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Joseph Pacquin

Joseph was an ordained Minister and had Doctor of Divinity from the Universal Spiritualist Church, of Chesterfield, Indiana.  He was an excellent and accurate medium and trance medium. He would lock himself in a box and a trumpet would go around the room where Spirit would come through the trumpet and speak. He was also an apport medium. While in a trance apports usually gem stones would appear out of nowhere and land in your lap or on the floor. He was excellent at table tipping as well. A very heavy oak table would tip and then it would move around the room which was a sight to behold.  Gordon wanted very much to emulate him. Mildred, Joseph's wife, told Gordon after his death that he thought that Gordon was the one student he searched for all of his life. And he thought that he was protégé.

1976 -- 

On New Year's day Gordon was out with a couple of his friends who had just married. This day they were out in a canoe on Mud Lake near Blue Springs Florida. Connie asked Gordon if he ever gave a reading on a lake before, and Gordon said no. He began to smile at her and said that I know something you don't know. She replied, what could you possibly know what I don't with a smile on her face. Gordon said "Last night you became pregnant, it is a boy, and will be born where the snow gets real deep. He saw mountains all around her as well. She almost fell out of the canoe laughing, and Tom her husband said, "Unless you were peaking in our windows, how could you know if we were fooling around last night?"  Gordon replied, "Well it does not matter, the fact is, she is pregnant.

Connie then replied that she never has been out of Florida, nor would she live where the snow gets deep, but in August when she was eight months pregnant, Tom received news that a band wanted him to join them. They were in Boulder, Colorado and he left before the 1st of September. She delivered on Sept 16, 1976. (Incidentally, the snow gets pretty deep there.) Gordon later predicted that they would have a girl with red hair, and a year later they had a red-haired little girl.

While working in the bakery, a man came in and asked for Gordon. He said that he needed his help. He was a dentist and a man had come from New Jersey to Florida to sell him a spool of gold wire. This wire is used for gold fillings. Apparently, the first foot of the wire was gold; the rest was gold plated. The dentist had been ripped off of a lot of money. He wanted to know if Gordon knew where this person was and if he could be caught and arrested before he left the state.

Gordon said that he saw the man driving a car heading towards Jacksonville, Florida. The man asked Gordon how could he catch him and Gordon told him the only way was to call the Jacksonville Police and catch him getting on a plane. The Orlando Police detectives on the case said that the man had a ticket for a return flight to New Jersey around five PM and that Gordon was wrong. Around five PM, the dentist called Gordon and said the man never got on the plane in Orlando, and Gordon said he was already on a plane in Jacksonville, and it was to late to catch him in Florida. So the dentist called the FBI and they apprehended him at Newark Airport later that night.

Gordon spent over two years with Joseph,  where he first became a missionary - a Certified Medium, and just before Joseph died he was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister with the Universal Spiritualist Church of Chesterfield Indiana. Joseph was very hard on Gordon. He wanted nothing but perfection from him. He would constantly reprimand him in class. It challenged Gordon to be the best he could possibly be.

In one of his classes he gave a message to Joseph. He said, "I see a man named Ben standing behind you. He has a double bladed axe on his shoulder and wants to talk to you." Joseph said that he was once a lumber jack in Canada with Ben.

Ben said, through Gordon, that all of his life Joseph used one side of this axe, and in two years in the middle of September he would turn over this axe and use the other side. Then he would have real power.

Two years later, Joseph died in the middle of Sept.  Gordon guessed the other side of the axe was the other side of life - "The Spirit World". He had no idea that he was telling him of his exact death.

1976 --

In July of 1976 while in class, Joseph did not attend because he was ill. His wife Mildred took over the class that evening. Gordon got up and gave her a message never knowing what was going to come out of his mouth.

He said that in December, Mildred would go on a cruise. He saw her dancing and having a great time and that she would meet a thirty five year old man (she was 65), would die her hair red and marry him.

Well, Mildred immediately threw Gordon out of class that night because her husband was ill and she thought he gave her a negative message that was not true. But in September, Joseph died, and in December she went on the cruise, you know the rest. Since then, Gordon is careful of what he allows spirit to give him.

1976 --

In the spring of 76 while driving to work to a bakery at approximately 4am on Interstate four in Deltona Florida, while passing Lake Monroe Gordon noticed a thin white line in the sky. Having never seen this before, he stopped to observe it. It did not move. It just hung there in the sky. It turned out to be the Comet Kahoutec. He felt inspired that he witnessed an event in the sky.

Gordon started to drive on down the  road when he had a vision. A spirit came to him by the name of Michael. He told him that his wife was pregnant with a baby boy. (Gordon already knew this earlier for his wife had just found out from the doctor in February). He told Gordon that his son  would be born in the morning of November 5th, exactly at 3:59 am. He would tell him that he was to follow in his father's path. So when he was born at 3:59am, 11-05-76 Gordon told his wife that he wanted to name him Michael after the spirit, Michael. She said that she already named him after Gordon, but would add Michael to his name. (Gordon Michael Banta =Path number 9, born 11-05-1976 =destiny number 3, Karmic number 05=5 which becomes 359. Coincidence? No, not really, Destiny, yes.)

Gordy still does not believe that he will follow in his father's footsteps, but right now he is approaching 24yrs of age, he recently married, and his wife just delivered a child, a little girl named Sophia Grayce Banta. Born on September 26, 2000, at 3:09 PM he was the same age his father was when he got married and had his first child. He is very psychic and still does not believe it but neither did Gordon until he was thirty. We will see. Meanwhile his older brother Joe is very psychic and still refuses to do anything about it. Gordon felt Joe was going to follow in his foot steps as well. His daughter is very psychic too.

When Gordon first met his teacher, he asked him if he saw any spirits around him. His teacher he saw a woman named Cynthia Ann Parker around him and an Indian named Lone Wolf. Gordon did not believe half of it because he saw an Indian woman, not a white woman around him and he saw Lone Wolf as well.   He had just moved to Florida and his best friend, Mickey Ryder, his wife and two children took a ride to St Augustine. While there they visited a fort. While rummaging around one of the rooms in the Fort, Gordon suddenly felt ill, very dizzy and nauseous. Mickey had to help him out of the room.

Once out of the room he felt fine. When they looked up he saw a sign. It said that Indians were held prisoner there at the fort and some of them had contacted Malaria. He did not think about it again until a year later his daughter brought home a book, called "Fighting Indians of the West". Now remember, he first got sick on July fourth weekend at St Augustine, and four months later met his teacher who told him of this Native American guide named Lone Wolf. Then a  year later his daughter brought home this book, and in it was a story of Lone Wolf, who was captured by the Army, and shipped off to Florida, one thousand miles away to be held prisoner. Lone Wolf contacted Malaria while there, was sent home and in six months died. This is what Gordon was feeling long before he knew of Lone Wolf. It all happened so that he could believe in him. Five years later while driving through Texas, Gordon noticed what he thought were hills in the distance. When he arrived, they saw a sign that said Indian burial mounds, and right after that, the sign of "Quanah, Texas"

The decided to stop there because Gordon had a premonition about this town. When they were there they saw a statue of a Native American named Quanah Parker, and found a museum of him there.

Then he learned that Quanah's mother was Cynthia Ann Parker, a white woman who was captured by the Kiowa's and traded to the Comanche's. She lived with the Comanche's for over twenty five years and became Quanah's mother. Gordon always saw her as a Native American, but his teacher said she was white. They both were right. When he was looking through the museum, he had a vision of Quanah who told him some day he would speak through him. And five years later, he began channeling Quanah. First he channeled Pythagoras, then Michael, Quanah, Lone Wolf, and then Walter Russell, as well as many other spirits, Gordon believes that Walter is his real teacher, even though he never met him on the physical plane, not in this life time anyway. And remember the first reading he had was to watch for the names Cynthia, Walter and Eric.

Later that year he met a famous astrologer who also did past life regressions through hypnosis. Gordon decided to get it done. While under the spell, he was asked where was he, who was he, and what was the time frame.

Gordon replied, my name is Eric, I am in the Norse country and I sail ships. I am also a warrior and leader of my people. The astrologer said "Are you Eric the Red?" And Gordon replied,"Yes." He said, "Then you know Leif Ericson." Gordon replied, No. That is not his name. His name is Leif Eric's Son. He was my son.

Later that day when he went home, his young son met him at the door and said, Dad, you should have been here today, there was a neat cartoon on the TV. It was about a Viking called Eric the Red. (Again, Coincidence?)

1977 --

In 1977 Gordon met a famous painter named Saul Chavtez. He was from Daytona Beach, Florida.  Saul liked Gordon right away and invited him to his house in Daytona for dinner. While there he took Gordon down into his basement to view his art work. He was famous as a portrait painter for children. Yet he also taught people that were handicapped as well. A woman that Gordon later met was a student of his. She showed him her work, which she painted with her mouth. She was a quadriplegic.  An amazing man Saul was. While in his basement, Gordon noticed that the colors of his paintings varied with the years. He told Saul that he could recognize this as a change in Saul's life. For instance, he noticed that in one series of paintings, Saul went through a devastating time in his life. He saw a major loss, or a death of someone close to him. Saul said yes, it was his wife who he still misses in a very big way.

Then Gordon told him that he saw about ten years later that Saul may have had a near death and subsequently a very enlightening experience. Saul said that in 1956 he had a near fatal heart attack. The doctor's thought they lost him, and said so. They covered him and called for pathology to come and get him and bring him to the basement where the morgue was. Saul said that he witnessed the whole thing, he kept trying to call out that he was not dead, but no one heard him.

He said that when the two orderlies brought him to the morgue, that one of them dropped his pen and could not find it. When they left, he said that the room suddenly lit up with a brilliant white light. He then saw Christ standing there. This was a huge thing for him because he was a Jew, a devout Jew. Yet, he saw Jesus standing before him.  Christ told him that he had a mission for him, and he needed to go back. Would he do it? Saul said that he would gladly do it.

When Jesus left, Saul got up off of the gurney, and walked back to the emergency room. He told the doctor's what they said when they were working on him. He even told the orderly that lost his pen, where it was.

He did not know what Christ had in mind for him to do, but he was ready. One day while in a church in Daytona (Church of God) he saw that they needed new windows, stained glass windows. So he went to the pastor and said he would like to build the windows for them. His windows were done like no one had ever done before. You would need to see them to believe it. He then went to the west coast of Florida to build a seminary for the church. He designed it and did the stained glass there as well. Saul Chaftez, a good man. This was the day that Gordon learned how to read paintings.

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