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The Seventies


One day they were washing and polishing their tractors, when Mickey asked Gordon what was the serial number on his truck. It was 201668, and Mickey said wow, that is  weird, mine is 201669. Mickey had his truck about twelve months longer than Gordon. He bought his truck in New Jersey, and Gordon bought his in upstate New York, about 500 miles away.

Mickey contacted the Kenworth dealer to find out more about the trucks, They were both made for the same guy in Pennsylvania.

So think about that - two trucks made for someone in Pennsylvania,  one ended up in NJ while the other in NY over five hundred miles away, and they were now three years old,  Mickey bought his, and a year later Gordon bought the second one. It really had them thinking. Mickey said, "So you still don't believe in the psychic world do you?"

Then he told Gordon that he was psychic and that he (Gordon) would tell him things all of the time and he said, "Like what?" Mickey said that only last week you told me to get a new fuel pump that mine was going to break down in Rhode Island. He went on to say that his fuel pump gave out one mile over the Rhode Island border. Gordon said, (while not believing what Mickey was telling him) "Get out of here. I just know trucks." and Mickey said "Yeah? Then how did you know the pump was going to break down."

Mickey went on to remind Gordon about when they were coming across interstate 80 in Pennsylvania the year before.  Mickey was driving, and Gordon was in the bunk. It was raining all night, and all of a sudden, Gordon yelled out of the bunk, Stop the truck!  Stop the damn truck! We are going to crash!" Mickey started to hit the brakes and realizing the road was icy so he quickly let up on the gas pedal. They had just started going over the hill (a seven mile hill just before you get to New Jersey). They were free wheeling down this mountain and Mickey began to just work the trolley (rear brakes on the trailer) he finally got the back end of the trailer into the snow bank where it started to slow them down. Half way down the hill the truck, which was empty, finally stopped. It seemed like a miracle.

They got out of the truck and realized that they could not stand up. They were on a sheet of ice and they were on a hill. So they got back into the truck and sat. All night long, trucks, cars and busses went by, either upside down, or on their sides, and it turned out to be the worst wreck in Pa history. And Mickey said to Gordon, "So your not psychic?"

One day while going on a trip to Boston, Gordon had a premonition that his wife was in danger. he was driving and he had this grave feeling to stop. He pulled into Secondi Bros. Truck Plaza and immediately went to the phone. He called home and his brother in law answered the phone and said nothing was wrong.  When he told Mickey what Tom had told him, Mickey said, "I don't care what he said, I only care about what you think, so what do you think?" Gordon said, "I think that there is something wrong and he is not telling me."  Mickey said, "Call back, and tell him what you think." He did and this time his father in law answered and he told him the same thing. Mickey said "I don't care about that, what do you think?" Gordon said , I think that she is in danger and if I go once inch further, she will die."  Mickey said to turn back, he would deliver the load for him.

He subsequently turned his truck around and drove back over 100 miles to find her in a coma and arrived just in time to sign for her to have an emergency operation which saved her life. He started to believe in God at that point. He was always unsure until then. But he realized that Spirit led him back to New Jersey to save her. He does not take credit for it, but gives it to Spirit who rightfully saved her. He was just an instrument or vessel to be used. But from that day on, he totally believed in psychic phenomena.

1973 --One day Mickey said to Gordon, "let's go on a camping trip." So they all went by car to the mountains near the Delaware River. On one side of the river was Pennsylvania, the other side is New York -  just south of Hancock, NY. They were there for a week. About three days into the camping experience, Mickey had the idea to go canoeing down the Delaware.

When they were about to depart, the attendant told Mickey's girlfriend, Ann Marie, that when they got to Skinner's Bridge to pull in just the other side of it. Do not go any further there were rapids that flowed into Skinners Falls. (I believe that is the right name for it.) Well anyway Gordon had his wife in his canoe along with his son Joe, who was about eight years old. Mickey and his girlfriend had his daughter Teresa in their canoe. Not long after cruising past the bridge, Mickey yelled out, What is that noise?" and before you knew it, they were in the rapids. There was a group of people up on the rocks cheering them on. It seems that people tried to shoot the falls everyday, and most of them if not all of them failed.

They did not have on life jackets, but the kids did. All of a sudden they were shooting the falls, which was really a very bad rapid. When they went down the falls, they did it very skillfully. Nothing happened, they survived it. The people on the rocks could not believe it. They come there every day to watch people crash

So Mickey and Gordon decided to shoot the falls by themselves. They got beat up pretty bad on the rocks, with a lot of cuts and bruises, and Gordon even lost his wallet. Needless to say, they would not do that again. So you see, they were protected when they tried it with the children. But when they were foolish enough to try it again, they nearly drowned.

1974 --The Search

This was the year that Gordon's life changed drastically.

One day Gordon read a story about a famous medium in Florida named "Bonnie Anne Gehman."  So he decided to go to Florida to look her up, and perhaps get a reading. He asked his wife if she would like to go to Florida to visit her girl friend Lorraine, who moved to Deland, Fl.  two years ago. He wanted to find this famous medium.

When they traveled to Florida, they stopped and visited her friend, and then went on to tour South Florida forgetting for the moment about Anne Gehman. Then they stopped by Lorraine again on the way back home. While at her house for Sunday dinner, Gordon suddenly remembered the real reason why he came to Florida. He went "Oh no" and Lorraine said what is the matter?

He went on to tell one of the reasons why he came to Florida was to go to Cassadaga, and he did not know where Cassadaga was. He said that they were returning back to New Jersey tomorrow and did not have time to go all the way back south. Then her husband Carl said "You do not want to go there. They will put you in a pot and eat you." And he was serious. Gordon said he was not afraid of that- "where is it?" Carl said it is just three miles down the road. But please do not go there, it is a dangerous place. Which the truth is the opposite, just misconceptions about the place where only spiritualist reside.

So off he went on the last day in Florida to find Bonnie Ann Gehman only to find out that she was not home, nor was she in the state. He went around Cassadaga knocking on doors to see if he could get a reading, even though he did not even know what a reading was. Everywhere he went he received the same news, that he had to have an appointment, they were all booked up.

He finally tried one more one more door, if she said the same thing he was going to call it quits.

A little lady came to the door, her name was Loretta Fairjeon. She told him the same thing, but when he appeared dejected, she said she had a student that was pretty good if he wanted to take a chance. So he did. He cannot remember her name because he never saw her again, but she took his ring and went on to describe the US Navy ship he was on, and then told him about his dead Uncle and cousin, both with the name Art. She gave him a message from his cousin and uncle and then she said he should remember these names, Cynthia, Eric, and Walter. Later he met his teacher who told him of his spirit guides and two of them were Cynthia, and Walter.

That was it, and when he was leaving the house, Loretta came out and asked him how did he like the reading and he said that it was just great. She said that she saw him becoming a famous psychic in five years and he should come back in the fall and let her teach him. He said he would think about it. She said not to think to hard about it because she saw him returning. He went back to Deland to ask his wife if she would like to move to Florida. She agreed and in three weeks, they were packed up and moved to Deland, Fl. Incidentally, this summer, August 2000 while ministering in Camp Etna, Maine, he was  in a cottage they have visiting for visiting ministers. Across from the cottage was a memorial built for past ministers. While there, Gordon met a man that works on the property, his name is Dwight. And while talking to him, he noticed that he had several emblems and pictures on his motorcycle. He is a Native American and had the name of Loretta Fairjeon on the bike. He asked him about it, and Dwight said that Loretta lived there at the camp, was a medium, and he had a memorial right there in front of the cottage he was staying in. Gordon believed that it was really Loretta Fairjeon that led him almost twenty five years later to this spot.

July 1974

Gordon moved to Florida within six weeks. He arrived on the fourth of July. Mickey helped him to move there. When they were sitting around relaxing, Mickey had an idea. He asked Gordon if he ever went to St. Augustine, Fl., and Gordon immediately replied, no he hasn't. So Mickey said let's go tomorrow and look around, it is a neat city. This was to be Gordon's first psychic experience in Florida.

Lone Wolf

While in St Augustine, they toured Fort Marion. One of the oldest forts in the country. They were rummaging around the rooms in the fort when Gordon suddenly became ill. Mickey had to help him out of the room. When they were outside, where he just as suddenly felt fine. They looked up at a sign that read Indians were kept prisoner in this room, and some contracted malaria there. Now I was having a major psychic experience, but did not know it for another year. It was exactly a year later when my daughter came home from school with a book titled "Fighting Indians of the West". In it was a story about a Kiowa Indian, named Lone Wolf, who was captured and shipped to Fort Marion Florida as a prisoner, and where he contracted "malaria". Coincidence?

Also, later that year, four months later in fact, he met his teacher who told him he has an Indian guide named "Lone Wolf". And he also has a guide Cynthia Ann Parker, who was a little girl when captured by Comanche's and Kiowa's, and remained with them for twenty five years. Her son Quanah Parker who is also a guide of Gordon's became the greatest chief of the Comanche's. He was never captured or beaten. There is a town named after him, called, Quanah, Texas. More on this later.

1974 -- 

And soon he met his first teacher, June Mahoney.

In his first class with June he had a valuable lesson. June would take the class on a guided meditation, she would instruct them to imagine when they got to a lake, to look inside of the water for someone in the class and then to report later what they saw. When she went to Gordon and asked him what he saw, he said he saw nothing. She said are you sure? He said yes. She went to the next person and asked him the same question and the person went on to tell her what he saw. She came back to Gordon and asked again, what did you see? And again, he said he saw nothing, only a lake.

But then he suddenly remembered he did see something, but then he said no, what he saw was stupid. June replied "How dare you say you saw something stupid, when what you saw is for someone else. So he went on to tell her what he saw.

Actually all he saw was a flash. In the flash he saw a man with a turban on his head. But as he began to explain to her what he saw, it came out differently.

He said, " I saw a young man and his name was Jeff. He had a turban on his head and went over to the girl across from him, bowed down and took her by the hand and kissed it. (this is when Gordon wondered where did all of that info come from) As he said it, the girl in the class across from him  started crying. He was startled and said what did I say?

The girl calmed down and went on to say that her brother Jeff who was nineteen years two years ago, died in a car crash, he had head injuries and his head was bandaged. It was the best lesson Gordon ever had, because, he realized that visions sometimes come in a flash and you have to be alert to catch it. The vision was like an idea, it came and went and he almost did not remember it. If the teacher hadn't kept after him, he would have totally forgotten a very important message that came as a symbol.

The next week he was much better in the class, but on the third week when he got up to say what he saw, June's husband, who had been studying with her for over five years got up and walked out of the room. The following week he did the same thing, and Gordon began to think that he was doing it because of him and was jealous of him.

The sixth and final class at June's house Gordon was accompanied by his son Joe to the class. He was just fourteen at the time.

When June went around the class and stopped by Joe's chair and asked him what he saw, he said that he saw her surrounded in red. She said "what does that mean to you Joseph?" He said that she had a big fight with her husband and it was about his father. That was all Gordon had to hear and never went back to June's class. He admired her, but her husband had a problem.

Then Gordon met an old man named Joseph. The moment he saw him, he knew he was his teacher, and later on found out that Joseph  was June's teacher as well.


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