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Sports Quest:

Gordon's multi-faceted career has led him to aid many athletes both professional and amateur. Gordon has learned how to "tune-in" to an athlete and instruct him on what he is doing wrong. He can show athletes how to improve the quality of their game. He sees what they are doing right, or wrong, in their particular sport.

He can often do it instantly.  Although Gordon has given readings to many professional athletes over the years, he began to focus on sports as a result of a reading he did for Tracy Leonard, Equipment Editor, for Tennis magazine.

Tracy is also known as one of the top racquet stringers in professional tennis. While in Colorado to meet Tracy's wife for a reading, Lana was so amazed that she told her skeptical husband that Gordon was able to read through psychometry. So when Tracy met Gordon, he placed a tennis racquet in his hand. Gordon described its owner. He described a man who would win the French and German Opens and would be awarded gold and diamonds and become the world's number one player. This man was none other than Ivan Lendl, who went on to win these two opening that year. What puzzled Tracy the most, was that he told Gordon that no one ever receives gold and diamonds in a tennis match.

After Ivan Lendl went on to win the German match he was proclaimed the Number One tennis player in the world and for his efforts was awarded a solid gold tennis ball, decorated with diamonds. Ivan soon became a household word in tennis. Gordon also at the time identified the tennis racquets of Chris Everett-Lloyd and Martina Navratilova.

Gordon also told Tracy that Ivan had a certain problem with his serve, and would soon resolve it. He did. He also gave a reading to Arthur Ashe in the mid 80's. He will not divulge what he told him.

Gordon draws upon many interesting sports people and focuses upon individual technique with specific emphasis on the caller's "game" or "match" performance.

Gordon focuses upon specific "mental" training techniques such as visualization, positive imaging, and relaxation which have been proven to increase athletic performance in amateur and professional competition. Gordon has worked with many people in the field of Martial Arts, boxing, baseball, etc. who later went on to win many competitions. But you do not have to be a professional to seek his services.

Men, women and children of nearly all ages are engaged in athletic competition or activity in record numbers. In central Florida alone, golf and tennis are extremely popular both on the amateur and professional levels.

Based upon the sheer numbers of fans, sports interest is at an all time high.

The opportunity to "tune in" and evaluate individual performance, together with professional athletes and coaches as clients, results in a powerful profession.

I organize in order to question

I balance fear with fearlessness

I think in rhythmic two fold light waves

I create through my vision

It is not impossible to fantasize or to make up something

It all comes from somewhere therefore all fantasies are true

and will manifest sooner or later

Life is but a dream, and a dream is but life being enacted

Everything is alive therefore everything must also be dead

Everything has it's double

Aliveness is movement, death is stillness

The waves spring from a calm and still sea

Each are opposite halves, and each together make a whole

Everything is a part of everything else

Peace to all who read this




This idea came to Gordon with a show he aired on Radio. He realized that he could help people with jobs, business, and focusing upon the career that would suit them best. He also can help corporations with their employees. He is a Motivational Speaker.

Gordon explains his "New Ways" and the relationship of Business and Career Success to Positive Thinking and Intuition, which is a fundamental part of Psychic Philosophy and Practice.

In North America 78 million men and women comprise the so called "Baby Boomers". A group between the ages of thirty and fifty which is the largest single consumer group on the continent.

Polling has shown that new age topics are of special interest to this group. For Example:

  • 67% believe in ESP

  • 73% believe in life after death

  • 57% believe in UFO's

  • 68% Believe that the environment is a top priority

  • 78% are interested in personal fitness

  • 62% are interested in alternative health issues

Sources: Harris Poll; CBS news; New York Times survey.

These statistics indicate that a vast number of people are more open minded and are willing to consider a wide range of ideas and strategies for self improvement in their personal and business lives.

Career Quest will focus upon techniques which have an established basis in accepted medical, business, and professional life with emphasis upon helping the listener to improve productivity, relationships with co-workers, and overall job satisfaction.

Gordon uses Essential Oils to heal an injury obtained from sports. You can do the same if you just check it out.

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