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1988 --


Gordon was hosting his own Television Show from 1987 to 1989 in Warren, New Jersey. It was called Vision Quest and it was a live show. He would give approximately three or four live readings via phone, have a guest, and explain how to read flowers, auras, numerology, tea leaves, psychometry, healing, channeling etc. During this time he would create trips to different places.  He would call these trips, "Vision Quests." The first trip he took was to Mexico. While there he would teach meditation, psychometry, past life readings etc. He took a camera crew from Boston on the trip with him. He wanted to create a video for the people that went on the trip.

One morning while at a restaurant eating breakfast in Meredith, Mexico a very large bird flew against the window and was knocked out. It appeared to have a broken neck. It was a large colorful bird, mostly blue and white. A cook ran out to retrieve the bird and while she was walking into the restaurant with the bird, a couple of the American women began to ask the woman what she was going to do with the bird.

She cried out loud, mi-gusto, mi-gusto, which we found out later that it means good. She implied that she was going to cook the bird. The woman began to plead with her to stop. Then they asked Gordon to do something. He got up from his chair, walked over to the cook and asked her for the bird. She placed it in his hands. He walked outside, whispered something to the bird, held his hand over it for about five minutes. Then, all of a sudden the bird stood up. It did not fly away; it just stood there. Gordon began to continue the healing and within five minutes he placed the bird on a window sill. He pointed at the cook and told her that he was a Brujo and not to touch the bird. The woman became frightened and walked away from the bird. Soon after, it flew away. The cook thought Gordon brought the bird back from the dead. She bowed down before she left.

On the third night, they were in the Chitzenitza Hotel right next to the famous Pyramid. He took his people out to the pool to have a class on how to see your past lives. First they had a candlelight meditation; then he began to instruct them how to see themselves in a past life. This particular evening he was having a tough time getting the words to come out of his mouth in an orderly fashion.

So he told the group to put out their candles and watch him. But while he was talking he went into a trance induced by the candle. While in a trance, he would call upon each person in the group by their first, middle and last name. Then a spirit would give each person a reading. The spirit that would come into his body was the personal spirit guide of each person there. Most would say that his face would change and they could see a different person. When they returned to New Jersey, Gordon was called to Boston by the producer to review the video. They had over 18 hours of tape. 

Gordon told them he wasn't interested in reviewing that many hours of tape, he would let them edit it but he did want to see something. He was curious about what he looked like when he went into a trance. So he asked Bill, the Producer, if he could just look at the video frame by frame leading up to the trance itself.

They had an amazing experience watching the video by each frame. They began to see Gordon slowly fade from the film, where only the candle was showing. Then where Gordon's face was on the film they began to notice frame by frame a small light slowly come down into the picture and then a different face was evident. The first time it was an Arab looking spirit, and another time they noticed a Native American. A few weeks later, the camera man that had possession of the tape told Gordon he wanted a lot more money for it, because it was going to be valuable. Gordon told him to keep his tape and never saw it again. He did get a stripped down version of it, but nothing was any longer on the tape that was phenomenal - an interesting experience.

After spending the day at one of the pyramids, they began to drive back to their hotel. The Cameraman spotted a Mayan Village and wanted to film it. So the driver pulled over and while they were parked Gordon spotted two little children looking up at him. One was holding the other. It was a four year old holding a one year old. Gordon opened the window and threw some candy down to the boys. Pretty soon more children came out from behind a wooden fence. So they threw out more candy, and more kids came. They ran out of candy so they threw out coins. They ran out of coins, so they threw out paper money, then the mothers came out. They got out of the bus and gave them all of the money they could collect from the group.

Then some men came out and invited the group inside the village. There they learned that a hurricane had hit their village and destroyed all of their crops. They were all penniless. But the money they collected outside from the group was enough to feed the village for one full year. They were grateful and wanted to thank everybody.

Then there was a woman holding a small child, a baby. The baby kept grasping it's hands and holding them out to Gordon. He wanted him to hold him. Gordon asked the mother if the baby had seizures and she said yes. He did a healing on the baby. They were led to this small Mayan Village to aid these people and to heal this child. It was a beautiful day.

A man came over to Gordon and kept saying something that sounded like Valenzuela. Gordon did not understand what the man was trying to say. The man was holding his hands like he was holding a bat so Gordon thought he was saying Fernando Valenzuela and the group from America started to yell Fernando Valenzuela. They all thought the man was saying the famous baseball player's name, and they all began to laugh.

But an interpreter came over to them and told them what he was really saying. The laughter stopped because what he was really saying was "His Brother was killed yesterday by a bus."

The same year Gordon was asked if he would fly to San Francisco to heal a man dying of pneumonia. He told Gordon that he would pay him well with all expenses paid too. He was desperate and could not even talk long on the phone. Gordon flew out to California and was picked up at the airport. When he arrived at the very large house of the man that was dying he was ushered into his bedroom.

Gordon looked at him and said this. If you want me to heal you, then you must stop lying to me and tell the truth. You do not only have  pneumonia, you have aids also, right? The man said, "Yes", but he thought that Gordon wouldn't come if he knew the truth. Gordon told him that he would use hypnosis on him and but it would take a week. The man said, "I don't have a week. They gave me four or five days to live." When Gordon left a week later, the man was up and walking around like he wasn't sick at all. Two and a half years later the man's male love called Gordon and told him a fantastic story. He said that he and his love were downtown San Francisco when they ran into his doctor. The doctor told him that he could not possibly be healed. He said that he should come down to his office the next morning and he would prove it to him. They went to his office where the doctor took a biopsy from the man's lung, punctured it and killed him. He killed the man while calling Gordon a quack. Who do you feel sorry for the most, the man that died, or the man that killed him. What a pity.

Later that year, Gordon was asked by a woman from his home town if he could heal her of lung cancer. She had all of the treatments but the cancer was ravaging her left lung. She was frightened, but Gordon said he would do it. It worked and she is alive today over thirteen years later.

Around the same time Gordon met a man named Dick Asher. He was the president of Columbia Records at the time. He was hit by a bus an injured his knee. When Gordon met him in Colorado, he asked him why he was using a cane. He said in fifteen minutes I could heal your knee. Dick said, "I wish you would.  I was hired by Polygram Records to head up the company, and also, I love to play tennis but I cannot do this at the present." Fifteen minutes later, Dick threw away his cane, he could now play tennis again.

He met Tony Pantana a friend of his nephew. Tony was a young man who was suffering from prostate cancer. Gordon healed him, but about ten years later, Tony's mom had pancreatic cancer and Gordon failed healing her. You can never tell if it will work or not. Gordon claims to have far more failures than successes in healing. A few months later he flew to Mexico to a cancer clinic to do a healing on his friend M.L. Benoit a prominent musician, who played in several pop bands (Barry White, Johnny Rivers, Kim Carnes etc. M.L. was a percussionist). Gordon could not heal her either, but while there in Mexico he met a woman that was suffering severely from colon cancer and healed her in ten minutes. You just never know.

A few months later a man that played with the rock group "Boston" called Gordon. He said that he lost both kidneys, had a new kidney, but his body rejected it.  Gordon had him fly from California to Florida where he spent a week healing him. A few months later he received a new kidney and it took.

Gordon was asked to come to a special Sweat Lodge Ceremony by a Blackfoot medicine man in Pennsylvania. Gordon declined because he did not have a good feeling about it. But Carlos Hawkwalker talked him into it. When he was in the sweat lodge he had a weird experience. He saw a large Black Snake jump out of a woman's stomach and into his stomach.

He suddenly felt violently ill and rushed out of the sweat lodge. He rolled around on the ground as though he was having a seizure. He threw up, tossed around violently for about ten minutes. Then he forced the snake out of him and lay on the ground exhausted. Pretty soon he felt fine again and went back into the lodge.

When he entered the lodge, everyone asked him if he got rid of the snake. Apparently they all saw the snake jump into his body. The woman later said she was suffering from stomach problems for years, but now for the first time in years, she felt great. This is the day Gordon realized that he was a Shaman. He was told he was a Shaman by Rolling Thunder of Nevada a few years earlier while giving the Indian Sage a reading. Rolling Thunder was a Shaman, (Medicine Man) and had similar experiences while healing people.

1989 --

While doing his TV Show, a woman called for a reading. Gordon began to tell her that he saw her buying a new home in Atlantic City and in a couple of years she would buy a house in Florida as well. The lady began to whisper to Gordon not realizing that the audience on this live TV Show could hear everything that Gordon could hear. She whispered that Gordon should not say anymore to her because she was on welfare. She had no money to buy any houses or even to move. In fact she called in to find out if she was going to lose the house that she had.

Gordon thought that he really blew it this time. He hesitated, then whispered back to her, knowing that everyone could hear him too. He whispered to her to go into her kitchen and on the table to pick up her pocket book. He told her that she had the winning lottery ticket in her pocket book and did not know she won. She actually won seven million dollars.

In 1991 (or 92), she called Gordon in Florida and asked him for another reading. Gordon saw her going to Atlantic City because he felt she loved to gamble. She said she was going there Christmas week with her sister and husband. She wanted to know if she was going to win anymore money. Gordon said he thought that she would not win a penny, but if she stayed an extra day, then he saw her winning. After her trip, she called Gordon and told him that she went to Atlantic City but had a problem. She said she took her sister along and paid her way. Her trip was from Christmas Eve until New Years Day. She did not win anything but decided to stay another day just like he told her too.

That next day she was playing on the slot machines all day and half the night. About 4am she was exhausted so she asked her sister to stay on this particular machine, she had a feeling but was to exhausted and needed a couple of hours rest.

When she got up out of bed, she immediately went to the machine but could not find her sister. When she found her, she asked why did she leave the machine. Her sister replied, "I  won $100,000 on that machine. So she asked her where the money was and her sister told her that she was keeping it. She felt it was hers even though she paid for everything. Some sister.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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