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More of the Seventies

1978 -- One day Gordon was asked to do a lecture at University of Central Florida at the Cocoa Beach Campus. The class was about religion and it was four hours long with a one hour break in between. He remembers there were at least 30 students there. One of the students was a Episcopalian Priest, another a Baptist Minister named Reverend Fuel. He was to speak for twenty minutes, and then asked to pause while the students would question him. Each time the professor would ask the Rev. Fuel to question Gordon, he would instead hold up his Bible and say. "Soothsayer I say to you this -  in Deuteronomy it says that it is an abomination of the Lord to practice Soothsaying, Wizardry, Sorcery, and Necromancy"

When the class broke for the one hour break, Gordon asked the Professor Steve Levinson, "What is a soothsayer?"  Steven's reply was, "I don't know for sure, but we have one of the best dictionaries in the state here. I will help you to check it out." It was an amazing experience for Gordon who had never read the Bible himself.

In the dictionary he read that a Soothsayer was a medieval English word that meant "One who tells the truth". He knew the Reverend Fuel could not know that. Then he read that in present day English it meant one that sooths over the truth. It sounded conflicting to him. So he went on to the other words in the Bible.

"Lord" means a sage or master. One that rules over all things. It was also a Medieval English word.

"Wizard" this is a Greek word, it means Sage or Master. (Remember that the Bible was translated from Greek to English.)

"Sorcerer" Medieval English, means one who practices Magic.

"Magic" also Medieval English, meaning to create something out of nothing.

Gordon thought that this was strange, because the three Wise men that visited Christ when he was born were called "Magicians" and "Astrologers".

As he was thinking about this, it came to him intuitively that the word magic came from the Magi (three wise men) and Magi also came from the Magians.

Then it came to Gordon that this word also meant Magician, drop the C and I and you have Magian. Then it came to him that the word "imagining" came from imaging, and was nothing more than a slang. I image in my mind.  Imagination, therefore, is real.

If I tell you to image something in your mind it is quite real to you, if I say imagine something in your mind, now it loses it's reality.

So magic comes from image, to image something in your mind, means to create. All inventors, artists, composers, always say this, "I don't know where it came from, it just came out of the blue, or it just popped into my head. It came to me." So all inventors are magicians, as well as composers, artists, etc.

He went back to the group and began like this.

Reverend Fuel I apologize to you, I did not know that you were a learned scholar. I have here a dictionary that contains all of the meanings of words since the ancient Hebrew.

So here is what you taught me today and I thank you for it.

It says here in Deuteronomy that it is an abomination of the Lord to practice Soothsaying, Wizardry, Sorcery, and Necromancy. I looked up these words including "abomination" which is a Medieval English word meaning "Hatred".

I knew that the Lord never hates so this version of the Bible was in error through the translation of it because if it were true it would sound like this.

The Lord (Sage-Master) hates a Soothsayer (One who tells the truth), Wizard (Sage-Master), Sorcerer (one who had imagination and creates things out of nothing), and Necromancer. A Necromancer comes from the Med English and means one who converses with spirit, and I thought that Jesus conversed with spirit. So the Lord hates him too, according to the translation of the King James Version.

The so called "Bible Scholars" pulled the wool over our eyes. It all has to do with control. The Church can only follow their direction, so a handful of people changed the destiny of the world by changing a few words in the Bible. It probably is that way all through the Bible.

It is not the Church that is wrong. Some only want to follow the way of Christ. This part of the Bible was changed even before Christ.

This was a learning day for Gordon, not a teaching day.

He has developed as a healer, hypnotist, and Seer.

One day while Gordon was on the Gene Burns show in Orlando, a woman called in. She said she was a devout Baptist and should not be talking to a psychic, but felt compelled to call.

Gordon picked up on her wanting information about her son, Dwight New. Gordon felt that Dwight had been injured and she said he was hit by a car on his sixteenth birthday.  It had happened exactly seven years ago. She said he has been in a coma ever since he was hit by a drunken driver.

Gordon went over to see her and told her he could bring Dwight out of the coma, and did. The first thing he said to his mother was "Momma". He had many operations on his head and would be handicapped mentally for the rest of his life, but at least now he could see her and communicate with her. He was the seventh son of a seventh daughter and was injured on July 7, when he was 16 which breaks down to a seven, and was pulled out of the coma seven years later.



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