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More 1979

The same summer in 1979 Gordon was going to the Hair Salon to do readings. It was about 8am and he was a half hour early. He went into a small diner next to the salon. While there he had a premonition of disaster with the man sitting next to him. So he promptly asked the man if he believed in psychics, he said he did not. Gordon was perplexed and did not know what to do. So he did the next best thing, he tapped the man on the shoulder and told him that he was a psychic and he had a message for him. But he would have to leave the counter and go sit in the booth with him.

To Gordon's amazement, the man said "OK". Gordon had no idea what he was going to say to the gentleman but as they sat down, he immediately said that he (the man) must go over to the phone and call his mother. The man said, What in the world would I do that for?" Gordon said that he had already called his mother earlier and told her he was going to kill himself and called to say goodbye. He said, "How do you know that?" and Gordon said "I told you I am a psychic. Now, damn it - go and call her." He said why would he call it all off?

Gordon said that the reason he was going to commit suicide, in fact, he was going to finish his coffee and go out and sit in his car and put a gun to his head because his wife left him. But his wife was going to come back to him. He said "How do I know you are right?"  Gordon said that "How did I know enough to even confront you if I wasn't psychic enough to predict her coming back to you. She will come home around Xmas time and move back in before New Years."

So the man went out and called his mom, and became a life long friend of Gordon's.  He owned a newspaper that went into the Caribbean called "El Caribe" and told Gordon he knew Richard Bach and was thinking of doing a movie about the book called "Illusions" and he would put him into the movie. Unfortunately it fell through. But he has a new friend anyway.

Gordon has talked several people out of suicide, once in Colorado, and another time in Boston while waiting for a plane. He feels he was led to the people in order to help them.

In 1978 Gordon woke up one night and said that someone had a hold of his leg.  He could not see who it was. His wife said she could not see it either but saw what she thought was a spirit. Gordon pushed with all of his might and his leg was suddenly released. There, all of a sudden, stood Lone Wolf who laughed at him and said that he could have thrown him out of the window if he wanted to. Gordon did not take that as a threat but as a sign that if he was ever in danger, Lone Wolf would save him. He did many times since.

One New Year's night Gordon was invited to Gloria's house (Gloria is a friend of Gordon's and attended his classes.) Many of the people of his class were present, along with their spouses. A new student had come to the party and came over to Gordon to say "hello" and introduce her husband to him. The man was already drunk. (He was a very large man, weighing about 300lbs, and standing about six foot -twice the size of Gordon.) When Gordon shook the man's hand, it dwarfed his hand and he suddenly felt danger with this man. All of his psychic antennas went up.

During the party, the man hung out by the pool where the bar was. He kept drinking, and getting louder and louder. Gordon told his wife that he was going home the minute the clock struck twelve. He would say his Happy New Years greeting to all and leave quietly out the door. For he new a fight was brewing between him and the big guy.

As soon as he was about to leave through the front door, the man was behind him and placed his large paw like hands on Gordon's head. He said " You know, if I wanted to, I could squash your head like an orange if I wanted too."  Gordon suddenly felt a very calm feeling come over him. He turned and placed his hand on the man's back, right between the shoulder blades. (it came to him later that in this spot is a psychic place that you can place your hand to neutralize a person). Gordon felt the presence of Lone Wolf, and told the man that he knew he could squeeze his head like an orange, but he wasn't going to do it, because he was not the only one there that could help him, and just as suddenly as he said it, the man fell to his knees and began to cry out loudly.

Gordon summoned Thelma to come to her husband to help him, and started to leave through the front door again. When he did the man got up and was standing by the refrigerator, he suddenly through his large hands on either side of the refrigerator, picked it up, and slammed it down again. The party came to a halt with a dead silence. Gordon ran back into the house, placed his hand on the man's back and told him to go and get in his car. He said that tomorrow he would come to the man's house to help him.

The next morning Gordon called him and asked for directions to his house, the man was feeling so guilty, he told him that he did not have to come, instead he would come next Monday to Gordon's class and speak to him before he started the class.

He showed up and told Gordon that he came to the party to beat him up. Gordon said he knew this because he felt it when he was introduced to him. "Why did you come there to beat me up, I don't know you?" The man said that four years ago, his wife went to Ann Gehman's class, and they would fight over it because he did not want her to go. It was against his religion. They ended up divorced over it. He said last summer they got back together and in October, his wife Thelma started to come to his class. He was just furious over it.

Gordon said that he understood fully, and that he should sit in his class that evening, and at the end of the class, if he still did not want her to attend, Gordon would personally throw her out of it.

Well needless to say, the man ended up going to Gordon's class longer than his wife. Another great happening because of Lone Wolf. It was a great lesson for Gordon, because he grew up fighting, and now he knows he doesn't have to ever fight again. There is always a more peaceful solution.

Another good example of this lesson happened about ten years later while Gordon was back in Florida and was a guest on the Welch & Woody Show, on 102 jams, Gordon was sitting at a traffic light in his new custom made pickup truck when a car pulled alongside of him. Then a second car pulled up on the other side of him. One of the guys in the second car started screaming obscenities at Gordon and demanded him to step outside. Gordon, never fearing anyone and being a fighter himself, stepped out of his truck. A large man in the first car came up to him. They argued and Gordon was ready for a fight.  All of a sudden, the man recognized Gordon's voice,and  quickly grabbed him, picked him up and said to his buddies, "No one is going to hurt this guy because Gordon is his hero." He listened to him on the radio each week and always admired him.

When Gordon drove away, he then realized that they were actually going to car jack him. He knows that he is always protected by Lone Wolf.

Another day while on the Radio in New Jersey, a woman called in for a reading. Gordon asked her if she was in a phone booth, and she said yes she was. Then Gordon said he felt she was on her way to the Hospital to get an operation. She was amazed and said that she was driving to the Hospital the next day.  She was to have brain surgery.

Gordon told her she did not need it and she should go to another doctor and get another x-ray.  She no longer has the brain tumor. She called him a week later and said it was true. The power of suggestion is evident here. If you see something clearly inside of your mind, then it is so.

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