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The Stanley Hotel

Estes Park, Colorado


In October of 1984 I was asked to do a seminar at the Stanley Hotel. It was on Halloween. It was where Stephen King was inspired to write the Shining. Although the movie was shot in Washington, Stephen did a series of the Shining in the Stanley, where he wanted to movie to be made.

It was a cool night when I arrived. I did the seminar and when I was done, the manager of the hotel approached me.

He wanted to meet me, and I gave him a small reading. In the reading I saw a man in the Hotel hang himself at the top of the stairs. He said that the original owner did that. He said that they have an annex building next door and it was cursed. He wondered if I would go inside to see or feel why it was cursed or if I could remove it. I went inside of the building. But first you have to visualize it the way it was back then. It was a burned out building, and empty. there was a hill leading up to it at the time. A group from the seminar walked up to the annex building with me, but refused to go inside. They all waited outside of the door on this little hill, that was packed with snow.

I went inside with a flash light. I was fearless to a fault back then and was about to be humbled. I went all the way to the back of the building without incident. Then I heard a growling sound up on the rafters. I pointed the light up there and saw a creature with red eyes staring down at me. He had a menacing look, and for the first time since I was a kid, I shivered with fear. I quickly turned and bolted for the door. One of the guys from the seminar was peeking inside and all of a sudden he saw me coming.

I crashed through the door and hit the group like a bunch of bowling balls. Down the hill we all slid. It was hilarious to see them all filled with fear scrambling to get up and run away.

I later went back to the Stanley in 2000 and was amazed. The annex building was rebuilt and in use. I guess whatever I saw and felt left it. I know that it was my own fears that chased me out of there. It was an amazing experience.

  Gordon Banta. All rights reserved.

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