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This is a time when we must seek within, to go inside of ourselves
and ask this age old question:

Vision Quest

Who are we? What are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? If you go through this page, it may take you a long time, but if you follow it, it will open you up to enlightenment. All of my books are not edited, but they are copyrighted, and easy to understand.  They will change your life.

Tuning into your heart is another way to open up your inner mind or, your Right Mind on your Vision Quest.

Your right mind is on the Right side of your head and is connected to your Spirit.  Rather than thinking with your mind start thinking with your heart. Allow heart thoughts to take over your life. This is the Right Mind or, the Spirit Mind. Your head will always get you into trouble. Devote yourself to being spiritual and not physical.  When you are in the spiritual aspect of your life your thoughts will become like music. They will have a rhythm to your actions. Your life will have more of a meaning to it. You will become an observer, and then you will begin to have true knowledge. Knowledge with understanding is what you really want. Opening up your psychic mind can lead to that understanding.

Table of Contents

The first question is a difficult question to ask.
So how does one go about asking such a question?
I believe the only true way to begin such a journey is to first learn to meditate. If you would like any question in your life to be answered, then this is the absolute best way to have it done. If you are learning how to develop your psychic ability you should first learn to meditate.


Meditation is the art of listening. Meditation is the art of going within. Meditation is learning how to listen to God. Meditation is the opposite of praying. When you are praying you are asking God to listen to you. When you are meditating, you are asking  yourself to listen to God. So first you pray (ask). Then you Meditate (listen). Go to my meditation page and learn how to meditate. Then you will be able to understand what I am going to show you next. Learn to meditate and you will learn how to love God. First love God then love yourself.  Everything else will follow. Learning to love brings happiness. Learning to love brings healing. Learning to love brings forgiveness. Happiness brings light. Light brings God. Learning to love brings forgiveness. To forgive everyone that has harmed you, or sent you ill feelings, will bring great peace to you. Be forgiving.


Aura---The Rainbow of Light

When you learn how to meditate you will then learn how to tune into the human Aura. Remember to always use Meditation when you are learning something new such as learning how to see and read the Aura. The Aura is your soul. It contains all knowledge of you, past, present, and future. When you learn how to read the Aura, or Soul of things then you will start to understand life. And this is the first step in understanding yourself, and it will bring understanding of who you are and why you are here. All things have a soul.


Psychometry is learning how to tune into the Soul of all things - animate or in-animate. So Psychometry, when understood, is the same as reading the Aura.

This is another secret, and all mysteries of life are secrets. The secret of becoming psychic, is learning how to use your magnetic, feminine mind (Spirit Mind).

Electricity in Numbers

Creating a Numeroscope allows you to discover your Life Path Karma Destiny.  If you can start to understand the path that you are on and the Karma along the way and, of course, your ultimate destination, then you will begin to understand where you are going. Remember this, I am pointing the way. Numbers have Soul. Numbers have meaning.  Numbers have destiny.  Numbers are contained in all things.

If you can pay attention here to what I am giving you, you can find a way out of all of this. You can find the mystery of life. This mystery is contained in all things. Always pause and reflect upon what I am giving you here.

Creative Dreaming

You can learn how to change your life through your dreams. All dreams have meaning and you can understand what they mean if you could learn to understand the symbols in your dreams. Dream Symbols are pictured images that are creative thoughts or ideas. Most people do not understand their dreams because they do not understand their symbols. We dream in symbols because we are only asleep for a few hours. Yet we may be creating the next twenty years tonight. Symbols are pictures or images. And a picture is like a thousand words. Get it?

Reading a person through their Art

All art has a soul. All art has a hidden meaning. All great art is created through inspiration.  Inspiration is God talking to you. The inspired artist is an aware artist, a true artist, and a knowing artist.

Also the artist puts his personal life in his paintings unknowingly to him or herself. When I gaze at a painting or sculpture I can read the artists life or at least what is or was going on in their life at the time of creating the work of art. Your work of art is an expression of you and also your life.

Dynamics of Color

Color is imperfect energy. White is a perfect color and therefore it contains all colors. All color has meaning. Color is Soul. We are patterns after our own thinking and we project those patterns to the vibration of color, which anyone can see and perceive. 

The color patterns run in wavelengths, the longest being the color red and the shortest the color blue, blue being the most recent color on the color spectrum that man has developed. Red is the longest, then violet, then yellow, green and then blue.

 Cloud Reading

All images are symbols. All symbols have meaning. When you read the images in the clouds, you will be seeing the answers to your problems. When you learn to read anything, you will be learning to see clearly, and ultimately see yourself. Your True Self is always waiting to be exposed. Your rue Self is seeking to go home is the Spirit World.


Allowing Spirit to work with and through you. Channeling is allowing Spirit to take control of you, so that it can give a message to the world. Channeling is when Spirit is healing someone. Channeling is becoming the Spirit. Spirit can and will guide you to find yourself. I am channeling right now.

Sometimes it doesnít take control it just flows through you and this is best.

Eyes tell all

Eyes are the mirrored image of the Soul. Reading eyes, reveals the Spirit of someone. Eyes are Windows. Eyes are doorways to the heart. When you can understand eyes, then you will surpass understanding life. Eyes tell all.

Try gazing into oneís eyes and just relax and let the images or messages come into your consciousness.

Feng-Shui means wind and water

Feng-Shui means the art of placement. Where all things are placed, effects everything else, because all things have energy. Feng-Shui is a reflection of energy. And this energy (Chi) is the foundation of this Universe, so wherever this chi is, it effects us all. Everything effects the entire Universe, and it effects all living things. Because Chi is in everything, it effects everything that we do.  It is the flow of Life.

Flower Reading

Flowers reveal all. Flowers are alive, and therefore will talk to us. The Creator is in all things. Read Flowers through Psychometry, Meditation, Color, and Numerology. Or simply just gazing into the Flower and being patient and let the images come to you.

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling is very ancient and has no real birth. Man would read people through sticks, rocks, clouds, sand and later through eyes, voice, cards and pictures etc.

Tarot Card Reading

The original meaning of the Tarot is hidden. The true meaning of reading Tarot was for it's symbolic nature. Every little detail in a Tarot card was used to meditate upon. It would take you seven years to meditate on all of the symbols, but in the end you would be liberated, or enlightened. This method was so positive it was sought after by many.

Palm Reading 

The history of Palm Reading originates from India and moved on to China, Egypt, and ancient Greece taking it's own shape in each country.

According to the book "Physiognomy & Palmistry" written by Pythagoras who was a great philosopher and mathematician in ancient Greek times, Western Palmistry has a 2500 year history which could be traced back to the years between 582 BC and 497 BC.

Healing and good health promote clear mindedness, and a happy lifestyle

Light is healing, and Light is power and you need this power for health and well being.

There are many forms of healing. The most important form of healing is of the mind. All diseases come from the mind, it is the mind that allows you to be ill and attracts what you need to be ill. It also will attract what you need to be well.


Hypnosis is a path to the sub-conscious mind. Hypnosis is a tool to be used for healing. Hypnosis is a tool to be used for regression. Hypnosis is a tool to relieve stress. Hypnosis is a tool to finding peace. Hypnosis is a form of meditation and can be used for guided meditations. Hypnosis takes away bad habits. Hypnosis aids in all addictions


Magic is creating something out of nothing. Magic comes from the Magi. Magic is created through the proper use of the subconscious. Magic comes from within. Magic cannot work without vision Magic must first be seen. Magic cannot be talked about. Magic is Magic is your inner power.  Magic is the feminine aspect. Magic is magnetic energy, but not electrical. Magic is performed by Shamans.

Sand Reading

Sand reading is an ancient art. Sand Reading is learning to see the images in the sand. You can read oneís footprint on the sand and learn much about this person. Because everything that this person is will be right there in the sand and even events in this personís life is there also.


The path of the spiritual warrior Shaman-the way of magic.

The Shaman is one who heals and does magic. A Shaman can conjure up spirits to aid him or her. A Shaman can work with animals or insects to aid in healing.

Vision Quest --- To be used when all else fails Vision Quest --- All of the above. Vision Quest --- The way to inner enlightenment. Vision Quest --- The way to seek a vision, to discover where we are headed.

In order to find yourself it would be essential to go on a quest in nature or by the sea. Anywhere you will be alone for at least a day or three days.


Study of the stars in relationship to man and his destiny. Astrology --- You can read many books about it, but you never know it.

This is a path that many take but get lost on. Most will learn Astrology in order to understand it but then get sidetracked to give readings to people when they should use it to find enlightenment. 


Psychometry is a tool towards self-knowledge. Psychometry is the art of tuning in. Psychometry is a reflection of the Universal Mirror. Psychometry is soul reflection. Psychometry is the truth. Psychometry can be a form of meditation. Psychometry is an aspect of meditation. Psycho- means soul. Metry -or metric is a measurement. Psycho-metry

 Philosophy and enlightenment

I must talk about philosophy and enlightenment. I believe that philosophy usually dies with the philosopher, unless the philosopher is enlightened and leaves something of value with his students. His philosophy inspires people to grow more, to become more aware and to add to that philosophy. If it does not remain the same the philosophy becomes outdated then we no longer need it yet was the philosophy wrong?