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Gordon has done outstanding work in drug rehabilitation and has also worked with in-mates.

While working for "Thee Door" in the 70's Gordon was asked to go into the Orlando Jail to talk to the Prisoners. When he went in, the jailer that opens the cell block snickered at Gordon because he was going in as a psychic. When Gordon began talking to the cellmates he told them that he was going to show them how to see and read "Auras".

He asked for someone to come forward, a very large African American stepped forward. Gordon recognized right away the he was the leader in the cell. All of the prisoners were awaiting trial or sentencing.

He tried to show the prisoners the aura, but they would not cooperate. Instead, they just laughed at him. So he said he would read the prisoners aura.  He said that he saw the man in two months working with teens. He would be very beneficial to them. He told the large man that a man was coming into the jail to give him good news next week. He said that the man was going to tell him that he was going to be released. The prisoners all began to laugh hysterically. They said that the man was sentenced only the day before to thirty years in prison.

They laughed so hard, Gordon was forced to leave. Two weeks later they called Banta to come back.  They all wanted their Aura read. The man was released on new evidence and today is working with teens just like Gordon predicted. When Gordon came back to the cell they were all happy to see him - except the guard, that is. So Gordon began talking to the guard. He said as he pointed at the prisoners. "See all of them.  They are here because they have to be here and cannot leave."  So then he asked, "Why are you here? You cannot leave either only at a prescribed time. So do not laugh at me, I will be leaving soon.

Frank Matthew

An In-jail Counselor and originator of the program Thee Door, and TASC ( Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime), a federally funded program, said in a letter to Gordon Banta...

"We found your seminars very rewarding and most certainly stimulating.  As you know, I stress scrutinizing all seminars that are brought into the cell, especially those dealing with psychic phenomenon. Therefore, I took the liberty to keep a record of all readings and predictions over the past six months. I am elated to say your accuracy has been outstanding.  Program rules do not permit me to divulge the names of those clients that have now moved on. However, I can say with absolute certainty that they did receive the sentences or non-sentences that you have predicted. (Most have been released, just as you predicted.) We at TASC feel this was realized through your valuable assistance. Never has the program been so successful since you joined us. Therefore from the depths of our souls, we give you our word of thanks."


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