will balance us. This is because we just donít know. We go through countless lives completely unaware. When after eons of time we awaken and become aware. Awareness is the key. Awareness is the gateway. Awareness through love can open any door, solve any problem, and end all wars. How can we find this awareness?

 By taking a Vision Quest, means going into the wilderness to seek within yourself to find your destiny, or to seek your purpose in life. The Creative Force is the Life Force. The Creative Force is in all things, a part of all things, and works through all things.

When you begin to tap into this all knowing force of life you will be able to know all things, and to demonstrate that knowing into something new. Something that is unheard of, something that was not known previously.

You will be looked at as a genius, one that knows and one that demonstrates Cosmic Consciousness.

But your true purpose is to live a better life, to leave the world a bit better when you leave. Better for your loved ones, your family and friends to live a good life and if everyone left this world with this attitude, then the world would improve and so far this hasn't happened very often.

But I am getting away from myself here because I want to finish what I have started. And that is that people all over the world, no matter what society or culture they have do not want war. Most people only want happiness, to be able to have a good family life. To prosper, have good health and happiness for their family and friends.

It is a natural thing to want to be friendly and hospitable to everyone you meet.

It is unnatural to want to fight someone, to want to sue a person or just being against something. It is unnatural to fight your neighbors, to turn away from someone in need. It seems natural to want to live longer. I many times think that I would be much happier if I were in the spirit world, but when I think of my two sons and daughter, I think that is a selfish thing.

I prefer to be here now that I have that settled. Three years ago when I had open-heart surgery I had a near death experience while under the knife.

I soon found myself in an elevator; it was all white and a white mist surrounding everything. When I went to the top and the door opened, I saw my Father, Mother and Sister standing in a circle and conversing with one another. I yelled over to them and asked them what they were talking about.

My Father walked over to me and said they were talking about me. He said that today I was supposed to join them but was told that I was too early I had to go back. I told him I did not want to go back, I liked it here better and he replied you have to go back. There are many people praying for you to return, so you must go back. When I thought about my three kids (who are actually all grown up) I immediately went back.

Sometimes we make the right choice and sometimes we donít. I almost didnít and I would or may have regretted it. I know that Lisa put my name on the healerís list on the Internet and it worked. I had thousands or more people praying for me and I did not know any of them. So Healing lists really work as long as everyone on them prays for the person that is ill because my Father told me to go back I did, but I could have stayed. The Healing force was real and it caused me to stay alive even though sometimes I yearn to go back to the spirit world, it was or is a place of great beauty, peace, and tranquility. And whether you know this or not, we have more friends and relatives there than we have here.

I journey from time to time when out of my body to visit there because I find absolute peace there with no physical desires, wants, or needs. While there we desire nothing, no good health, no money, sex or pleasures. Everything we need is there waiting for us without having to pay for it.

Dreaming is sort of a mini Vision Quest. Because you can soul travel to anywhere you desire. You can only go where you have knowledge. You cannot go if you know nothing of the place you are thinking about. You cannot enter into a place that you have no knowledge of even if someone has told you about that place. If you have a teacher or Guru that prepares you for this world then you will have some knowledge and you can go and explore it. Otherwise how will you know about it? If a friend or relative tells you about a place and they have no true knowledge of it, then you still donít know and cannot go. Not that it is forbidden, it is always there waiting for you, but you have to evolve to the place of your desires. It is a simple thing to go there but can become the most difficult. It is like trying to find your way in the dark. If you meet a teacher, then the teacher turns on the light and off you go. So simple it is. By opening up to your desires of entering the spirit world you are learning how to turn on the light, and light is knowing, light is knowledge. If you turn on a light fixture in your house this is not knowing, it is increased brightness. The true light is inside of your head and it usually needs a teacher to turn it on, but it is possible to turn it on your self. The secret is to inspire. Inspiration is God talking to you; it is the pathway toward the light. You can have varying degrees of light when you are inspired, so never be in a hurry, taking your time is best. Be still and know says the Lord.

I want to explore this further because I want everyone to have the opportunity to be in the light. Most people have not even heard of this. Or if they have they believe that only old souls are worthy of the light. Even when people die they must enter the light and most people donít or wonít. They feel unworthy no matter how good of a life they lived.

Most people deserve the light.

In the late eighties I lived in New Jersey while doing a TV Show called aptly, ďVision QuestĒ. While there I met a couple from Parlin, NJ. And one night I was at their house with my friend Lisa on a Saturday when the phone rang. It was Kimís father and he was frantic. He said Kim your mother just fell down the stairs and injured her head, I am waiting for the ambulance and it looks bad, please come home. He lived in Westchester County NY and I told Kim to go on, Lisa and I will watch her two boys for her and her husband Ron.

The next morning she came and picked up her two boys and said that her mom was in a coma. I reminded her that I am great at bringing people out of comas and she replied it is too soon. Her fatherís friends and her relatives were on their way to visit and it wouldnít look good. Her father at the time was the number two man for the Associated Press and didnít believe in what I do. She said please wait and she will take me in to see her mom.

The next day was no better and she asked me to be patient it was still to soon for me to go to the Hospital to see her mom.

The third day she told me it was now too late, the doctors told her that her mom was brain dead and they were going to pull the plug at nine am the next morning.

I got real mad at her and told her that she must take me into the Hospital and she said she will take me in around six or seven am secretly. She said her mom was in intensive care and on life support.

When I arrived I told her to make sure I would not be disturbed because I was going to hypnotize her mom.

Kim replied, ďHow can you hypnotize someone who is in a coma?Ē And I said who is going to stop me? She shrugged and said letís hurry up.

So I took her momís hand and said Norma, it is Gordon, and I am going to hypnotize you. Donít be afraid, I have your hand. I did hypnosis on her and told her that we were going on a walk down through a meadow.

I said Norma (as I was visualizing a meadow) looks at the beautiful green pastures, they are so green and beautiful I repeated to her.

Then I said Norma, look at the still small lake, it is like glass, letís run down to it.

Then Kim said in an annoying voice, this sounds crazy, and I mentioned to her to be still and wait.

I then closed my eyes again and saw the still waters of the lake, and said, Norma! Look at the escalator across the lake, it is made of glass or crystal, letís go over there and I visualized her holding my hand as we ran over to the escalator. We started to get on it and I stopped and said, Norma, I cannot go on it with you, but you must go all the way to the top, and then you will be able to come back and visit your husband and children.

Three days later was the funeral in a Methodist Church and a woman pastor was giving the eulogy. I was sitting behind Ron, Kim, her brother who was or is a doctor, and her famous father.

All of a sudden you could feel a cool breeze as though someone opened the doors, it blew down the isle and the Pastor began thumbing her way through the Bible. She exclaimed out loud, oh my God; Norma is here and wants me to read this passage from the 23rd psalm.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, he makes me to lie down in Green Pastures by the still waters, and he restores my soul.

As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff comfort me, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the rest of my life for I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever.

Kim and her family turned around and looked at me, she must have told them. But that doesnít matter, what matters are that I learned something that day.

I learned that I could help others into the light, into the world of spirit where only peace and happiness reside. Not only I, but others as well, anyone that I tell this too and show them how simple it is to guide loved ones into the light, it opens many doors.

Sometimes I scan papers and read the obituary and call on the people that are in there and lead them to the light. What a great feeling it is to be able to do this. I have many of my friends now doing this.

Whenever someone comes to me for a reading and I see that someone close to them as crossed over, I teach them to lead their loved ones into the light.

No one is exempt, everyone is Godís child and everyone no matter what they did during their life can enter the light. But of course people like Hitler or other serial killers may have a much more difficult time to enter into the Kingdom of Light

They can enter if they forgive themselves and know that the next life they live may be the opposite of this life and they may have some debts to pay. I donít judge them, anyone that needs to go into the light I help them regardless of who they are. It is not up to me to judge; actually they become their own judge and jury, I believe that God is the Father and God is the Mother. We are his/her children and he/she will not punish us, God only loves us, we punish ourselves through eons of time. We have been here for many life times and keep coming back until we awaken.

Once we awaken we are almost there, we have traveled the Universe of Time and we are now ready to go home to the Universe of no Time.

Which is the home of the Creator, the sea of Tranquility, the place of many Mansions?

My father once told me before he died when he was very sick and in the Hospital that he dreamed of going to a great place. He said he went into a house or mansion of great white pillars. Once inside he could play music on his instruments he was a musician, self-taught.

My father when he was young was asked by Arthur Godfrey and several other bandleaders to come and audition and play for them. He would go and get drunk instead, he was afraid of failure; something I think has also came my way. I had several chances of becoming famous, but always ran away from it. I am not sure if it was the same reason or not, but I once did a show in New York and about twenty people chased after me for my autograph.

I felt it was dumb for them to want my autograph, I said I am not known or famous, you do not need my signature, and they said if I was on TV then they wanted my autograph.

There are many mansions and I believe this to be the reason. The reason I believe is that each mansion is a degree of light. Everyone is on a different level of knowledge; everyone has different ideas, different reasoning, and different thinking. We are all the same but dwell in different mansions.

I believe that when you go on a Vision Quest you go to your mansion. While there you begin to explore the idea of you. The Idea of who are you, or what are you, why are you here and where are you going. When you know that you will know your mansion. You will become totally aware. Awareness is the key to life, the key to knowledge or knowing.

So letís explore a way of learning about this mansion you live or dwell in. I believe your mansion is in reality your soul. It is the place you dwell inside of this spiritual universe.

I believe that you can find your way there by going on a Vision Quest.

Just go to a far away place, take little with you. This way you wonít have any distractions. Only take water and maybe some seeds or nuts to sustain you, but it is better for you to fast. Prepare to be there for several days. The longer the better and take something that can aid you in your quest for self.

When I did a Vision Quest on top of a mountain in Colorado I had a vision that went like this.

I was sitting there and all of a sudden a large Wolf jumped out of a big rock at me. I jumped and then realized that he was imaginary. I then climbed on his back and off we went.

We traveled through a forest and then all of a sudden he was an Eagle and we were flying. We flew over a place that I grew up in Northern New Jersey. Over a Lake and then I remembered when I was young seeing an otter while out in a boat. The otter kept diving and coming up on the other side of my boat. At the time I did not know what he was doing, I thought he was just playing with me. But the day of my quest he was showing me that he was not only playful, but in harmony with the water and everything around him, even me.

He showed me to be versatile and flexible and that I could flow with life and teach others to do the same.

It was just one of many experiences I have had doing Vision Quests. Each one is different and each one is a lesson of lifeís experiences. I learned that all things in nature, all animals could be in harmony with man and teach him true lessons. Most people do not pay attention.

Now when I take people on a Vision Quest I teach them how to tune into clouds, trees, sand, and animals or insects. They all are there for us and all will teach us something.

George Washington Carver learned from a flower, he became at one with this flower and it spoke to him in Godís Whisperings. Spirit will whisper to you ever so gently and will lead you to the answers that you seek.

Since the beginning of time man has went to the Wilderness to seek himself. To find lifeís answers.

I do not practice the way of the Native American, but have learned much from my friend Wallace Black Elk. What I use is what I have learned from him, but not his rituals. I have developed my own through spirit. I teach people to seek spirit in all things, and then in oneís self. Spirit is there to aid us in all things.

There are many references to Vision Quests. To quest a Vision means you want to see who you are, why you are here, and where are you going. In short you are seeking; you have awakened to the fact that life is not what you were first taught.

So now you are seeking and will continue to do so until you reach the Light. Then your seeking will be over, you will no longer be just a victim, someone who leaves things up to everybody else to do for you such as: Go to a Doctor and give him your power.  You give up your power whenever you turn things over to someone else. Your mechanic, carpenter, dentist whatever or whomever but when you see the light you begins to change inside and out. You begin to take charge of your destiny. Whenever you seek it the light will come to you. Soon you will start to meditate so that you can experience more light. The experience will take you out of your body and lift you to the highest of highs.

When you are out of your body you have to remember to open your eyes. Otherwise you will only have an idea that you were out of your body. When you open your eyes you will become aware of many beautiful things. The sound of creation will be there with you and flow through you. It is blissful and healing to let this sound of sounds echo inside of your heart. You will never be the same.

You will be able to travel to far away places without fear. You will be able to travel to distant stars and planets. Great Suns exist far greater than our own. You can even visit other beings, but usually you wonít because they may not be recognizable to you as friendly. But if you do let yourself visit, you can be taught many things from them, things that you are not aware of while living here on this primitive planet.

While living here you will realize that we are very primitive in our thinking. Our belief system is archaic and you will wonder why we believe some of the things we believe in. Our religious beliefs will fall away from us. We still will believe in a creator and even the prophets that we follow from ancient times, yet we will realize that the beliefs of old are just that. They were useful during their times but not so useful today.

But I am not here to say yes or no when it comes to our belief system, I am only forewarning you that you will change your beliefs. You will not want the things you now desire. Physical things will be come less desirous as well. The last thing you will let go of is the sexual desire. It is the strongest within our bodies. When you let go of that one, you will be totally enlightened, but as long as you only have a partial enlightenment, you will still have those physical desires. The only thing I can help you with then is to seek Tantra.

Tantra is the Royal path to enlightenment. It is a true path and I mention it in one of my other books. I explain all about it so that you can have a complete sexual satisfaction without having an orgasm, but with having the light.

The whole idea of Tantra is to have sex without orgasm. If you can sustain being in a sexual embrace for a long period of time without losing your sexual drive or desire you will not have this orgasm but you will move the energy upwards rather than out of your sexual organs when you have an orgasm.

Whenever you have an orgasm you lose your energy and you become a slight bit tired. When you move the energy upwards towards your head the energy will become ecstatic rather than orgasmic.

You will feel this energy flowing upward and when it hits your crown chakra you will have enlightenment pure and simple.

This energy which lies at the base of your spine is actually not your sexual energy at all. It is an energy far more powerful than anything like that. It is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Most people are totally unaware of this energy. Once experienced you will no longer desire sexual energy.

You will only desire the light, and truth is, you can have Tantra merely by thinking it, you will no longer need a partner. You will no longer seek a sexual partner, you will become whole. You are whether you know this or not, that you are both male and female or sexless. When you are in the spirit world you are both and when you incarnate you are thrown out of balance by incarnating into either a male or female body. You are never your body, you are a spirit pure and simple both male and female or totally balanced. There are countless books on Tantra and there is even a Yoga called Tantra Yoga. It all has to do with energy.

But it seems I strayed away from Vision Quest but I didnít, it is all part of your quest for life, knowledge and enlightenment



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