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This year we moved to Turner Road, Winter Park, Florida. I met my new neighbor. Her name is Peggy and after talking with her, I discovered that she was a twin. I said that I am a twin also. She said, Yes, but my mom had two sets of twins".  I replied, "So did mine."

We were amazed that this seemed like such a coincidence, but remember, I do not believe in coincidences. Later during the discussion she told me that her brother Donald is her favorite brother and her brother Mike is her twin. I told her that my twin was Donald but the one I gravitate to the most was my brother Mike. (Coincidence?)


I had moved to Massachusetts in 1997 because I felt intuitively that I was soon to pass over into spirit. I also had tremendous chest pains that was misdiagnosed by the doctors while in Florida. So I moved to Massachusetts in 97 and in the following year I had open heart surgery. I was sixty one years old, always had seemingly perfect health - except for my injuries and then it came to this.

While on the table, my heart stopped and I felt myself going up in the air in a bubble. While I was floating upward, I could see my Father and Mother talking with my Sister, Marsha.

I yelled over to them, asking what they were talking about. They said they were talking about me, that this is the day I was supposed to join them. But something has happened to change all of that, and I must go back. I said I did not want to go back, I liked it here and this is where I am staying.

My father came over to me and said that a very large group of people on the earth plane was praying for me and wanted me to stay there or remain in the body. I still said, I don't care, I want to remain."  My father came nearer and said to me, "What about your children"

I immediately went back. It seems that Lisa, my girlfriend for fifteen years, was concerned about me. I had a large healing list in my computer. People that I would send healing to on a daily basis. She emailed them, and there were many names on the list, and told them that I was very ill and now needed their help. Please pray for Gordon was the message. Well they did and that is why I am here today.


In February, Lisa and I went to St Augustine Florida for a vacation and also for me to do a couple of seminars. I would remain in Florida for three months.

The first day I was there, I sprained my ankle on a curb in the sidewalk. A week later, I was in a hospital with pneumonia. So far this trip was not fun.

In March we left the condo and went down to Orlando. There I had a seminar planned, and it went real well. I stayed and did a lot of readings.

In April I went to Coral Springs to do another seminar and more readings. In mid April we came back to Orlando. While I was there, I slipped and fell over backwards in a hot tub. It was made out of tile and I landed real hard upon my head and neck.

Back in the Hospital, but only for the night, I came out of it in a good way. I decided to go back to Massachusetts where it was safer. I thought I would be going back to less work also. But the first week I was back I was involved in a class, next day I participated in an ordination ceremony at the Swampscott Spiritualist Church where I am a member, and next day (Sunday) did the morning services. Then Monday and Tuesday I was busy with readings all day, and Wednesday evening at the church again doing an all message service.

But don't get me wrong, I love to work. Gordon

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